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This Young Master is not Cannon Fodder – Chapter 306: White Lotus Demoness Bahasa Indonesia

Bai Weiwei frowned. “System, how much would it cost to boost my mastery of the Law of Purification?”

[Ding, Host needs 50,000,000 points to master the Law of Purification.]

[Proceed to upgrade?]

Bai Weiwei frowned. “System, I already used fifty million points for eighty percent mastery of the Law of Purification, why do I need to spend another fifty?”

[Host has relied on the Wealth System from initial mastery to now. If Host had comprehended any of the mastery by yourself, the requirements would be lower. The last twenty percent of mastery is the difficult part of comprehending a law. Thus the price is equal to eighty percent mastery.]

“What about the Law of Probability?” Bai Weiwei asked.

[Host needs 35,000,000 million points to master the Law of Probability.]

“Why is the price lower?” Bai Weiwei asked.

[Host is innately compatible with the Law of Probability. So the price to master the Law of Probability is lower.]

[Upgrade the Host’s mastery of the Law of Probability?]

Bai Weiwei wanted to upgrade the Law of Probability, but her instincts warned her against it. She didn’t know why, but she felt something would irrecoverably change if she did. “No, upgrade the Law of Purification.”

[50,000,000 points will be consumed, proceed?]

Bai Weiwei gritted her head and nodded. Immediately, her head felt as if it would split open as new information poured into her mind. When the migraine subsided, Bai Weiwei waved her hand, and the nearby trees disappeared and turned into spiritual qi.

A smile appeared on her lips. “With this, I can finally get revenge on Xi Tianyi for Brother Ji and Brother Peng!”

After getting over her excitement, Bai Weiwei immediately searched for a safe location to break through into the Seamless Immortal Realm. Sensing her thoughts, the system spoke again.

[Host, the system can help you break through for 20,000,000 points.]

“Didn’t you say that the price was so because I didn’t comprehend any of it myself? I decided to break through by myself. Why would you ask me to pay points for something I can do by myself without costing anything?” Bai Weiwei questioned.

[Host can break through into the Seamless Immortal Realm by yourself, but with the system’s method, the breakthrough will be perfect without danger.]

Bai Weiwei sunk into thought. After a moment of consideration, she flew off in a different direction. She stimulated the Law of Probability and followed her instincts.

“Young Master, did Weiwei pass through here?” Bai Ningwei asked Bing Huoyuan, who had knelt down to inspect the corpses of the Bright Ascension Sect’s elders.

“Their body shows signs of being sliced and pierced by round objects. Plus, all the belongings on their body had been pilfered clean, the hallmark of her modus operandi,” Bing Huoyuan said. Then he glanced at Bai Ningwei. “Ningwei, you should return. You haven’t reached the Immortal Realm yet, what if you get hurt?”

By whom needn’t be said.

Bai Ningwei shook her head. “No, I believe my sister can be reasoned with. Something must have happened for her to become like this. Maybe she’s being blackmailed?”

Bing Huoyuan didn’t have the heart to pierce the lie that even Bai Ningwei didn’t believe. He sincerely wished Bai Weiwei would come quietly. This way, he can at least preserve her life and prevent her from being hunted down.

“Let’s go,” he said as he took Bai Ningwei on his immortal boat and flew off in the direction Bai Weiwei had last flown off. In order to catch Bai Weiwei’s trail, the Bright Ascension Sect had equipped their elders chasing her with a special powder that would cling to their murderer’s body, allowing them to catch her trail.

They spent the next few months following Bai Weiwei’s trail. Just before they reached her, the powder lost its effectiveness, making Bing Huoyuan and Bai Ningwei clueless about where to find Bai Weiwei, but lady luck’s grace shone upon them as they found a trail again.

They just had to follow the trail of robbed corpses. Most of them were from cultivators at the grandmaster or venerable level.

The two finally caught a break when they found the cave Bai Weiwei had used as her home for weeks.

“Sister, please give it up,” Bai Ningwei called out. “You can’t continue like this. You’ll make the world your enemy!”

Bai Weiwei said nothing as she stared at Bing Huoyuan and Bai Ningwei across from her. “Sister, I remember saying that I should take revenge on the Hei Clan for killing the Bai Clan, didn’t you?”

“Yes, I did,” Bai Ningwei said, recalling their first reunion.

“Then you’d be happy to know that during these hundred years, I slaughtered the Hei Clan down to the last infant,” Bai Weiwei said without a shred of fluctuation in her voice, no joy or sorrow. “Are you proud of me? I finally fulfilled the Bai Clan’s revenge.”

Bai Ningwei furrowed her brows as Bai Weiwei continued to speak. Bai Weiwei seemed like a pure fairy untouched by red dust, but each word spoken after dissociated her from that image.

“I finally understand why you wanted revenge on the Hei Clan.” Bai Weiwei clutched her chest as her expression twisted into a fusion of emotions, anger, wrath, hatred, and confusion. “Since you understand this feeling of hatred, why are you stopping!?”

Facing Bai Weiwei’s fury, Bai Ningwei’s eyes reflected pity. “Weiwei, I understand that fury very well. Even if you slaughtered the Hei Clan, this flame of hatred inside my heart won’t fade.”


“But you must stop,” Bai Ningwei said. “It’s true, even now, I wish to revive the damn Hei Clan just so I can send them to the Nether Realm myself, but I don’t want you to destroy yourself because of hatred. There are things more important than hatred.”

Bai Ningwei walked in front of Bai Weiwei, placed her hands over Bai Weiwei’s, and brought them to her chest. “Weiwei, you are more important to me than hatred. So please stop this.”

Bai Weiwei laughed, mockery laced within them. “So, you’re hatred is only this inconsequential.”

Before Bai Ningwei could react, Bai Weiwei grabbed her throat and lifted her in the air. Bai Weiwei sealed Bai Ningwei’s true qi, preventing her from retaliating.

“Ningwei!” Bing Huoyuan’s expression changed, and he charged forward to rescue her.

Bai Weiwei ignored him as a phantom lotus covered Bai Ningwei’s body, and she threw her into the distance before slashing Bing Huoyuan with her coin sword.

The sound of metal clashing echoed in the surroundings as two swords, one ice-blue and the other fire-red, appeared in Bing Huoyuan’s hand.

“Don’t worry, I just incapacitated my sister,” Bai Weiwei said. She frowned when she discovered that Bing Huoyuan was superior to her. A white light covered her, and Bing Huoyuan retreated as he discovered his immortal qi leaking from his body. “You, on the other hand, I won’t forgive. I used to respect you until I learned you were another dog of the Buzhou Immortal Sect.”

“Weiwei, stop this,” Bing Huoyuan said. “I don’t want to do this.”

“Stop acting like you’re better than me!” Bai Weiwei shouted as she swung her sword, the coins detaching and shooting toward Bing Huoyuan like projectiles. “I’m no longer the naive person I was before!”

“Weiwei, you can still stop!” Bing Huoyuan shouted as he continued to dodge.

Bai Weiwei glared as she appeared in front of Bing Huoyuan and waved her bladeless hilt. Bing Huoyuan’s pupils shrunk into needle points as he quickly up and narrowly dodged the coins that had gathered into a sword.

Seeing Bai Weiwei’s staunch stand, Bing Huoyuan sighed. “You leave me no choice.”

He flung his sleeves, and red fire and white ice burst out, turning the surrounding land into a hell of ice and fire. His two swords glowed with energy as a fire tornado encased one, and a blizzard shrouded the other.

Bai Weiwei frowned as she felt the ice and fire cause her chills and sweat simultaneously. Even the layer of white qi protecting her could not prevent the effects of Bing Huoyuan’s domain. She waved her hands, and white dust-like glitters of light flew out, weakening the effects of Bing Huoyuan’s domain and replenishing her qi reserves.

Bing Huoyuan sent both swords flying at Bai Weiwei, who formed several hand seals and formed a clear white barrier. The barrier didn’t stop the swords, but when they passed through, their powers dramatically diminished, allowing her to deflect the swords into the distance.

Bai Weiwei rushed Bing Huoyuan, her sword poised to strike him down, but when she slashed down, an illusionary glacier surrounded Bing Huoyuan, blocking Bai Weiwei’s attack. The glacier enlarged itself and trapped Bai Weiwei within.

Bing Huoyuan walked towards Bai Weiwei, his hand reaching toward her, but before he could grab her, a white lotus appeared above her head. The ice around her dissolved into qi, and she absorbed it.

Instead of retreating, Bai Weiwei attacked. Her sword slashed forward, but Bing Huoyuan stopped the sword by catching the blade between his palms. Ice covered one hand while fire covered the other, and heat and coldness traveled down the blade and to the hilt.

Bai Weiwei frowned and flicked her wrist, and the blade separated into coins that struck Bing Huoyuan, causing him to fly backward. The glacier protecting him disappeared, and when Bing Huoyuan stood back up, he spat out a mouthful of blood.

She didn’t miss this chance and rushed towards him again. The coins merged into a blade once more, and she struck. However, as she did so, Bai Weiwei felt a sense of crisis and quickly retreated.

The moment she did so, an upside-down mountain formed of ice appeared above Bai Weiwei’s head. The peak stabbed into the place where she had been, causing sweat to slide down Bai Weiwei’s forehead.

A red heat emerged from the ice mountain as magma shot out from it, causing the ground to melt in the surrounding thousand meters. Bai Weiwei’s artifact, the white lotus above her head, spun as it attempted to break down Bing Huoyuan’s qi and turn it into her own, but she failed.

Not just the ground but Bai Weiwei’s face flushed as heat emerged from her body, yet the skin of her body started to chill. She felt like a mortal experiencing a life-threatening fever, causing her to fall onto her knees and necessitate using her sword as support.

Bing Huoyuan stood up and took out a talisman. He activated, and Bai Weiwei found herself bounded and unable to move. Still, Bing Huoyuan didn’t let his guard down as he kept the ice volcano out, which supported the formation.

Bai Weiwei could do nothing as Bing Huoyuan walked closer, she couldn’t even shout. Her eyes hardened as she summoned the system. ‘System, hurry and upgrade me into the Seamless Immortal Realm! I already collected twenty million points!’

Bing Huoyuan’s eyes widened as he felt a terrifying pressure emerge from Bai Weiwei’s body. The spell binding her dissolved and turned into qi for her. Even the immortal qi he used to sustain the formation disappeared, shattering the formation and leaving him with only the ice volcano immortal artifact.

Inside Bai Weiwei’s dantian, a white seed cracked open, and a sprout grew out. The sprout continually grew until it changed into a white-barked tree that branched out and grew several leaves.

During this time, a coin appeared in Bai Weiwei’s hand, and she flicked it forward. The coin clashed with the ice volcano, causing Bing Huoyuan’s face to pale as the ice volcano shrunk into a painting and flew into Bai Weiwei’s hand.

Before Bing Huoyuan could recover from Bai Weiwei forcibly taking control of his immortal rank artifact, she appeared behind him and slashed down with her sword. Bing Huoyuan barely shifted his body, dodging a fatal blow but still left his arm severed.

Bai Weiwei frowned and slashed again, but before she could, Bing Huoyuan activated a talisman that wrapped him in a cold light and teleported him away.

She hmpfed and studied the painting in her hand. Her eyes lit up when she detected it was a seamless immortal artifact. “System, can I use this to upgrade the White Purification Lotus?”

[Yes. The White Purification Lotus can be upgraded from a pathfinding immortal artifact into a seamless immortal artifact.]

Bai Weiwei immediately agreed and then stored it away. She flew towards where she threw Bai Ningwei but discovered that she had escaped. She didn’t think much and found a new home to check the power of her new cultivation base.

A year later, Bai Weiwei with eyes filled with darkness. “Xi Tianyi, I’m coming.”


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