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The Villain Wants to Live Quietly chapter 87

Chapter 10. Not as friends, but as lovers (3)

The news of their love affair spread throughout the mansion.

Yulia asked if it was still burdensome to share this news, but it was not so necessary from the two of them’s point of view.

It would be right to announce this news and receive blessings from more people.

When I said that it was okay with that thought, Yulia immediately started spreading the news quickly to the people in the mansion.

The first place this story reached was the office.

In other words, it was a place where the pillars of the Bayern family were in full swing.

It was the news she wanted to tell him through her own mouth, not anyone else’s, so Yulia hurriedly came here.

Today, the office was very empty.

It was because Marcus, who had been apt to reject even the offers of leave, temporarily left the Bayern family’s mansion as of yesterday.

It may have been that his head hurt from the recent tyranny of his boss.


“No way.”

“I didn’t expect to hear such good news when I was feeling lonely without Marcus.”

Stefan nodded in satisfaction with a smile on his face as if he had nothing to hide.

“You went to the festival together yesterday, so there must have been a change in your relationship then.”

“Huh, it looks like my kid accepted what he confessed.”

“That’s awful… It seems that even these things were taken out of the mother-daughter relationship.”

Stefan laughs uncharacteristically as he recalls his days of love with his wife.

He would be the same, because, like Ludwig, he was also confessed to by his wife Julia and led to a romantic relationship.

Unlike himself, who had great doubts about whether to progress their relationship due to family problems, he would rather actively seek out places to meet secretly on Yulia’s side.

On the outside, they look like bright flowers, but on the inside, how can mother and daughter be so alike to the point that fearsome drive and stubbornness are mixed inside?

It was amazing, but on the other hand, it felt strange that their dating days seemed to overlap.

“Because you are a very special person. If you look at other family heads, they seem to be busy getting nervous when it comes time for their daughter to get married.”

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Julia, who had been watching from the sidelines, knew better than anyone that his daughter’s love was extremely sincere.

That’s why I thought it was strange.

It was because he seemed more happy than saddened by the fact that his daughter, who had been raised so much, was leaving for another man’s arms.

“Maybe it’s because it’s a dream I’ve had since long ago.”

“You mean a dream?”

It was the first time she had heard the story, so her ears perked up naturally.

“exactly. At first I was in a similar situation to what you are talking about. It is unacceptable that your daughter, whom you raised with great care, would go to the side of an unknown bastard.”

By the time he had Emilia for the first time, he was no different from any other foolish daughter father in the world.

She said that if a man with the ability to raise her preciously in her arms and catch her eyes appears, then only then will she be let go.

But it didn’t take long before I realized that I was wrong.

“But one day, I suddenly had this thought. Rather, since my daughter, Ai, is the man she chose with her own two eyes, she might be more trustworthy than anyone else. It would be wonderful if I could be friends with a man like that.”

He had always wished he had at least one more son.

A son who can share things that he would not be able to say because he is a wife or daughter, form a bond of sympathy as a man, and be like a friend.

Maybe the reason why I changed my values was also reflected in that wish.

“So that’s why you decided to accept it.”

“That’s not all. At first, I also thought it was Gingamin. But seeing the boy take care of her even in small moments, I just thought it would be okay.”

At his answer, Yulia smiled and empathized intensely.

I wonder if someone looks alike even the eyes for choosing a son-in-law in case they aren’t a couple.

Even the opportunity to see the man named Ludwig again was unreasonable.

“You and I both have good companions.”

“But don’t chase too much. Because that friend will still be having a hard time with us.”

“It’s a difficult request, but I’ll try my best.”

For Yulia, who had no one to talk to about her hobbies, Ludwig was like rain during a drought.

You don’t know when you’ll leave this mansion, so you’ll have to use it as much as you can until then.

She made a promise in front of her husband and smiled, and cautiously left the room.

Tonight, I will have to prepare something precious, so I wanted to stop by the kitchen and say something.

* * * * * * *

Although rumors say that there are no feet, Yulia was filling that role for today.

Perhaps because of that, the two had to go around the mansion all day and receive congratulations.

There were only a few exceptions, and the only ones who blessed the two were only a few people who knew that the betrothal relationship was a kind of contract marriage.

A typical example would be this girl in front of me.

“congratulation. Ludwig, Emilia. I heard the story.”

“I’m sorry, Tanya. I wanted to tell Tanya through my own words… … .”

Because the situation got a little twisted, Tanya was inevitably informed by Yulia that the two had become lovers in earnest.

Emilia, who was worried about that, looked downcast all the time.

“It is unavoidable. Never mind, Emilia.”


“Write. Are you going to misunderstand that I just wanted to brag about it with my mouth to my friend?”

“Wow, I don’t mean that at all… … !”

Looking at her childhood friend who hurriedly denied it, Tanya smiled softly.

He was a friend who always looked perfect, but lately it seems that his fierce side has increased. Am I becoming like my lover?

This time I personally realized that the woman I love changes, but it seemed that this girl in front of me would never change.

That must mean that Ludwig is a big presence to her.

“So, who confessed first? I am very curious.”

“I-I did it first.”

At that time, it was a confession that I made based on the courage that welled up, but now I feel ashamed again when I try to tell others who confessed first.

Uncharacteristically for her, when she answered with a trembling voice with her head lowered, Tanya shook her head in surprise.

“I am surprised. I thought Ludwig would confess first, even if he was sorry for rejecting my confession.”

“Puff! Coke! Coke!”

Ludwig, who was next to me, spurted out tea and coughed as if he had heard it.

What deserves praise is that he didn’t spray the tea at one of the two, but that he turned his head and quickly sprayed it at the wall.

“Oops, revenge success.”

“Tanya is too.”

I never dreamed that I would avenge the past in this way.

The two of them laughed at the sight of Tanya bursting into a big smile and clenching her fists cutely.

“Bocchan, please wipe it with this.”

“Yeah, thanks to you, I’m alive.”

Ludwig thanked Paula for accepting the handkerchief he had carefully held out, and wiped the tea from his mouth and clothes.

Followed by Paula, who quickly pours black tea into an empty teacup without even having time to ask.

Indeed, like a thorough maid, there were no gaps.

On the other hand, the conversation between the female crew continued, leaving behind Ludwig, who was busy doing the follow-up.

“Aren’t you planning to eat dinner yet?”

Tanya asks about the wedding schedule of the two who became lovers yesterday.

It was something that Emilia also wanted, but she felt that it was still a little premature, so she tilted her head and asked back.

“Wouldn’t it be too soon?”

“Um… I think it’s okay. After all, you’re engaged. Besides, I can’t imagine the two of them breaking up any more.”

I often use the expression of a match made in heaven, but I can assure you that I have never seen a pair that matches as well as these two.

The exterior part fits well, but I thought that the atmosphere and stickiness were on a different level.

It’s like a relationship that’s a little more solid than love.

On the contrary, if they stop being lovers, I wonder if it would be Heaven’s mistake.

“Of course, I am not forcing you. Emilia must have her own thoughts. I just wanted to see you two get married.”

“If that happens, maybe I won’t be able to see Tanya less?”

Because of the prestige of the Bayemurn family, Ludwig might come in as Daryl’s son-in-law, but if they got married, Emilia would be headed to the Ipretz family.

In other words, if Tanya wants to meet Emilia, she has to come all the way to Featherbarn.

Lutentia is said to be a street that is not too crowded for Tanya to visit, but in the case of Featherbarn, the story was a little different.

Realizing this belatedly, Tanya widened her eyes and shook her hands quickly to settle what she had said.

No matter how far he and Emilia grew apart, it wasn’t a relationship that would be neglected, but in any case, it was an obvious fact that it would be difficult to see each other if the body moved further away.

“I made a mistake. Let’s get married as late as possible, Emilia.”

“Puff, I will. But what if the day comes when Ludwig pushes forward aggressively?”


Tanya’s eyes turned sharp in an instant at Emilia’s careless words.

Standing at the end of that line of sight was the man who stole her friend and the man who rejected her confession, the most hated man in the world.

“Ludwig, did you hear? Just do it.”

“Are you going to interfere with the marriage?”

“I don’t know if you’re getting married, but I can’t forgive you for taking my friend away, right?”

“… First of all, I am your friend.”

But he had no choice but to murmur and withdraw, as he had no right to say anything to Tanya.

Tanya, who won the victory in the scramble for Emilia, cheered and embraced her.

For some reason, the current composition, with the two lovers facing each other and Emilia and Tanya attached, felt very different, but what to do? I had no means of rebuttal.

Emilia, who had been looking at Tanya in her arms, turned her head and met Ludwig’s gaze across from her.

The two of them laughed and nodded their heads slightly as if they were in trouble, no matter who said first.

For the time being, I think I should go along with Tanya’s complaints.


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