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This Young Master is not Cannon Fodder – Chapter 302: Goddess of Death Nuyi Bahasa Indonesia

Above Youdu, Daoyi’s gestating divine avatar floated quietly. After Tianyi had integrated the Spectral Rising Jewel fragment taken from the Begonia Boddhisattva, the gestation speed increased dramatically.

The five-colored glow illuminating it had receded, making it appear like a regular gray stone. It didn’t even emit an aura of death anymore, and aside from Tianyi, the master of the Nine Heavens Universe, and Daoyi, the main body of the divine avatar, no one, not even Sitian, could detect it was anything but a regular stone—if you ignored it floating above Youdu.

In the next moment, clouds began to gather above Youdu as if in preparation for a heavy storm or hurricane. At the eye of the storm was the stone, still seemingly ordinary, but the next moment, an oppressive aura descended.

If any mortal were present, they would have died directly. Even those with strong will would fall under the illusion that they died, and the illusion would become a reality from pure belief.

Essence qi of death exuded from the gray stone, coloring it pitch black with a hint of white. Under this essence qi that only immortal sovereigns should possess, even immortals would be affected. The essence qi of death would snuff out any vitality contained within their body; their body might begin to rot directly.

The essence qi of death transformed into black beams that radiated off of the gestating avatar. When it struck the land around Youdu, the aura of death increased, and it even shot out into the Vast Void. A few beams even struck the other heavens.

Under Tianyi’s control, the clouds above those heavens condensed and formed a barrier against the beams of death.

Inside Fan City, numerous residents fell onto their knees as they prayed upon feeling the aura of death. Did they anger the Goddess of Death somehow?

Despite it being day, the constellation of a woman with the lower half of a snake appeared in the sky. With each passing second, the stars making it up shone brighter, and the image of the goddess of death became more corporeal.

While the residents of Fan City prostrated themselves, Ziye especially since she saw it as an omen, Dong Chifang frowned as he stared at the constellation of death.

He wasn’t as ignorant as the former denizens of the Demon Cage Realm. As a denizen of the Huang Realm and sworn brother of San Jiuling, he was privy to numerous pieces of information and secrets unknown to loose cultivators and weaker sects.

During the Primordial Era, stars represented powerful positions and experts, especially in the Immortal Court. All of them were under the jurisdiction of the North Great Emperor of Polaris, who ruled all the heavenly stars. However, that was during the era of the Primordial Era when the Immortal Court still existed.

Did he somehow travel back to the Primordial Era, or did someone establish the Immortal Court again?

The giant gray stone ignored the reaction of all life inside the Nine Heavens Universe—not that there was much in the first place—and continued to cause the environment on Fourth Heaven to change.

When the aura of death reached the other half of Fourth Heaven, it miraculously transformed into an aura of life. This abundant aura fed the Fusang Tree, causing it to grow at an increased rate.

After four days and four nights, a crack appeared on the gray stone.

Two silver rays pierced out of the crack and into the infinite void before stopping on two celestial objects.

Tianyi saw that they’d been infected with the Law of Death and now emanated a deathly aura. He waved his hands, and the two celestial objects disappeared. When they reappeared, they were orbiting Fourth Heaven as its new moons.

The aura of death started to subtly increase, faintly showing signs of overpowering the aura of vitality and breaking the delicate balance that had been maintained. Tianyi allowed it to happen since it would benefit Daoyi’s divine avatar, and he could always adjust it later.

After Fourth Heaven gained two moons and the two silver rays disappeared, the hatching of the divine avatar stopped for a moment as it shed its gray color and turned pure white, like condensed moonlight. Once the moment passed, the hatching resumed.

Once the crack became large enough, a jade white hand emerged. It appeared more tender than a baby’s skin and more dazzling than the most beautiful pearls.

An arm emerged after the white hand, then a head full of ink-black hair, then the torso. The ink-black hair sprawled over the naked body, preventing anyone from catching a glimpse of the important bits.

Then, the thin waist came out, and Tianyi felt that he might develop a fetish for belly buttons if he continued to stare. His throat became dry as she saw the perfect mermaid lines slowly shift out of the crack.

‘Hey, hey, is this really all right?! You’re going to expose yourself to everyone!’

To Tianyi’s relief and slight disappointment, dark blue skins emerged, and a long snake-like tail emerged.

When the last bit of tail slid out, the newly emerged nascent goddess opened her eyes. Her eyes were pitch-black, like the abyss, and any mortal who stared would instantly die. Even weaker immortals might not be immune.

She turned towards the egg she hatched out of and waved her hand. The empty shell glowed for a moment before it transformed into a divine garment and accessories for the goddess.

She wore a dress of death and gray but frustratingly left her stomach uncovered, tantalizing Tianyi. Adorning her head was a crown of death and a red spider lily in her hand.

“I am an avatar, but I am also the goddess who controls the Law of Death in the Nine Heavens Universe,” The newborn goddess said. “From now on, I will be called Nuyi. Nu is taken from Nuwa, and Yi is taken from my original source, Daoyi!”

After she finished speaking, her words echoed throughout the Nine Heavens Universe, even the unexplored unknown.

On Sixth Heaven, Dong Chifan’s expression changed. Daoyi? Wasn’t this the Sword Sovereign’s disciple? How could she form a divine avatar?

The residents of Fan City didn’t have complicated thoughts like Dong Chifan, and all kneeled, chanting Nuyi’s name. From then on, next to the Vast Heaven God, they enshrined Nuyi as the Death Goddess. With the passage of time, they gradually forgot the name Nuyi and only addressed her as Death Goddess.

Back on Fourth Heaven, Tianyi, Daoyi, and Sitian had long flown out of Youdu’s gate and waited for Nuyi to descend. When she did, Tianyi just stared up, and up, and up.

Nuyi stood over thirty-five meters tall, and Tianyi could only measure to one of her fingers, and that was not including her tail length. With her tail, she would be over a hundred meters long!

“Tianyi, you look so cute from up here,” Nuyi suddenly smiled and said. She reached down and plucked Tianyi by the back of his collar and placed him on her palm.

Tianyi felt like Sun Wukong in Buddha’s palm.

He dissipated his incarnation and reappeared next to Daoyi with a pout. “Was that really necessary?”

Daoyi and Nuyi both opened their mouths and giggled at the same time with the exact same expression. “No, but was it enjoyable? Yes.”

Tianyi sighed and tsked. “She can shrink, right? I plan to have her govern Fourth Heaven and make Fourth Heaven control the cycle of reincarnation whenever I can form the Six Paths of Samsara.”

“There is no need to worry, Master,” Sitian spoke up at this moment. The ground rumbled, and Tianyi and the rest stared into the core of Youdu to see that the streets had widened and the central palace had increased in size, large enough to fit Nuyi.

Tianyi pursed his lips. ‘Pig teammate.’

Nuyi slid through the empty streets of Youdu with Tianyi, Daoyi, and Sitian following behind. While following behind the goddess, Tianyi could help but stare at Nuyi’s swaying hips.


Tianyi snapped his head towards Daoyi. He opened his mouth to deny it, but he couldn’t really defend himself. He had been staring at Nuyi’s captivating movements.

‘What is wrong with me. Was Nuyi formed from the Law of Beauty or something and not the Law of Death… or am I awakening to a weird fetish?’ Tianyi halted his thoughts there. Better not think about it any deeper.

When Nuyi stepped into Youdu Palace, she slid to the throne hall and sat upon the elevated throne, which had also increased in size. Normally, Empress Ping or Emperor Fengdu sat on that throne, but that was in the Three Thousand Immortals Realm System. Now, this throne belonged to Nuyi, the goddess of death christened by the master of the Nine Heavens Universe, Xi Tianyi.

“From now on, I will be Empress Nuyi,” Nuyi said from her throne, and her voice echoed throughout Fourth Heaven, even though every living being was already in the throne room.

“You’re enjoying this, aren’t you?” Tianyi said, turning to Daoyi.

“Wouldn’t you?” She returned.

Tianyi sighed. He could never win a verbal argument with her. He waved his hand, and the Heaven Bearing Seal floated to Empress Nuyi.

The Heaven Bearing Seal contained the Law of Life and Law of Death, but it didn’t contain the Law of Samsara. Only Empress Ping controlled the Law of Samsara, which was one reason why the Heaven Bearing Emperor was an empty title.

Still, the Law of Life contained within was useful to Daoyi. Since Nuyi was Daoyi’s avatar, everything Nuyi learned would be reflected in Daoyi. Nuyi’s strength and soul also surpassed Daoyi’s now, so it was better for Nuyi to hold the Heaven Bearing Seal, not to mention that the Heaven Bearing Seal could not leave the Nine Heavens Universe once they returned to their original timeline.

As for the Three Lives Stone, Tianyi kept it on Ninth Heaven and studied it too. It didn’t contain the Law of Life or the Law of Death, but it contained the Law of Samara. Surprisingly, parts of the Law of Spacetime made up the Law of Samsara, giving Tianyi an entry point.

Tianyi and Daoyi left Youdu and even Fourth Heaven. They returned to Ninth Heaven. With Empress Nuyi there, Daoyi didn’t need to stay on Fourth Heaven.

“I’ve been meaning to ask, where did you get that half of the Spectral Rising Jewel from?” Daoyi asked.

Tianyi summarized how he got it and asked a question himself. “Aside from the Great Detacher of Emotions, do you know anyone else who could have held a fragment of the Spectral Rising Jewel?”

Daoyi shook her head. “Aside from him, no one. But, it’s not impossible for them to hide it from me if their strength is far above mine. With my current strength, I might be able to sense them.”

Tianyi nodded. “Great Detacher of Emotions and the Begonia Boddhisattva, do they have some sort of relationship?”

When he returned to the Buzhou Immortal Sect of his timeline, it would be best to report this as soon as possible.

Daoyi sat down and started comprehending the Law of Life. Although her divine avatar made faster progress, her participation should still increase speed. She was beginning to feel insecure.

This had nothing to do with love, but if there was too much difference of strength between two parties, then the weaker side had no right, especially in the Huang Realm where might was justice.

Tianyi, for his part, tested Empress Nuyi”s effect on the Nine Heavens Universe. With his blessing, she could command the power of the Nine Heavens Universe, significantly increasing her strength. She could be considered a partial master of the Nine Heavens Universe, but Tianyi could retract that authorization easily.

Furthermore, Tianyi discovered that he might be able to control Empress Nuyi. As long as he wills it, Empress Nuyi will become his avatar.

Everything in the Nine Heavens Universe is him, including any life. With a thought, they can become another copy of him. Even if they don’t, he could decide their life and death on a whim.

Such an ability sent shivers down Tianyi’s spine, even though he was the master of this ability. Having discovered another facet of his control of the Nine Heavens Universe, he began to focus on rebuilding his body.

In the Nether Realm of the Silent Lightning Timeline, the tiny bits and pieces of Tianyi’s flesh regrouped to form a small sphere. The heavenly punishment had ended, so Tianyi didn’t need to focus on defending against that.

The small sphere had tiny stars glittering within and pulsing like a heart. Slowly, ever so slowly, the sphere began to grow larger and attained mass.


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