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The Villain Wants to Live Quietly chapter 94

Chapter 11. While the maids are gone (6)

After the sparring, the three of them returned to the mansion to spend some time, and even finished an earlier-than-usual dinner.

Thanks to the longer time the sun was up, we decided to talk until we fell asleep in Ludwig’s room and got together again.

The main topic was about the sparring that had just taken place.

In particular, Sophia, who intuitively observed this, was busy chattering as if she still had something to admire.

As she was not well versed in martial arts, she couldn’t tell which part was great, but even at a glance, she could tell that the movements of the two were different from those of the criminal.

“I couldn’t even see the two of them swinging their swords properly… You are amazing.”

“Because I trained for that. Why don’t Sophia take this opportunity to learn?”

“The heart is like a chimney… It’s because I’m out of my mind.”

Sophia lowered her head with a sullen face.

As a result, her light purple hair, which was tied up in a long ponytail, drooped like cat ears.

Even though Emilia was only one year older than him, thinking that she was younger made her look even cuter.

And on the other hand, I also had a desire to solve her concerns.

He must have a small inferiority complex similar to his childhood friend Tanya.

However, not only swordsmanship, but most martial arts are not necessarily only those who are born with a strong body.

I don’t know if it’s for a high level. If it’s only for the purpose of growing the body, you’ll be able to do it.

“Then I’ll tell you simple things, so why don’t you try it by yourself even after you go back to your parents’ house?”

“Can I?”

“As much as you like. My friend Tanya has a weak body like you, but she does well with a few things I’ve told you. In fact, my health has improved a lot since then.”

“Well, if that’s the case… … .”

I feel a sense of kinship with people in the same situation, but on the other hand, I also feel a sense of competition.

That person did it too, but can’t I do it? Subconsciously, that kind of mentality dwells in your head.

Emilia was well aware of this, so she deliberately mentioned Tanya, and the result was quite successful.

“There’s no need to overdo it, so just take it slow.”

Ludwig knew better than anyone how much she burned her will to change her weak body from before.

It was good to improve, but I was worried that I would ruin my body because I was motivated ahead of time.

However, as if his thoughts were groundless, Sophia nodded her head with a calm face.

“Yes, brother. Do not worry.”

I expected at least the fact that results would not come easily in a short period of time.

All Sophia wanted was hope that this body could get better.

Now that it has been proven, all you have to do is take it slow and not in a hurry.

“Sofia, when are you going to go back to your home?”

“Three days later. Ah, in case I’m in the way… … ?”

“It can’t be. I just asked because I have to teach you today if my schedule is tight.”

After all, when Sofia passes away, there are plenty of opportunities to spend quality time with him. I never thought of her as a hindrance in the first place.

Only then did Sophia let out a sigh of relief at Emilia’s additional explanation and eased her worries.

I visited to celebrate, but I was still worried because I thought I was interfering with lovers in their prime.

“You think too much, Sophia.”

“Is that so? But I was really worried. I wondered if it was uncomfortable because it came so suddenly… … .”

“Neither I nor Emilia could have thought that way. come anytime Just give the message in advance.”

“I will, brother.”

Sophia answered with a refreshing smile, and assuredly replied that she would definitely send a message next time.

Anyway, this is probably the first and last time I’ve had such a sudden visit.

From now on, I will remain in the position of a younger sister, but I don’t want to be remembered as a woman with no manners, either as a lover or as a younger sister.

“Cook-Cook, Ludwig doesn’t have the right to say such a thing, right?”

“… Why are arrows coming back to me all of a sudden?”

Emilia, who had been listening to the warm conversation between the two, interrupted with a mischievous laugh.

Sensing that the atmosphere was unusual, Ludwig responded in a brusque tone, but this time it seemed that he had no intention of letting it go easily.

“As a person with a lot of worries, the second best thing is that he is a sad person. It’s not good to admonish Sophia like that, like you’re not yourself?”

“Keuheum, is it coming out like this?”

“Now Sophia is also my friend. It’s natural to take sides, right?”

“… … .”

In that sense, this is a lover.

Maybe it’s because of this opportunity to get a little closer to Sofia.

Whatever the reason, it didn’t seem to be going in a very good way for him.

In order to overcome this situation, the topic must be changed somehow. There was a good means to do just that.

“Oh, Sophia. my mother is calling Hans went by while you were away a while ago.”

“Yeah!? What if you tell me that now!?”

“sorry. I just remembered. If your mother says something about being late, I’ll make up my excuses.”

“Oh my brother, too… … !”

is it possible To the subject who was summoned, ‘I was late because your son-in-law delivered the words later’, in order for that excuse to work, the other person’s generosity must be greater than that of the ocean.

In the end, Sophia had no choice but to get up and leave the room, blaming Ludwig until the end.

Even in the midst of that, the way she nodded and greeted her revealed her personality well.

After Sophia left, Emilia looked reproachfully at her lover who was sitting in front of her.

“You didn’t expect this situation and didn’t say it, right? Ludwig.”

“I’m not a fortune teller, so there’s no way that’s possible.”

“Huh… It is strangely suspicious.”

I don’t think so, but the timing was so exquisitely matched.

Realizing that there was no point in pursuing further investigations like this, Emilia stepped back, but her suspicions were not easily resolved.

“By the way, Ludwig, where did you put the clothes you were wearing?”

“I would have put it on the bed. I thought I’d save it and ask the servant.”

When Paula was around, you could just give her the clothes you were wearing, but that’s not possible for the time being.

Of course, you could ask the attendant to come to your room periodically and pick up your clothes, but you didn’t like the fact that other people were coming in and out of your room often, so it was the next best option.

“Is that necessary? As of today, there is a lady-in-waiting.”

“… The daily lady-in-waiting isn’t over yet.”


I wonder if it’s okay to quit at this point, but it seems she has a stubbornness of her own.

Ludwig also nodded as he didn’t want to interrupt her happy moment, got up and headed towards the bed.

As he said, the crumpled uniform he had worn a while ago was lying on the bed.

“Are you there?”

“Yes. There is. But it might smell like sweat, so I’ll take care of this… … .”

“Paula doesn’t care about that. I’m fine too, so please come here.”


Why are you so obsessed with this? I wonder if my pride wouldn’t allow me to imitate a lady-in-waiting in moderation.

It was Ludwig who didn’t understand it well, but because he wanted it, he felt embarrassed and handed over the uniform.


At that moment, someone knocked on the door and heard a familiar voice from the other side.

Pleasant low-pitched voice with benevolence. It was none other than Hans, the butler.

After Ludwig’s permission was granted, he cautiously opened the door and appeared, bowing lightly and greeting him.

“Bocchan, the head of the household wants to see you.”

“Your father?”

Diana wanted to call Sofia, but Carol thought she would call herself.

I was going to spend some leisurely time like this before going to bed, but an unexpected interruption came in.

However, as a child, you cannot ignore your parents’ call, so you have to go back.

“I’m sorry, Emilia. I’ll be back for a while, so can you wait here?”

“of course. Don’t worry about me.”

It was already quite late, so it might have been better to go back to the room, but both of them still wanted to spend some more private time.

Emilia, who reassured him with a smile, hid his uniform behind her back in one hand and waved an empty hand to see him off.

* * * * * * *

A little while after Ludwig left the room, she was left alone and buried herself in the bed.

Due to her personality, going up on someone else’s bed without permission was something she would never have done in normal times.

Nonetheless, it is instinctively driven.

“A lady-in-waiting, even making an excuse that isn’t funny… … .”


She let out a deep sigh and looked up at the ceiling and laughed.

Actually, I didn’t do this to make it a day’s entertainment.

I was ashamed to tell him my true feelings, so I just covered it up.

‘What will they think of me?’

When the memory of fooling around with him all day, making excuses that didn’t work, came back, I felt like I wanted to hide in a mouse hole right away.

‘What do we do.’

Emilia had a lot of trouble lately.

It wasn’t that she didn’t know the direction of her life or that her future was bleak, but it wasn’t a fundamental concern, but in her eyes, it was on a level comparable to that.

The trouble is none other than Ludwig, his lover. No, in a way, it was also about himself.

Boredom did not come between the two.

On the contrary, I missed him even more than before, and always looked for him even though they were under the same roof.

It means that the more the love flares up, the more it burns, but never cools down.

But sometimes, if you can’t control your burning emotions, there are times when it turns into anger.

It would be even more so if it was a young man and woman who had a lover for the first time in their lives.

‘It would be nice if they treated me differently.’

he was a kind man

He was a man who always thought of himself first, hugged him with an open heart, and didn’t hesitate to say sweet words that made his heart race just by hearing them.

However, there were times when Emilia felt that something was lacking.

I guess it’s a sense of distance. He used to think that he might be like a beautiful flower.

It’s not that he doesn’t approach me first, but rather, he’s the type to actively express his affection after becoming a lover.

However, it was different. something very subtle.

Rather than the stern atmosphere he showed when dealing with Paula, there was a tenderness that seemed to be deliberately not approaching.

It was always appreciated to be cherished.

Because he knew from the beginning that he was not a man who would treat himself carelessly.

However, I hated the ignorant who picked the flowers recklessly, but I also hated the man who didn’t know the flowers waiting to be picked.

“Ludwig… … .”

Calling his name in an excited voice.

At Emilia’s bedside lay the robe he had handed over a little while ago.

She carefully reached out and grabbed it, bringing it to her swollen chest and burying her face in it.

It is clear that the body has become very strange.

Her body, which had been calm when she was hugged by him, would heat up at some point.

Did you say body odor? When the scent that I couldn’t smell when I was in my parents’ arms wrapped around my nose, it was hard to control myself.

I never thought I would become such an impure woman who had been running for the sword all my life.

More than anything, it was even more regrettable that he could not stop thinking even though he was aware of this.

“ha… … .”

The sigh she exhaled was tinged with heat.

Glance. Looking down at her own body, Emilia stretched out her trembling hand somewhere.

I knew what it meant, but I felt like committing a sin, something I never did.

But today it seemed unstoppable.

Because the reason to restrain his hand had already been roaring out silently, consumed by emotion.

Little by little, little by little.

Emilia looked at her downward-pointing hand with blue eyes engulfed in heat.

But after a while, the hand stopped standing tall.

“Emile… Leah?”


Didn’t even hear the sound of the door opening.

The figure of Ludwig, who quietly called his name with a confused voice, came into his field of vision.

pounding. The moment she thought she was caught, her heart jumped wildly.

But for some reason, I didn’t feel ashamed.

Rather, the anticipation was inflated for some reason. The moment her thoughts reached that point, Emilia somehow let go of the last string of reason she was holding on to.


Rising from her seat, she slowly approached him, holding Ludwig’s uniform in her hand.

He was still standing there, stiff as a stone statue.

“I’m sorry, Ludwig.”

“Oh, no. That there is some misunderstanding… … .”

“No, that’s not it.”

That’s not what I want to apologize to you for.

What I will do from now on, the betrayal of you who would have thought me a noble woman.

It’s just an apology to pay for all those sins.

He clenched his fists like a warrior making up his mind before going to battle.

I reached out with both hands and carefully unwrapped it.

slowly, very slowly.

So little by little that I don’t even know he’s coming over to me.

As I continued to do so, I suddenly felt that I was entering his image and loosening the strings of reason little by little.

Before long, all the fingers supporting his rock-hard fists straightened out, and he, who had been trying to avoid his gaze, faced me confidently this time.

I could feel it in that moment.

The day I hoped for has only come now.

I grabbed his right hand with both hands and led him to the pit of the stomach.

“This is just an apology for asking you, who hates to pick flowers.”

His neck is throbbing.

He knows better than anyone what I’m going to say after this.

So what would you answer?

“The flower you consider the most beautiful… Won’t you break it today?”

In that moment, I realized that I didn’t have to guess.

Because he attacked my lips violently as if he would not even answer.

Every time his hand touched a part of his body that he would never normally touch, a strange sensation revived.

I said that, but it seems that I am not a flower.

There is probably no other flower in the world that accepts the reality of being cut so warmly.

Anything would be good. Because I never wanted to be a flower to this person.


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