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Tomb Raider King – Chapter 112: Fanning a burning house? (4) Bahasa Indonesia

Chapter 112: Fanning a burning house? (4)

Translator: miraclerifle

“Shut up, the VAT is separate!”

The kidnapper, who shouted that, started to pull on the net.

The net then flew up into the air before falling in front of the exit.


The artifacts being dragged by the net started to scream. What does he mean by VAT?! Was that not included in the cost of admission?!

If so, why didn’t he tell them in the beginning?!


Okay! I’ll pay it! Tell me how much the VAT is!

They had gathered a lot of money and artifacts like them could gather human money whenever they pleased.

But Ju-Heon’s response was cold.

“I’m going to take your bodies for the VAT.”

The artifacts gasped and started to scream.

This is a scam! You can get sued for this!

The artifacts had never expected that the VAT would be their bodies.

This was like signing something only to realize later that you had signed away your organs!


Aaaaaaah! Human! Don’t kill me! I’m sorry!


We didn’t know it would be like this!


Let me go, I need to watch my drama! It’s the finale!

The artifacts flailed around but Ju-Heon just excitedly dragged them away.

His subordinates’ jaws dropped after watching some human trafficking, no, artifact trafficking happening in front of their eyes.

“He’s truly the devil, the devil I tell you.”

He really seemed to be talented in kidnapping based on what he was doing.

Now that he thought about it, Ju-Heon had mentioned needing a net to catch artifacts before coming here.

That was why Yoo Jaeha had made copies of the rope and they had sat around tying it together into a net.

‘I was wondering where he was going to use it.’

But they accepted what was going on.

‘There was no way the Captain-nim would be the artifacts’ entertainment based on his personality.’

Forget just the artifacts… This thief was someone who would rip humans off with unbelievable taxes if he wanted to do so.

‘We definitely can’t let him become a government official.’

But at that moment…


Yoo Jaeha who was looking around must have seen something as he urgently started to shout with a pale expression.

“Captain-nim! B, behind you!”

Boom, an explosion happened at the floor of the stage as soon as he said that.


Ju-Heon easily twisted his body to dodge the explosion, but the artifacts that had caused the explosion were huffing.

One of them seemed like an axe-wielding general.

They had gotten out of Ju-Heon’s net.

The A-Grade and lower artifacts were struggling because of Ju-Heon’s Dominance on the net, but there was no way that S-Grade artifacts would fall that easily.

And as proof of it…


How dare a human try to do as he pleases!


We will just destroy this stupid palace! It’s just a tomb controlled by a human bastard!

The artifacts threatened Ju-Heon with vicious auras.

[Warning. All sorts of disease-causing pathogens are threatening you.]

Of course, Ju-Heon would not just sit back and let them do that.

“These punks, just where do you think you are right now?”


An unbelievable amount of Dominance roared around the palace at that moment.

Ju-Heon was mischievously smirking, but the artifacts couldn’t help but suffer because of the sharp attacks by his Dominance.


Shit, I don’t think we can win!

The artifacts here were strong, but they were currently inside Nero’s tomb.

It didn’t seem to be easy for them to use their strengths because they were not in their own tombs.

That was why the artifacts could only come up with one method.


Damn it, we have no choice! Hurry up and go ask the seniors for help!


That’s right! Those esteemed seniors will be able to kill this arrogant human bastard!


“Are these bastards the seniors you are talking about?”


Ju-Heon threw three artifacts into the air.

The place turned into pandemonium once those artifacts turned into large dogs.

[Those esteemed beings are!]

[Set-nim, Osiris-nim, and…….]

[A, Anubis-nim?!]

Indeed. The artifacts Ju-Heon had brought out were the seniors they were looking for, the Divine-Grade artifacts.

That made the artifacts gasp for a different reason.

[That’s impossible! How are the Commander of the Corps and Division Commanders here?!]

[I never thought I’d see these respected beings face to face!]

It seemed that the Egyptian trio held high positions even among the Divine-Grade artifacts.

Ju-Heon found this quite interesting.

‘Oh, I guess artifacts have their own positions.’

Of course, the doggies that were called out, well, Osiris and Set were just scratching their asses while only Anubis was going crazy.

‘This damn human bastard, where did he call us out……?!’

Their positions were too high to appear in front of these lowly artifacts.

That wasn’t the only issue. They were currently submitting to this human because he had their weaknesses figured out. But if these artifacts learned that Divine-Grade artifacts were submitting to a human and following his orders….

‘N, no!’

They would be ostracized.

‘We’re done for even without a trial if the story of how we have submitted to a human spreads around.’

But Osiris and Set were just sleeping, as if they didn’t know what Anubis was thinking.

Ju-Heon just chuckled and looked at Anubis.

“Hey doggie, what are you doing? Get to work. You know what I mean, right?”

‘Ow, why I ought to!’

The artifacts who found this situation to be suspicious started to talk.

[How did that human call these seniors out?]

[Have they submitted to him?]

Anubis flinched after hearing the artifacts whisper.

[D, do not make such incorrect claims!]


[Do not think we are like all of you!]

[Then, what is it, sir?]

The sleeping Set and Osiris then chimed in.

[What else would it be?]

[It’s obvious. We were captured by that hu……]


Anubis urgently started to shout after hearing the two artifacts trying to say something useless.

[T, the reason we are with this human is because we were intrigued by this human’s abilities!]

[Excuse me?]

[Y, you got that? This human is a rare human who can satisfy artifacts. We are watching over him for a bit to see if we can designate him as an artifact cultural heritage!]


The artifacts became silent after hearing that.

Even Osiris and Set were looking at Anubis, wondering what bullshit it was spewing.

Of course, Ju-Heon was the most shocked after hearing that response.

‘What? Artifact cultural heritage? Am I some item or something?’

Furthermore, there was no way such lies would work……

However, the artifacts’ reaction was different than what Ju-Heon had expected.


Ohhhhhhhh! I knew we weren’t wrong! They must have read that book too!

Most of the artifacts started to cry as if they had never shown any murderous intent.

‘I, impossible.’

Ju-Heon was shocked after hearing that, but the artifacts were being serious.

Actually, about 95% of the artifacts that were here were Ju-Heon’s fans.

That was why they were extremely happy to hear the Division Commander artifacts approve of their tastes.


We have good taste! We have good taste!

Their humble hobbies were publicly declared to be good. Furthermore, they liked the same thing as the seniors!

That fact made them the most excited.

The artifacts who had read it in secret and debated whether they should like this because it was a human’s work could now openly share their thoughts. They were extremely happy and were complimenting their discerning eyes as they felt that they were cleared from something that could have gotten them in big trouble.


That’s right! His abilities are truly worthy of approval even when just looking at what happened in this battle!


Damn it, he might be extremely disrespectful, but it’s our bad for trying to attack you first!


That’s right! I can’t believe the seniors were considering designating him as a cultural heritage! I’m so amazed!

Let’s work hard to make sure he is designated as a cultural heritage!

It was at that moment.

< You have been designated as a candidate for the < Artifact Designated Cultural Heritage Treasure Number 1 >.]

[This event has made your passive fans reveal themselves and become active fans. Your low number of fans may even increase.]

[Your fit has increased and your level of charm has increased when dealing with artifacts.]

[As the user has achieved a rare achievement, you are now capable of always raising artifacts to the Rare-Grade (B-Grade). Furthermore, the potential of always raising artifacts to the Treasure-Grade has appeared based on meeting the conditions.]

Ju-Heon could not help but scoff in shock. He seemed to have achieved a condition for artifact upgrade after instantly becoming a candidate for artifact cultural heritage.

‘I didn’t expect all of this to happen since I only did this to contract with Nero.’

Ju-Heon started to laugh.

However, Anubis was at a loss for words after seeing these inferior artifacts shouting in joy.

He had not expected them to take the words he had pulled out of his ass so seriously.

It seemed as if he had managed to avoid the spread of a shameful rumor, but he had this ominous feeling that he had pulled a trigger he should not have pulled.

‘Damn it, I’m done for if the Supreme Leader and the other Divine-Grade artifacts find out.’

Anubis was the only one whimpering here.

The artifacts here were relatively mild ones. That was why they seemed to have accepted this without much resistance, but he didn’t know how the more ferocious and radical factions would react.

There was no way those elite groups that hated, no, loathed humans would accept this. These were the groups the crow had been talking about.

Unfortunately, Anubis had dug his own grave. It was extremely beneficial for Ju-Heon.

But as the artifacts were cheering in joy…

“Hey. I’m glad that you are all happy that I’m a candidate for artifact cultural heritage or whatever, but…”


“You weren’t thinking of dodging the VAT with that, were you?”

The artifacts started to scream after seeing Ju-Heon’s miser-like smile.

[Now destroying Nero’s golden palace.]

Ju-Heon destroyed the palace now that he had successfully contracted with Nero’s artifact and gathered the other artifacts.

The golden palace ruthlessly started to shake as soon as he shouted, ‘close.’


There was a strong earthquake and the palace that was standing tall as if to praise Nero started to crack before even the sculpture with Nero’s face started to break and disappear into the ground.

It took only a few seconds for the palace to disappear.

[You have completely cleared this tomb with ease.]

Chairman Kwon’s completely destroyed vacation house area appeared once the golden palace disappeared. The area had completely been destroyed.

“Wow, it’s completely scorched.”

Chairman Kwon’s completely destroyed vacation house area had appeared once Ju-Heon got rid of the golden palace, but…

Nobody would be able to tell this was that place. Ju-Heon checked the time and urged them to move.

“We don’t have much time. The second of the 7 Great Tombs will appear soon. We will go get the ideal spot before the hyenas show up.”

“Which country is it in this time?”

As Ju-Heon was about to respond…

“Seo Ju-Heon!”

He heard a familiar voice in the distance.

Ju-Heon then showed his pearly whites and greeted the person extremely warmly.

“Uhh, it’s been so long. Chairman-nim.”

Ju-Heon was laughing but the running Chairman Kwon seemed to be boiling in anger.

Honestly speaking, Chairman Kwon was known as having the greatest under heaven poker face among artifact users. However, he turned into an animal in front of Ju-Heon.

“I knew it was your doing, you bastard. What kind of grudge do you have against me to do something like this?!”

“I don’t know, I wouldn’t really call it a grudge.”

Ju-Heon then despicably added on.

“It was just unfortunate that your place met the conditions of what I was looking for.”

“You must be crazy.”

Chairman Kwon gave a signal. He had already fought against Ju-Heon once before.

He had a pretty good idea about how to deal with him.

“Do not get close to him at any cost! Set up a barrier and attack from a distance!”

“Yes sir!”

TKBM’s excavation teams had stepped up. He was in a different department as a tomb raiding team, but they had all been a family under the same umbrella in the past.

Of course, they had envied but looked down on Ju-Heon’s department that was low in numbers but always achieved overbearing results.

‘These bastards are still the same.’

But Ju-Heon was shocked after seeing an artifact in their hands.

‘Tsk, that artifact is…’

It looked like a simple pistol, but Ju-Heon could tell.

It was an artifact. It was an artifact Ju-Heon knew well.

[Brutus’s sword used to assassinate Caesar (A-Grade:Legendary Hero-Grade/ Consumable Artifact)]

‘That old fart. He already got his hands on that?’

This artifact was supposed to appear a few years later.

This was no regular artifact.

Maybe it was because it was used to assassinate someone like Caesar who once had quite a lot of power, but this was an artifact that could even destroy higher-grade artifacts. This was the reason the other monopolizers had to avoid Chairman Kwon in the past.

Ju-Heon, who naturally knew about this, quickly whispered to his subordinates.

“Don’t look back and use the artifacts you have on you to escape.”

His subordinates were shocked at Ju-Heon’s wariness.

“Excuse me? Is it that strong of an artifact?”

“All of the artifacts we have will be destroyed. Avoiding it is the best course of action.”

“Excuse me?!”

Those bastards shouted at that moment.

‘It’s already too late!”

A ray of light shot out before Ju-Heon’s group could even dodge.

The light was coming from Brutus’s artifact that Chairman Kwon’s subordinates had activated.


The artifact’s light had shot out toward Ju-Heon’s group. They were directly hit without being able to dodge at all.



“Huh? Hold on, what’s wrong with this?”

“Huh? Huh?”

Something that should not have happened had happened.


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