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The Villain Wants to Live Quietly chapter 91

Chapter 11. While the maids are gone (3)

Even if you decide to accept reality, it’s not always easy.

Ludwig, who was having an uncomfortable tea time alone, glancing at Emilia standing next to him with his hands together, opened his mouth belatedly.

“… Emilia, what happened to that outfit?”

I should have asked earlier, but I forgot to ask because I was so distracted after I just woke up.

Only then did Emilia erase her calm face as a lady-in-waiting and return to her normal self with a mischievous smile.

Then, holding the hem of the skirt with both hands, she turned around in place.

“You mean this? I borrowed Paula’s spare clothes for a while. Does it suit you?”

“I’m having trouble getting along.”

It was ironic that she, born as a daughter of a noble family, looked good in a maid’s outfit, but there was no proper expression other than saying that she looked really good.

When Paula wore it, she felt like a flower trying to hide her splendor.

“Cook cook. Ludwig, you have a strange face?”

“It’s not my fault, is it?”

Emilia checked his face in the mirror and laughed.

Ludwig, feeling unfair, replied sullenly. Considering the circumstances in the first place, wouldn’t her fault account for 100 out of 100?

“But why is this… … ?”

“I thought it would be fun. Actually, seeing Paula hanging out with Ludwig all day, I thought I was jealous.”

“Even though I knew Emilia’s actions, I don’t know.”

“Huh, then I hope you get to know me better.”

Covering her mouth discreetly with a smile, she skilfully placed two pieces of cookies on an empty plate and filled the empty teacup with the contents.

Ludwig involuntarily laughed at the feeling that Paula was waiting on him.

“He is very skilled. I know you did some practice.”

“Because I saw and learned something.”

She was always followed by great teaching aids.

On the day I met Ludwig, I could learn from watching Paula standing next to him.

Of course, the fact that I watched each and every act of the ladies-in-waiting even more carefully for this day had an impact.

“Then, should I treat Emilia as if she were Paula today?”

“That and this are different. Of course, I intend to imitate Paula’s actions, but I am Emilia to the last.”

“It is difficult.”

That would mean that he had to think that there was one more Emilia, not Emilia as a lover, but Emilia as a lady-in-waiting.

Well, he didn’t think he could make her as big as he did with Paula. Maybe this is a better option.

Hurb. Taking another sip of her tea, Ludwig nodded in satisfaction.

If Paula’s tea tastes just right for his taste, this is the taste of Emilia’s touch.

It must have been the same tea leaves, but I felt that way.

“How does your tea taste? master.”

“Very nice.”

Emilia’s face looked grim for some reason, even though she answered positively to ask about her impressions.

Would you like a more detailed review? Ludwig looked at her, not realizing his mistake.

“Master, there is no need to show respect to the maid.”

“Ah, um… … .”

It seems that he wants to do this role play thoroughly.

Well, just looking at her usual behavior right now, it was because she was the type to do her job diligently and thoroughly.

But I don’t know why he’s so serious about something that’s just a joke.

Ludwig, who secretly looked at her, coughed for no reason and said, ‘Kuh hmm.’

It must be one of your duties to actively respond to your lover’s wishes.

Besides, having Emilia as a maid for a day might be a luxury she would never experience again. Whatever it is, I will enjoy this moment.

“Yeah, it’s delicious.”

“Thank you.”

Since I often saw and learned about grita, I thought I would play a more lively and lively lady-in-waiting.

Contrary to his expectations, however, Emilia as a lady-in-waiting was more calm and static.

In fact, if she was not the eldest daughter of the Bayemurn family, but a lady-in-waiting of a family, wouldn’t it be like this?

“… Whoops. Phew.”

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Just as Ludwig was reciting his thoughts on her, a small laugh, like grains of sand rolling, began scratching his ears.

There are only two people in this place right now.

It was around the time he was absorbed in his tea, so naturally the culprit had to be narrowed down to one person.

“… Emilia, I think laughing there is against the rules.”

The reason for her burst of laughter was clearly expected.

They had been sticking together for a long time and had never been on a flat platform, so they must have laughed at the gap.

The reason was understandable, but it felt strange to see the person who made the action laugh.

“I’m sorry, Ludwig. But it’s the first time you’ve talked to me comfortably, so I’m kind of embarrassed.”

“I understand. So let’s just skip this one time.”

Even though she wasn’t angry, her intention to try to put on a stern expression was clearly visible in her eyes.

Emilia wanted to see how she would react the second time, but decided to put up with it.

Around the time when each other gradually got used to the awkward role play.

Hans, the Ipretz family’s butler, pays a sudden visit to the two of them as they share intimate time.

“Brother, Lady Sophia has come to visit.”

“Are you Sophia?”

With her white, white hair, which can be said to be his symbol, neatly brushed back as usual, what she said calmly was the name of a girl she hadn’t heard in a while.

Ludwig’s eyes widened at the sudden news brought by the elderly butler.

Besides, the girl standing next to him was surprised as well.

Emila asked him with her eyes as if she hadn’t heard his words, but all he got back was an affirmation.

“I haven’t heard of it coming.”

“It must have been passed on to the head of the household and the hostess. I wanted to surprise you, so I said that you never told the young master… … .”

“… … .”

Do you want to surprise me? Somehow, it seemed that the people around her were getting more and more into trouble.

A typical example would be this girl who is a daily maid and her lover.

I couldn’t express the feeling that Sophia, who seemed to always be a good sister, betrayed me, but I was very happy to see her after a long time.

Ludwig gulped down the remaining tea and stood up.

When Hans asked if he didn’t need a guide, he dismissed it at home, saying, “What’s the use of a guide?”

“Come on, Ludwig. Miss Sophia will be waiting for you.”

Even though her lover is meeting an extraneous woman, Emilia seems to be more excited about herself.

Is this the winner’s margin?

He also had a chimney-like desire to see his childhood friend and younger sister, whom he had sent away with a heavy part of his heart, but the problem was that Emilia was still wearing a maid’s uniform.

It might take a while, but Ludwig thought that it would be better to go with the neatly dressed woman than to go alone and wait.

“Don’t worry about Sophia, hurry up and change your clothes. I will wait here.”

“Yeah? What clothes are you wearing?”


However, the only thing that came back was a half-question saying, “I don’t understand why.”

Ludwig, who had been dazed for a moment, hesitated, then opened his mouth wide after guessing her intentions.

I don’t think so, but does this mean that I will meet Sophia in this outfit?

“I am Ludwig’s exclusive maid? As a lady-in-waiting, it is a natural duty to treat the owner’s guests.”

“In other words… Are you saying this role play will continue in front of Sophia?”

“of course.”

The moment he heard the answer without hesitation, Ludwig was convinced.

Apparently, he must have done something big wrong to Emilia lately.

Tonight, I guess I’ll have to find it somehow before I fall asleep.

* * * * * * *

It had been quite some time since Sophia had visited the Ipretz family.

Although I couldn’t take the seat next to him, I heard the news that he and Emilia became lovers and visited this place today to sincerely congratulate.

What do you look like now?

She was busy smirking alone in the drawing room, recalling Ludwig’s face, which she hadn’t seen in a while.

Maybe a little more manly.


Sophia, who was spending a boring time in the drawing room covered with silence, heard a welcome sound in her ears.

At this moment, whoever visits this place must be determined.

As expected, a huge door that was about to double her size opened and a pair of men and women appeared.

“ah! come… Bunny?”

It felt like her height and physique had grown a bit, but the atmosphere was the same as Ludwig Ipretz she remembered.

The moment she got up and was about to greet him with a bright face, Sophia’s expression changed subtly.

As if he did not understand the reality unfolding before his eyes.

“… Don’t say anything, Sophia. Because I know what you want to ask.”

“yes… … .”

Instead of celebrating the long-awaited meeting, the two exchanged conversations in an awkward atmosphere.

Either that or not, the daily maid standing next to Ludwig always had a smile on her face, whether it was because she hadn’t read the atmosphere or if she was trying to ignore it even though she had read it.

“Long time no see, Sophia. How have you been?”

“Princess Emilia… Are you right?”

“Don’t be right. I guess I was confused because of the way I dressed.”

I guess I know it’s weird. Sophia considered that to be very fortunate.

“Emilia, please explain to Sophia. I don’t have the confidence to say it with my own mouth.”

“of course. Leave it to me.”

Within the scope of that explanation, the current situation in which the eldest daughter of the virtuous Bayern family is wearing a maid’s dress must be included.

Anyway, it would have been helpless if we had just left without any clue and asked each other about the current situation.

It was Sophia who decided to be grateful for the slightest hope she had.

“Cook-Cook, I’m sorry. Sophia. Actually, since Paula was on vacation, there was no one to wait on him.”

“What does that have to do with Princess Emilia wearing the maid’s uniform… … ?”

There seemed to be nothing more relevant than ant tears.

So, Sophia’s question was valid, but the problem was that today’s Emilia was in a state where logic was useless.

“I wanted to try it at least once before. But I can’t take Paula’s job away, so I was just thinking about it, and the opportunity came.”

“… … .”

Was this person like this?

Sophia felt a huge gap between Emilia Bayemurn, whom she had last seen, and the woman standing in front of her.

Certainly, at the time, I felt like a dignified yet noble female knight.

Time changes people, but at most it was less than a year.

Even if it had only been 10 years, she wouldn’t have been so convinced.

Even strong mountains change in 10 years, so even if a person’s personality has changed somewhat, he would have thought it was okay.

“Isn’t that what my older brother wanted?”

When a person is escaping from reality, he will find the reason elsewhere.

The problem is, in the middle of that process, the unfortunate arrow was directed at Ludwig.

As he drank the tea he had prepared, he nearly sighed and stared at Sophia with cold eyes.

“Sophia, are you saying that to a brother you haven’t seen in a while?”

“That, right? I asked just in case.”

Well, there was no way the older brother he knew would commit such a shameful act.

However, because anxiety remained in her heart, Sophia unknowingly glanced at Emilia.

Noticing her gaze, Emilia silently shook her head with a smile on her face.

“Now that it’s like that, treat me like Ludwig’s handmaid today, Sophia.”

Maybe I chose the wrong time to come.

Even if it’s just a day late. Even if it was just one day earlier.

Pretending to listen to her request to see if it could be realized, Sophia decided to reflect on her actions.


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