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This Young Master is not Cannon Fodder – Chapter 309: No Medicine for Regret Bahasa Indonesia

“System, save me!” Bai Weiwei shouted as the immortal qi of chaos surrounding her weakened for a bit, but even so, she would not last.

[Ding! The system said that becoming a peak Immortal Monarch was useless, did I not?]

“Okay, I was wrong, so hurry about and let me master the Law of Probability!” Even while speaking, Bai Weiwei could feel her throat tearing itself apart.

[Host currently does not possess any points, what can you use to master the Law of Probability?]

“I don’t care!” Bai Weiwei practically screamed. She could feel the power of the black qi increase again, and she could no longer feel her sense of touch, sight, smell, taste, or hearing. Had it not been for the system directly speaking into her soul, she was sure she would not have heard him too. “Did you not say that Ba Shifang, Xi Tianyi’s clone, purposely targeted Peng Yun to steal you, and you barely made it out? Now, Xi Tianyi is here himself to grab you. If you don’t help, are you just gonna let him take you?”

“Well? Are you going to speak up or not!?” Bai Weiwei shouted once more, although she was sure nothing but croaks came out of her throat if it still existed. She wasn’t sure how much of her body was intact after experiencing the Eight Trigram Chaos Refinement, but she didn’t want to die.

She still hadn’t avenged Brother Ji and Brother Peng yet!

[System can grant you mastery over the Law of Probability, but you will need to merge with the system.]

“I’ll do it!” Bai Weiwei shouted. She had reservations about learning the Law of Probability or merging, but she no longer had a choice.

[Fusion starting.]

Instantly, Bai Weiwei felt a sense of relief as hundreds of strands of unknown energy flowed into her. However, that relief was short-lived. Along with those golden strands, she could hear the prayers of millions, no, billions of people flowing into her head, worsening her migraine.

“System, what are you doing?” Bai Weiwei shouted as she felt her consciousness slipping.

“I told you, we would fuse,” a voice unlike the cold mechanical of the system said. It was a man’s voice, calm and temperament, and Bai Weiwei felt like she could fall in love just from hearing it, but her attention lay elsewhere.

“No, this isn’t fusion, you lied to me!”

“I did not,” the voice said. “Where did you think the Wealth System came from?”

Bai Weiwei was stunned. She had never questioned it.

Although she couldn’t see the expression of the voice’s owner, she could hear the sneer in his words. “Don’t worry. Once we fuse, you’ll live on in me. My soul is far too large. Even a hundred of you wouldn’t be able to compare to one percent of mine. After the fusion process is over, we’ll be one, but your past self will just be a memory within me.”

“No, no, I don’t want this.”

“Since I am you, and you are me, I will help you get revenge, so rest easy,” the soothed.

“No, no, not like this…”

No matter how Bai Weiwei struggled, it was no use as her soul became nutrients for the Wealth Systems revival. As Bai Weiwei’s body reformed, her face appeared the same, but the controller had changed. Before she could be happy, her expression stiffened as a bright light engulfed everything.

When everything was settled, only a crater remained, but bright golden motes of light suddenly appeared. The motes gathered together to reform Bai Weiwei’s body, but her robes changed from pure white to golden, and her head had a coronet in the shape of a sycee.

“Who are you?”

Bai Weiwei turned toward Ba Shifang and revealed a calm and confident smile. “I had many names, but you can call me Caishen.”

Ba Shifang frowned. “As in the God of Wealth, the official from the Immortal Court?”

Bai Weiwei, no, Caishen gained a faraway look in his eyes. “Yes, I used to hold that position but no more.”

“Are you the Wealth System?” Ba Shifang asked.

Caishen nodded. “Why ask a question you already knew?”

“Then why did you appear as a system, and where did you learn it?”

Caishen seemed to be in a good mood as he told Ba Shifang everything. “I got the idea from my first host. By slowly issuing missions and guiding them, I can train my hosts to do what I want. Heh, whoever thought of this idea was brilliant. Unfortunately, Peng Yun and your clone were too cautious. As for why I appeared? Naturally, it’s for my revival.”

“Now that you’ve asked your question, are you ready to die?”

“Wait, I want to ask one more question,” Ba Shifang said. “Why did the Primordial Era end?”

Upon hearing this question, Caishen’s delicate body shivered as fear shone from her eyes. But soon, she calmed down. “I guess I can answer your question. After all, you’re about to die.”

“We were attacked by the devils,” Caishen said as her facial expression stiffened as if recalling it.

“Devils?” Ba Shifang asked. “How can that be possible? Devils attack us once every cycle. If they really ended the Primordial Era, how could we defend against them?”

“How should I know?” Caishen asked, finally feeling annoyed. “I was too far away from the central matters. Trapped at my level, over and over again, without the chance to improve. Forced to become a faith divinity! But no more, I won’t have to be trapped by that damn Immortal Court anymore!”

Caishen turned towards Ba Shifang as she regained her former composure. “The devils were nothing like we’ve ever fought before. Not even the Three Pure Ones could match their leader, Lucifer.”

“Who?!” Caishen shouted as she felt the presence of a third party. She only sensed it when she said Lucifer, causing them to react to that name.

Moments later, space parted, and a white-haired man in black robes and armor walked out. Strangest of all was the mask hiding his eyes.

“You are…Monarch Nine Heavens?” Caishen said. “Hmpf, I thought it was someone strong, but you’re just a monarch that can hide pretty well.”

“Die for me!” Caishen said as he charged at Tianyi with the coin sword in hand.

Tianyi didn’t seem to react, but his body suddenly transformed into a giant black portal resembling a galaxy. Caishen felt massive danger and moved to stop, but the portal flew over toward him and swallowed him. Moments later, it reformed into Tianyi’s alter ego.

He turned around and glanced at Bing Huoyuan and Bai Ningwei, who had been dazed. “Do you two know your mistakes?”

Bing Huoyuan and Bai Ningwei shivered under the immense pressure emanating from Tianyi. The pressure alone caused their bones to creak to the point of breaking.

“Hold on, Senior, we can explain!” Bing Huoyuan quickly said before all the air left his lungs.

“Explain? Explain how you attacked a member of the Buzhou Immortal Sect to save a criminal?” Tianyi coldly asked. He could not believe the stupidity of the two before him. Did they think that they could get away with attacking a member of the Buzhou Immortal Sect if they had a valid reason?

Usually, Tianyi would humor them and see how braindead they were, at least, until he got a migraine from them and just wanted to kill the two. However, the person who they attacked was his clone. Granted, he had actually arrived long ago and could save the clone in case anything happened, but it was the principle of the matter.

Just as Tianyi moved to capture the two and take them back to Buzhou Immortal Sect, a pillar of light pierced the ground near them. He raised an eyebrow, not unfamiliar with the light. ‘How did she learn of my return so fast?’

When the light disappeared, it revealed Mengfei in all her splendor. Her face was as expressionless as ever, but her eyes seemed to shine like stars. “Yi’e—”

Tianyi quickly put a finger over his lips and motioned toward Bing Huoyuan, Bai Ningwei, and Ba Shifang. “Grand Elder Xi, are you here to capture the culprits who dared to assault Junior Xi while he was battling with a criminal?”

Bing Huoyuan’s face paled even further than when Tianyi expressed his intention to bring them to the Buzhou Immortal Sect when he saw Xi Mengfei. He could already see their deaths, so he opened his mouth to explain, but Mengfei’s stare was even more terrifying than Tianyi’s.

Two sword-shaped lights shot out of her eyes toward the two. Tianyi quickly waved his hand and altered space to divert the trajectory. He smiled helplessly. Others might think Mengfei was angered by the audacity of the two culprits who dared to attack her “son,” but Tianyi knew she wanted to get it over with and reunite with him.

Mengfei looked toward Tianyi. Her eyes exuded a trace of surprise but more pride in Tianyi’s growth.

“Grand Elder Xi, they are members of a vassal sect, and there are procedures to follow,” Tianyi said. “I had planned to bring them to Sect Master Xia and have him take care of it.”

Mengfei waved her hand, and black crystals encased Bing Huoyuan and Bai Weiwei instantly. She then moved to summon the beam of light again, but Tianyi stopped her.

“Let me teleport us. It’s much faster,” Tianyi said.

Mengfei nodded, and Tianyi teleported all five of them to Sect Master Xia.

Sect Master Xia had been going over some plans with the War Hall Head Elder, Huang Feihong, when Tianyi and Mengfei suddenly appeared in front of him. His eyes shined with brilliance when he saw Tianyi. “Elder Nine Heavens, you’re finally back from your mission.”

Tianyi blinked before he realized that the so-called mission was the excuse they used as to why he wasn’t present. However, he didn’t have time to say anything before Mengfei stepped forward, causing Sect Master Xia to take back a step from Mengfei’s pressure. She pointed at Bing Huoyuan and Bai Weiwei and said, “Deal with them.”

Sect Master Xia blinked. After War Hall Head Elder Huang Feihong excused himself, Sect Master Xia got the full story. He couldn’t help but pinch the bridge of his nose. When did he ever need to deal with such a matter? Have the Rites and Justice Hall deal with it!

Still, under Mengfei’s pressure, Sect Master Xia released his imposing manner and questioned. “Do you admit guilt?”

Mengfei released the two from their crystal imprisonment, and Bing Huoyuan immediately kneeled. “No, you’re wrong, I just wanted it to stop Young Master Xi from attacking Bai Weiwei and let me deal with her.”

“So, by stopping Junior Xi, you mean by attacking him and aiding the criminal?” Tianyi asked sardonically.

“No, it wasn’t like that? I just wanted him to stop!” Bing Huoyuan continued to say. “If he had let me deal with Bai Weiwei, I wouldn’t have had to attack him.”

“So, what you’re saying is that Junior Xi forced you to attack him?” Tianyi asked. He wanted to pinch the bridge of his nose too, but his mask was in the way. When did Bing Huoyuan’s IQ drop so much? Was it from interacting with Bai Ningwei?

“It’s…” Bing Huoyuan opened his mouth, but he didn’t know what to say.

Sect Master Xia was also speechless. This was the future of Boundless Mountain? He feared that Bing Huoyuan would join the rebels if he were in charge of the first-rate force. He turned toward Bai Ningwei, hoping for some semblance of intelligence.

He found none.

Bai Ningwei turned towards Ba Shifang and kowtowed. “Please, I know you’re the kindest, Young Master Xi. Please release Bai Weiwei, I promise I’ll change her! She won’t do this again!”

‘Yep, I want to smash my head into a pillar.’ Tianyi thought.

Sect Master Xia rubbed his forehead, and Mengfei glanced at him. “The evidence is apparent, what should their sentence be?”

“According to the sect rules, both should be sentenced to death,” Sect Master Xia said.

Bing Huoyuan’s face paled. He really was beginning to regret his actions now. Although he didn’t think he would be really put to death, this was an inter-sect matter after all.

On the other hand, Bai Ningwei was completely shocked. “That’s too harsh. Young Master Xi wasn’t even injured. You can’t do this.”

Sect Master Xia frowned. “You seemed to have forgotten your place? Is it because the Buzhou Immortal Sect has been too lenient on you vassal sects?”

He was about to speak some more, but two sword-shaped lights pierced through the two’s bodies, instantly killing them. “Since you already concluded their verdicts, there’s no need to waste time.”

“Yi’er, let’s go,” Mengfei said as she dragged Tianyi away, leaving Ba Shifang with Sect Master Xia.

Sect Master Xia felt a migraine coming. He could kill Bai Ningwei, but Bing Huoyuan was going to be groomed as a future leader of the Boundless Mountain. Buzhou Immortal Sect didn’t want to alienate them just because of Bing Huoyuan and plant a bomb for the future, even if they could deal with it.

Ba Shifang coughed and brought out his Xiyi Talisman. “I thought he would twist the story and deny it, so I started recording after he first attacked. Maybe you can use it?”

Sect Master Xia’s eyes looked at Ba Shifang as if he was his savior.


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