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Tomb Raider King – Chapter 135: The truth will always be revealed (1) Bahasa Indonesia

Chapter 135: The truth will always be revealed (1)

Translator: miraclerifle

Apparently, they did not need to wait a week.

The problem was the newspaper that his student brought him.

[Jean Richard. Used an artifact to steal a student’s painting?]

[Testimony from an art appraiser.]

[Have all his works been the work of an artifact?]

[Did he steal both wealth and fame from his student?]

[The father of modern art is actually a damn thief?]

[Art professors claim, ‘It was very weird that Richard’s style of painting suddenly changed.’]

[Not only was he involved in Pandora’s corruption, he even lied about his works? Situation evidence seems to prove that is the case. What is the truth?]

Richard foamed at the mouth after reading that article.

Which crazy bastard wrote a shitty article like this?

It was at that moment.

“You seem to be in quite the mess. Professor Richard.”

Zhen Cai Yuan was chuckling. Richard started to shake, as it sounded as if she was mocking him.

‘Damn it……!’

Richard walked outside with his student. He didn’t want to cause a ruckus in front of other people.

Richard slapped the student with the newspaper as soon as he walked out.


“How the hell are you taking care of business?!Do you want to die?!”

“P, professor!”

“You’re even worse than Yoo Jaeha. I’ve taught you and taken care of you this whole time, for you to respond like this?!”

“N, no, that’s not the case!”

“Where did this come from?! Who the hell wrote it?!”

Richard threw the newspaper at the student’s face.

“Hurry up and tell me!”

“…Umm, that, they say they don’t know who did it. There’re even talks about how it was the work of a ghost!”

Did he really think that made any sense?

“Are you joking right now?!”

“No, sir! They really say that they have no idea. They’re claiming that the editor would never have let a piece like this through……!”

That was true. The company that this article came from was one they were already controlling.

But this article had already made it out.

Richard continued to shout.

“What the hell is going on?!”

Richard had been getting attention from all over the world because of the Tomb of Envy. Just the fact that he cleared one of the 7 Great Tombs was enough to receive VIP invitations from presidents around the world.

Ju-Heon just ignored all of them, but Richard was not going to let these opportunities go.

But Yoo Jaeha had suddenly appeared, and…

‘That bastard is trying to ruin my life…!’

“A retard like that should just stay down in the gutters, why is he getting in someone else’s path to success…!”

One week. He would be able to completely bury Yoo Jaeha in a week. That was why he had been keeping the press quiet and creating fake evidence to send Yoo Jaeha off.

But this…!

“Hahahaha! This is great!”

Ju-Heon, who was picking up a piece of meat in a restaurant, started to laugh while reading the article about Richard.

“It came out well, it came out very well.”

Indeed. Ju-Heon was enjoying this article that people were calling the work of a ghost.

The articles that he wrote were all over the paper.

Of course, the others were going nuts.

Yoo Jaeha was the worst of them.

“C, Captain-nim, you wrote this?! Did you buy the companies to do it?”

“Kneel and bow if you figured it out.”

“C, captain-nim…!”

Ju-Heon was trying to help his subordinate get rid of these false charges this time.

He had promised to do so, but he also wanted to help this pushover regain some of his self-confidence.

The way Jaeha was groveling in Salieri’s tomb made Ju-Heon feel the need to do so even more.

It was a bit difficult to use artifacts and buy back the press that those bastards had bribed already, but…

‘I can’t watch my subordinates being unable to lift their heads when they’re out.’

Ju-Heon’s eyes flashed at that moment.

A decent level of self-confidence was necessary for this bastard to regain his Monarch-Grade Dominance like the past.

‘So, get that self confidence up.’

But at that moment…

Seol-A and Irene, who seemed to have been contacted by people, started to speak.

“Captain-nim! The Chinese media has been plastered with this article. It is overshadowing the big issues in China.”

“It’s also the case in Europe and all over the world.”

Irene and Yoo Jaeha dropped their jaws as they looked toward Ju-Heon.

“Captain-nim, are you responsible for the Chinese press too…?”

Ju-Heon tilted his head in confusion.

He did do something with the US media, but he didn’t recall touching the Chinese media.

Ju-Heon started to laugh while looking at some of the articles from the Chinese press.

“What the hell is this? I don’t write in such a shitty way.”


“Furthermore, do you really think Yoo Jaeha’s issue could be the number 1 issue world-wide when there are so many important things to report on?”

Even Ju-Heon could not control things to that level.

“Then what is going on?”

“Well, it does seem beneficial to us, but…”

Seol-A peeked toward Ju-Heon at that moment. It was because she knew that only one person was capable of doing this.



He was certain. Only that bastard was able to do this.

‘This bastard appears now that I sent the Monarch of Panhandling off.’

The < Monarch of Gossip >, one of the fifteen Monarchs.

This bastard was someone who was a headache for the monopolizers in a different manner than the Monarch of Destitution. He was able to find out information that they were trying to keep quiet and blast it in the media around the world.

Bombing them with facts, fabrications, incitement, he didn’t care how he did it.

The amazing thing was that he could change newspaper or even broadcast reports as he pleased. He could even add his own programs to spread to the world.

Basically, this bastard was able to control all media. It made sense that he was one of the 15 Monarchs who had the greatest influence in modern society.

Of course, this bastard was neither an ally nor a foe.

In fact, he had not been that troublesome for Ju-Heon, but……

‘It seems a bit different this time.’

This seemed to signal that the bastard wanted to ally with him. It seemed as if he was saying, ‘I’ll help you send Jean Richard off! Let’s be on the same side!’

That seemed to be what he wanted as he revealed himself to the world.

Ju-Heon didn’t know what this bastard’s intentions were, but there was one thing he was certain about.

‘A big thank you for this though.’

Ju-Heon would not miss this great chance.

“Huh? Captain-nim? Who are you calling?”

“Your fellow alumni.”

“Ah, yes, of course. My fellow alumni……Excuse me?!”

Why was he randomly calling them?!

But Ju-Heon just started to smile wickedly.

“Evidence fabrica……no, no, evidence gathering. We should send him off properly if we’re going to do it.”

‘It’s best to get rid of Chairman Kwon’s restorer from this world as quickly as possible.’


‘I should be the only one with a restorer in this world.’

He had instantly become a supervillain who wanted to get rid of all restorers from the world. Yes, a supervillain.

This Monarch of Villainy started to smile.

“How much would it take to get your fellow alumni to get rid of… No, no, to speak about Richard? Do they need jobs? A private exhibition for their art? A sponsor?”

“H, hey!”

“What’s wrong? The Yale School of Art means they are all great restorer candidates. Let’s get rid of all of them at the same time.”

“Look at this person!”

He was openly announcing his desire to murder people!

Of course, he was probably half joking, but Ju-Heon really did contact Yoo Jaeha’s classmates and fellow alumni. It was a spectacle to watch him use his smooth talking and language fluency in 5 different languages to gobble them up one by one.

“Ah, hello? Is this Miss Kim Ye-Sool? It is wonderful to get a chance to speak to you. You’re Yoo Jaeha’s former girlfriend, aren’t you?”

“Aaah! Damn you!”

He had despicably contacted Yoo Jaeha’s former girlfriend as well.

“Yes, yes, I believe you only dated for about a month before you broke up with him.”

“Damn it!”

Yoo Jaeha called over to Lee Seol-A as he could not take it anymore.

“Hey Seol-A! The Captain-nim is talking with a woman! Please stop hi……”


“……Lee Seol-A. What are you doing?”

Lee Seol-A quickly hid something after noticing Yoo Jaeha’s gaze. It was her cellphone.

Yoo Jaeha then started to shout.

“Captain-nim! Lee Seol-A took a picture of you…mmph!”


Ju-Heon looked toward Yoo Jaeha but he was being choked by Lee Seol-A.


Ju-Heon who was on the phone started to frown.

“Did you just do something?”

Lee Seol-A avoided his gaze. It was because Ju-Heon hated having his picture taken.

He said something about how he looked like a squid each time or something. In fact, the first thing he did was to steal reporters’ cameras whenever they were around.

“Hey Seol-A?”

“I, I didn’t do anything, sir!”

‘I’m sure she did something. Well, it doesn’t matter.’

Ju-Heon continued to chat on the phone. Lee Seol-A was upset.

‘Damn it, I couldn’t even take it…….!’

That was right. Lee Seol-A was taking pictures of Ju-Heon without his permission.

She had never seen him smile like this. Seeing him smiling for the first time as he was talking looked so cute that she had suddenly become greedy.

Ju-Heon in his late twenties and mid-to-late thirties was imposing and cool, but he was a bit scary.

He had a face as pale as a vampire, large dark circles, it wasn’t wrong to say he looked like a moving corpse. He never smiled either.

Compared to then, right now was…

“Ah, I’m sorry but are you working as a restorer? Ah, nevermind if you are not. You managed to save your life.”

‘So cute.’

She liked his decadent bad boy image but she liked this cute side too! Lee Seol-A stomped her feet while looking at the brightly(?) smiling Ju-Heon.

However, Irene, who saw this, was not happy.

Maybe that was the reason. Irene also stealthily took her phone out.

‘I’m going to take one too.’

She had been holding back all this time because Ju-Heon hated taking pictures so much, but…!

Suddenly, a battle of stealthy photo taking had started. Yoo Jaeha nonchalantly commented as he watched.

“I have a lot of pictures of the Captain-nim. There are some revealing ones too.”

Lee Seol-A urgently shouted after hearing that.

“Hand over all the originals to me. I’ll introduce you to one of my fellow employees. She’s super pretty!”

“…R, really?”

It was at that moment.

“100,000,000 won.”

Irene interjected. Yoo Jaeha questioned his ears for a moment.

“Excuse me?”

“100 million won per picture. I’ll pay you more for the revealing ones.”


Ju-Heon just continued to chat on the phone, probably not knowing what was going on.

[Shocking news! Yale University’s alumni are coming out with their testimonies.]

[They must clear their conscience! Jean Richard told me, ‘Keep your mouth shut if you don’t want to die.’]

[I saw Yoo Jaeha draw it first. He told me he was going to show it to the professor.]

[After that, it suddenly showed up as Richard’s painting.]

[Did he use his authority as a professor to stomp on the future of a young artist?]

Richard screamed after seeing the scandal continue.

He heard that all of the bastards they had a strong grasp on had gone over to Seo Ju-Heon.

The future Monarch of Gossip seemed to have gotten excited as well as he copied Ju-Heon and spread this information to the press all over the world.

[Is this the downfall of Jean Richard, a person who managed to clear one of the 7 Great Tombs?!]

‘These bastards……! Things will become really complicated like this.’

Even he would find it difficult to cover this up. Furthermore, the Art Council was throwing a fit as well.

“Please show us proof. Professor Richard.”

They suddenly showed up and wanted an explanation for this situation.

“Please show us proof if you feel that you have been wronged. Just draw the painting again in front of us.”

Richard couldn’t help but become full of cold sweat.

“Well…it’s not a good time to do that right now.”

It could not be helped.


‘I’ll turn into Yoo Jaeha if I use the transformation artifact!’

Jean Richard’s transformation artifact. It was Vidocq’s artifact, the real person that Lupin was based on.

It allowed him to copy the other person’s abilities.


‘I can only use the ability when I have transformed into that person.’

That was why creating Yoo Jaeha’s painting would make him transform into Yoo Jaeha. How could he prove it in front of other people?!

That was why he only worked in his private space with nobody around!

‘These motherfucking bastards!’

Richard just started to smile at the people gathering in front of him.

“Everybody has their work styles. I cannot oblige with your request……”

But at that moment…

“What’s wrong? You old bastard. You can’t do it?”

The person’s laughter seemed to choke Richard.

‘This voice is…!’

The voice had come from near the cameras.

‘This arrogant bastard must have sent the people from the Art Council.’

It was because this person knew that Richard had too much authority to take down if he didn’t use this opportunity when Richard was being accused of plagiarism to take him down.

And then…

“What’s wrong? Draw it. Ah, don’t be scared because this is a live broadcast.”

Some familiar faces brought over an A-Frame.


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