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The villain’s side of the novel – Chapter 127: The Isuda cubes Bahasa Indonesia

After a little more time of yelling into the void like an idiot, the giant finally calmed down and ignored the issue of his suppressed speech, which made him finally remember the existence of Fray, whom he had forgotten because of his earlier anger.

“Looks like I can’t tell you anything after all,” said the giant, looking down at Fray, “sigh, maybe it’s for the best, after all, you’re still weak now.”

(Still weak? What does he mean by that) Fray thought with a confused expression. But even though his mind was filled with dozens, if not hundreds, of questions, he knew that he wouldn’t be able to get any answers from the giant, and he actually isn’t sure he’d want to know the answers to these questions anyway, even if he was able to. After all, he already has enough problems to worry about. And he’s not sure he wants to add more at the moment. So he decided to keep these questions to himself for now, but he is still interested in one specific question.

Thus, with this thought in his mind, Fray said in a calm voice, “Can you at least tell me why you brought me here?”

“It wasn’t me who brought you here, the only thing that can send you to me is the Isuda Cube,” the giant said with a serious expression.

“Isuda Cube!? Do you mean the Forgotten History Stone!? Are you the one who made those stones!?” Fray asked in shock as he looked at that giant

“I can’t answer that. now listen carefully to what I’m going to say. We don’t have much time, so I will say this one time only. I don’t know exactly what’s going on in the world right now, but you shouldn’t have come now. This isn’t the right time, and you’re still very weak, but it’s too late to change that, and they will surely find out that you contacted me sooner or later, then they will come for you, So you have to become stronger very soon. In the upcoming decades you should focus on three goals first of all develop your strength and surround yourself with powerful characters, and collect the remaining Isuda cubes, do you understand?” The giant said in a serious and deep voice, as he looked at Fray with a serious expression.

“They! Who’s they !? What do you mean? ..” Fray asked in a surprised voice.

” ….” the giant looked at the confused Fray unwilling to answer his question

(just What the f*** is going on here? is he talking about the enemies outside the barrier? but why does he want me to collect these cubes?) black stone cubes which in the novel were named the Forgotten History Stone and which this creature calls the Isuda Cubes. According to the information mentioned in the novel, these cubes are unnatural relics that date back to the time of the forgotten time before the barrier and even before the war that broke out between the seven races. Fray, is interested in these stones because as the legend said they contain knowledge about the forgotten history, and Fray, of course, wants this knowledge for many reasons. But now after this experience, he is pretty sure that these cubes have a lot of otter futures besides what he was previously aware of.

“Well, it’s time for you to come back.” The giant said.

“…” As soon as these words came out of the giant’s mouth, Fray felt the reality around him slowly dissipate until his consciousness and body completely disappeared from this strange place, leaving the giant alone looking at the place where Fray had disappeared with a stern expression on his face.

[Third General, Hello]

Suddenly, distracted by the giant’s attention, a digital window appeared in front of him. After reading the content of the window, the giant replied in a loud and angry voice, “so you finally decided to answer me, you arrogant law!”

[according to our calculations, it would be best to keep things secret from him for the time being, and to keep this idea active, it was necessary to silence you.]

“You are the one who needs to be silenced, you idiot, motionless being. Do you think that hiding the truth from him will be beneficial for him? We have to tell him now what awaits him to pressure himself and become stronger.” The giant said again in an angry voice.

[We can’t do that the outer worlds are far more complex than you know, Third General.]

“The outside world!?..” The Giant muttered in a low voice, realizing that the law may be right as the Giant actually had no idea what was going on outside of this realm.

[I cannot detect the existence of the thousand spirits army…]

After reading the last letter, the giant expression suddenly became complicated thus he sighed deeply and said, “Yes, I don’t know what exactly happened. A few months ago, my spiritual power accompanied by the spirit army was severely drained by my current incarnation, and I don’t know exactly why.”

[According to my calculations, your current incarnation will not have enough power to steal your power without your consent.]

“Yes, I think my current incarnation is in some kind of danger,” said the giant in a calm voice, looking in a certain direction

[So what do you intend to do from now on? ]

Without reading the message, the giant looked in a certain direction with a calm look on his face before muttering in a low voice, “I have to intervene!”


Morial city

Parada family mansion

Around a king-size bed were standing Casper, Kara, Rin, Lisa, Isha, and some other servants all looking at Fray who was lying on the bed with worried expressions on their faces.

“why is magician-healer taking all this time to arrive?” Casper asked in an angry voice as he looked at Kara.

“Don’t worry Mr. Casper, he will be here soon?” Kara said in a hoarse voice

(This is strange, with the Master’s strong body it will be impossible for the master to lose consciousness for no reason, could he have been poisoned at the dinner hosted by the royal family?) Rin thought as he looked at Fray with a calm expression.

“…” Suddenly, attracting everyone’s attention, Fray quickly opened his eyes and regained consciousness.

“Master!…” Kara exclaimed in a happy voice after seeing my open eyes.

“Sir, are you okay?” Sina asked, also finding herself for some reason worried and frightened at the thought of Fray getting hurt.

“You lost consciousness, sir,” Casper said with a worried expression

Fray, after seeing the worried expressions that were painted on everyone’s faces, suddenly festrangelyrange a warm feeling in his heart, so he slowly sat down on the bed and said, “Thank you, guys, for your concern, I’m fine.”


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