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Tomb Raider King – Chapter 134: The Meeting of the Women(?) Bahasa Indonesia

Chapter 134: The Meeting of the Women(?)

Translator: miraclerifle

The two women soon made eye contact.


The innocent Irene wearing a white one piece.

Lee Seol-A wearing a black tank top and hotpants.

The two of their expressions changed for different reasons once they saw each other. Lee Seol-A couldn’t help but freeze up.

How could she not……

“T, the Monarch of Destitution!’

She was certain. She knew a lot about Irene now that her memories had returned.

Irene Holten. She was the goddess of disaster who pushed numerous monopolizers into states of fear! She was the devil who messed with the world economy as a hobby!

The witch of modern society who would make innocent people go bankrupt!

There were too many businesses and even countries that went bankrupt because of this woman! They had also received major damage(?) because of her.

‘I remember the Captain-nim……All of Chairman Kwon’s artifacts that Ju-Heon had had in his possession were destroyed.

‘The Vice Captain-nim……’

Zhuge Kongming Julian’s house that he finally managed to get after 10 years had disintegrated into thin air.

He had instantly become house poor.

‘As for that damn Yoo Jaeha……’

His entire fortune was seized because he was caught trying to scam someone. He had even ended up in prison for a bit.

The other Tomb raiding team members probably all suffered at least a 100 million won worth of damage.

Lee Seol-A had eaten shit because of this woman multiple times as well.

‘So why of all people…!’

Lee Seol-A became tense as soon as she saw the Monarch of Destitution.

But Irene, who had no idea about what Seol-A was thinking, seemed concerned about Lee Seol-A for a different reason.

It made sense because Yoo Jaeha had asked Ju-Heon not too long ago this question. Were they ever going to get female members for the team?

Ju-Heon had responded this way to that question.

‘Well, don’t worry. There’s a few punks I’m looking for.’

That meant that Ju-Heon already had some people he was thinking about. So, how could she not be concerned about that?! It was someone who was on Ju-Heon’s mind from the beginning!

But that was this Lee Seol-A person?!

“She’s with the Chinese! She’s the enemy!’

But Lee Seol-A whispered in Ju-Heon’s ear at that moment.

They looked extremely friendly with each other! Their faces were right next to each others’ as well!

Of course, the things Lee Seol-A was saying were far from being romantic.

“Captain-nim! You took the Monarch of Destitution as an ally?!”

Her shocked face looked at him as if he was crazy. Only someone who was crazy would do something like this when they knew about the Monarch of Destitution of the past!

Did he not remember how even the ants dissipated into thin air when the Monarch of Destitution appeared?! Ju-Heon would end up bankrupt first if things continued like this.

Ju-Heon started to laugh at this realistic reaction.

“It’s fine. She’s an ally.”

“But Captain-nim…!”

As Lee Seol-A moved even closer to Ju-Heon…

[The aura of destitution is starting to seep out.]

[The aura of destitution is starting to seep out.]



Lee Seol-A looked down at her wrist after hearing something crack.

The bracelet-shaped artifact on her wrist had cracked!

However, it didn’t end there.

[The fierce aura of destitution is stealthily spreading.]

[The fierce aura of destitution is stealthily spreading.]

[The fierce aura of destitution is stealthily spreading.]

[The fierce aura of destitution is stealthily spreading.]

Bang bang bang bang!


The weapon and accessory artifacts she had on her were all destroyed as well.

But Lee Seol-A’s artifacts were the only ones to be destroyed!

Maybe that was the reason. A shocked Lee Seol-A started to grind her teeth.

‘This damn Monarch of Destitution……!’

Ju-Heon just calmly started to speak, not revealing whether he knew what was going on or not.

“Both of you are similar in age so be good friends. Seol-A will be my secretary and aide from now on. Irene is a cooperator we will have the most intimate relationship with.”

The two women’s ears perked up for different reasons at that moment.

‘Secretary and aide?’

‘Cooperator with the most intimate relationship?’

Sparks started to fly out of both of their eyes at the same time.

They were certain. The other woman was their enemy.

‘Mr. Ju-Heon, this woman is a spy sent by the Chinese…!’

‘Captain-nim, she’s the Monarch of Destitution even if she’s pretending to be innocent…!’

Well, they were both Ju-Heon’s strongest allies who could not be replaced, but they were considering each other to be the enemy.

That wasn’t all. There was another reason the two of them were wary of each other.

‘She’s too pretty!’

‘Why is her figure so great?!’

Both of them were extremely beautiful to the point that even the worst of photos of them would go viral. Even if Ju-Heon didn’t seem to be interested in women, how could he not be affected by two women at their levels?!

Seol-A started to shake. She had always been ready to hold back her tears and let the Captain-nim go if he ever found a woman he loved, but this wasn’t it.

On the other hand, Irene was also biting down on her lips. Her role was that of a sponsor. To be more specific, she wasn’t one of Ju-Heon’s colleagues. She was not a member of the Tomb raiding team.

But she could tell that Ju-Heon cared quite a bit about his subordinates.

That meant that Lee Seol-A had a legitimate reason to always be by Ju-Heon’s side! She was his subordinate…!

‘I’m jealous.’

She wanted to join the Tomb raiding team as well.

She was certain that she could be helpful.

Seol-A urgently whispered to Ju-Heon at that moment.

“Captain-nim, I don’t mind anybody else but the Monarch of Destitution is too dangerous. Please rethink……”

But she was too close to him.

[The artifact of destitution is going berserk.]

[The artifact of destitution is going berserk.]

“Kyaaaa! My wallet! My artifacts! My clothes!”

Irene approached Ju-Heon at that moment.

“Mr. Ju-Heon!, please let me join the Tomb raiding team too! I can even be a scout for you!”

Seol-A, the scout for the team, looked angry.

‘Does she want to start a fight?!’

Yoo Jaeha, who was watching this with curiosity, started to smile wickedly.

‘This is entertaining.’

“Captain-nim, who do you like more between the two of them?”


Ju-Heon looked toward Jaeha with an expression that seemed to be asking what nonsense he was spewing.

“What the fuck are you talking about?”

Yoo Jaeha looked back and forth at Irene and Lee Seol-A.

“Umm… Hmm, do you like the dog better or the cat better?”

“The artifact.”

“……Excuse me?”

“Go bring the artifacts over if you have time to spew such bullshit.”


‘This damn artifactphile. How dare he say such ludicrous statements with such beauties in front of him…!’

As Yoo Jaeha was about to say something to Ju-Heon…


Yoo Jaeha suddenly screamed and fell down. They thought Salieri might be causing an issue again, but surprisingly, the rope was the culprit.

It had pulled at Yoo Jaeha’s leg and made him fall down.


You scammer!

You scammer!

The rope used its tail(?) to slap down on the ground in anger.


You told me I could transform into a human! You said I could!

The rope was continuing to pester Yoo Jaeha as if it wanted him to tell it the method as quickly as possible. However, there was no way Yoo Jaeha or Ju-Heon would understand what it was saying.

“Aaaaaaaaaaah, why is this thing acting like this?!”

The rope seemed to have had enough as it slithered over to Ju-Heon and curled around Ju-Heon’s shoulder.


Hmph, I don’t need it! I don’t need it!

The now upset rope bellowed from around Ju-Heon.


I will protect my master! I will protect him!

The two women were thinking hard about how they could get the other away from each other without paying any attention to the rope.

It was at that moment.

“Anyway, let’s go eat to welcome our new member and to figure out a strategy for Jaeha. There’s a restaurant around here I’ve wanted to try.”

Yoo Jaeha flinched for some reason.

“Ah… Umm, Captain-nim. It might be best to avoid that one…”

“What’s wrong with it? I heard their food is delicious. I did see a lot of couples going there, but it’s big enough for a large gathering as well.”

‘What? A couple restaurants?’ Seol-A and Irene glared at each other as soon as they heard that. Yoo Jaeha started to cry as he watched.

‘Aigoo, that poor restaurant. Would it be able to survive?’

“I apologize. We were unable to find the memory artifact in the end.”

“Instead, we just found traces of that artifact having been destroyed…!”

The Chinese excavation team. They were currently thoroughly searching the Tomb of Envy at Zhen Cai Yuan’s orders.


‘We must recover the memory artifact.’

It was public knowledge that the Tomb of Envy was forcibly destroyed thanks to Seo Ju-Heon.

They also knew that Zhen Cai Yuan’s Divine-Grade memory artifact had exploded along with the tomb.

[Mnemosyne’s Coin of Memory (SS-Grade:Divine-Grade – Consumable Artifact)]

That was definitely a memory-type artifact. This was how Zhen Cai Yuan had placed moles in their enemy, Pandora, and cleverly pulled out the memories of the workers.

But he destroyed that artifact…

‘That was important information we needed for China.’


‘He ignored the strength of my artifact and escaped from the tomb?’

An angry Zhen Cai Yuan licked her lips as if she was excited.

This was quite thrilling. Her artifact of gluttony was the Supreme Leader that could control all artifacts. No artifacts could do anything in front of her artifact. Furthermore, the control of the tomb had been in her hands as well.

But Seo Ju-Heon had still managed to escape from that tomb.

‘What ability did he use?’

She didn’t think it was an artifact. All artifacts were useless in front of the Supreme Leader.

That was why she had been feeling that everything was boring. There was nobody who could challenge her who had an extraordinary mind and strong Dominance from the beginning!

But Seo Ju-Heon was different.

‘A rare ability. Talent for excavation.’

Zhen Cai Yuan’s body was heating up and her heart was pounding for the first time in a long while.

‘I want to eat him up.’

Her sparkling eyes and her tongue that was licking her lips made her look extremely sexy and lascivious. She was extremely dangerous like a female spider that would eat the male.

She was someone who could absorb another person’s memories, lifestyle, their everything. She would then use it as her own strength.

That was why she had eaten numerous cultural items in the past. Thanks to that, she was a Monarch who was famous for her < cultural absorption >.

It was at that moment.

“Are you listening to me? Professor Zhen Cai Yuan?”

“Ah, of course. Please continue, Professor Richard.”

Jean Richard looked as if his ass was on fire. There was a simple reason for it.

[Talent for Panhandling, Francisco. Located in his residence with mental illness.]

[Seems to have developed schizophrenia while listening to music.]

[Francisco claims to have seen the devil and continues to attempt suicide.]

The future Monarch of Panhandling had teamed up with Jean Richard. That person had been hospitalized with a weird mental illness.

The hospital said that it could not be cured and they were trying to find the cause, but Richard knew the reason after hearing about it from the Monarch of Fate.

‘He said it was the ability of Salieri’s artifact.’

Basically, it meant that it was Ju-Heon’s doing. He was probably trying to get rid of them for threatening him.

‘No wonder the seer said to stay away from music for a while…!’

He had said to stay away from even a single note. That was why Richard had put his phone on silent, stayed away from the TV, and had not even gone outside.

That was how he was able to get away from the music of the devil as the Monarch of Fate prophesized, but Francisco was attacked after he ignored the message.

His ass was on fire even more after having the Monarch of Panhandling, one of his excavation team members, get hospitalized for mental illness.

“I’m certain. Seo Ju-Heon, that bastard, is getting revenge for what we did.”

Richard knew that it was now his turn. He believed they would try to send him off as they sent Francisco off.

“Anyway, we must hurry and aim for the fourth tomb. So, please let me borrow some artifacts. I will give you half of the artifact.”

Zhen Cai Yuan started to smile like a snake.

“That’s good for us but will you be okay?”

She pointed to the news. The news was continuously talking about the plagiarism.

Jean Richard just scoffed.

“I’ll be able to completely bury that bastard Yoo Jaeha from society in a week. He’s probably trying to scam all of us, but I’ll prove that I am innocent.”

It was at that moment.

Was the bad luck that always showed up whenever they dealt with Seo Ju-Heon getting stronger?

“This is bad! Professor Richard! Proof of your plagiarism has appeared in the newspaper!”

Apparently, they did not need to wait a week.

They didn’t need to wait for the truth to be revealed!


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