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Tomb Raider King – Chapter 174: The Pharaoh’s Curse (7) Bahasa Indonesia

Chapter 174: The Pharaoh’s Curse (7)

Translator: miraclerifle


Osiris and Set, who had been trained properly, had changed.

The sight was amazing. Yoo Jaeha, who had only seen them in their lazy dog forms day after day, almost fainted from shock.

“Holy shit, what the hell?!”

There was an extremely bright light. A strong aura exploded before three familiar people showed up.

[They are…?!]

Osiris and Set looked like young men. Anubis had the head of a canine. They appeared in the form that people had seen in pictures.

Who would ever think that these were the same dogs that lazed around munching on chicken or being obsessed with idols?

Yoo Jaeha, who was in charge of feeding them, was the first to be amazed.

“Wow, jackpot.”

Of course, the pharaoh artifacts were truly anxious after seeing them appear.

It was to be expected.

[Why are these three esteemed sirs working for Seo Ju-Heon?!]

[Wait, why are Lord Osiris and Lord Set together? Don’t they hate each other?]

[That’s not the issue right now! That’s Lord Anubis over there!]


They felt wronged after seeing Anubis. It couldn’t be helped because they had created this tomb after receiving orders from Anubis.

So why?!

[Sir, why are you with Seo Ju-Heon?!]

[Didn’t the Supreme Leader give us an order?]

[We were told to kill Seo Ju-Heon…]

Both Osiris and Set’s eyes flashed at the same time.

‘Who is going to kill who?’

[You terrible bastards!]

[How dare you say such things toward our master!]

The Divine-Grade artifacts’ wrath started to appear as soon as they said that.

[Set, the one who controls the darkness of the night, is starting to cover the sun.]

[The cruel god of destruction has summoned a sandstorm!]

Set created his sandstorm first. Set was originally a god of cruel slaughter who shed no tears nor blood. His ability that was only focused on destruction had descended on the Egyptian civilization!

Bang! Babababang!

[The storm of destruction is absorbing all life.]

[The wind of destruction is ripping everything into shred.]

The black sand took the shape of a devil and swept the entire tomb. The pharaohs foamed at the mouth as they watched.

However, Set was just excited while thinking about chicken.

[Hahahaha! Destroy everything! Destroy! I can eat more chicken now!]

The pharaohs gasped in disbelief as they commanded their soldiers.

[Lord Set is an evil god who only knows about destruction!]



The pharaohs’ soldiers headed toward Set. The pharaohs’ soldiers were not regular soldiers.


They were all shamans who used the Book of the Dead. The pharaohs’ soldiers who had received the power of the moon used their incantations to try to seal Set.

It was at that moment.

[You arrogant bastards!]

Osiris’s red aura was next to explode.

A red light swept through the battlefield.



Screams could be heard throughout the battlefield.

The soldiers who were using incantations died and their body broke into pieces.

Osiris laughed viciously as he watched.

[All of you can feel what it is like to be sliced into pieces, you bastards!]

Was he becoming more like his master?

[Get sliced into pieces! Hahaha!]

The pharaohs were about to go crazy. Set was one thing since he was an evil god and a total bastard of a god.

But Osiris was different. Osiris was the god who represented the pharaohs.

Furthermore, Osiris was the god who was murdered by his younger brother Set, who was aiming for the throne. He was revived to become the god of the underworld.

But these two bitter enemies were working together right now?!

Osiris didn’t care about what they were thinking as he used his abilities.

[Osiris has activated the Book of the Dead.]

[Those whose names are in the Book of the Dead will lose their lives and be dragged down into the Underworld.]



The pharaohs could not do anything and begged Anubis for help.

[Lord Anubis! Please stop the two of them!]


Anubis hesitated for a moment.

It had returned to his original appearance, but it had not acted because it was responsible for all of this in the first place.

[Please stop them! Nobody will be safe if the Supreme Leader finds out about this!]

[Hmm, yes, I should stop them. However…… What are you guys doing right now?]

[……Excuse me?]

[Now that I think about it, you guys have called out your soldiers and are pointing your blades at your gods.]

The pharaohs were flustered.

‘What is he saying when we asked him to stop them…’

[No, these were pointed toward Seo Ju-Heon…]

[That’s none of my business.]

[Excuse me?]

[Anyway, you guys have called your soldiers out to go against us right now. You have attacked us. Those are the facts.]

The pharaohs finally realized that something was wrong.

[No, these were all things that you ordered us to do, Lord Anubis…!]

[You fools who don’t know your place!]

Anubis bared his fangs as if he got them right where he wanted.

[You all have brought forth the wrath of the gods!]

[The god of the afterlife is bringing forth the ghosts of hell.]


Anubis growled and the soldiers of hell appeared from beneath the desert.

[The guards of hell have appeared.]

The soldiers that appeared this time were not mummies or skeletons like last time.

These were Anubis’s personal soldiers! They all had heads of beasts and gold necklaces. Their bare upper bodies only had golden necklaces and bracelets on them while their lower bodies were covered in golden armor.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

The ground started to shake.

[It is the order of our Lord! Drag the enemies into the depths of hell!]

There were some howls and both the sky and the ground started to shake as the gate to hell opened.


The pharaohs’ soldiers fell into the boiling lava that appeared as the ground split open.


The tens of thousands of soldiers all disappeared and only left the pharaohs behind. All the pharaohs could do was kneel in front of the power of their gods.

Although the pharaohs were called the sons of the Sun God, there were limits to what they could do against the real gods.

The gods triumphantly started to speak to the pharaohs.

[Alright, keep quiet and follow us.]

[The master says he wants all of you.]


[Shut up and follow us!]

[You’re wasting our time!]

Osiris and Set’s eyes were burning in anger.

Their heads were already full of thoughts about their four boxes of each chicken brand and a fan meeting with the girl idol group.

Although they had looked down on human civilization and what it had to offer at first, they were extremely obsessed now.

Yoo Jaeha clicked his tongue.

‘They took a bite once while I was restoring things and now, tsk tsk.’

The pharaoh artifacts started to shake after feeling their vicious auras. For the artifacts, these gods were also the Commander of the Corps and Division Commander.

‘We have no idea why they are taking the human’s side.’

The important thing was that they were traitors. They needed to inform the Supreme Leader. Unfortunately, there was nothing they could do right now.

‘All we can do is rely on that esteemed individual.’

There was actually a Divine-Grade artifact hiding in this tomb.

‘Even if we are dragged away, that sir should be able to inform the Supreme Leader.’

‘We will sacrifice ourselves.’

‘And then we will run away.’

The pharaohs soon turned into their artifact forms.

The Book of the Night, Mask of Tutankhamun, they were in all different forms.

[We understand. We will follow you.]

Something happened at that moment.

“Why are you guys the only ones to come?”


The pharaoh artifacts flinched while Ju-Heon continued with a wicked smile.

“There’s one more of you. The Divine-Grade one.”

‘Damn it! He noticed it!’

The trio were shocked to hear that.

[There’s one more?]

“Yes. There is. Over there.”

Ju-Heon pointed toward the rope.


Hurry up and come here. Hurry up and come here.

The rope was binding a bird’s legs as it dragged it over.

The bird that was captured by the rope was struggling as it fluttered its wings.

The bird was a Crested Ibis. The Crested Ibis was flailing around as if to show that it was an innocent bird that just happened to fly by, but well… The rope who recognized the bird was pulling at it with all its strength.


I said let’s go! I said let’s go!

The shocked Crested Ibis started to get angry.

[Let go of me! I said let go of me!]

The bird seemed to be annoyed with the rope as it started to peck away.

The rope felt a lot of pain being poked by the long and sharp beak.


Stop it! It hurts, it hurts!

The bird majestically flew up and snorted.

[You stupid fools!]

The rope that was now full of injuries looked toward Ju-Heon as it didn’t know what to do.


It ran away! It ran away!

It seemed to be whimpering and apologizing to Ju-Heon.

It was at that moment.

[Exactly that! Lord Thoth! Please get out of here!]

[Please inform the Supreme Leader about these traitors!]

[Please bring retribution to these evil gods who have destroyed our civilization!]

The Egyptian trio looked toward the artifact in defeat.

[Oh, I didn’t know that damn Thoth was here.]

[There’s nothing we can do when that shithead escapes to the sky.]

Ju-Heon sighed and quickly picked something up.

“Who says there’s nothing we can do, it’s just a damn bird head!”

Ju-Heon had thrown the Mask of Tutankhamun. Ju-Heon had tied the mask with the rope and used centrifugal force to throw it up!


The mask that had instantly turned into a baseball started to scream.


How dare you treat me this way!

The golden mask that was thrown like a fastball crashed right into the bird.


It hit the bird right on the head!

[U, ugh!]

The Crested Ibis’s head jerked back and it fell to the ground.

The Mask of Tutankhamun was like a giant ore.

Even a Divine-Grade artifact would not be okay after being hit by an ore traveling at a high speed!

[U, ugh!]

Ju-Heon walked toward the bird that was on its back.

This was Thoth, one of the important gods of Egypt. It was the god of wisdom and the scribe of the underworld.

It was similar to Hermes in Greek mythologies.

‘I didn’t know I would catch this one.’

Ju-Heon started to smile.

“Now then, you should know.”


“This tomb sucked up all of the artifacts inside the Pentagon. Where did you hide them?”

The extremely prideful Crested Ibis coughed as it started to grind its teeth. It didn’t know how a human bastard could understand the language of the artifacts, but…

[Shut up. Do you think I would submit to a human and traitors who are wagging their tails for a human?!]

Ju-Heon started to chuckle.

“Hey, bird head. You’re the god of wisdom. You should know about this human phrase then.”


“Even a great hero cannot defeat numerous enemies on his own.” [1]

The three Egyptian gods’ eyes glowed ferociously.

[You have succeeded in getting the artifacts out of the Valley of the Kings tomb.]

[You have succeeded in your tomb raiding.]

[You have swept a large number of Egyptian civilization artifacts. You have swept a large number of kings’ cultural items.]

[You have gained the Mask of Tutankhamun. You are able to curse someone and change their age.]

[You have gained Hatshepsut’s artifact.]

[You have gained Cleopatra’s tea leaf.]

[You have gained Egyptian workers’ artifacts. They are extremely useful in construction.]

[You have gained Egyptian scribes’ artifacts. They are extremely useful for creating records.]

[You have gained Egyptian priests’ artifacts.]

[You have gained the pharaohs’ manpower.]

[You have gained the Book of the Dead.]

[You have gained Thoth, the scribe of the underworld and have gained all of the < gods of death >.]

[Four artifacts of the dead with relations to each other have gathered together and you can now use a special < Artifact Combination >!]

[You are now able to use the special skill, < The Judgment of the Dead >!]

[Your experience as a Tomb Raider has increased.]

[You have gained the Majesty’s Key, the Key of Wrath.]

[Possessing the key allows you to use the power of wrath. It allows you the use of berserk, temporarily increasing an artifacts base ability and temporarily increasing an artifact’s rank]

They were truly great spoils of war.

There was a mountain of artifacts in front of him as if he truly did sweep away an entire civilization.

“Hahaha, this is a total jackpot! We should never lose out to anybody now.”

Ju-Heon smiled with satisfaction while Julian couldn’t close his mouth.

It was to be expected.

‘This monster bastard. He can control three Divine-Grade artifacts like that?’

Artifacts use the master’s stamina and mental fortitude while they are activated. That was why it was difficult to activate multiple Divine-Grade artifacts at once.

Even Julian could not use other artifacts when using his Divine-Grade Indra’s artifact.

‘An artifact would explode if a person goes over their limit and could even kill the user.’

Julian was thinking that he would have fallen unconscious if he tried to do the same thing.

‘His base foundation as an artifact user is truly different.’

Well, thinking back on it, Ju-Heon was in the top 5 artifact users in the ranking.

But Ju-Heon seemed to be more interested in some different artifacts. They were not the pharaohs’ artifacts.

[Colossus Im Sang-ok’s oxcart (S-Grade:Legendary Hero Grade – Consumable Artifact)]

[Appointment Certificate for Odin’s soldiers, The Valkyrie (SS-Grade:Divine-Grade – Possession Artifact)]

[La Fontaine’s Fables, The Story of the Fox and the Stork’s plate and long bottle (B-Grade: Rare-Grade – Consumable Artifact)]

[East India Company Trade Items Statement (A-Grade:Treasure-Grade – Consumable Artifact)]

[Opium Wars, The Treaty of Nanjing Contract (A-Grade: Treasure-Grade – Possession Artifact)]

Was it because he ripped Thoth to shreds? He found the safe of the artifacts belonging to the US troops in a corner of the tomb.

The artifacts inside were quite interesting.

“There really was something that would make China angry.”

Merchants and trade related artifacts would be useful in negotiations. Using it maliciously could make a person monopolize things and make the prices soar or plummet.

The slightly problematic artifacts here were the East India Company artifact and the Treaty of Nanjing contract artifact.

The East India Company was a trade tool for dealing with the Orient, but it was also used as an outpost for slaughtering slaves and colonial occupation, making it a symbol of an era of absolutism.

There was no need to even talk about the treaty artifacts between England and the Qing Dynasty, which were just as unfair as the Japan–Korea Treaty of 1876.

He didn’t even need to analyze it to know where they were planning on using it.

‘Pandora was going to use these to take control of China.’

But Ju-Heon suddenly looked elsewhere and started to look through the piles of treasure. It was because there was an artifact that Ju-Heon had to prioritize in this pile.


‘I found it.’

1. This is the best translation of this Korean saying.


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