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Tomb Raider King – Chapter 157: A Major Scandal (?) (4) Bahasa Indonesia

Chapter 157: A Major Scandal (?) (4)

Translator: miraclerifle

Ju-Heon smiled in satisfaction. Actually, it was more of a wicked smile.

‘Aigoo, that stu… No, that esteemed customer! Should I thank him? He personally brought Leonardo da Vinci’s artifact to me.’

People would probably faint in shock if they could read Ju-Heon’s mind. That was how excited Ju-Heon was right now.

It was an obvious reaction.

‘Do you know how hard I had to work to get Leonardo da Vinci’s artifact in the past?!’

Many years ago…

Leonardo da Vinci’s artifact had appeared in the middle of the Pacific Ocean.

It had created its own continent, country, and people.

The continent had been about the size of China.

Not only that… It had changed the world maps as if it wanted to openly reveal its presence. It made textbooks, the internet, public documents and all world maps have a new continent that had never existed before.

‘Man… Thinking about it makes it seem even more radical.’

Leonardo da Vinci, artist, scientist, and inventor. He was a genius that people had respected for a long time, but he was just an annoying bastard for Ju-Heon.

For example…

“All those whose faces are not identical on the left and right get lost!”

“All those whose body proportions are not perfect should die!”

It was something like that.

But he did benefit from being stuck inside that tomb for 70 days.


‘Leonardo da Vinci’s artifact was the king of all restoration artifacts.’

Leonardo da Vinci’s paintings during the Renaissance had amazing Observation and Descriptive Methods, Perspective, Anatomical Structure, Mathematical Ratio.

It was a prime example of expressive technique.

Basically, it pursued objective and realistic things.

Maybe that was the reason. Leonardo da Vinci’s artifact was extremely great at copying artifacts.

It could even create new artifacts by just thinking about it.

That was why Yoo Jaeha had been able to imagine things he had seen on TV or read about in legends and create fakes to scam people. Sculptures, music, architecture, civil engineering, mathematics, science, he created anything and everything!

He was able to bring many countries to tears with his actions.

‘Well, I was the one that pushed him to scam most of them though.’

It was one of the reasons he had fought so much with Vice Captain Julian.

Anyway, that artifact was in front of him right now. How could he not smile?

‘I was quite worried because I heard that a lot of Divine-Grade artifacts were suddenly released.’

Ju-Heon started to chuckle.

It wasn’t important why that artifact was with this kid right now.

‘That artifact is mine.’

That artifact would allow him to do a lot more.

But the Monarch of Fraud must not have noticed Ju-Heon’s black heart as he snickered without fear.

“I heard that you won’t be charged with murder if you kill someone inside a tomb.”

The tomb started to change appearance as soon as he said that. The cave had turned into an atelier.

[The enemy’s atelier has been summoned.]

[The enemy’s atelier has been summoned.]

There were many precious artifacts shining inside this atelier that resembled an art gallery.

The Monarch of Fraud then activated all of the artifacts within the atelier.


The paintings on the walls, sculptures, everything flashed and started to move.

Ju-Heon started to whistle as he watched.

“This little kid already has the proper Dominance level of a Monarch.”

Artifacts and bugs rushed toward Ju-Heon’s group at that moment.

“Just die in this tomb!”

However something happened at that moment.

“You stupid idiot.”


A vicious fire shot up from behind Ju-Heon. All of the artifacts inside the atelier started to break.

Bang, bang, bang!

The Monarch of Fraud started to scream.

“Aaah! The artifacts I created! Do you know how much work went into making them?! Pay for the damages! I’m going to sue you for the damages!”

Ju-Heon walked over to the child in response and coldly smiled.

“Hey kid, you have bigger things to worry about right now.”


The Monarch of Fraud started to shake in fear after seeing Ju-Heon’s gaze.

“Hey kid, listen carefully. I will give you a word of warning as an uncle.”


“You have to carefully pick the people you want to fuck over. Got it?”

Ju-Heon’s eyes flashed at that moment. There was an explosion of fire as if it was responding to his emotions.


The explosion was so strong it felt as if a barrel of gas had exploded! The shocked excavation team members pulled out some containers of water.

“W, water! Quickly use water artifacts!”

“Hurry up and put it out! We’re all going to burn to death!”

The fire roared wildly and started to surround the wide cave, as if it was angry that they were trying to come at it with such lousy artifacts.

The excavation teams started to take some steps back in shock.

“Fuck, w, what is that?!”

There was a devil behind Ju-Heon. The fire behind Ju-Heon had gathered together to form the shape of a devil.


The large horned devil looked as if it was going to gobble up the excavation teams.


Some people gasped and fell backward.

This was one of the S-Grade artifacts Ju-Heon had gathered from the Supreme Leader’s tomb after beating it up.

[Fire Fallen from Hephaestus’s Forge (S-Grade:Legendary Hero Grade – Consumable Artifact)]

– Remaining Uses: 4/5

Yoo Jaeha and Seol-A had quickly hidden behind a stone pillar as if they had expected to see this dangerous fire.

The fire that had turned into the shape of a devil started to scream.


Take me with you! Take me with you! Don’t throw me away!

This artifact was the artifact of the Greek God of Blacksmiths, Hephaestus……well no, it was actually the Fire that had fallen from Hephaestus’s forge after Ju-Heon beat him up.

Similar to how the Herb of Eternal Youth’s fruits could be used as medicine, a part of a Divine-Grade artifact’s body seemed to be able to be reborn as a different artifact.

‘It should be better than most since it was discharged from a Divine-Grade artifact.’

Anyway, this fire gathered into the shape of a devil and started to burn wildly.

The fire was as violent and hot as an erupting volcano.

“Damn it, grab him for now! Let’s distract him so he can’t use his Dominance!”

“There’s only one of him! Kill him first!”

The excavation teams quickly took out their artifacts.

There were many weapon-shaped artifacts. They all seemed to be pretty strong weapons, but, well…

“You all know what it means to point your weapon inside a tomb, right?”

Ju-Heon had a twisted smile as the fire devil roared and slammed on the ground.

The weapons they were holding started to melt like ice cream. The ground then split open and magma started to appear.

Many of the people screamed as they fell into the split ground.

Yoo Jaeha’s jaw dropped as he watched. This was a completely different level than the diarrhea terror he had caused earlier.

The artifacts that had fallen in with the humans were screaming in pain for their terrible choice of masters.


AIgoo, my body!


Aigoo, aigoo!

Some messages quickly popped up as well.

[You have received the title of < Divine Slayer > after destroying artifacts as you please.]

[You have earned the < Artifact Destruction > skill as a result of receiving the title.]

[Artifact Destruction (Awakened)]

– You are able to destroy, crush, or disassemble a part of an artifact’s body without making it self-destruct.

– You can destroy an artifact’s body and remove just the artifact’s core from inside.

– You are able to destroy an artifact and gather its components as materials.

[You have learned about Artifact Combination after earning the Artifact Destruction skill.]

[Your mastery of Artifact Destruction has increased.]

[Your mastery of Artifact Destruction has increased.]

[Your mastery of Artifact Destruction has increased.]

The Artifact Destruction skill appeared, as if he was being told to use it as a set along with Tomb Destruction.

‘Well, that’s good. The issue with making them self-destruct was that their whole body was destroyed.’

Yoo Jaeha had been complaining about how that made it difficult to restore them as well.

He should be able to just destroy the parts he wanted to destroy with this new skill. Maybe that was the reason.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

Ju-Heon started to destroy the artworks in the atelier summoned by the kid one by one. He was trying to find Leonardo da Vinci’s artifact.

There was no way he didn’t camouflage that precious artifact.

‘I’m sure it’s around here somewhere….’

Leonardo da Vinci’s artifact truly was amazing, as even Ju-Heon could not quickly find it with his intuition.

Ju-Heon ended up flicking his finger and calling Julian over.

“Find it?”


“Find Leonardo da Vinci’s artifact.”

Julian could not believe it.

“Huh, why should I cooperate with you?”

It was at that moment.

“Liu. Bei.”

‘Damn it.’

Julian’s eyebrows twitched after hearing what Yoo Jaeha whispered in his ear.

But Julian didn’t submit.

“I’ll let you know that I will not do anything to benefit a villain like you……”

“Oh the milk-colored Liiiiiu Beeeeei~ Guan Yu, Zhang Feiiiii~”

“Damn it, everything in here is fake! The real thing isn’t here!”


“I swear to God!”

He seemed to be telling the truth. The messages were telling him the same thing.

[This is a copy of the atelier.]

[This is a copy of the atelier.]

The atelier with the real artifacts was probably somewhere in the world.

Ju-Heon smiled with satisfaction.

‘Looks like he had some things other than Leonardo da Vinci’s artifact that are quite useful as well.’

He greedily smiled and picked up Louie Martin.

His smile looked as if he would have no problem killing a child. Ju-Heon grabbed Louie Martin by the collar and held him over the magma.

“I will give you 10 seconds.”

“A, aaaaaaaaaah! It’s hot, stop it, stooop! Mommy!”

“Where did you hide the atelier?”

“A, aaaahhh! I, it’s in the US! But you won’t be able to get to it!”

“Oh, really?”

Ju-Heon started to chuckle.

Julian seemed to have had enough as he tried to interject.

“Hold on, Seo Ju-Heon, don’t kill him! He’s just a kid!”

But Ju-Heon just chuckled.

“He might prefer to be dead.”


Ju-Heon took out an artifact instead of responding. Julian flinched after seeing Ju-Heon’s suspicious artifact.

He could tell the identity of the artifact thanks to Zhuge Kongming’s artifact. But this artifact had an unfamiliar ability in the eyes of a European like him.

That was why Julian urgently checked the ability.

“Hold on. What artifact is……?”

Ju-Heon started to smile.

‘What else would it be?’

“Whale hunting.”

They heard the kid start to cry as soon as he said that.

“Are you really okay?”

The Monarch of Delicacies looked at Louie, the Monarch of Fraud, and clicked his tongue.

They were barely able to get away from Ju-Heon. They were able to fly away to TKBM’s building thanks to Yoon Shi Woo, who was outside.

Well, Seo Ju-Heon seemed to have let them go on purpose seeing as how he did not chase after them.

Louie was sniffling as he walked. But his walking looked odd as if there was some pain in between his legs. This was the normal walk for children who had gone whale hunting. [1]

The Monarch of Delicacies laughed while looking at Louie’s walk.

“I will negotiate so you can just stay home.”

“No. I will personally meet with TKBM’s Chairman Kwon.”

They were on their way to meet with Chairman Kwon.

Many of the Monarchs were already working with each other, and Louie had decided to take Chairman Kwon as his backer.

‘Yes, let’s hand over my atelier artifact to Chairman Kwon for now.’

It was easier for him to end up as a target because he was a kid.

Chairman Kwon’s excavation team was on the top of the rankings in both size and number of Monarchs. He was someone Louie thought he could trust.

“Captain-nim. I found it. The Monarch of Fraud’s atelier seems to be in the US Pentagon.”

“What? The Pentagon? That kid has some connections with the US government?”

Ju-Heon laughed with curiosity after hearing the results of Seol-A’s investigation.

“It seems as if the Monarch of Fraud is working together with the US and TKBM.”

Yoo Jaeha asked if it was okay.

“How can we loot the Pentagon and the Department of Defense? Looting that place is pretty much declaring war. I don’t even think we can get it out of there.”

But Ju-Heon just chuckled.

“Why do we need to loot it? We will just legally bring it.”


Ju-Heon smiled and started to wave a newspaper around.

There were more tabloids about Ju-Heon that the Monarch of Delicacies had continued to spread.

[Seo Ju-Heon, unmarried father. Will he continue to abandon his son?]

He seemed to be trying to lower Ju-Heon’s image by using the Monarch of Fraud.

It was great material to destroy Ju-Heon’s image in the US which was extremely sensitive to child abuse.

The articles made Seol-A and Irene angry, but Ju-Heon told them to calm down. This tabloid was actually beneficial to him.

He then started to call someone.

“Ah, bro. You’re not busy, right? Let’s make a deal.”

The person Ju-Heon had called was Pandora’s George Holten. Of course, George sounded confused.

[What? A deal?]

“I’ll give you an artifact. Add another clause into Pandora’s artifact law.”

[The law?]

George sounded baffled.

[What clause do you want me to add?]

“The law about artifact possession. There’s nothing relating to minors right?”


“Add something. Any minor under the age of 12 must have parental consent to possess an artifact.”

[W, what?]

“Wouldn’t something bad happen if a child had something dangerous like an artifact? Isn’t it something that should be added to the law?”

[……That is true, but…]

‘There’s no way this bastard would tell me to add something like that for a good reason.’

[What are you planning?]

“Shut up and just do it. And add that the parent will have possession of the child’s artifact if they do not give consent. They will return the artifact once the minor becomes an adult.”

Ju-Heon smiled wickedly.

‘I just have to get it legally if it is difficult to loot.’

“And Jaeha.”

“Yes sir?”

“Make it. Make a fake paternity test.”

“Excuse me?!”

Ju-Heon was now going to openly rip apart and change laws and even DNA.

1. Whale hunting is slang for circumcision in Korea.


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