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The Villain Wants to Live Quietly chapter 92

Chapter 11. While the maids are gone (4)

Does Sophia know?

This morning. That is, the fact that Ludwig was thinking the same thing right before she came.

“Miss Sophia, how about tea?”

“Yes. Very tasty.”

Even if I made up my mind to accept the reality, it didn’t happen very often. Ludwig from a while ago was just like that.

Still, as an actress who somehow managed to get involved in this not-so-funny role-play, Sophia wholeheartedly worked with the two of them.

Perhaps, at this moment, there is only one person out of these three who can smile brightly without worrying about anything.

But whatever it is, one day you will get used to it.

As if to prove this, the conversation flowed naturally by the time the flowers of laughter bloomed between the three of them after briefly informing each other about their current situation.

“You’ll be coming of age soon, Sophia.”

“Yes, that’s because we have about two months left.”

It seems like she had her own coming-of-age ceremony the other day, but it’s already Sophia’s coming-of-age ceremony.

The corner of Ludwig’s mouth drew a small arc as he looked back at the time he had passed by since he met Emilia.

What a strange thing.

“I’m looking forward to it because I’m going to celebrate with Emilia.”

“Then, not a lot, but I’ll expect a little.”

That’s what she said, but Sophia’s face had a bright smile. The most colorful and brightest smile than any smile you showed today.

That’s right, because that was one of the main reasons she came here today.

“Is it that good?”

Sofia’s expression would shake violently at any moment if she had ears and a tail.

He seemed to try not to show it as much as possible, but it was clearly visible in Ludwig’s eyes.

In terms of time, it was because he was a child who had been with Emilia for a longer time.

This was about lying down and eating rice cakes.

“Joe, a little bit.”

“Put, yes. Let’s do something like that.”

He must have been busy trying to fit into Emilia’s role play, but he probably shouldn’t be embarrassing himself.

Ludwig stopped interrogating her and munched on a cookie in front of him.

A sweet cookie just right for his palate. He nodded his head in satisfaction.

“Your brother still likes sweets.”

“Because people’s tastes don’t change that easily. Besides, these cookies are especially delicious.”

“I want to try it too.”

He liked sweet food quite a bit, but Ludwig was even worse than himself.

To be honest, when my feelings for him were in full swing, I seriously contemplated whether I should learn confectionery and try to appease him with cookies or cakes.

The problem is that he gave up halfway through because he was fed up with his own skills first.

Meanwhile, a satisfied smile formed on Emilia’s lips as she watched the conversation while standing between the two.

Upon discovering this, Ludwig tilted his head, and she met his gaze and opened his mouth.

While still maintaining her status as a daily lady-in-waiting.

“I’m glad you like it.”

“Well? no way… Did you make it?”

Also, as usual, Ludwig managed to endure John’s outburst and asked back in the same way he used to talk to Paula.

At that, the smile on Emilia’s lips grew even thicker.

“Yes, it’s lacking, but I worked hard on it.”

“Which break?”

it wouldn’t have been the time

It’s because she’s been hanging out with her who came to wake him up until now.

“Actually, these are the cookies I made before I went to see the owner. I want to show off the skills I’ve been secretly cultivating.”

That would mean that she practiced pastry before becoming a daily maid.

He must have worked hard ever since he was in Bayemurn.

Ludwig took another cookie and ate another one, feeling salty.

After all, is it true that the taste of food comes from the ingredients and the sincerity of the person who made it? Knowing and hearing that fact, the cookie felt sweet to my stomach.

“It is very delicious. Is it suitable for my taste?”

“Thank you, Miss Sophia.”

Sofia subconsciously spoke the same way she usually treats Emilia.

That’s why the cookies she said were perfect for her taste.

On the other hand, Emilia, who skillfully accomplished what she had given up, looked amazing again.

If it wasn’t for the sense of alienation brought about by her clothes, I wouldn’t have seen a halo behind her back.

“Who did you learn from?”

“Tanya… From the lady.”

The reason why he hesitated for a moment must have been because he was worried about whether to give Tanya an honorific title.

Is it because of his sincere personality? Even in this role play, the way she tried to do her duty was cute.

If you see Tanya later, be sure to tell her the story beforehand. I’m sure you’ll show the same reaction as yourself.

“Come to think of it, I remember hearing from Rell. Tanya may not know anything else, but one food skill is amazing.”

I heard that it was a hobby that came naturally to me because my body is weak and I can hardly go outside.

Maybe that’s why, on the other hand, her personality was like that of a tomboy, but her hobbies tended to be family-oriented.

“Brother, who is Tanya?”

“He’s Emilia’s childhood friend. Like you, she’s a little sickly, but she’s a very strong lady.”

“Hey… … .”

Tanya and Sophia have a common feature of being weak, but their personalities are quite different.

Unlike Tanya, who acted as lively as possible outwardly because she did not want to reveal her weakness, Sophia had a genuine and quiet personality to the point that even looking at her appearance or behavior, she gave the impression that she was weak.

“If possible, I will take you to the coming-of-age ceremony, so let’s meet. He’s a good guy, so you don’t have to worry.”

“Yes, brother.”

If he was willing to introduce himself, he would be a trustworthy person.

In addition, I wanted to meet him at least once because I thought he was someone who might have lived a life similar to my own.

Ludwig and Emilia are undoubtedly very nice people, but they can’t understand all of their feelings of inferiority.

There’s nothing wrong with having at least one person who can form a consensus.

The only problem is that it raises a question mark as to whether she will welcome him.

Since before, he was the type of person who couldn’t easily integrate with friends of the same age and was on the verge of failure.

It was not an exaggeration to say that he had no one to get along with except Ludwig.

“By the way, brother, will someone named Tanya welcome me?”

“What do you mean all of a sudden?”

“Because I haven’t been friendly with people since before. I am a little worried.”

A small sigh escaped from Ludwig’s mouth in the sudden shadow over her face.

Although Tanya would never be that kind of person, the only people who knew that were Emilia and herself here.

Even if you appeal to Sophia Amman that Tanya is a good person, it will be difficult to calm her anxiety.

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Just as she was pondering what to encourage her, Emilia’s mouth opened.

Before she knew it, she was half-bent, eye level with Sophia, who was sitting in the chair.

“Do not worry. Miss Tanya will be more delighted than anyone the moment she sees Miss Sophia.”

“… … ?”

As if asking how to be sure of that, Sophia tilted her head to the left while facing her eyes.

At that, Emilia smiled and opened her mouth.

“Because Miss Tanya’s wish was to have a pretty little sister with a small age difference. He might want to make her his sister as soon as he sees Sophia.”

It might not have been enough grounds to encourage a girl who had been afraid to meet people.

But why?

As soon as Sophia heard those words, it seemed as if the negative thoughts that had been tormenting her a while ago were washed away in an instant.

Sometimes, there are times when a little joke like this can ease a person’s heart more than sincere encouragement.

“I wish I could.”

Responding to Emilia’s smile, Sofia took another cookie she made and ate it.

It was sweet too.

To the point where I can’t even remember what the distracting thoughts were bothering me.

* * * * * * *

People often come across times when they get caught in their own tricks.

Maybe now is the moment.

Thinking so, Emilia managed to control her nervousness.

“So, I recently got a big puppy. How fluffy and cute… I want to show it to my older brother as well.”

“I’ll stop by when I get a chance. If I were an animal, I tend to have trouble using four legs.”

“Yes. It was.”

A friendly conversation between two people without themselves.

It was only regretful for her situation that she could not intervene.

Because I declared with my mouth, ‘Today is Ludwig’s handmaid’, I was unable to intervene as a servant in the conversations of the masters.

At first, just watching the conversation was quite enjoyable.

But as the time went on and I watched him smile at another woman, the discomfort gradually built up.

If possible, I wanted to intervene in that conversation right away and make them look at themselves.

“Emilia, would you like some more tea?”

“… Yes, master.”


Emilia just stared blankly at the flowing tea water filling the cup.

Before she knew it, the same life as before had long since disappeared.

‘Maybe I was teasing you too much.’

And since there was someone watching her condition, it was Sophia.

I already knew that Emilia’s mood was quite different from when we first met today.

Her jealousy was cute, so he deliberately ignored her and continued the conversation, and there were times when he was more intimate with Ludwig than usual.

But now it seems the time has come to put an end to that.

It was because Emilia’s eyebrows, which somehow remained calm, began to twitch and the area around her lips to twitch.

It means that patience has reached its limit.

‘no. Now that it’s like this, let’s do it one last time.’

Maybe he’s trying to resemble Emilia?

Sophia, who had made up her mind to quit just a moment ago, decided to strike the final blow after completing a stance change at some point.

Nodding firmly, she removed her hand from the handle of the teacup and placed it on Ludwig’s head.

As her hand gradually moved closer to her lover, Emilia’s pupils dilated little by little.

“Brother, there is dust here.”

“Oh yeah? When did you bury it?”

Unlike him, who reacts insignificantly, Emilia only watches the situation blankly as if she were witnessing the affair.

A few seconds to continue.

Suddenly, Emilia’s hands grabbed Ludwig’s arm.


“Can you follow me for a moment? master. I have something to tell you.”

“Yeah, yes.”

Unlike her calm tone, her words had an irresistible weight.

“I’m sorry, Sophia. Excuse me for a moment.”

“Don’t worry about me and come back quickly, brother.”

Holding back a laugh that seemed like it would explode at any moment, Sophia let him go.

Before leaving the parlor, Emilia’s eyes met for the last time.

Recalling those eyes that seemed to ask her why, Sophia took another bite of the remaining cookie.

‘Is this level of revenge okay?’

A woman who stole the man she had a crush on.

I won’t be punished by such a trivial revenge.

If so, that would mean that the god is quite a bit of a moth.

She rinsed her sweet mouth with tea, believing that even a writer named Shin would laugh at her behavior once if she had experienced a broken heart.

Meanwhile, Emilia was standing in the corner of the hallway with him, unaware that this situation was a cute revenge play for a girl who had a broken heart.

If you are here, it is not easy for others to reach you.

This time, she moved closer to him and hugged herself.

“I don’t think it’s a big mistake for a maid to hug her master’s body.”

“Even a lady-in-waiting can be comforted by her master, right? I believe my master is not a person with such a narrow distribution.”

Emilia deftly responded to the porridge he threw inadvertently.

Then he lifted his face from his chest and met his gaze.

I saw the lips that had smiled at another woman a while ago.

“Does Master smile at other women even though he has a woman he loves?”

“I do not know. Even if you smile, I think it will be different from laughing at your lover.”

“I can’t believe it.”

Responding firmly, she lifted her tiptoe and kissed him on the lips.

A dainty sound resounded, and the two separated their lips and faced each other again.

Emilia’s cheeks were already stained red.

“Is this also included in your duties as a maid?”

“Because the master shouldn’t be a man without integrity. It is a procedure to confirm that.”

“Your verification method is unusual.”

“It’s the only way I can do it. It is also a confirmation that only my master can receive.”

The problem is that it takes a little bit of time.

I lifted my tiptoe again and matched my lips.

I feel like I know a little bit now.

By the time the third round had passed, it was clear that the human heart did not burst easily.

By the time the fourth was over, well.

I forgot to count the reps.

unless you try again.


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