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This Young Master is not Cannon Fodder – Chapter 310: I Give Up Bahasa Indonesia

Tianyi let his mother pull him all the way to Jade Peak Palace. Honestly, in terms of pure body strength, he probably outstripped Mengfei by a large margin. Even so, he couldn’t resist, so he let himself be dragged by her.

Of course, he had hidden them between the layers of space to keep anyone from learning of the connection between him and his alter ego, Monarch Nine Heavens.

When Tianyi arrived at the main hall of Jade Peak Palace, he saw a very familiar scene. The formerly sparse but elegant walls were decorated in massive amounts of red, like the day Tianyi went on his first date with Daoyi.


“Where is Daoyi?” Mengfei asked.

“She’s still in my Nine Heavens Universe,” Tianyi said.

“Bring her out, I’ve already prepared everything,” Mengfei said.

Tianyi showed a helpless expression. “Mother, we just got back. Aren’t you in too much of a rush?”

Mengfei shook her head. “You’ve been gone a hundred years, I thought I would lose you forever. I don’t want to miss this chance.”

Tianyi stayed silent as Mengfei stroked his cheek. ‘Looking at me like that is cheating. How can I say no?’

Still, with immense effort, he managed to not directly agree. Instead, he said. “I have to ask Daoyi first.”

Without waiting for Mengfei to agree, he started teleporting into his Nine Heavens Universe. Unfortunately, he never expected Mengfei to latch onto him with an iron-like grip mid-process.

“Where is this?” Caishen asked. Her pretty face was full of horror as she observed her surrounding.

A golden aura coated her body, protecting her from the harsh environment of the Vast Void. In the distance, she could see a giant sun radiating yang essence and eight planets orbiting it. “Is this the Primordial World? Did I return to the Primordial Era? No, this is wrong, it’s different!”

“I can’t feel any faith flowing into me,” Caishen shouted. Although she hated becoming a divinity of faith, which limited her potential, she survived because of faith. Even after the Primordial Era ended, she survived because the mortals remembered his legend and continued to pray to him.

However, at this moment, Caishen couldn’t feel any faith or prayers from his believers at all. It was as if he had been disconnected from the Three Thousand Immortal Realms System.

Suddenly, a thought occurred to Caishen. “The only way for faith to be cut was if a realmlord sealed off the realm, preventing the faith from reaching me. But that’s impossible. Realms aren’t something that can be placed within another realm, or else they would reject each other.”

So, that left the other option. “That monarch actually had a realm artifact? But why do I feel something is off?”

Aside from realmlords, only being trapped within a realm artifact that had a world within could seal her access to faith. “That guy’s status isn’t simple. I really underestimated the Buzhou Immortal Sect.”

Caishen’s eyes flashed as she detected someone approaching her. The unknown party had the upper body of a woman and the lower half of a snake.

“Nuwa?” Caishen involuntarily said, but she soon regained her composure. “Impossible, Nuwa was a heavenly lord, not someone this weak.”

“Who are you?” Caishen asked as the unknown woman stopped a fair distance away. Upon closer inspection, she was shocked to discover that the woman in front of her was twenty times her size and a divinity as well.”

“You can call me, Nuyi,” Nuyi, Daoyi’s divine avatar, said.

“Nuyi?” Caishen repeated. “What an arrogant name.”

Nuyi only smiled.

“Let’s see how you measure up!” Caishen said as he attacked.

Nuyi didn’t say anything as a red spider lily appeared in her hand. This was the Flower of Death, a divine artifact born as her lifebound artifact. Black pollen flew out from its center, causing anything that touched them to rot and die.

Caishen immediately moved back and dodged the black pollen. A simple bronze coin appeared in her hand, and after a tap, it released a golden glow that spread and shrouded the surrounding area.

Time seemed to reverse as the black pollen flew toward Nuyi instead of Caishen. Nuyi didn’t bat an eye as she flew through the pollen unharmed. She was death incarnate. How could death, especially in the Nine Heavens Universe, harm her?

She raised the Flower of Death, and the petals grew extremely large and started to enclose Caishen, who fled. Just as it seemed that she would succeed, Caishen happened to escape through a gap through seemingly pure luck.

Nuyi frowned. Her attacks should have no gaps, yet Caishen found one.

“It’s my turn!” Caishen shouted. She flicked the bronze coin in her hand toward Nuyi.

Nuyi couldn’t even react, the coin crashed into the Flower of Death, and her face paled. She could feel her connection with the Flower of Death flicker. However, she controlled the surrounding death qi to flow to her, healing her instantly and allowing her to remaster the Flower of Death instantly.

Caishen’s face paled as she felt the backlash from her failed attempt to steal Nuyi’s treasure. ‘My Thieving Treasure Coin failed?!’

The bronze coin flew back into her hand as Nuyi’s tail elongated and smashed toward her. Although Caishen dodged the tail, her face gained a sickly pallor. ‘She already figured out a method to deal with this fast?’

Caishen majored in the Law of Probability, which was why he needed Bai Weiwei to master it to become a suitable vessel. Through the Law of Probability, Caishen could alter the odds to favor him. Hence, the more precise and technical a technique was, the easier Caishen found it.

However, Nuyi had shrouded her tail in an aura of death that destroyed vitality within its surroundings.

The golden glow around Caishen increased, and the sickly pallor left her. She glanced warily at Nuyi, waiting for her next move. In this situation, she was at a disadvantage. Without faith, she couldn’t replenish her essence, and she couldn’t absorb anything in the Vast Void to restore her immortal qi.

“Wait!’ Caishen realized the abnormality of the situation. No matter how powerful a realmlord was or how heaven-defying a realm artifact was, how could the Vast Void appear within? She had been so focused on the loss of faith that she forgot this point.

She didn’t have time to ponder anymore as Nuyi started her next attack.

The Crown of Death atop Nuyi’s head glowed a ghostly white. A white skeleton wearing white funeral clothing appeared behind her. The skeleton released a domain of death that encapsulated the surrounding ten thousand kilometers and attracted all objects within.

Caishen found the weakest point of attraction and tried to fly out of the domain. ‘Damn brat. If I hadn’t used so many resources to forcibly raise to an immortal monarch, I wouldn’t be so treasureless right now!’

Caishen found herself weakening under the domain of death. Even if she escaped the domain, she would lose all her qi and become helpless. Left with no other choice, she activated her final trump card.

Her body started to glow gold as a massive amount of gold coins. The gold coins gathered together around Caishen and formed a massive giant of gold. The giant of gold dwarfed Nuyi and the giant white skeleton.

Nuyi’s eyes sharpened as she felt the massive amounts of essence radiating off of the gold giant. Using her authority as the primordial divinity of death, essence from Ninth Heaven gathered around her with the qi of death, turning the white skeleton black and increasing its size.

Soon, it reached the same size as the giant of gold. A black spider appeared in the skeleton’s palm and pushed it toward the gold giant.

Caishen’s eyes twitched. Although she had sensed that Nuyi was indeed a divinity, the worldly law she mastered only showed hints of the divine level. She should not be able to manipulate the essence of the world as she did.

She hadn’t even figured out where she was and why it could cut off her faith, and she was only troubled by more mystery. Caishen steeled her heart. She would use all her strength to defeat this divinity and figure out her exact situation.

The gold giant knocked away the palm nearing her and retaliated with her own punch. Suddenly, the gold giant froze as the coins forming it started to spill out.

“No!” Caishen screamed as the gold giant collapsed. “What is going on? Why is the Heavenly Dao dealing with me?!”

She could feel the force of the world resisting her, causing her to lose her strength.

“I’m not the Heavenly Dao, but I am dealing with you.”

Spooked by the sudden words, Caishen turned around to see Tianyi and another woman. “Monarch Nine Heaven and Sword Sovereign?!”

Of all the immortals in the Huang Realm, the only one she feared was Xi Mengfei. Just as Caishen thought she was doomed, she noticed that Monarch Nine Heavens was unmasked. Staring closer, she said, “Xi Tianyi, you’re Monarch Nine Heavens?”

“Yes,” Tianyi said. “I wanted Nuyi to sharpen herself against you some more, but I’m short on time.”

Tianyi raised his open hand and grasped the air in front of him. Caishen felt chaos qi emerge around her, encapsulating her inside a sphere. She roared and tried to use the Law of Purification to transform the chaos qi into her energy. Bai Weiwei couldn’t do it, but that didn’t mean she couldn’t.

As it turned out, she couldn’t either. “Why is the chaos qi filled with the intent of the Heavenly Dao?!”

Tianyi’s eyes flickered as he heard Caishen’s words, but his actions didn’t stop. Not long after, a small pearl appeared in his hands. “Huh, I’d expected Caishen, the God of Wealth, to be more difficult, even with all the advantages against him.”

“Caishen was just a divinity of faith conferred by the Conferred God Scroll. His actual strength wasn’t that strong to begin with,” Mengfei said.

“That makes sense. How did Mother know?” Tianyi asked as he turned toward her. Only to see her staring at the massive Nuyi.

“This is Daoyi?” Mengfei said with some confusion.

Tianyi quickly explained what Nuyi was and brought Mengfei to Ninth Heaven, where Daoyi was waiting. On Ninth Heaven, Mengfei closed her eyes to sense the surrounding. When she opened, she reached out to stroke Tianyi’s head, which he avoided, much to her disappointment.

“You’ve grown stronger in these hundred years, it must have been hard on you,” Mengfei said. For someone to grow strong, they must have gone through numerous hardships.

“It was okay,” Tianyi said as he avoided her eyes. “Well, time in the other timeline was shorter for me, although time may have distorted while I was flowing through the River of Time. “

“Anyways,” Tianyi said as he directed her attention to Concealed Immortal Palace. “Daoyi’s in there, let’s go meet her.”

Mengfei only blinked when she saw the Concealed Immortal Palace, but she simply accepted it and followed Tianyi inside. He led her to the main, where Daoyi was waiting.



“Are you ready to marry Yi’er?”


“Hold up a minute!” Tianyi interrupted. “What is wrong with this conversation?!”

“I see nothing wrong,” Mengfei said, wondering what Tianyi was agitated about.

“Yeah, Tianyi. This is just a normal conversation,” Daoyi said with a teasing smile.

“You know what I meant,” Tianyi transmitted using his immortal sense. “I thought we agreed that you would try to delay Mother’s intentions.”

Because they were in his Nine Heavens Universe, Tianyi was able to hide his secret communication with Daoyi from Mengfei.

“You just told me to reject her but left without waiting for my reply,” Daoyi said. “I don’t think there’s anything wrong with marrying now. We’ve known each other far longer than any couples on Earth have any right to. And I’m immortal now. Even If I can’t live as long as you, we should still have at least tens of thousands of years together.”

Tianyi opened his mouth but could not find a reason for rejection except for, “I don’t think I feel ready.”

“What, do you not want to marry me?” Daoyi hid her face behind her sleeves, and her shoulders started to tremble. Tianyi could even see tears splattering onto the floor.

“Wait, no. That’s not what I meant. Of course, I want to marry you!” Tianyi practically shouted.

“Good, I’ll prepare for the ceremony tomorrow,” Mengfei said, catching Tianyi off guard as he snapped his head toward his mother.

“Master, having it too soon is not good. We should delay it by a year or a few months at least so that the invitations can be sent out. Our statuses make it that we cannot make this a private affair,” Daoyi said.

Tianyi snapped his gaze back to Daoyi to see her sleeve down and not a hint of tears on her face. He opened his mouth, then closed it, before finally saying, “I give up.”


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