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Tomb Raider King – Chapter 119: The World’s Greatest Artifact of Lust? (7) Bahasa Indonesia

Chapter 119: The World’s Greatest Artifact of Lust? (7)

Translator: miraclerifle

The tomb started to shake violently along with the scary explosion.


It seemed as if a disaster had struck the world.

[The power of disaster that cannot control its anger is starting to destroy the tomb.]



This extremely destructive force was scary.

The extremely sturdy stone tomb was ruthlessly being destroyed and the ceiling had turned to dust as if it was a building that was struck by a missile.

Thanks to that, Daji, who had tried to jump on Ju-Heon, turned pale.

[W, what?! What the hell?!]

But Ju-Heon was also shocked as well.

They then heard an urgent voice.

“Mr. Ju-Heon! Are you okay?”

He couldn’t see her face because of the dust, but he was certain it was Irene.

But Ju-Heon was confused.

He welcomed her appearance but……

“Why are you here?”


Irene who heard that question was quite flustered.

It was fine that she came here, but she couldn’t come up with a good excuse to tell him.

She couldn’t tell him that she saw the word < chastity > and that she blacked out before realizing she was here once she snapped back to her senses.

That was why the flustered Irene just smiled bitterly.

“U, umm, that……the prophecy said that Mr. Ju-Heon might be in danger, so…”

Ju-Heon then nodded his head as if he accepted that response.

“Well, how perfect. This artifact is the natural enemy of all men, so since you are here anyway……”

However, at that moment…

The dust in the area settled and Daji stuck to Ju-Heon as it grumbled.

[That treacherous bitch scared me for no reason.]

She didn’t care about Irene as she planted a kiss on Ju-Heon. [1]

Ju-Heon saw something that almost scared him to death at that moment.

Irene’s eyes seemed to sparkle for a moment before she started to destroy the tomb again.


She looked ready to completely destroy this tomb!


Daji turned pale as soon as the tomb started to be destroyed.

[Kyaaaa! Do you know how much money I spent to create this tomb?!]

She tried to use her powers to stop the destruction, but it was useless in front of the artifact of destitution that was just charging forward without any thought.

An anxious Daji started to shout.

[Hold on! Stop, stop it! Let’s negotiate! I’ll eat this man first. And then I’ll give him back to you!]

‘What? Is this thing crazy?!’



Daji became desperate as the tomb was almost completely turned to dust.

‘I, I need to get away from here first. And then, I have to eat this man.’

It needed to do that to become a Divine-Grade artifact.

The fox rolled its eyes to think for a moment before reaching its hand out toward Ju-Heon.

[Okay, pure human! Come with me!]

But it was at that moment.


Ju-Heon smiled wickedly as he pulled her hand.

It was because Daji’s seduction had become weaker after Irene appeared.

It only took a second for him to lay the beauty in an erotic position.


Daji who was pushed down in an instant seemed truly flustered.

However, Daji couldn’t help but start to scream.


It was because Ju-Heon’s hand went into somewhere it should not go into.


It was at that moment.

[Your Dexterity that could even astonish artifacts has activated.]

[The artifact cannot think straight because of your godly Dexterity.]

Daji, whose face had turned bright red at Ju-Heon’s touch, adjusted her clothes as she moved away from Ju-Heon.

She was certain.

This human…

[You wicked bastard. You’re not a virgin! Your body is pure but your mind is too dirty!]

Ju-Heon snorted in response.

“What? All men have dirty minds.”


“What’s wrong? Are you complaining because my mind is dirty?”

Daji rolled her eyes in shock at his shameless smile before she made a decision.


“Huh?! The fox!”

“It disappeared!”

Daji had instantly disappeared as if the woman they had been looking at was an illusion.

However, Ju-Heon didn’t seem anxious at all.

In fact, he just said something to the people around him.

“It’s fine so can you cover your ears for a bit?”

“Excuse me?”

“It won’t take long.”

[Huff. Huff.]

On the other hand, the true body that had been hiding deep inside the cave the whole time…

Daji’s true body was huffing.

The sudden appearance of a disrupter was fine.

However, there was something it could not understand no matter how much it thought about it.

[That man, no matter how much I think about it, his body is pure but his memories……]

The memories of his soul were not pure at all.

It felt as if a soul from the future that had experienced everything it could experience had invaded the body of the past.

It was not just a matter of whether men had dirty minds or something like that.

[Just what is going on?]

However something happened at that moment.

“What else could it be? You just made a stupid mistake while making your door.”


Ju-Heon, who would never admit the truth even if he was to die right now, had appeared.


Ju-Heon who found the true body deep inside the cave started to smile.

It made sense as Daji’s true body looked different than what he saw earlier.

“You really were a fox, weren’t you?”


Although she looked human, there were ears on her head and there were nine attractive tails on its butt.

It was a nine-tailed fox.

What they had seen earlier was this artifact’s transformed appearance.

The true body that had been hiding was a fox.

It might be easy to wonder why there was a fox, but it was understandable.

‘There are tales about how the villains of Asia are all nine-tailed foxes that have disguised themselves as humans.’

There were even tales of how Daji was sent to Earth with a mission to take down the Zhou dynasty.

That was why Daji could fall under the category of demons or divine beings rather than a human.

“But I didn’t expect the great and mighty Daji to be a baby fox.”


The fox, no, the around ten years old girl’s body started to shake at Ju-Heon’s invidious remarks.

Ju-Heon’s gaze was saying he found this to be amusing.

“You’re probably not a baby fox since you should be at least 1,000 years old… I guess you’re just a fox that can’t use its powers?”

[Shut up, human. Don’t run your mouth in front of me as you please.]

The fox seemed angry as it glared at Ju-Heon with an anxious expression.

‘Damn it, I need to eat this bastard to become a Divine-Grade artifact!’

Originally, it was a S-Grade artifact. However, it had been downgraded to an A-Grade artifact by the Supreme Leader for some reason.

That was why it didn’t have its regular powers and looked like a child.

It was an extremely demeaning appearance for an artifact of lust.

‘If it wasn’t for that motherfucking artifact of gluttony…’

The fox’s eyes sparkled as its body started to shake.

The artifact of gluttony.

That bastard was the Supreme Leader of the artifact world. It was a big shot that was part of the Elite faction that loathed humans.

The way it acted triumphantly while leading the Division Commanders like Anubis was extremely annoying.

[I need to start with the Division Commanders and get revenge on the bastard……]

‘The Division Commanders?’

As Ju-Heon tilted his head in confusion…

[Anyway, you’ll need to give me your purity, human! Become my nourishment!]

The fox released a lot of aura and the child suddenly turned into an adult.

She was extremely confident.

‘All human men are the same.’

She had enough strength to seduce them even if she was weaker now.

[Show me your true nature, you lowly human male!]

But as Daji tried to attack Ju-Heon…

“Oh, sure sure, you want me to make your climax once more?”

[W, what?]

“I can please you once more if you want.”

Ju-Heon’s dexterity activated again and some lewd noises that might be awkward to listen to echoed through the cave.

The crow probably did not give this skill to him for this reason, but it didn’t matter.

Yoo Jaeha who was listening to all of this live outside was shouting, ‘Captain-nim, you’re the best!’ over and over.

[The artifact of lust’s seduction is not working at all.]

[The artifact of lust has felt indignity and has submitted.]

[The Field of Debauchery is being destroyed.]

[You have cleared the tomb.]

[You have received the title of < Sexually harassed an artifact > and your Dexterity skill has risen to A-Grade.]

[You can handle artifacts a little better as your Dexterity skill has increased.]

The Tomb of Lust that had caused a ruckus in Korea had finally disappeared.

And Ju-Heon was back in his mansion in Korea for the first time in a while… [2]

The place where the Gold-Axe Silver-Axe had appeared as he was catching his breath.

Of course, Yoo Jaeha had forgotten all about the housewarming as he was busy praising Ju-Heon over and over.

“Ah……Captain-nim, you truly are the best. Even I’m about to fall for you, really.”

What must Yoo Jaeha have heard for him to be giving Ju-Heon thumbs up while crying tears of admiration?

On the other hand, Lee Seol-A could only scoff.

‘Did I really get captured by these idiots?’

There was also someone else who was grinding her teeth along with Lee Seol-A.

[Human……you won’t get away with this.]

It was Daji.

Daji who had submitted to Ju-Heon’s splendid (?) Dexterity was shaking in anger.

‘This is extremely shameful.’

She, the one at the apex of all artifacts of lust, was sexually harassed by a human male.

But Ju-Heon was actually having a random thought right now.

‘Looks like the spots artifacts like are different than humans.’

But what would he use such information for?

At that moment…

Yoo Jaeha looked toward Daji in its fox appearance and smiled wickedly.

“This oppa will be gentle with you during the restoration so be good……ahhhh!”

He instantly started to see blood.

“Aigoo, my hand!”

Yoo Jaeha looked at his tattered hand and glared at the fox.

“Damn it, you bitch! What a terrible personality!”

The fox’s eyes sparkled as it released its aura at that moment.


Yoo Jaeha started to laugh like an idiot, as if he had never been angry at all.

“Wow, you’re so pretty, so, so, pretty.”

He looked ready to buy it food, brush its hair and do whatever it wanted him to do.

The fox clicked its tongue as it watched what happened.

‘It’s definitely not that my ability is broken.’

It seemed as if her ability just didn’t work on Ju-Heon.

‘I’m certain he is quite the powerful man.’

A man like Ju-Heon would be able to give it enough yang energy for it to become a Divine-Grade artifact.

That was why Daji’s eyes sparkled as its mind was full of ambition.

‘You just wait and see, I’ll definitely make that human submit under me and use him as nourishment.’

Ju-Heon chuckled, as if he read the fox’s mind.

“Now that I think about it, you mentioned Division Commanders earlier, right?”


“Are you talking about this bastard?”

Ju-Heon casually tossed an artifact as soon as he said that.

Daji gasped in astonishment as soon as the artifact turned into a dog.


‘Why is that human loathing Division Commander here?!’

Forget being shocked, Daji looked completely flabbergasted.

But the doggie Anubis was growling as it glared at Daji.

[You bitch. Why is the thieving cat who smacked the Supreme Leader from behind over here?!]

[What?! I should be asking you that question! You damn misanthropic bastards!]

‘I knew there was something between them.’

Ju-Heon was amused. He wasn’t interested in the issues between artifacts, but it would probably be useful to him if he knew about it.

‘I’m worried about the leaders the Crow warned me about as well.’

Was that the reason? Ju-Heon started to speak to the rope that was moving around nearby.

“That thing is your friend starting today. Stick close to it and be good friends.”

He was telling it to keep an eye over it, but the rope’s eyes(?) sparkled after its master said to be friends.

It must have been wrong to think it was an enemy!


Let’s be good friends! Let’s be good friends!

The rope welcomed it like a puppy and reached its body out as if it wanted to shake hands.

The fox just snorted and turned its head away.

[Don’t touch me, you low-grade artifact without even a backbone.]

The rejected rope became upset.

Master said to be good friends. He said that…

The rope then bound the fox.


He said to be good friends! He said that!


Daji, the originally S-Grade artifact, screamed after it was captured by a simple rope.

It happened at that moment.

“Huh? Umm, Mr. Ju-Heon!”

Irene who was looking at her tablet looked shocked for some reason and had called Ju-Heon over.

“Umm, please take a look at this. Hurry!”


Ju-Heon walked over and she handed the tablet to him.

She was watching a news interview.

Irene pointed at someone on the screen and asked a question.

“Umm, doesn’t this person look very similar to you, Mr. Ju-Heon? Her name is similar to yours as well.”

Irene was pointing at a face he had not seen in a long time.

1. I normally address all artifacts as ‘it’ as Ju-Heon considers them items, but the author mentioned it as a ‘she’ (this might be the first time the author has done that for any artifact other than Nero calling itself ‘this Emperor’) so I left it as she and not it. Just a note so that people aren’t confused!

2. Umm… since when was this a mansion? It was just a small apartment complex where he lived with a roommate!


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