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Chapter 260: Monarch Hexlight

Tianyi abruptly snapped his head toward the sky and saw a six-colored stream of light flying toward him. He glanced at the elders near him and waved his hand, teleporting them as far as possible. “Leave as quickly as possible, or I won’t be able to protect your life.”

Then, he rose into the sky, opened his third eye, and placed his hand behind his back.

A few seconds later, an elderly man with ruddy skin and black hair appeared. In his eyes, six different colored lights shimmered. The light intensified as he zeroed in on Tianyi’s figure. “Do you know what you have done?”

“I simply exterminated my sect’s enemies. What else could I have done? Should I have good-heartedly kept him alive just for you?” Tianyi mocked.

San Jiuling’s master, Monarch Hexlight, laughed out of anger. “Good! Good! You have quite the sharp mouth. Since you killed my precious disciple, then I’ll take your life as payment!”

Tianyi rolled his eyes. “Don’t say that as if you would let me live if you had the chance. At most, you would—”

He never had a chance to finish as Monarch Hexlight pointed his finger at Tianyi and a beam composed of six colors shot towards him. Tianyi quickly shifted his body out of the way. ‘Whatever happened to talking is free action?!’

Monarch Hexlight shot another beam of light at Tianyi, seeing as the first one didn’t work. Unlike the first time, Tianyi had prepared himself this time and raised his hand and swallowed the beam into his sleeve. He then raised his other sleeve, and the beam shot out towards Monarch Hexlight.

Monarch Hexlight formed a hand seal, and the six-colored beam split into six beams, each with a different color.

“Worth a shot,” Tianyi said as he condensed the cosmic cloak over his body once more. He left a trail of black qi behind as he flew off, but the six beams of light’s speed suddenly increased, blocking his path. Just as he turned to flee the other side, another six beams from the earlier attack arrived and formed a cage.

“Hmpf,” Monarch Hexlight snorted as he formed more hand seals, causing the cage to shoot several beams at Tianyi.

Tianyi’s cosmic cloak enlarged itself over Tianyi and absorbed the numerous beams. Then, he pointed at the cage, and a massive amount of immortal qi of primordial chaos erupted and engulfed the cage.

Monarch Hexlight frowned as he detected his immortal qi of light disintegrating under Tianyi’s superior qi. “So you do have a few tricks, but it’s not enough!”

Under the Leakless Sect grand elder’s control, the cage started to shrink and rebuff the corrosive power of Tianyi’s qi. As the cage’s wall came closer, more gaseous qi flowed out from Tianyi’s robe and formed a black sphere around him. No matter how much qi Monarch Hexlight used, the black sphere never cracked or shattered.

In fact, a moment later, the six-colored cage suddenly exploded as a cosmic giant over a hundred meters tall appeared. It grabbed a net from the circular ring of weapons behind its back and threw it over Monarch Hexlight.

Monarch Hexlight frowned as he saw the cosmic giant. Tianyi didn’t fight much, so aside from what he showed the few times he did, such as the Northern Region and the Heavenly Connection Gathering, this was the first time anyone could gain conclusive evidence of his abilities, especially since he had just completed his immortal ascension.

The Leakless Sect grand elder waved his sleeve, and a beam of light shot out and bifurcated the net and the cosmic giant at the waist. But instead of dispersing, the two halves regrew a top and bottom, respectively.

The two cosmic giants continued their attacks on Monarch Hexlight. This time, he waved his hand, and a giant ring of light appeared over the land. Destructive bullets of light of six colors began to rain down nonstop toward the two cosmic giants.

After five minutes, the land had become a barren wasteland, but Monarch Hexlight’s frown deepened. A towering pillar of black qi erupted from the ground and formed a black sphere, the Chaos Refining Formation.

Inside, Monarch Hexlight looked at his hand and felt the subtle corrosive properties of the space. A film of light covered his body and nullified the corrosive effects.

Tianyi suddenly appeared next to Monarch Hexlight with a sword in midswing. Monarch Hexlight didn’t even look at Tianyi, and a barrier of light appeared. It slightly bent under Tianyi’s attack but never broke.

“Law of Mass? No wonder you could defeat Jiuling,” Although he said words of praise, Monarch Hexlight’s killing intent only increased. “I have to admit, among all of the geniuses I’ve seen, aside from your mother, you are uncontested, able to master a worldly law in a hundred years. Too bad you are with the Buzhou Immortal Sect!”

Monarch Hexlight reached for Tianyi, revealing his six-fingered hand. A different colored light shrouded each finger as he grabbed Tianyi’s throat before he could react. With a cold gleam, he tightened his grip.

Suddenly, Tianyi disappeared and reappeared in the distance, clutching his throat. Even with his fleshly prowess, a hand mark could be seen on Tianyi’s throat as he coughed uncontrollably. Monarch Hexlight didn’t just strangle Tianyi but also emitted a light-based attack at the same time.

Had it been anyone else but Tianyi, they would have likely had their head severed.

Tianyi didn’t dare to hold back anymore as he started to attack Monarch Hexlight with everything he had but from a distance. However, Monarch Hexlight was like a juggernaut, overcoming everything Tianyi threw at him.

Finally, Tianyi disappeared outside of the Chaos Refining Formation. He glanced at the formation and brought both his hands in front of him as if he was holding a ball. Slowly, he began to bring his hand closer as if wanting to squish the ball, and following his action, the Chaos Refining Formation began to shrink.

Chaos Refining Formation plus Planetary Purgatory!

Inside, Monarch Hexlight felt the oppression of space as it began to distort and twist, collapsing onto him. ‘I never thought that he would have almost mastered space and time as well. What a terrifying kid. He must not live!’

Monarch Hexlight’s body began to glow as light erupted from him as if he was a being purely composed of light particles.

Outside, Tianyi’s face paled as the bars of light shot out of the Chaos Refining Formation. A moment later, the Chaos Refining Formation shattered, revealing Monarch Hexlight that appeared like a light spirit.

“It seems that I’m still not prepared to take on an immortal monarch,” Tianyi said. With each word, black gas leaked from his mouth. “But do you really think you can catch me?”

Monarch Hexlight’s light body didn’t change its facial expression, but it suddenly shot towards Tianyi. Unfortunately, Tianyi had already disappeared.

Tianyi reappeared in a location far away. He planned to teleport again but paused and turned back. He saw a cataclysmic light show occurring at the location he had been at. ‘Hah, serves you right.’

He paused a bit and considered the Immortal Confining Sword still in his possession. After attaining immortality, he tried communicating with it and barely established a connection. Unlike ordinary artifacts, spiritual artifacts like the Immortal Confining Sword had their own will, rudimentary as it was.

Powerful as the Immortal Confining Sword was, that was only at its peak. In its current state, Tianyi had no confidence in killing Monarch Hexlight. If he failed, then the whole Huang Realm would know, and he would become an even bigger target.

Tianyi didn’t stay any longer and started his journey back to the Buzhou Immortal Sect. Back at the sect, he reported the situation to the sect master and was given a brief rest.

After Tianyi came back, the situation reversed, and the Buzhou Immortal Sect gained the upper hand. Even though they lost a whole squad to the Leakless Sect, it wasn’t worth much in the grand scheme of things, but Tianyi destroying the Leakless Profound Formation was.

Monarch Hexlight had abandoned his post to rush over to avenge his disciple after discovering San Jiuling’s extinguished soul lamp. Because of this, the Buzhou Immortal Sect gained a huge advantage that couldn’t be recovered after Monarch Hexlight returned to his post.

This was just the beginning. With the chink in the Tripartite Alliance’s battle line, the Buzhou Immortal Sect went on the offensive to gain an even greater advantage. The sect’s advantage started to snowball, and it seemed that Tianyi didn’t even have to participate anymore, and the Buzhou Immortal Sect would triumph.

During this time, he handed the immortals he captured to Justice Hall. Then, he converted the pseudo planet he formed with his Planetary Purgatory technique into a pseudo realm and gave it to the sect master.

After accomplishing all his duty, Tianyi began to meditate and inspect his newly acquired sword light. Although he didn’t feel any different, he could easily bring out the sword light, and the intent behind the sword light was the Law of Mass. In addition, using sword light didn’t consume his willpower at all.

‘Is it because I’m different?’ Tianyi thought. ‘And why is it the Law of Mass? If anything, I was aiming for the Law of Spacetime.’

No matter how many times Tianyi tried changing the intent, he could change or add any spacetime concepts into his sword light. It felt like he awakened a fake sword light. ‘My talent shouldn’t be so bad as to form a faulty sword light, right?’

Tianyi rid himself of any unnecessary thought and began to comprehend the Law of Spacetime. After a week, Tianyi petitioned to go to the three palaces stationed above the Huang Realm. Inside the Huang Realm, he could detect too many laws and concepts, so he wanted to cultivate in the Vast Void where only a few foundational laws like the Law of Spacetime existed.

However, inside his mother’s Heaven, Earth, Man Trinity Palace, Tianyi discovered that he could still sense the other worldly laws present within the Huang Realm.

Inside his room, Tianyi suddenly opened his eyes and saw his mother.

“Yi’er, I heard what happened,” Mengfei said as she quickly rushed over.

“There’s nothing to worry about. Unless they seal the space, I can always escape. And it remains to be seen if I still can’t escape,” Tianyi said with a smile.

Mengfei smiled, causing Tianyi’s eyes to widen. “As expected of my son.”

Ignoring Tianyi’s shock, Mengfei’s smile receded. “But you can’t expect your opponent not to be able to seal you. Mother is busy watching the Cloud Goddess, so I can’t always watch over you. It’s better to raise your strength as much as possible.”

“I know, Mother. I’m trying to comprehend the Law of Spacetime, but I can’t seem to sense it at all,” Tianyi said with some frustration.

Mengfei sighed. “The Law of Mass holds spatial concepts. Why not use it to enter the Seamless Immortal Realm?”

Tianyi frowned and then looked at Mengfei. “I’m just one step away from mastering the Law of Spacetime. How can I be willing to settle for a lesser law?”

Mengfei walked over and held Tianyi’s hand with her own and patted it with her other hand. “Yi’er, people can’t be greedy. It’s a time of turmoil, and entering the Seamless Immortal Realm can’t be done in an instant. What if you are in danger but don’t have the strength to fight back or even escape?”

“Listen to Mother, use the Law of Mass to enter the Seamless Immortal Realm.” After saying those words, Mengfei stared straight into Tianyi’s eyes. Her fear and worries couldn’t be more evident.

But after five minutes, Tianyi pulled his hand from hers and looked away. “I won’t settle for second-best. If I don’t use the spacetime law to enter the Seamless Immortal Realm, I will regret it for the rest of my life.”

“Yi’er!” Mengfei said, raising her voice at Tianyi for the first time in his life.

“Please leave, Mother. I’ve made up my mind.”

After staring at Tianyi’s back for five minutes, Mengfei sighed and started to walk away, but not before leaving a few last words. “I hope you don’t regret this.”

Once Mengfei’s figure reached the doorway, Tianyi turned around with his brows furrowed. The Immortal Confining Sword appeared in his hand, and he stared unblinkingly at Mengfei’s receding back.


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