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Tomb Raider King – Chapter 185: Not this bastard (5) Bahasa Indonesia

Chapter 185: Not this bastard (5)

Translator: miraclerifle

“Wow, no wonder I had a bad feeling. I had a feeling I shouldn’t have gotten on the plane. No wonder the Captain-nim didn’t put me to work!”

Yoo Jaeha sniffled while looking at the enemies that had appeared.

Normally, Ju-Heon would have made him work even on a plane.

He was enjoying his sleep since maybe Ju-Heon was in a good mood to let him not work this time, but…

“Of course it’s like this. Shit… I was right about to kiss her.”

He didn’t reveal who the girl was but Yoo Jaeha was extremely upset.

Louie, who had been restoring artifacts in Yoo Jaeha’s place, pretended to be asleep.

‘I don’t know these people. I have nothing to do with them.’

That was probably the message he was trying to send.

Lee Seol-A instantly realized that they were TKBM’s people and took out an artifact dagger.

‘Yang Chen, that motherfucking bastard.’

It was obvious.

That bastard was responsible for this. Yang Chen had been a part of TKBM’s top ranked excavation team before he came over to their tomb raiding team.

The people in front of them were all members of that top ranked excavation team. Most of them were people who had joined at the same time as Yang Chen or were on the same team with him.

They were the same bastards who had looked down on Ju-Heon’s team that was left in the dark.

‘The Captain-nim should have realized it as well.’

Ju-Heon cracked his knuckles and started to smile viciously.

“You guys broke the Holten jet too, didn’t you?”

“And what if we did?”

The TKBM Hunters snickered and charged toward Ju-Heon.

They were not just attacking with their physical strengths. The Hunters groomed by the top ranking excavation teams were all possession-type artifact users!

These bastards, who had already studied special fighting techniques, ate artifacts that raised their physical strengths that made it natural for them to almost be flying around.

Because of that…


The bastards holding weapons were threatening Ju-Heon with movements that seemed impossible for humans.


“These punks. They have no sense when it comes to location selection.”


Ju-Heon, who was still sitting down, glared before he sent one of those bastard’s chin flying. The blades ruthlessly flying in front multiple directions destroyed Ju-Heon’s seat.


Ju-Heon, who had quickly moved away, took out a familiar artifact from his pocket.

It was the Silver Axe artifact!

The Silver Axe artifact that was in the shape of a knife instead of its usual axe form let out a cold light.


The knife slammed into the Hunters’ weapons and created a terrible noise.


The Silver Axe artifact then ruthlessly started to destroy the enemies’ murder weapons.

Bang! Bang! Bang!


Roooooar! Why are there no women? Hand over some women!

It… Seemed to be full of complaints.

But Ju-Heon didn’t care and continued to swing the silver knife to block the enemies’ weapons.

It was only a B-Grade artifact and couldn’t destroy higher grade artifacts, but it was enough to damage them.

Clang! Clang!

The artifacts that clashed against the Silver Axe screamed and looked for something to heal them.


Aigoo, that hurts, you bastard!

It was to be expected since their bodies were splitting and their blades were getting dull after clashing with the Silver Axe.

Furthermore, they may all be artifacts but it must be painful since Ju-Heon, who was extremely talented at using artifacts, was channeling his Dominance into it.

That was why the dramatic artifacts quickly started to scream and protest.


I won’t work! I won’t do it! You didn’t mention this!


The working conditions are terrible! It’s terrible! Give me some better working conditions!

But the artifact users only shook their heads in confusion as they could not understand the artifacts.

“Why is this thing not listening to me?!”

“These bastards!”

They channeled a lot of their Dominance but the artifacts just protested more.

Ju-Heon was not someone who would miss this opening.



Ju-Heon took their artifact blades away and stabbed them with their own weapons.

The stewardess who was around screamed after seeing blood.

“Kyaaaa! It’s a terrorist, a terrorist!”

She seemed to be trying to take out a weapon to suppress the enemies as the manual indicated.



“You should do it properly if you want to cosplay as a stewardess.”

Ju-Heon twisted the undercover female Hunter’s arm and smiled viciously. Ju-Heon took away the artifact the woman was trying to use as he started to speak.

“Did your supervisor tell you to take care of me before I got to France?”

Ju-Heon then took an artifact out of the woman’s pocket.

He took a simple stick out of her pocket.

The woman started to sneer.

‘That’s just a sleep artifact.’

But the stick instantly turned into a dagger once Ju-Heon channeled his Dominance.

The woman couldn’t help but be flustered.

“Huh? Why did that turn into a dagger?!”

“You should really know the identity of an artifact before you use it.”

Ju-Heon cut the woman’s neck off as soon as he said that.


He had done it without even an ounce of hesitation. The first class area became covered in blood following his movements.



The walls and the floor…

There was blood everywhere.

The dagger cut through the enemies’ neck muscles and their arteries.

Small glass bottles started to fall out of the pockets of the falling enemies.

There were eundans inside, but there was no way Ju-Heon didn’t know the identity of it.

[Spartan Warriors’ Secret Weapon (B-Grade: Rare-Grade – Consumable Artifact)]

– Remaining Uses: Single Use, Immediate Effect

Ju-Heon calmly placed the eundan in his mouth and chewed.


A surprising change happened to Ju-Heon’s body at that moment.

[An immense amount of power is flowing through your body.]

[Your fighting spirit has increased.]

[You are starting to get an Indomitable Will.]

[Your physical abilities are becoming amplified.]

[These effects will remain for 5 minutes.]

Ju-Heon’s hands were filled with strength that had not been there before.

Ju-Heon then threw his fists at the bastards charging toward him.


It sounded as if their skulls were breaking.

The enemies who were accurately hit did not fall over, they were sent flying.

That was the result of his inhumane strength! Boom!


The enemies who slammed into the wall were bleeding as they lost consciousness.

That wasn’t all.



The Hunters who were supposed to hunt humans were losing face as they were all destroyed by Ju-Heon alone.

Other Hunters started to charge toward Ju-Heon.

“You bastard!”

Seol-A joined in at that moment.


She had been beating enemies in the other direction since earlier.

Her trained fighting skills were ruthlessly twisting the enemies’ arms and legs and snapping their necks to kill them.



They were a magnificent combination.

Blood was splattering everywhere, corpses were rolling on the ground, and there were even heads rolling around as well.

Louie, who had tried to pretend to sleep and act as if he had nothing to do with them was shaking and could not close his mouth.

“C, crazy…… All those people…! There were at least twenty of them…!”

It was obvious that they were extremely skilled fighters.

Of course, Yoo Jaeha was huffing next to him as well.

“Captain-nim! I took care of all of them here……!”

“Ohhhh, you took care of two of them? That’s amazing. Good job.”

Well, Yoo Jaeha, who didn’t know how to fight, was about to die from sore muscles after using a possession-type artifact.

But it was good enough that he had not been the first to run away.

Lee Seol-A looked at Ju-Heon’s overwhelming abilities and said something.

“It would have been perfect if Dan was here.”

Similar to how TKBM’s excavation team had groomed Hunters, Ju-Heon’s Tomb raiding team had a professional Hunter as well.

That person was Dan.

Anyway, the TKBM employees couldn’t help but gasp in astonishment after seeing all the Hunters they hired starting to die.

“These crazy bastards…….!”

‘I can’t believe the twenty Hunters Yang Chen spent so much time to select were all killed by two people. We spent so much money to take them from the Middle East Terrorists.’

Ju-Heon started to laugh viciously.

“Now then. Is that all? I guess it’s our turn now?”

The people who had been grinding their teeth gulped and grabbed Louie.

“It’s not over yet!”


They pointed a knife at Louie’s neck and started to shout.

“Do you not care what happens to this child?!”

Ju-Heon started to smile brightly.

“Yes. I don’t care.”


Louie was about to faint but Ju-Heon meant what he said.

“You did some stupid hostage play but he’s not on our side.”


Louie smiled awkwardly while looking at the anxious enemies.

Julian, who has Kongming’s eyes, had said the following while looking at Louie.

‘Are you going to keep the Monarch of Fraud kid around?’

‘Why? Is he going to cause trouble?’

Julian had shrugged his shoulders after seeing Ju-Heon being wary.

‘No, I don’t think it’ll matter if you keep him around………’

‘I’ve been told this kid is Yoo Jaeha’s son from when he messed up a long time ago.’

Julian had laughed after hearing that.

‘I don’t think that’s the case. Well, it’s fine. He should be helpful if you keep him around. But don’t worry about it too much if it looks like he will cause you trouble.’

Don’t worry about it.

That meant that Ju-Heon could take care of him as he pleased.

The fact that that bastard Julian would say something like that meant…

‘He’s not a living being.’

That was why it didn’t matter what happened to him.

The enemies who became anxious after seeing Ju-Heon’s calm demeanor started to look around.

‘Damn it, do we really need to use that artifact?’

‘I was hoping we wouldn’t need to resort to it.’

But they had no choice now.

“It doesn’t matter now so use that artifact! We must get rid of this bastard before he gets to France!”

They stuck an artifact on the floor of the plane.

Something amazing then started to happen.


A circle appeared and a part of the plane’s floor started to become transparent. It looked scary as if there was a hole.

But there seemed to be a transparent barrier over it as there were no changes to the plane.

They started to laugh.

“What would happen if we got rid of this barrier?”

Yoo Jaeha started to swear.

“Hey, hey, are you fucking crazy?! Everybody on this plane is dead if you do that!”

The doors of a plane could not open while they were high in the air because of the difference in pressure between the inside and the outside and they should not be opened.


There would be a major accident the moment a plane’s door was opened.

But they started to snicker.

“We didn’t want to get innocent civilians involved, but we have no choice.”

“It is our team leader’s orders. You guys are going to die in an accident before you get to France.”

Ju-Heon sneered at them.

“Are you guys committing suicide?”

“You idiot. We won’t die. Only you guys will die.”

They must have prepared something in advance. But he couldn’t figure anything out even while using his Spy skill.

They started to snicker again.

“Seo Ju-Heon, only you have to die if you don’t want the passengers and your subordinates to die.”

“What is that lunatic saying?!”

Ju-Heon snorted in response.

‘No wonder they picked the plane. They wanted to do this cheap hostage play.’

“Alright! We will give you until the count of three! Are you going to die alone or will everybody die?! One! Two…”

As they counted to two…


“Ah, I feel so refreshed. I’ve been struggling with constipation for so lo… huh?”

Kwon Seung Jae showed up in the first class area.

He then saw the bloody pandemonium and the hostage situation.

What the hell was going on?

He then noticed a man in the group.

“Huh…….? What the hell? Section chief Shin Woo Hyuk! You are from my father’s excavation team……”

“S, Seung Jae?”

“Why is the Chairman-nim’s son here?!”

“What is going on?! He wasn’t on the passengers list!”

“No, you see…!”

Ju-Heon viciously pulled Kwon Seung Jae toward him at that moment.


He then placed a dagger against Kwon Seung Jae’s neck.

Multiple people gasped at that moment.

“What the hell are you doing?!”

Naturally, the TKBM employees foamed at the mouth while looking at Kwon Seung Jae.

“Stop it!”

He might be trash, but he was still their boss’s son.

But Ju-Heon didn’t care and started to laugh.

“Now then, I guess it’s my turn to make a deal.”

‘They want to take a hostage? I”ll do the same thing.’

“Then we will start with the wealth.”

There was approximately 1 hour left until the plane would land.


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