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Tomb Raider King – Chapter 172: The Pharaoh’s Curse (5) Bahasa Indonesia

Chapter 172: The Pharaoh’s Curse (5)

Translator: miraclerifle

Chairman Kwon started to swear after seeing what Ju-Heon had done.

His reaction was to be expected.

“Who the hell did this?”

This was the boss room. This was the last room in the tomb. They needed to go to the top of this room to start the test.

‘The Monarch of Fate said that there would be a rope here.’

“But what the hell is this?!”

He had spent 1 billion dollars to hear about the future! There was indeed a dangling rope as prophesized.

The issue was that there were hundreds of them.

That wasn’t all.

“C, Chairman-nim! Aren’t those our artifacts?”

“Yeah! They’re our artifacts that that bastard, Yoo Jaeha, replaced with fakes! I’m sure of it!”

There were numerous artifacts all over the ground.

Glass bottles, ear wax removers, ink bottles, cards, dolls, cotton swabs, etc. There were so many items that they piled up to an average person’s knees.

But they were all copies of artifacts.

“What the hell, why is this over here?”

“Why else? They threw these artifacts away because it was hard to get through the traps.”

“It’s fine, we don’t need to worry about these since we have the real ones. What a fucking retard.”

“Yes. We don’t need to worry about…”

It was at that moment.



The baggage carriers’ bags suddenly exploded. Ten people’s backpacks exploded! People started to shout with anxiety.

“What the hell?!”

“The artifact backpack suddenly-!”

Something that would make them gasp even more happened. Their bags exploded and the artifacts inside fell to the ground.

It fell into this sea of fake artifacts.

This naturally caused a headache of an issue.

Clang, clang!

“Fuck! They’re all mixed together! They’re all mixed together!”

“Find them!”

They couldn’t find it no matter how hard they tried.

“Team leader-nim! We can’t find them! The artifacts all look the same!”

“What are you talking about? They’re just fakes! You call yourself artifact users when you can’t even tell the difference between the real ones and the fake ones?! Compare them by their auras!”

“Sir, even if you say that……!”

‘I can’t tell which is real!’

It was at that moment.

“You probably won’t be able to find them. It’s impossible with all of your shitty eyes.”

They heard a mocking voice behind them. All of TKBM’s excavation team members started to grind their teeth after seeing the owner of the voice.

“You damn bastards!”

Seo Ju-Heon and his group had appeared. The person chuckling behind Ju-Heon was Yoo Jaeha. TKBM’s excavation team members felt their blood pressure rising as they started to shout.

“You son of a bitch, were you responsible for our backpacks blowing up?!”

Yoo Jaeha started to smile in an extremely annoying manner.

“Hey idiots, did you just realize that? I put some bomb artifacts in there when you guys were relieving yourselves!”

That was right. Yoo Jaeha had run away after creating fakes of TKBM’s artifacts. Making fakes of artifacts were things Yoo Jaeha could now do in minutes after being beat… No, trained by Ju-Heon.

These people wouldn’t have cared about his fakes that much, but all of it had been planned for this situation.

Yoo Jaeha urged Ju-Heon on.

“Captain-nim, hurry. Hurry, hurry! We don’t have much time!”

Ju-Heon smiled before taking out a soju bottle, no, the Golden Horned King and Silver Horned King’s Purple Gold Red Gourd.

The artifact was quickly activated. The artifact made a loud noise before sucking up all artifacts scattered on the ground.


Both the real artifacts and the fake artifacts on the ground were all sucked up.

The excavation team members started to scream after all of their artifacts were sucked away.

“Ahhh! The artifacts!”

“T, that crazy son of a…!”

Yoo Jaeha was chuckling that it was a success while Julian was looking at Ju-Heon’s gourd bottle and going, ‘ah… That’s my artifact…’

As he quietly stood there full of sorrow.

The team leaders gasped in despair after seeing all of those artifacts become abducted in an instant.

“He took all of those precious healing artifacts…!”

But Chairman Kwon did not seem to mind that much.

‘You used such petty tricks.”


“We can buy those artifacts again from that female doctor! Focus on this tomb’s artifact first!”

The excavation team members nodded their heads and started grabbing onto ropes.

Their only choice now was to clear this tomb first and take the artifact!

‘A pharaoh’s artifact should have some pretty good abilities.’

“Go up! Hurry up!”

“We need to get up there first!”

Tens of people started to climb on ropes.

But the moment they got onto the ropes… Snap.


The ropes broke and they fell to the ground. Then the walls suddenly split open and bugs started to pour out.

They were all man-eating bugs.

“Fuck, what the hell are those things?!”

The bugs that resembled beetles created a black wave as they charged toward the humans.

That wasn’t all.

Snap! Snap! Snap!

More ropes snapped and people continued to fall.

“Aaah! My skin!”

“My eyes, I can’t see!”

“Aaah! My johnsoooooooon!”

They could hear the screams of people who were impacted by the Pharaoh’s curse.

“Fuck! It’s all based on luck!”

“Seo Ju-Heon, that lunatic!”

They could tell what had happened with complete certainty. Ju-Heon must have messed with the ropes as well.

This was ‘operation mess with the traps’. It wasn’t hard to do. First, Yoo Jaeha made copies of the rope and then Irene touched the fake ropes to set everything in motion! The ropes would be full of the power of misfortune and naturally create cursed ropes.

The excavation teams who ended up activating the traps in the tomb including some of them falling into pits and others being covered in shit water, started to shout as they could not hold back any longer.

“Seo Ju-Heon! Which rope is real?!”

Ju-Heon snorted while wondering why he would let them know.

“Are all of your eyes just for show? Why can’t you find it?”

“What did you say?!”

Ju-Heon shrugged his shoulders.

“I’ll still let you know since I’m a nice guy.

It’s easy to tell which rope is real. First of all, the person needs to be a good person. Only an extremely virtuous person like me can see the real rope.”

“Ho, what? A good person? A virtuous person?”

“Like hell! Prove it you bastard!”

Ju-Heon walked over to the hundreds of ropes as if telling them to watch.

“Alright, the rope that only a good person can see…”

He suddenly stopped reaching his hand out and started to frown as if he was hesitating…

“Tsk, hey rope! Where are you?”

And called for it. He was calling for the rope!

There was only one rope that started to move from among the hundreds of ropes.

It seemed to have camouflaged itself as it looked like an Egyptian rope, but……


Yes! I’m over here! Over here!

The rope was making itself visible as it was excited that its master was calling for it.


You were looking for me? Looking for me?

Ju-Heon smiled while looking at it.

“Good. You see that? That’s the real one. People really need to live virtuous lives.”

“Damn it! You scammer!”

“How is that finding it?!”

“Get lost. Hey, you guys. Go up first.”

The rest of his group asked after hearing Ju-Heon’s order.

“What about you, Captain-nim?!”

“I have some business with that old fogey.”

“Excuse me?”

Ju-Heon triumphantly took something out.

It was van Gogh’s painting!

The artifact was activated and a familiar item fell out of the painting.



The thing that came out with a loud noise was the pharaoh’s coffin that Ju-Heon had been trapped in!

“What the hell is that?!!”

People wondered why Ju-Heon had summoned this thing, but Ju-Heon, who had already experienced being trapped in it, started to smile.

He then started to shout in Toombglyph.

[King, enter! Obtain your eternal rest!]

Chairman Kwon disappeared as soon as he said that.

“C, Chairman-nim?!”

“Where the hell did he go?!”

But he had not disappeared from this room.

Boom boom boom!

Chairman Kwon started to shout from inside the golden coffin.

“Get me out of here!”

The others started to gasp.

“C, Chairman-nim?!”

“A, are you stuck in there?!”

“Hey! What the hell did you do?!”

Ju-Heon started to laugh.

“It seems a bit early for him to go into a coffin, but have fun struggling!”

This coffin was a trap inside this tomb that could capture Monarch-Grade users. Ju-Heon had heard the incantation that was needed to get out when the worm had said it.

He then threatened the worm to hear the incantation to trap someone inside as well.

The excavation team members gathered around the coffin.

“Fuck, Chairman-nim! We will get you out of there soon! Please wait a moment!”

“I’m sure whatever you guys do will be useless.”

“You shut the hell up!”

They then heard Yoo Jaeha’s voice from above.

“Captain-nim! I’m the last one! Please come on up!”

Ju-Heon’s subordinates must have all entered the test room while this happened.

The last one was Yoo Jaeha who was struggling to climb up the rope.

“Hurry up!”

“I got it.”

Ju-Heon also tried to climb up the rope.



Yoo Jaeha stopped climbing and looked down after seeing that Ju-Heon was not following him.

“Captain-nim, are you not coming up?”

“Ah. I suddenly have something to do.”

“Huh? Something to do? What the hell do you have to do when the artifact is right in front of us?! That wasn’t part of the plan!”

‘Yes, it wasn’t.’

It really had not been part of the plan.

Ju-Heon’s eyes opened wide while glaring at the rope.

[The Pharaoh’s curse has descended.]

[A person with an evil heart is unable to climb this rope.]

‘This damn mummy bastard.’

Text started to appear on the ground to mess with Ju-Heon some more.

[Please be a good person.]

[You’re a terrible person.]

‘Should I just kill all of them?’

The owners of the tomb were laughing somewhere.

[That’s why he should have been nicer.]

[That human is someone who couldn’t climb the rope in the first place. We don’t need to pay any attention to him.]

Ju-Heon started to swear after continuing to hear the artifacts’ voices.

“These shitty fuckers……”

“C, captain-nim?”

Even Seol-A was getting anxious from above.

Ju-Heon waved at them.

“It’s fine, you guys go try to get the artifact first. I’ll head over after taking care of this mob of weaklings.”

Yoo Jaeha became flustered.

“Excuse me? What the hell are you talking about?! That’s not your style!”

“Why? What’s wrong? You have a problem with this?”

Yoo Jaeha was scared by Ju-Heon’s glare and quickly started to climb.

“O, of course not! None at all!”

Ju-Heon looked at the scammer Yoo Jaeha and started to get angry.

‘Even a scamming bastard can climb the rope, so why can’t I……?!’

The rope started to whimper after seeing that Ju-Heon couldn’t climb it.

[$#&#! @]

Why won’t it work, why won’t it work!

The rope was anxious as it continued to think about why it wasn’t working, but Ju-Heon had learned the answer while they were inside the Tomb of Lust.

It was probably similar to how the tiger couldn’t grab the rope from heaven in the story……

[Hahaha, this is all because this damn thief dared to mess with our tomb. This bastard is the worst person under the heavens.]

[Hahaha. Why don’t you do some community service over here! Tell us that you respect us over and over!]

[Then we will give you special treatment and get rid of the curse!]

The muscles in Ju-Heon’s face started to twitch after hearing the pharaohs’ sneering. He might be able to climb the rope if he listened to them, but…

Ju-Heon glared at the excavation team members surrounding the coffin.

“Hey you guys!”

“What do you want, you son of a bitch?! Hurry up and take the Chairman-nim out!”

“Shut up. All of you will need to become a human staircase for me.”

“W, what did you say?”

The excavation teams wondered what bullshit Ju-Heon was talking about, but Ju-Heon just tapped a picture on the wall. They then heard water rushing toward them.


A large amount of water started to pour in from all sides.


“W, what the hell is this?!”

The water that rushed in like strong waves instantly filled the room.


The excavation teams were swept up by this sudden disaster.

“Ahhhhh! Save me!”

A few seconds later…

The water evaporated and Ju-Heon stopped holding his breath.

What was left in front of him were the people who had fainted because of the water that suddenly rushed in. Chairman Kwon was lucky as he wasn’t impacted because he was inside the coffin, but was he really lucky? He still couldn’t get out of the coffin.

Chairman Kwon started to swear while banging on the coffin.

“What the hell?! What’s wrong?! Answer me!”

Ju-Heon didn’t care as he swept back his wet hair and called Nero out.

“Hey, Nero. I have some work for you to do.”

[What is it?]

“Call your soldiers out to pile those people up.”

He was creating the human staircase.

‘Damn it. Oh well, who cares if there’s nothing for me to climb. I’ll just create a staircase myself.’

In the test room… Ju-Heon was grinding his teeth while trying to dry himself in the pharaohs’ room.

“Whether they’re the kings of Egypt or whatever, I should just kill them. They should know there’s a limit to messing with humans.”

The rest of the team members were shaking in fear after feeling Ju-Heon’s wrath. It might be understandable that he was full of anger.

All of the attacks on their way over had been focused on Ju-Heon, as if they were all trying to kill only Ju-Heon.

He was shot, he was pulled, he was pushed on the ground, fell through a pit, made fun of, turned into a doll…

Hundreds of things had happened to him. Ju-Heon, whose whole body was swollen, looked ready to explode.

“C, Captain-nim, are you okay?”

Julian just opened the large door as if he was used to this.

“He won’t die from this much.”

They could see something inside once the door opened. They were the appearances of the past pharaohs.

“That is……?!”

Ju-Heon started to smile.

‘There are S-Grade artifacts and even Divine-Grade artifacts.’

The rest of the team members were shivering in reflex.

‘They’re strong.’

“Wow, look at these auras. How many dangerous artifacts are there?!”

But their captain wasn’t even blinking at the overbearing auras.

“What is the test for this tomb?”

Julian responded after Ju-Heon asked, wondering if it was different than what he remembered.

“It’s simple. You just have to defeat the pharaohs’ wrath. Can you do it?”

Ju-Heon sighed after hearing that.

‘What? The pharaohs’ wrath?’

He had a rare angry look on his face.

“How dangerous can the wrath of some fuckers who are messing with people while chilling in here be?”

[Shut up, you human bastard.]

“Sure. “Eye for an eye, tooth for a tooth.”


“Should we compare whose wrath is greater?”

Ju-Heon took out a set of artifacts.


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