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The Villain Wants to Live Quietly chapter 99

Chapter 12. Changing story (1)

The three spent a meaningful time together until Sofia passed away.

They watched her favorite play together, and enjoyed the acrobatics of a wandering troupe that visited Pederbarn.

However, good times always pass quickly.

There were still many things I couldn’t tell you, but there were always opportunities in the future, so Sophia returned to her parents’ house with a regretful heart behind her.

There was also a funny commotion just before she went home.

In front of Ludwig, who had come out to see him off in front of the mansion, he spat out a cute yet dignified warning to Emilia, ‘Be prepared if you make your brother cry.’

Thanks to that, the mansion fell into a sea of laughter.

The most spectacular scene would be the moment when Emilia expressed her aspirations with a determined face, saying ‘It won’t happen, so please trust me’.

The appearance of Ludwig, standing next to him with his ears red and unable to say anything, made it hard to tell who the girl was.

Not long after Sophia left, Paula returned to the Ipretz family.

Even though it would be awkward to wear a maid’s uniform after a long time, she rather welcomed the return of her uniform, saying that her everyday clothes did not fit her body.

It could be said that she was truly a model of a heavenly maid.

“You are leaving for Alteon tomorrow.”

Paula, who returned to her main job after a long time, was still by the owner.

The way she straightened his hair with a modest face was not much different from usual, but Ludwig somehow felt that she seemed to have matured.

Has there been any change in the three-month trip?

“yes. what about you?”

“I will guard the mansion. It’s a long-awaited event, so let’s enjoy a fun trip with lovers.”

At the unexpected answer, Ludwig’s hand, which was about to lift the teacup, stopped abruptly.

If it was her in the past, she would have tried to accompany her for some reason.

‘It’s definitely changed quite a bit.’

But it was a positive change.

She had a strong tendency to stick with herself to the point of being absurd at times.

Even though I do it to take care of myself, there were times when it felt like dependence.

As if holding on to the rope not to assist the owner, but to maintain their own identity.


“Yes, Bocchan.”

“I don’t know what to say… Anyway, it’s nice to see that it’s lighter than before.”

“… … .”

This time Paula’s eyes opened.

After a while, calmly settled eyes lightly ran from the back of his head to the nape of his neck.

It’s really strange.

The boy, who always seemed to be taken care of and stood there, has now reached the point where he can understand his own psychology.

The expression of a sense of alienation fits perfectly.

Although it was not the first time I had felt this feeling.

One day, when he suddenly stood in his seat and felt that his eye level had changed from before, he would realize that years had passed, but now it seems that he has grown to the point that it is impossible to measure it just by looking at his eye level.

As he realized what he had learned on this trip, Paula felt that the last lump in his heart was relieved.

Now I can completely let go.

I wonder if the time of the past three months, when I was able to forget you for a while and be immersed in my own thoughts, is not colorless.

“Thank you. It’s all thanks to the master.”


Ludwig’s eyebrows twitched at the sudden change of title.

A strange tickling feeling in the chest.

He didn’t know if it was more because he felt that the title of young master was proof that she still saw him as a child.

“Don’t you like it? Now that you’ve become an adult, I thought it would be disrespectful to call you youngster forever.”

“It’s not that I hate it… … .”

I couldn’t say that it was hot because I remembered the role play with Emilia not too long ago.

As Ludwig swallowed his words and awkwardly averted his gaze, Paula’s head tilted lightly to the right.

As the owner who always says something, if he hadn’t liked the title, he would have added something.

If so, what is it that makes you look like that? that was the question

“It doesn’t matter what the name is. I was just surprised to think that I would be called after becoming the family head.”

“Of course, there is the head of the household, but the person I have to serve from now on is the owner.”

“The guy who knows that… … .”

Right now, she is truly a model of the seed, but it was clear that she would immediately make fun of her if she showed a slight gap.

Even if he inherits the position of the family head later, wouldn’t this relationship continue?

It’s just that the title will change from Master to Master.

“I think there are few servants with that level of loyalty.”

“Aren’t you ashamed to say it with your own mouth?”

In the past, I felt like I was being self-absorbed due to my lack of confidence, but how did it end up like this?

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Just as he was about to ponder this, Paula’s prank popped into his head.

“Isn’t it Master who told me to stand next to him with confidence?”

Does it mean that the sinner was himself, not anyone else?

Ludwig drew in his breath as if he had been stunned, met her eyes, and then raised his hands and declared surrender.

“yes. I lost, I lost.”

“Are you declaring defeat?”

“You never won. In a different way, you are harder to beat than Emilia.”

If you look at the odds, the odds of winning against Paula in wrestling seem to be lower than if he sharpens his sword and beats Emilia from now on.

Ludwig sighed deeply, cursing his helplessness.

As he leaned back against the back of the chair, his arms and neck buckled behind the chair, drooping like a squid.

If I bring a bonfire like this, will my arms and legs get rolled up?

As Paula watched this spectacle, she suddenly had such a silly question.

“Are you doing that in front of Lady Emilia?”

“Do you have anything to drop? I am doing this because I am in front of you.”

“okay. In other words, the image you show only in front of me… Can you think of that?”

“… Let’s count that.”

The tone is a bit odd, but it’s not wrong.

Even if it was an appearance or behavior that could not be shown to parents or lovers, it was possible if it was in front of the servant who had been open about everything.

Paula pondered the words and nodded her head slightly.

It’s just what you show in front of yourself.

yes, that would be fine

That’s exactly where I need to be in the future.

Even though I couldn’t ask for more, to watch over you that others don’t know and to always stand where you are looking for.

because it is a seed

* * * * * * *

Before leaving for Alteon, there was a place for the two of them to stop for a while.

It is none other than Lutentia. In other words, it was Emilia’s home.

On the surface, it was an engagement relationship, but it was not a formal ceremony, so Ludwig had no authority to drag her around.

“Ludwig too. Even the journey to Alteon will be exhausting, so there is no need to worry so much about it.”

Emilia, the person involved, lived with these words all the way to Lutentia.

It was because there was no way his parents would stop him even though he said he was going, and there was no need to report these things after the coming-of-age ceremony was held.

“Don’t worry, Emilia. It’s just a name, and I just came because I wanted to see you two.”

However, her lover is now well versed in responding to such nagging.

I say this, but if I add more words here, only I will become a bad woman.

Eventually, Emilia let out a small sigh and shook her head lightly.

It was an unspoken act of refusing to say anything more.

“Anyway, it goes well here and there… … . Did you know that there are times when Ludwig is secretly like a serpent?”

“hahahaha, I take it as a compliment.”

Being a nerd isn’t all that bad either.

In fact, isn’t it to the point where even his own father, Carol, was referred to as a ‘snake-like man’ by Diana?

Nevertheless, he is a father, husband, and head of the family who has a great personality and has no corners.

If it’s a sign that you’re becoming like that person, it’s rather good news.

“Anyway, Lutentia is always active. It makes me want to get off and take a look.”

“Something like that subtly changes the topic… But if I suggest that you get off and look around right away, you won’t do it, will you?”

“It’s okay, you can’t make the two of us wait any longer.”

As Ludwig cleared his throat and averted his gaze, Emilia’s cheeks swelled slightly.

Her nerves were on edge today.

It must have been because he sternly listened to her words that there was no need to stop by Lutentia.

But what can I do? As a prospective son-in-law, he wants to score points from his future father-in-law and mother-in-law.

The reason why I dared to stop by Lutentia today was to take one more snow stamp before that.

It was somewhat a pity that I did not listen to her because of that, but I hope for mercy.

“I’m sorry if I upset you, Emilia. Can’t you forgive me just once?”

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Judging from the fact that he turned his head away and didn’t even make eye contact, it seemed that he had strong horns.

When Ludwig, who noticed this belatedly, demanded while holding her hand, Emilia sat at the negotiating table with her head half turned and her mouth pouting.

“Yo, if you want forgiveness, there’s nothing I can’t do. It just needs a price.”

“You mean the price?”

Ludwig’s head tilted slightly at the answer that was not like her.

I’d rather not forgive, but instead of forgiving, I’d rather offer something.

However, if you do not accept this opportunity, you do not know when the next negotiation will resume. I had to accept anything for now.

When she nodded, her face instantly brightened.

However, soon after realizing that she had reacted lightly, the blush cast was truly Emilia-like.

As if imitating Ludwig earlier, she clears the air and turns her body around completely to present a condition.

“Rice, it’s nothing… that’s it… S… If you give… … .”

“Hey, Emilia? Can you speak a little bit louder? Maybe it’s because of the sound of the carriage, I can’t hear it well.”

Normally, I would have asked for anything. Why are you so hesitant to want something great?

When Ludwig calmed down his nerves and demanded that the volume be increased, Emilia’s cheeks turned red even more.

“Key, kiss me… ! I mean a kiss… … !”

“… Yes?”

Could it be that he even staged a game like this to ask for that favor?

On the contrary, Ludwig felt his pulse unraveling at the request that was too sluggish.

There is nothing that lovers cannot do. No, it’s a welcome request from his point of view.

just what to say Laughter leaked out because it was too cute a request to ask of a lover who has already been in a relationship.


“Ooh, don’t laugh… ! Anyway, you’re not going to do it?”


Pouting at the answer, Emilia spewed seaweed in all directions, but that was only for a moment.

Because Ludwig approached slowly, saying her name in a relaxed tone.

Emilia hurriedly closed her eyes and responded. The trembling around the eyes seemed like someone would only know that this was the first time.

Soon, their mouths met, and Emilia’s hands, which had been confused, were placed neatly on her lap.

The kiss was quite long.

Considering that it’s a kind of procedure to confirm each other’s love, it might feel short.

After such a short but long time, Ludwig was about to drop his face.

Emilia’s hands were lifted up, hugging his back, and wanting him even more intensely.

And at the same time, the silence inside the carriage, which had been quiet, was broken.

“You two have arrived… oh?”

The door of the carriage that had arrived in front of the Bayern family’s mansion opened before anyone knew it, and the Bayern couple appeared from beyond.

Even accompanied by a servant next to him.

The two of them hurriedly fell apart, but the intense act of affection was witnessed by everyone.

Stefan, who witnessed this at the forefront, burst out laughing.

It was understandable enough because there was a time when they were young and burned just by looking at each other.

“This is true. We must have interfered.”

“I will, honey.”

“… … .”

Ludwig felt a growing sense of shame at the conversation between the two, who tried to remain as calm as possible and turn a blind eye to the situation.

I don’t know what will happen after that, and the only thing that comes to my mind is that I want to die anyway.


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