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The villain’s side of the novel – Chapter 129: The plan is off Bahasa Indonesia

Thus, the group’s conversation continued until suddenly they get interpreted by a red-haired young man in his twenties who entered the room with a smile on his face.

After seeing the appearance of the young man, the conversation between the group naturally stopped, as Lisa muttered with a surprised expression as she looked at the man, “B-rother!?…”

With a smile on his face, the young man looked at Lisa and said, “Lisa, how are you? Did you miss me?”

(Why is he here? We weren’t supposed to meet now, did something happen?) Lisa, with these thoughts in her mind, was late answering the red-haired young man who was her older brother, Ayham Ronal.

At the same time, the group members after seeing the young man’s entry stood up with smiles on their faces to greet him

“Mr. Ayham, it’s been a long time since we last met,” Luke said in a respectful voice with a smile on his face as he extended his hand to shake hands with the young man.

“Mr. Luke, you have become stronger again, you really keep surprising me constantly,” Ayham said while taking Luke’s hand to shake her.

“Haha, thank you for the compliment Mr. Ayham, but it seems that I didn’t pass you yet,” Luke said, noticing the strong aura that the young man gave off.

“Haha unfortunately I don’t think you would take too long to do that, ” Ayham said, before letting go of Luke’s hand and shifting his attention to the direction of the beautiful black-haired young woman who was standing behind Luke.

Aslan, who noticed the young man’s gaze in her direction, said in a respectful voice with a small smile on her face, “Mr. Ayham, it’s nice to meet you again.”

“Nice to meet you too, Lady. Aslan. how is Mr. Michael? Is he okay?” Ayham asked in a gentle voice while looking at Aslan.

“Yes, he’s fine, Mr. Ayham. Thank you for asking,” Aslan replied with a smile.

“Well, tell him I say hello when you find the right opportunity,” said Ayman

“Mr. Ayham,” Leo said after seeing Ayham and Aslan’s conversation end.

“Mr. Loe, how are you? Are you okay?” Ayham said with the same smile on his face


Around a large meeting table, the head mage Alexander, Lionar’s army general Foran, Vice Queen Asiya, and all the great leaders of the Lionar kingdom gathered,

after answering the call of Queen Fozya who was sitting at the top of the table with a serious expression on her face.

“Hajar, are there any updates from your team?” Queen Fozya asked, looking at Hajar with a stern expression.

“Unfortunately, Your Majesty, we have not made any breakthrough in this case so far. Whoever this perpetrator was, it seems that he knows very well what he is doing, as he didn’t leave behind him any evidence at all.” Hajar answered with the same calm expression and with an uncomfortable look in her eyes.

After hearing Hajar’s report, Queen Fozya’s expression became heavier. Thus, in disappointment, the Queen turned towards the muscular man in the golden armor and asked, “Ralph, did you manage to find out why the barrier was broken?”

“We’re not sure yet, Your Majesty, we know that the Domain Crystal for some reason lost all of its energy but we’re not yet sure why exactly….” Before Ralph could finish his words, he suddenly felt a furious and powerful aura filling the room with a force that made him with all those present in the hall close their mouths and looked at Her Majesty Queen Fozya whose eyes were filled with hatred and anger, and who seemed to have lost her nerves after all the problems that happened in kingdom recently.

“Your Majesty, please calm down. We will surely find the culprit and make him regret what he did sooner or later” Alexander said with a serious face and a cold look in his eyes.

Ignoring Alexander’s words, Queen Fozya turned towards Assya, and with the same angry look asked, “Assya, read to me the list of suspects again. “

Asiya, Controlling the terror that occupied her heart because of the queen’s terrifying aura with difficulty, said, “Yes, Your Majesty. The first suspect is the Niram empire, which is the first enemy of the kingdom. The second suspect is the ACHILLION family, who have many spies and methods that will enable them to achieve this theft. The third suspect is The Ronal family, who have shown a lot of interest in these unknown items, the fourth suspect is the Parada family, who possesses a spy with extraordinary abilities who we think may be able to infiltrate….”


Ronal family mansion.

In one of the offices of the mansion

Lisa, Ayham, and Leo were gathered around a small wooden table with serious expressions on their faces. As soon as the friendly conversation between Ayham and the others ended, the three of them headed to this study room to discuss the reason why Ayham expose to his presence in the Lionar kingdom and why he appeared here so suddenly.

“Then why exactly did you show up here, brother? Did something go wrong with the plan?” Lisa asked with a serious expression while looking at Ayham who was sitting across from her at the table.

In fact, Lisa’s visit to the city of Morial was not only for the Royal party. In fact, she was here to help her brother who was secretly staying in the kingdom with his team in the kingdom waiting for the right opportunity to steal the forgotten history stone which was kept with the royal family.

“Yes, the plan is off,” said Ayham in a calm voice, as he took out a small wooden box and placed it on the table near Lisa.

“What is that?” Lisa asked, looking at a box, unable to figure out what was inside.

“Open it,” Ayham said

Thus, in response to Ayham’s request, Lisa took the box, and because of the lock that was already broken, she had no problem opening it, to find inside it a weird black stone the size of a fist.

After seeing the stone, Lisa opened her eyes in shock. Before muttering in a surprised voice, “The Forgotten History Stone!?…”

“Yes, it was given to one of my men this morning,” said Ayham in a serious voice.

“What!? How could this happen?… Don’t tell me, Fray,” muttered Lisa


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