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Tomb Raider King – Chapter 180: Seo Ju-Heon’s Curse (6) Bahasa Indonesia

Chapter 180: Seo Ju-Heon’s Curse (6)

Translator: miraclerifle

“Get lost. You quacks.”

The restorers were flabbergasted at what they just heard.


“Did you just call us quacks?”

They looked extremely upset.

Their reactions were understandable.

‘Yoo Jaeha, who does that bastard think he is talking to?’

They didn’t like him.

In fact, they had not liked him long before they saw him here.


The reason was obvious.

‘This bastard was the one who dared to put Professor Richard in prison.’

‘He probably coerced his captain to do something. He has no talent himself.’

Jean Richard, the man in prison right now, was one of the mentors in the restoration world. He was someone who had earned the title of < Restoration expert >.

There was a reason why he was a candidate to become the Monarch of Restoration.

But Yoo Jaeha, this bastard, had coerced Ju-Heon to put Richard in prison.


Something like that was not important. What was important was the fact that a SS-Grade restorer was sent to prison.

In comparison, Yoo Jaeha…

‘He’s at max a B-Grade restorer.’

Richard had even talked shit about Yoo Jaeha in the past.

‘That bastard’s restoration ability is terrible. Don’t pay him any attention.’

That was what he had clearly said.

In addition, the illegal restorers were all people who claimed they would restore artifacts and then end up destroying them.

They had no reason to even think about someone like that.

Because of all of these preconceived notions, they sneered at Yoo Jaeha.

“You get lost!”

“Do you really think an illegal restorer bastard like you could restore a Divine-Grade artifact?!”

But Yoo Jaeha scoffed in disbelief.

“You guys are the illegal restorers, not me! Official restorers my ass! You don’t even know how to handle a broken artifact!”

Yoo Jaeha then swiped Anubis’s artifact away.

“Now hand it over, you fuckers!”

“Ah, this bastard! Give that back!”

An angry Yoo Jaeha immediately took out his restoration tools.

Yoo Jaeha couldn’t help but get angry because he was someone who cherished artifacts.

‘It almost got destroyed even more.’

Of course, Lee Seol-A was looking at him with concern. She then cautiously whispered to him.

“Hey Jaeha, can you really restore it?”

Anubis’s condition was not normal right now.

‘It feels completely different then when the Captain-nim was blowing it up.’

He could tell that just by the aura.

“The artifact’s aura is starting to disappear.’

That meant that the soul was perishing.

It was something Zhen Cai Yuan did very well.

And the people here didn’t know it, but the executioners that had executed Anubis… They were artifacts capable of destroying the souls of artifacts because they have received the power of the Supreme Leader.

This level of damage was something that no restorer could restore.

It was beyond human territory.

Well, nobody except one person.

‘Jaeha of all people should be able to do it, but…’

Yoo Jaeha’s restoration skills were top notch even though they were not well-known in the past because his ability as the Monarch of Fraud was too overwhelming.

‘But can he reach that level with his current abilities?’

The other restorers were looking at him as if he was crazy.

“There’s no way this bastard can do something we are unable to do……”

Something amazing started to happen at that moment.



The restoration artifact was used and Anubis’s body started to become restored.

That made the restorers’ eyes open wide.

“H, hold on, what is that?!”

They were so shocked that their eyes were almost falling out of their sockets.

“What is that?!”

‘What else, it is Artifact Revival.’

Something the restorers could not understand was happening in front of their eyes.

Actually, it was something that even Anubis, the artifact being revived, could not understand!

‘My core is being restored.’

That wasn’t all.

‘I am being filled with new flesh.’

How was something like this possible?

“Holy shit, how does this make any sense?!”

Maybe it was normal for them to be shocked.

The restoration that Yoo Jaeha was doing was already beyond the level of restoration.

Artifact restoration was similar to restoring relics found in ruins. It was restoring something to as close to the original condition as possible using substitutes of similar texture and feel.

Basically, it was similar to getting a prosthetic hand after losing a hand.

‘What the hell is this?!’

As for what Yoo Jaeha was doing, forget prosthetics…

He was pretty much recreating a lost arm’s bones, muscles, senses, blood vessels and skin. [1]

It was a complete revival! It was at the level of creation!

“I, I’ve never seen something like this before…!”

Even Lee Seol-A was amazed.

‘He’s able to do this even without getting his memories back?’

Yoo Jaeha had reached this level in his early thirties in the past.

‘Even if he is using da Vinci’s artifact…’

Had he been forcibly trained because Ju-Heon destroyed artifacts left and right?

Yoo Jaeha, who was relieved that he had succeeded, glared at the restorers.

“You should at least be able to do this much. Who the fuck do you think you are, calling me an illegal restorer?”

The restorers started to whisper to each other.

“W, who the fuck is this bastard?”

“There was someone like this working for Seo Ju-Heon?”

“Wait, hold on. Isn’t he even better than the top restorers at this level?”

“Do you really think this makes sense……hold on, what the hell are you guys recording?!”

“Well, we are recording this rare sight…”

“Who gave you permission to film this illegal bastard!”

“Hurry up and delete it!”

However, it was at that moment.

“That recording. I’ll buy it.”

It was a familiar voice.


Ju-Heon was throwing something up and down in his hand as he praised Yoo Jaeha.

It was the Raven’s memory artifact.

He had taken it out as he had expected something like this to have happened once Anubis was unable to be summoned.

He started to smile while looking at the restored Anubis’s artifact.

‘Punk, it looks like I don’t need to restore your memories.’

Ju-Heon had seriously been debating whether to do it.

He wondered if he needed to restore Jaeha’s memories for his old restoration abilities to come out.

Of course, he had recently raised Yoo Jaeha’s restoration ability by working him like a horse. That was why he had acquired the revival ability, even if it was not complete Artifact Revival.

But it was still lacking compared to his prime.

This comparison was what made him debate whether to use the Raven’s artifact.

‘It looks like I don’t need to resort to this.’

Yoo Jaeha’s eyes flashed while looking at the artifact in Ju-Heon’s hand.

“Huh, that!”

He then reached his hand toward the artifact.

“I want to use it too! The three of you have been enjoying secret conversations with each other after using that thing!”

That was why Yoo Jaeha was charging toward Ju-Heon to use it as well until he was kicked by Ju-Heon.

“Get lost. You’re fine if you can restore it.”

“Damn it! Why?!”

“I prefer the Monarch of Pushoverness over the Monarch of Fraud.”

“Excuse me?!”

“Anyway, good job. Ah, why don’t you restore those other artifacts as well. Do it now.”

“Damn it……there’s too many of them. Can’t I do it la…”

“10 million won bonus for each one you restore. I’ll set you up on a blind date as a bonus if you restore all of them.”

“I can do it! Oh, Captain-nim, the person I respect the most in this world! I will give my life to you to restore artifacts, Captain-nim!”

“No, I don’t need your life.”


Yoo Jaeha ran over and took care of all of Anubis’s subordinate artifacts.

Flash! Flash! Flash!

Of course, ‘took care of’ meant that he had saved them.

He restored them quickly and perfectly, as if possessed by the power of a blind date.

As for the S-Grade and SS-Grade restorers who were watching him, they were foaming at the mouth and almost fainting on the spot.

“W, who the hell is this bastard?! What the fuck?!”

They plopped down on the ground.

“Holy shit, it is possible to restore artifacts that quickly?!”

“How is something like that possible?!”

Yoo Jaeha shouted in response.

“How is it possible?! You guys try being abused by our ghost of a Captain-nim for one month! You will then be able to do it too! Hahahaha!”

The excited reporters started to shout.

“Spread the news! There’s a top-ranked restorer under Seo Ju-Heon!”

“He said it was Artifact Revival, isn’t he better than the official restorers?!”

“Aren’t the rest of them pretty much sealing cracks and such?”

The other restorers who were looking for artifacts to restore foamed at the mouth again.

“What did you say? Sealing cracks?”

“Ho, that son of a bitch is definitely relying on his tools! He got da Vinci’s artifact! He can do it because of that artifact!”

“Yeah! Take it away! Take away da Vinci’s artifact!”

Something happened at that moment.


The restorers trying to steal da Vinci’s notebook artifact screamed as they were sent flying.

[This is an artifact with principles.]

[Those who do not meet the qualifications cannot even touch it.]

“Fuck, what the hell is this?!”

“It’s fine, try to take it again!”

However, at that moment…


Ghosts appeared and started to choke the restorers.

Lee Seol-A, who was even scarier than these maiden ghosts, was frowning her beautiful eyebrows.

“How dare you try to steal one of our team member’s artifact!”

“A, aaaahhh!”

Ju-Heon started to smile viciously as well.

“You’ve enjoyed the show, now get lost.”

The ground split open once Ju-Heon smiled and a blade-like sandstorm started to rush through the area.

“A, aaaaaaaaaah!”

This was the power of Set’s artifact.

The restorers ran away without being able to do anything.

Ju-Heon was very satisfied while looking at them.

“It looks like those bastards will be the reason Jaeha can rise to a Monarch position.’

He was already planning on doing something to get Jaeha a spot, so this was great.

‘I need to fill the Monarch positions with my allies.’

It was at that moment.

[H, how am I…]

Anubis was looking at its body as if it still couldn’t believe what had happened.

This was extremely surprising.

[There is no way a human would be capable of doing something like this.]

But it, as well as all of its subordinate artifacts, had been restored no matter how many times it checked.


I’m alive! I’m alive!


Is this a dream or is this for real?


Lord Anubis, we are alive!

Anubis sighed in relief after seeing its subordinates being restored and even the rope was extremely happy.

Ju-Heon walked over and started to speak to Anubis at that moment.

“You owe me your life.”


“You should know what I mean by that.”

Anubis clenched its eyes in response.

It wasn’t because it was upset.

Forget restoring itself, it was extremely happy that its subordinate artifacts had been restored.

[I will never forget what you did for me.]

‘Good. That’s how it should be.’

Ju-Heon started to smile.

Dogs were the type to become loyal for good once they submitted.

Anubis was also the type to pay back his debts.

But most importantly, it had to do with the Supreme Leader.

‘I will not forgive them.’

It also would not forgive the Division Commander bastards who had mocked him.

Anubis was willing to even make a deal with the devil to get back at them.

A devil named Seo Ju-Heon.

[What do you need me to do?]

“It’s simple. Obey any and all of my orders. Don’t do anything to get on my nerves. Make sure to address me in a respectful manner.”

[Are those three things it for now, master?]

“No, there’s one more thing.”

Ju-Heon’s gaze turned scary.


“It’s these bastards.”

Ju-Heon slammed a list of names on the table.

Anubis started to become full of cold sweat.

The list of names on the table was the list of people Anubis had requested to assassinate Seo Ju-Heon.

Basically, this was the list of Ju-Heon’s rivals who had his weaknesses.

There were some top excavation teams, TKBM, Austin Rockefeller, and even Zhen Cai Yuan.

Ju-Heon tapped on the list and looked toward Anubis.

“You should reap what you sow. You blabbed on about my so called weaknesses, right?”

[T, that…… I apologize.]

Yoo Jaeha, who realized something, whispered to Anubis who had his head down.

“No, there’s no need to lower your head. They weren’t actually his weaknesses, and none of them were lies. Everything other than the fact that he is a pedophile was true.”

“Yoo Jaeha, no lunch for you for a week.”


Ju-Heon smiled with satisfaction and continued to speak.

“No, I’m not trying to punish you again. We will let bygones be bygones. I don’t know if it was a coincidence or not, but the list of people who got my weaknesses were all monopolizers or their lackeys.”


Ju-Heon, who was sitting with his legs crossed, continued to speak with his chin on his hands.

“Anyway, I don’t like it. I don’t like the fact that they got my information and accepted the request to kill me even if the information was fake.”


“Based on my investigation, all of these bastards are frantic to get me out of the Monarch position.”


“It’s perfect. They are also hindrances to my activities in the tombs.”

He then slammed the Mask of Tutankhamun on the table.

“So, little doggie. Do exactly as I tell you to do.”


The next day.

Knock knock.

“Umm, Yoon Shi Woo team leader-nim. There’s someone here to see you………”

“Damn it, who is it?! I’m busy enough as is with the Chairman-nim being missing!”

“U, umm, he said that his name is John Smith………”


The doggie, no, a handsome man with bronze skin, soon entered Yoon Shi Woo’s office.

This muscular man was wearing a black dress shirt, black tie, and a black suit. He looked like a grim reaper as he was dressed in black from head to toe.

Yoon Shi Woo’s office was filled with a vicious aura and a Tomb Appearance had started the moment the man walked in.

And Anubis, who was confirming the face and name on the hit list… No, the document started to speak.

“You are Mr. Yoon Shi Woo who accepted my request, correct?”

This was the start of the Seo Ju-Heon curse.

1. Ah yes, anybody else think of Piccolo when they read this?


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