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The villain’s side of the novel – Chapter 128: Awkward breakfast Bahasa Indonesia

Fray, after sending everyone out of the room, was now sitting alone on the side of his bed with a palm-sized black cube in his hands. Examining it closely, puzzled and unable to figure out what he should do now, in fact, this black cube is a Forgotten history stone, which the giant called the Isuda cube. As far as Fray knows, there are seven of these cubes scattered across the continent, some of which are monopolized by major powers, and some of them are in extremely dangerous places. And some of them, their whereabouts are still unknown.

These stones are made of indestructible materials, and it is estimated that their age exceeds millions of years, and there are many other features that distinguish these stones. These features are what made many major powers, including the Lionar Kingdom, interested in these stones, believing that they contain Unusual power or something like that, but they actually do not know what these cubes are exactly, there is only one family who knows the function of these cubes and it is the ancient Ronal family whose main goal is to collect these cubes before the barrier is destroyed.

Now, Fray also knows about these cubes as he knows their function, but despite that Fray actually cannot activate these cubes alone, the only ones who know the technique and have the ability to activate these cubes are the Ronal family members, so it was necessary for Fray to cooperate with that family to activate the cubes.

Therefore, Fray originally planned to collect the cubes and give them to Lisa Ronal, the only person who could activate and extract the knowledge hidden in the cubes. But now, after his interaction with the unknown giant, Fray realized that these cubes may have many more secrets than he originally knew, which made him unsure whether he should proceed with his original plan or keep the cubes for himself.

After some time of thinking, Fray finally made up his decision. Thus, he put the cube on the dresser, which was by his bed, then got up to change into more comfortable clothes, intending to get some rest tonight, a rest that his body and mind desperately need.


—-The next day

—-Ronal family mansion

Around the breakfast table were Luke, Aslan, Lisa, and Leo, having breakfast with smiles on their faces, ignoring all the problems and dangers that surrounded them even if it was just for a little while.

“So you’re saying your family wants to meet me?” Luke asked with an uneasy expression on his face and an uneasy tone in his voice as he looked at Aslan.

“Yes, my mother mentioned in her last letter that she is excited to meet you. I know that this is not the right time for this, but you know that it has been almost two years since the start of our relationship, and so far they have never met you, so I think we should save some time to visit them.” Aslan said with a serious look in her eyes.

“But it’s well known that your father still hates me, do you really think this is a really good opportunity to meet him?” Luke asked with a scared and nervous look.

Seeing the scared expression on Luke’s face, Zina who couldn’t hold back herself, burst out laughing vigorously, “Haha, our great hero is afraid of meeting his girlfriend’s parents, haha I can’t stop laughing, this is hilarious hahaha!”

Seeing Lisa laughing at him, Luke’s expression quickly became embarrassed and nervous, but he quickly controlled himself, and with a confident look on his face, he said while looking at Lisa, ” No problem laugh now, soon it will come the day when your parents will ask me to visit them as well”

“…” Hearing Luke’s unashamed words, suddenly different expressions were drawn on the faces of all the people sitting around the table, each one of them with his/her own thoughts. After all, they all understood what Luke meant by his words.

Lisa which was the target of Luke’s words, despite her anger at Luke, did not find herself able to show this anger because of the conflicting feelings, and the various thoughts that cluttered her mind, so she decided to just act out that anger and yelled in a broken voice as she looked at Luke with red cheeks, “You can keep dreaming, you idiot!”

Aslan on the other side, who was watching this scene, felt a suffocating feeling in her heart, no girl would like to see her man flirt with another girl in front of her, but she was ready for this, she knew from day one that Luke did not intend to be faithful to her alone She was ready for the idea of ​​ sharing him with other women, so now she had no choice but to keep her smile on, trying not to let her feelings get the better of her.

As for Leo, his thought was not different from Aslan’s thinking. He also decided to think logically and not allow his feelings to influence him. Despite his lady’s desperate attempts to hide this fact, it is clear that she like Luke, and it’s obvious Luke also like her, this leaves Leo with no choice but to step aside.

Thus, the conversation, which became less enthusiastic now continued, but for obvious reasons, Luke who was the reason for reducing this enthusiasm, and although he was convinced of what he said and what he meant, for some reason felt a little guilt, which made him try hard to change the subject.

“So what are we going to do with the Parada family matter?” said Luke, unable to find anything else to talk about.

“Well, we can’t do anything but wait for the leader’s reply for now” replied Aslan

“You’re right, but the leader will most likely refuse the request, after all, he’s a very busy man and he definitely wouldn’t agree to travel that far to Iskar City just to deal with a mere rank four dungeon,” Lisa after controlling her embarrassment and regaining her calm expression, she said.

” you’re right the leader doesn’t have any reason to accept the request of the parada family, sigh, this is really annoying,” Luke


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