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The Villain Wants to Live Quietly chapter 97

Chapter 11. While the maids are gone (9)

Emilia’s expression changed colorfully as she watched his object slowly approaching her vagina.

From excitement to anxiety, from anxiety to fear. However, at the end, it returned to its original form.

Ludwig’s mouth was filled with laughter as he watched this.

Even noble female swordsmen, who always seemed fearless, seem to have anxiety about their first experience.

To reassure her, I slowly stroked her platinum hair, which was swaying under the light, and only then did a small flower bloom on her face.

Emilia cautiously nodded at Ludwig’s eyes as if he was asking if it would be okay now.

“Huh… … .”

The glans, which touched the labia minora, rubbed and expressed its intention to come inside.

While tickling, a strange thrill passed through the lower abdomen, and a short moan escaped from Emilia’s mouth.

The feeling of a foreign body grew, and her toes tucked in little by little as she felt her stomach fill up.

The sensation of the penis penetrating each crease in the vagina as if savoring it.

For some reason, it felt as if my body was being known to him in detail, and a strange sense of immorality came over me.

‘That’s how big it is.’

I felt it when I licked it myself or put it between my breasts, but I realized it even more when his stuff came into my body.

I remember that the average size of the penis written in the book was not this much.

He was a man who could not have known that he was hiding such a monstrous thing behind his calm face.

“Emilia, are you okay?”

“yes… I’m sorry.”

When Ludwig asked with a worried face, she managed to come to her senses and expressed her affirmation.

I heard that the first experience of women was quite painful due to the pain of breaking through, but when I experienced it myself, it was hard to wake up to the pleasure rather than the pain.

The heat that filled her stomach and the movements that went in and out of her vagina were so intense.

“I feel strange.”

While she stopped moving her hips for a moment to give Emilia some space, she suddenly opened her mouth.

Does it mean that it is difficult?

He asked in a worried tone, with a small shadow over his face.

“In what ways?”

“It feels like Ludwig is tasting me. It’s not going to be eaten like this, right?”

this woman is real

Ludwig felt his pulse loosen up and at the same time he recognized that his lower body was full of strength.

I was holding onto my spirit as much as possible so as not to be eaten by my instincts, but I almost lost my mind at her words.

‘I’m sure the dream demon will go in with one move.’

Most of the comments were casually thrown out as if they were testing the man’s reason.

To the point where I wondered if he was doing this on purpose.

Feeling disgusted, Ludwig lightly lifted his back.

A clicking sound resounded as their pubic bones collided with each other.

“hahahaha! you are too deep Ludwig… … !”

“Isn’t it Emilia who provoked you first?”

“When will I provoke… oh!?”

It was unfortunate, but the hilt of the sword was as if he were holding it.

Until she can resist this pleasure, she will have no choice but to be dragged around.

Promising to take revenge at any cost if the opportunity presented itself, Emilia surrendered herself to the classification of the upcoming pleasure.

At some point, when she moved her waist and synchronized with his reciprocating movements, she opened her tightly closed eyes and looked at Ludwig’s face.

Even though his face was slightly reddened and he was breathing heavily, his appearance, coveting only himself, was like a beast.

I stretched out both hands that were holding onto the bedspread and brought it to his face.

Ludwig, who was vigorously reciprocating, opened his eyes wide at the soft touch of his cheek, then raised his empty hand and grabbed one of hers.

The two men, who faced the aspirations in each other’s eyes in the affectionate gaze, kissed each other without saying who was first.

It wasn’t a fresh kiss that we usually do often, but passionately as if we were coveting each other’s affection.

By the time I couldn’t tell whose tongue it was now intertwined, everything except for each other had disappeared like snow melting in my head.

“Here too… … .”

Emilia took his hand and brought it to her chest.

Ludwig, who had already noticed that her erogenous zone was her breasts, immediately stimulated the nipple with his index finger and gently stroked the areola.

As the pink-ripe tip stood upright again, her waist gradually lifted.

While distracted by the pleasure felt from above and below, she steadfastly stretched out her arms and hugged his back.

Then, as if a snake coiled around its prey, it pulled it into its arms and buried its face in the nape of its neck.

He stuck out his tongue and licked his collarbone, leaving a red mark with his teeth and lips.

As if it were a token to let him know that he is his man.

At the same time, the fragrance of freesia that stimulated Ludwig’s nose became thicker.

It was difficult to maintain my sanity when I reached the point where the six scents of the woman’s body, which had been added to it, were now digging directly into my head instead of my nose.

Ludwig, as it were, rubbed his face on her breastbone and indulged her whole body with his lips and tongue.

As she said, to taste her whole body one by one, as if it were a delicacy in the heavenly sea.

By the time he removed his face, a woman’s body, wet with saliva and glistening, lay in front of him.

Not knowing what to do with the waves of pleasure, she stared at him with pastel blue eyes.


hold on for a while

Emilia suddenly raised her upper body and climbed on top of him.

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Just like the situation that happened a while ago, the upside down was reversed in an instant.

A laugh formed on Ludwig’s lips as he looked at her with a bewildered expression.

Who would want to win even in bed?

“It must be difficult because it is the first time.”

He tried to throw out words of concern at her, who indicated that he wanted to move from above, but all he got back was a bewitching smile.

In a series of actions, the penis twitched in her vagina and expanded again.

“It got bigger… hehehe. Ludwig is a pervert… … .”

“How about a person who moves his waist on top of a man like that?”

“That, that… What a shame!?”

I couldn’t leave her trying to place the guilt only on herself.

As Emilia slowly moved her waist and tried to regain her own pace, Ludwig raised the corner of his mouth and raised his waist.

Chuck. When the glans touched a secret place that they hadn’t been able to reach because of the changed posture, Emilia’s back bent lightly.

He smiled at her as she reached her climax with her tongue out, and when he reciprocated again, Emilia hurriedly shook her head and declared surrender.

“Mi, I’m sorry… ! I’m going to cancel the word pervert… … !”

“I have to apologize for stepping on top, Emilia.”

“S-I apologize… ! I’ll apologize for everything, so please stop… Hiyaang!?”

She begged almost as if crying, but unfortunately, the person concerned didn’t seem willing to listen.

steamed. steamed. steamed.

After deliberately pulling the penis out of the vagina, he repeatedly pushed it all the way into it three times.

Her back, which had been standing upright just a moment ago, had subsided at some point.

He scratched his cheek, wondering if it was too much even if he thought it was too much, and when he stopped moving, her waist, which had been loose, regained strength.

Like a stag beetle hanging from a tree, Emilia’s whole body wrapped around him, barely moving her waist in order to covet pleasure, was no different from a seductive woman.

The sensual sight was an irresistible stimulus to Ludwig as well.

As his movements sped up due to the feeling of ejaculation gradually rising, the penis that filled Emilia’s vagina pulsated vigorously.

Realizing that it was time for Ludwig to reach a climax like himself, she crossed both legs and hugged his waist.

It was something I had already promised since I foresaw that I would have my first night with him today.

It would be difficult to conceive a child because it was not a dangerous day, but in the first place, I had no intention of having a child before marriage.

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Just a desperate wish as a woman.

She just wanted to experience receiving the seed of the man she loved and filling her insides with it.

“Leave it inside like this, Ludwig. Because I’m fine… … .”

Her mouth opened, and a sweet voice urged her to ejaculate.

Ludwig’s face was perplexed for a moment, but he soon guessed what she was thinking and nodded firmly.

Because he wanted to sow his seed inside the woman he loved.

The bodies of the two people who became one on the bed moved more violently.

Women want men, and men want women.

Only those primordial feelings filled the two people’s heads, and they continued toward the final, irreversible end.

Ludwig’s hands and lips moved in all directions as if he was going to indulge everything before spitting out his emotions inside her.

He bit into her voluptuous breasts as if he was anxious, and licked the nape of her neck to enjoy the fragrant scent of flowers.

The two people, engulfed in ecstasy, coveted each other as if only they could be seen in this world.

As if the current relationship would be the last in this life.

“Ludwig, I love you… ! I love you more than anyone in the world… … !”

Like the last flash of light before the flames went out, Emilia anxiously shouted at him.

If you think about it, there were times when you wanted to hear him say that you loved him after becoming a lover, but it seems that you hardly ever said it with your own mouth.

So I wanted to take this opportunity to speak. that I love you with all my heart

Hearing her sincere confession, Ludwig’s lower body tensed.

It was more lovely than anything she had said or done today.

As a result, I felt that the sense of ejaculation that had begun to rise became difficult to endure any longer.

“I love you too, Emilia.”

When Ludwig responded to her precious heart, the vagina tightened and stimulated the penis violently.

squash. squash.

The lewd sound echoing from the occlusal area grew even louder, and Emilia, who had been moving her waist with her tongue out, bent her head backwards.

“Emilia… … !”

“… hahahaha… … !”

As Ludwig called her name and hugged her waist, a thrill came from his penis.

The semen poured into her vagina with such force as to impregnate her.

When something as hot as lava invaded from the tip to the womb with the force of a rage, Emilia’s back snapped like a shrimp.

From her hands gripping the pillow and bedspread to her toes, she trembled and a feeling of exhaustion enveloped her entire body.

At the same time, the tide gushing from the petals soaked all around.

From the gap, the white liquid that she hadn’t fully embraced flowed out, further highlighting her lewd appearance.


At that decadent sight, Ludwig’s things rose again and hardened. As if to say that he could still do more.

He smiled bitterly and shook his head as he approached her.

It would be right to end at this point for today.

Emilia looked up at him, drenched in a liquid that was now unclear whether it was sweat or not.

The smile on her lips clearly showed her happiness.

Emilia, immersed in the afterglow of pleasure, waited for her body to recover.

Feeling strength in her hands and waist soon returned, she raised her upper body and approached him lying on the pillow.

“Was it very difficult? I’m sorry, Emilia.”

“No. Rather, it was because I liked it too much.”

It was fresh to see him pushing hard without looking at his circumstances, and the pleasure that followed was also immense.

It’s fun to make fun of him on a regular basis, but I thought it wasn’t bad to be in the position of being bullied sometimes.

However, I was worried that this might open my eyes to strange tastes.

“How did Ludwig endure all this time? You would have wanted to treat me like this.”

“… It seems I lost my temper for a moment. It was not intentional.”

“lie. I begged him to stop, but he pretended not to hear.”

When I let out my accumulated dissatisfaction while gently tickling my chest with my index finger, laughter burst out at him as he sneakily avoided his gaze.

When he was in a relationship, he led himself in such a masculine way, but after the relationship ended, he quickly returned to his usual Ludwig Eifretz.


But think about it for a moment.

The moment she witnessed it at the end of her gaze, her eyes opened slightly.

Even though he has already ejaculated three times, his penis shows off its huge presence.

Thinking that it had invaded and trampled on his insides just a moment ago, his saliva was swallowed spontaneously.

“Eh, Emilia?”

Unknowingly, his outstretched hand grabbed his penis, and a voice of embarrassment came out of his mouth.

As she watched the heat transmitted through her hands, her eyes gradually changed.

It belonged to Inma, who was panting with her tongue out on the man’s waist.



“This one… Do you think it’s still not enough?”

What should I do?

Asking questions, she took his hand and brought it to her chest.

It’s as if the answer is fixed, so you just have to answer.


In response, Ludwig’s head moved from top to bottom, and a dark arc was drawn around Emilia’s mouth.


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