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Chapter 259: Planetary Purgatory

Sword intent had three stages, sword qi, sword light, and sword intent. With the advancement of each stage, the amount of qi used stayed the same, but the willpower used increased. That’s why most users of intent had strong willpower. Otherwise, they wouldn’t be able to sustain the use, and through continuous usage, their willpower increased.

Tianyi had always known his willpower was his weakest aspect. His new life had been too successful, and everything was in his favor. Born as the child of one of the strongest experts in the Three Thousand Immortal Realms System and heavenly lightning spiritual root, it could be said that he could summon the wind and rain at his beck and call.

His mother didn’t know the first thing about raising a child, but Tianyi didn’t really think it was fair to blame her, considering her past. Aside from that, Tianyi’s only other failure was his Sole Yin, Eight Trigram Yang Core Formation Revolution. It took around five years, but he eventually overcame that and reached an even higher level thanks to that.

His life could really be said to be too perfect. Because of this, although his willpower is strong compared to the average cultivator, he didn’t think his willpower was as strong or stronger than Daoyi or Xi Ri, who experienced the apocalypse. Coupled with his mediocre talent in swordplay, Tianyi couldn’t help but be surprised at the manifestation of sword light.

Tianyi hadn’t even manifested sword qi yet, so he was confused as to why he achieved the sword light stage.

The Leakless Monarch War Formation had charged back and thrust its spear towards Tianyi, forcing him not to ponder anymore. Tianyi swung his sword back, and the war formation got knocked back even more. He charged and suppressed the war formation, causing San Jiuling to despair inside.

It wasn’t just the junior sect master of the Leakless Sect but all the immortals that had followed him. They couldn’t help but hate themselves for setting a trap. It was true that they solved the issue of the Buzhuo Immortal Sect immortal stationed here, but they got too greedy and kicked the steel board known as Tianyi.

Why did they have to be so greedy? They should have run at first sight of the monster. How could they think that the son of the Huang Realm’s only immortal sovereign was so weak as to be captured by them? Not only that, he hadn’t even brought out his treasures and defeated them.

The immortals had dreams of riches. They wanted to strip Tianyi’s treasures after defeating him, but they would pay for their mistakes with their lives.

Left with no choice, all of them began to push the Leakless Monarch War Formation to the maximum power and even began to use forbidden techniques. After using them, it was unknown how long they had to live, but it was better than dying now.

Tianyi knew none of this as he continued to attack with his brows furrowed. Despite having attained sword light, he felt nothing was different. His eyebrows furrowed even more when he saw the Leakless Monarch War Formation increased in size to its former five hundred meters of height, but his spacetime distortion no longer affected it, nor could his immortal qi of primordial chaos corrode it.

“I have to focus on the fight for now. I’ll ponder on the matter later.’ Tianyi thought as he redoubled his efforts attacking the Leakless Monarch War Formation.

If before, Tianyi appeared to be an ant, now he appeared to be an amoeba compared to the giant war formation, but the two entered a stalemate. Tianyi continually attacked, but he would be hit back by the war formation, but simultaneously, he would damage the formation, forcing San Jiuling and the other immortals to use more qi to heal the damage.

San Jiuling felt a sense of loss as he continued to lose. He never thought he was weaker than anyone. True, his grandfather was a true immortal, but he had long reached the end of his willpower and would return to heaven and earth at any moment. Immortals at that stage could be said to be walking pieces of flesh, so how could he care about San Jiuling?

His father was also no longer present, and his grandfather only took care of him by the bare minimum that was required. Everything San Jiuling had, he had to win for himself. Luckily, the heavens didn’t abandon him. After showing his worth and potential after harsh competitions, the Leakless Sect’s grand elder took note of him and accepted him as his personal disciple.

However, all his pride had been shattered by Tianyi. He discovered that one-on-one, he couldn’t defeat Tianyi. Although he was unwilling, he still accepted the aid of the immortals assigned to him. However, he discovered that he still underestimated Tianyi.

And now, even though both sides seemed to be on par, San Jiuling knew that he was on borrowed time. San Jiuling and the immortals under him had to supply more qi every time they repaired the formation, draining their dwindling blood essence and life force. On the other hand, although Tianyi was knocked back, he had not been harmed at all. Once the forbidden technique ran out, they would be akin to a fish on the chopping block.

All he could hope for was that Tianyi’s qi would run out, but seeing that Tianyi’s movements had no haste in them, he fell even deeper into despair.

Moments later, the Leakless Monarch War Formation dispersed. The corpses of the immortals beside San Jiuling disintegrated under Tianyi’s control. San Jiuling spat out a mouthful of blood as he saw this. He knew that he hadn’t been destroyed by the black gas because Tianyi allowed him to live.

This made him vomit even more blood as the shame hit him. “Xi Tianyi, don’t think that I will beg for my life just because I’m at your mercy! I swore that I would never lower my head to anyone ever again!”

Tianyi almost had the impulse to control San Jiuling’s body to kneel but suppressed himself. He rolled his eyes instead. “Why do you have to shout like this? Do you want to show others that you’re courageous and valiant, not even fearing death? Unfortunately, only you and I exist in this space.”

He waved his hands. “Anyways, I just want to ask you a question. Don’t worry. It doesn’t concern the secrets of the Leakless Sect.”

San Jiuling still glared hatefully at Tianyi.

“Where is Dong Chifan?” As a possible transmigrator, how could Tianyi forget about him? It could be said that Tianyi’s impression of Dong Chifan ran deeper than even some geniuses of the Buzhou Immortal Sect. Hell, he only remembered San Jiuling because he uniquely controlled nine lifebound artifacts.

Hearing this, San Jiuling’s expression became stunned for a moment before he released a bark of laughter. He glared disdainfully at Tianyi, “Didn’t Brother Dong die because of your Buzhou Immortal Sect, why are you asking me?”

Tianyi furrowed his brows. “What do you mean?”

San Jiuling suddenly started laughing, causing annoyance to sprout in Tianyi’s heart. He suddenly stopped and said, “Don’t you think it was weird that the upcoming pillars of the Buzhou Immortal Sect’s greatest competitor suddenly suffered a sneak attack? Who else would want the Leakless Sect’s disciples to perish before reaching their potential?”

“Nonsense. The Buzhou Immortal Sect’s greatest rival is the Anti-Heaven Alliance, don’t stick gold on your face,” Tianyi said. “You had to ally yourself with the Nihility Sect and traitorous Jade Cauldron Sect even to be a threat. If the Cloud Goddess weren’t strong enough, your little alliance would have already been destroyed!”

San Jiuling’s expression turned ugly. He snorted and said, “Don’t be happy. Do you think that your vassal sects are happily serving the Buzhou Immortal Sect? Just you wait. They’ll eventually rebel too!”

“Even if they do, you won’t be alive to see it!” Tianyi waved his hand, and the black qi began to conglomerate on San Jiuling’s body, directly dissipating his body and soul, leaving only his spatial ring and treasures.

Tianyi snorted. He wasn’t mad that the Buzhou Immortal Sect sneak attacked the Leakless Sect’s top disciples and scions. Such things happen every day on Earth. Otherwise, so much spy fiction wouldn’t have been created. He was mad that his first clone got caught up in it! After reaching the Immortal Realm, he could sense his clone still existed in one of the lower realms, but he couldn’t pinpoint her at all!

Tianyi dispersed the Chaos Refining Formation with a sigh. The black gas quickly entered his body, and the starry void returned to the clear skies of the Huang Realm.

After seeing Tianyi’s lone figure, the elders that followed him worked up the courage and flew towards Tianyi. “Elder Xi, what happened to the Leakless Sect’s immortals?”

Tianyi glanced at him. “What else? I killed them all.”

Hearing this, the Unity Realm elders felt their hearts thump. Although they already had guessed, they still couldn’t hide their shock and surprise. The way they looked at Tianyi also changed.

“Elder Xi is worthy of being Grand Elder Xi’s son!” One quick-witted elder praised.

Another also added. “Elder Xi is truly a dragon amongst men, able to defeat ten true immortals by your lonesome self. The sect’s victory is all but assured with a rising hero like Elder Xi!”

As the praise came piling on, Tianyi quickly raised his hand. “Elders overpraise me. I am still inexperienced and still required Elders’ fruitful experience.”

“Elder Xi is mighty. Despite just entering the Pathfinding Immortal Realm, Elder Xi already has the power of an immortal lord.”

Although he said this, Tianyi couldn’t quite keep the edge of his lips from quirking upward.

However, the elders didn’t forget their mission. “But Elder Xi, we should quickly report to the sect. We still need to destroy the Leakless Sect’s barrier.”

In his eyes, no matter how powerful Tianyi was, he didn’t think the Tianyi had the power to single-handedly destroy the Profound Leakless Formation. Not even an immortal monarch could easily destroy the formation, but to his surprise, Tianyi shook his head.

“Go contact the sect and report the matter to them, I will destroy the formation myself. Make sure to stay away so as to not get caught by the aftereffects,” Tianyi said and flew towards the Leakless Sect’s formation.

The elders looked at one another, not knowing what to say. They couldn’t help but sigh. Tianyi was too young and headstrong, but they didn’t worry too much. Tianyi would back off once he saw that he couldn’t singlehandedly destroy the formation. Meanwhile, they’d report what happened and request reinforcement. Even if they did nothing, they could gain quite a bit of reward just from being in Tianyi’s squad.

Tianyi knew none of this and had already arrived in front of the Profound Leakless Formation. He smiled and held his chin when he saw the defensive properties peaked when he neared. Tianyi already knew that it was impossible for all the immortals to come out to deal with him since a few needed to remain to maintain the formation, but he didn’t know how many were left.

With his current insights into the formation, he could tell that the Profound Leakless Formation used the spirit vein to gather all the nearby spiritual qi as fuel. So when he attacked the formation, he wouldn’t just be attacking the immortal inside but the surrounding land as well.

However, Tianyi just so happened to have a method to deal with this. He raised his hand, and massive amounts of immortal qi of primordial chaos flew out of his body and covered the surrounding twelve hundred kilometers.


Under Tianyi’s command, the disorderly qi began to move and form in an orderly fashion like a naturally formed formation. Once it happened, the immortals controlling the Profound Leakless Formation discovered that their connection to heaven and earth had been disconnected, and they could no longer summon anything aside from the amount in the spiritual vein!

Tianyi didn’t waste any words and began to attack once more. Under his control, an invisible sphere like his Chaos Refining Formation formed, only it was invisible, and gravity started to condense everything within to a singular point.

The Profound Leakless Formation glowed brighter as it resisted the gravitational force with all its might and succeeded. Tianyi smiled without care and continued to feed his new technique. The most abundant and his greatest advantage was his near-unlimited qi. He wanted to see if the fuel for Profound Leakless Formation ran out or if he ran out first.

After a week, Tianyi’s eyes shone and formed several hand seals. Before, if the space confining the Profound Leakless Formation only oppressed them with gravitational force, now a fiery heat began to spread, causing the speed of consumption to increase even more.

Tianyi raised his hand, and everything within his technique rose into the air. The space within bent and the land caved in on itself to form a circle, like a miniature planet. Since the anchor of the Profound Leakless Formation used the spirit vein and land as an anchor, the formation greatly weakened due to the changing landscape.

Three weeks later, the formation broke, and the giant twelve hundred kilometers large sphere condensed into a small sphere and flew into Tianyi’s hand. Inside, he could see several of the Leakless Sect immortals trapped and injured. “Not bad. Once I return, I can just give them to the sect to dig out information and use this to form another pseudo realm for Sect Master Xia. Since it makes a mini-planet, let’s call this unfinished move Plantery Purgatory.”

Tianyi flew back to the elders, who had their mouths hanging agape. For the past month, they had been waiting for reinforcement, but before they even came, Tianyi had already dealt with the Profound Leakless Formation by himself.

“What’s wrong? Why are you in a daze for?” Tianyi asked with a smile.

After another round of flattery, Tianyi began to wait for reinforcement, but before reinforcement could arrive, an angry voice shook the surrounding hundreds of kilometers.

“Jiuling! Spawn of Xi, I’ll have you pay for your sin with your life!”


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