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Tomb Raider King – Chapter 150: The Greatest Artifact of this Era? (3) Bahasa Indonesia

Chapter 150: The Greatest Artifact of this Era? (3)

Translator: miraclerifle

[The rope is full of venomous aura.]

[The rope’s body is being restored due to its indomitable will.]

Something shocking happened along with the messages.

New flesh appeared on the rope’s body that had turned into ashes and it was restoring itself on its own.

It seemed to be provoking the Supreme Leader artifact to try to destroy it all it wanted!

The other artifacts couldn’t help but drop their jaws in shock in response.


What the hell is that thing?! What the hell is that thing?!


How is an artifact restoring itself?!


That’s impossible! It’s not even a Divine-Grade artifact!

But it was still too soon to be shocked. There was still something else that would make the other artifacts all freak out.

Something that Ju-Heon had already seen once before happened again.


The rope’s body flashed and something that should not happen in the artifact world happened.

[The rope has upgraded into an S-Grade artifact.]

It definitely was the same!

This was what had happened last time. It was an artifact upgrade.

Of course, some of the other artifacts fainted in shock.


That’s impossible! What the hell?!

The remaining artifacts were screaming as if their houses were on fire.

This made no sense at all! They had never heard about artifacts upgrading.

Furthermore, it had upgraded to an S-Grade artifact!


I’ve never heard about anything like this, never!


N, no. My grandmother told me. She said we could upgrade if we make some great achievements…!


Hey. We’re artifacts, we don’t have grandmothers!

The rope showed off its strong body without caring whether the other artifacts were fainting or screaming.

[Its new body is very tough.]

[It’s so tough that even the gods might not be able to break through.]

[It is possible that it could even tie down the gods.]

Ju-Heon’s jaw dropped after looking at the messages. It was because he thought of an artifact as he read those descriptions.

‘No way, right?’

There was one person who was extremely uncomfortable right now.

Well, an artifact that was extremely uncomfortable. It was the Supreme Leader.

‘What unbelievable nonsense is this?’

That’s truly how it felt. If artifacts could upgrade as they pleased, the hierarchy in the world… The artifacts’ ranking wouldn’t be as resolute as it was right now.

‘An artifact’s grade is something only those at the leader-level can touch.’

Of course, that was limited to forcibly removing their strengths or making them stronger with a buff-type artifact. Daji and her weakened state was an example of this.

But to ignore that and end up upgrading on its own? To upgrade to an S-Grade artifact at that?

Artifacts started to become different at the S-Grade level. Even if the SS-Grade level was kept out because they were too different, S-Grade artifacts would be considered first-rate while the A-Grade would be considered second-rate. All artifacts at the B-Grade level or lower could be considered third-rate.

But a third-rate peon had suddenly become a first-rate artifact. How did that make any sense?

But there was something else that got on the Supreme Leader’s nerves.


Hurry up and spread the news! Tell the others that artifacts can upgrade on their own!


Ah, my grandmother said something else too. She said that we need a talented trainer to upgrade on our own!


A trainer?


She might have said a talented human… I think she mentioned there was someone like that in the past.


What? Then, you’re saying that the kid over there upgraded because of Seo Ju-Heon?

The gazes that had been looking at the rope in awe turned toward Ju-Heon. They were looking at Ju-Heon with gazes that seemed to be wondering if they could upgrade as well if they followed Ju-Heon.

The Supreme Leader started to grind its teeth once the artifacts showed those reactions.

How could it not? The rope’s upgrade was instigating the others. There was no way the Supreme Leader would feel good about that.

“Any of you who says another peep will be executed.”

The chatty artifacts completely froze up in response.

It then glared at Ju-Heon.

‘Seo Ju-Heon, this bastard truly is someone who destroys the system. Let’s kill him. We must make sure to kill him.’

As the angry Supreme Leader tried to approach Ju-Heon…


I told you not to get closer! I told you!

The rope growled and stood in front of Ju-Heon.


Get lost!

‘This bastard!’

It could have upgraded or whatever, but all artifacts were low-grade artifacts when compared to the Supreme Leader artifact. It could destroy the rope by using some strength!


The other artifacts gasped even when the Supreme Leader did not use much strength.


We apologize! We apologize!

But the Supreme Leader’s aura still turned into a sharp spear. But as that attack tried to strike Ju-Heon and the rope!

[The rope is binding down a god’s attack.]


The rope’s appearance instantly changed along with that message.

The regular rope turned into a strand of light and shot up toward the spear.

It then bound the Supreme Leader’s aura that had been charging toward them in the shape of a spear!


The furiously flying aura stopped right in front of Ju-Heon.

It had managed to stop the Supreme Leader’s attack!

[It has bound a god’s existence!]

[It will not break even when attacked by a god!]

These messages weren’t weird.

Divine-Grade artifacts were considered gods based on their existences. That was why their attacks were considered godly as well.

Honestly speaking, gods were just natural disasters or other unknown things that humans had feared in the past and served as gods.

Basically, it meant that the rope could now bind even the thunderbolts they used.

The only thing was that the shape in which it bound the Supreme Leader’s attack was……

‘A BDSM rope harness……?’

That perverted nature did not seem to have disappeared.

Of course, the other artifacts started to scream again.


There’s another bastard that can stop a god’s attack!

[#(*#([email protected]]

Isn’t the other one no longer in this world for rebelling?!


It’s a pervert! A total pervert!

But the Supreme Leader artifact started to frown.

‘……This bastard!’

The Supreme Leader’s eyebrow was twitching in anger.

‘DId that Crow bastard help it upgrade?’

It had caused the upgrade on its own, but the Crow must have played a part in helping it through the process.

‘That motherfucking bastard. It should have just quietly stayed in exile!’

The Supreme Leader started to channel its full strength.

It was just going to stomp on the rope and Ju-Heon without putting in much effort before, but it had changed its mind.

“What are you all doing? We will capture those two and publicly execute them!”

The artifacts started to whisper as soon as the order was given.


……C, capture?


That rope is still like our family memb…mmph!


Shh! You’re dead if you say that!

Ju-Heon peeked around at the artifacts’ reactions.

They didn’t know what to do. Should they capture Ju-Heon and the rope or not?

The fact that the artifacts were uncertain was already amazing. Artifacts would never show any goodwill toward humans or artifacts that sided with humans. Their hesitation was enough to be signs of treason.

Maybe that was the reason. The Supreme Leader artifact sighed.

“All of you are trash.”


The Supreme Leader artifact released enough power to destroy these artifacts and their souls without caring about the fact that they were also artifacts. But Ju-Heon would not just let this happen.

‘How dare he try to do that to my artifacts.’

Ju-Heon clenched his head that felt as if it was going to break and used a skill.

‘Tomb Destruction!’

He put his hand on the ground and the area underneath the artifacts sunk to make the Supreme Leader’s attack barely miss.

The artifacts seemed to be shocked at this.


A h, human saved us!


M, master……


Shh! You must not say that!

Zhen Cai Yuan, no, the Supreme Leader, approached Ju-Heon at that moment.

“Human, you seem to have gotten quite an interesting skill.”

Its demeanor had completely changed as if it was extremely angry.

[Warning. A chaotic aura is threatening you.]

[You need to hurry up and get away.]

The Supreme Leader summoned its subordinates as soon as Ju-Heon got that message. It had called its Division Commander-grade subordinates similar to how Anubis had summoned the troops from hell.


A black aura that overwhelmed the entire area struck through the tomb.

The artifacts that were summoned with that aura were the Black Corps that served the Supreme Leader.

They were responding to the Supreme Leader’s call with their own subordinates behind them.

[Sir, you summoned?]

There were some that had the heads of animals and the bodies of humans as well as some that looked like monsters.

These were definitely no ordinary artifacts.

They were all at least S-Grade artifacts and there were even some SS-Grade artifacts. It seemed as if only the strongest of each grade were there as well.

The proof was that their powers and abilities were much stronger than the artifacts Ju-Heon had seen until now.

The artifacts started to shake in fear at the appearance of the execution corps.


I, it’s the Supreme Leader’s Corps.


Nobody can defeat them!

But the upgraded rope was just moving up and down as if telling them to come at it.

It felt as if it would have to take down 10 million artifacts on its own, but it could not run away and leave Ju-Heon behind.


Come at me! Come!

But Ju-Heon was looking around. It was proud of the rope, but the opponent was too dangerous.

‘It’ll die if it took all of them on by itself.’

He needed something that could buy him some time.

If something could even give him enough time to make some medicine with the Herb of Eternal Youth…!

It happened at that moment. A bright light flashed in front of Ju-Heon as if something had responded to his calling.

[Human, you called?]

A familiar man’s voice echoed in the area.

But it was not an artifact that had been inside the tomb.

As a result…

[The golden palace has been activated inside the tomb!]

A golden light flashed in the grotesque intestine-like tomb.

“……This is?!”

The Supreme Leader started to frown. What appeared in front of them was surprisingly Nero!

Ju-Heon was shocked.


[Haha! The fact that a human did not instantly die while going up against the Supreme Leader is amazing.]

Ju-Heon was thinking that this was an opportunity, but he was still shocked.

“Weren’t you and Daji being restored by Jaeha?”

That was the situation. The useful artifacts had been in the restorer’s hands. Yoo Jaeha was not in this tomb right now. So how was an artifact that should not be able to be summoned here?

Nero started to sneer.

[Human, don’t look down on the power of an artifact of the 7 Great Tombs.]

The Division Commanders that had come at the Supreme Leader’s order started to frown as Nero stood in front of Ju-Heon.

[Hey S-Grade, what do you think you are doing in front of the Supreme Leader?!]

[Hurry up and kneel!]

[Don’t be arrogant because you are one of the Majesty’s Keys! It doesn’t matter if you are one of the 7 Great Artifacts!]

Nero just sneered at them.

[Do you dare to tell this Emperor to kneel?]

It seemed that another artifact that did not know who was superior and who was inferior had appeared. It was even an artifact from the 7 Great Tombs. Furthermore, Nero, the spirited Emperor, was giving off a strong aura.

[Hey spider, listen carefully. This human is this Emperor’s belonging.]

[That bastard!]

[I have been unhappy since you bastards executed the majesty on your own accord. He was the only bastard who appreciated my art.]


[But now you also want to get rid of a precious artifact cultural heritage candidate? To destroy this Emperor’s belongings without permission… This Emperor will consider it a declaration of war!]

Nero seemed to not want Ju-Heon, someone who accepted him, to disappear.

[That is why I must heal my master first.]

The rope quickly lifted Ju-Heon up after hearing that.

But as Nero was about to take Ju-Heon into his golden palace…

[How stupid. Did you really think you could get away from us?]

[Why wouldn’t I be able to do so?]

It was at that moment. A bunch of artifacts started to pour out of the golden palace at that moment.


Protect the artifact cultural heritage!


He’s a precious artifact cultural heritage candidate that Anubis-nim has approved of!


I won’t be able to read the sequel if this human dies! You bastards!


The Supreme Leader should leave! Should leave!


How dare you try to kill off a writer of great literature skill like this! You arrogant artifact!

The artifacts on the Supreme Leader artifact’s side dropped their jaws in shock while looking at these fan’s riot. Their numbers were overwhelming!

What the hell was going on?!

[A, artifact cultural heritage?]

[Did they just say Anubis?]

[What did that bastard do this time……!]

It was at that moment.


They heard a loud noise coming from somewhere.


[Excuse me, Division Commander-nim. Some of your subordinates seem to have disappeared?]


The Tomb Raider’s turn had come thanks to the intense rioting of his fans.


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