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The Villain Wants to Live Quietly chapter 86

Chapter 10. Not as friends, but as lovers (2)

How much longer would it have been like that?

The two of them, leaving behind their regrets, cooled their faces by fanning themselves, no matter who came first.

After we became lovers, I thought that this kind of skinship would be more natural, but it wasn’t at all.

Rather, they were more excited and busy conscious of each other.

The fact that his face became hot wasn’t just because the other person’s body temperature was transmitted to him.

Emilia stopped fanning her hands and gently turned her head away.

There was a man who unnaturally avoided his gaze with a flushed face.

‘In addition.’

When was the first time you hugged and you tried to escape like that again?

I put up with it when we were friends, but now I have no intention of showing mercy anymore.

Resolving to firmly declare war at this opportunity, Emilia moved lightly.


“I won’t see you anymore. That way, whenever you avoid me, you will be hugged.”

“Well… Seems like I’m the only one who’s good at earning money.”

In fact, I wanted to hold her for a little longer, but I only let go because I was afraid it would make her uncomfortable.

If this was punishment, he might do something that would upset her heart several times in the future.

“Then why don’t Ludwig hug me every time he avoids me?”

“Any amount of that.”

“In front of other people.”

“… … .”

Ludwig kept his mouth shut.

That would be the case, only one condition was attached, but the difficulty level jumped to the ceiling.

Emilia also burst into laughter after reading his expression.

Anyway, he is a serious man in everything. I was just giving it as a joke.

Ludwig, whether aware of her mischievous intentions or not, began to struggle with a serious face.

Still, since we became lovers, I wonder if I could grant you this kind of request.

He quickly nodded and opened his mouth.

“If you’re satisfied with that, I’ll do my best.”

“… Yeah?”

What are you trying to do?

Emilia asked the question with a bewildered expression, and reflected on the conversation from earlier.

Could it be that he sincerely intends to hug himself in front of others?

Of course, I’m satisfied with that mindset, but I don’t know if my heart will last.

“Lu, Ludwig? It was a joke… … .”

“no. Now that we’re lovers, we need to be a little more confident. I will do my best not to make Emilia feel sad.”

Ludwig dismissed it as a joke and pointed out that she was considerate so that he would not be burdened with it.

Watching him spit out words with a determined face, Emilia’s face instantly turned red.

I never thought a change in a relationship would be so important.

As if to disprove that the reason he hadn’t been able to express his intense affection for himself was because they were just friends, the way he was actively involved now was unfamiliar but nice.

“Well, it’s okay to put it off until later… Can you hug me one more time now?”

“As much as you like.”

When Ludwig’s arms from behind loosened up, he turned around and embraced Emilia in reverse.

Feeling his solid body through the thin dress, Emilia managed to erase the impure thoughts that were about to creep up.

But just because I erased it, it didn’t mean that it was completely out of my head.

‘I wonder if he’s a man after all.’

Obviously, the time he trained his body was overwhelmingly longer.

Even so, the body she hugged felt even harder and thicker than her own.

At the same time, the strange sense of security surrounding her body made Emilia gently close her eyes and enjoy the sensation.

“Does Ludwig want anything from me?”

“It is too sudden.”

“I always feel like I’m the only one fooling around. Sometimes I want to hear what you want.”

In the days when they were friends, there were times when he regarded his favor as a burden on his heart.

If you receive something from him, you must give something back. that it makes sense.

However, after realizing each other’s feelings and becoming even closer, there has been a big change in that mindset.

I want to do something.

I wanted you to know how much I love him.

I wanted to convey this great friendship in my heart in some way.

“Anything good?”

A mischievous smile spreads across his lips.

What do you want? Emilia nodded her head straight while rolling her eyes in strange anxiety.

“In that case, I want to try the food Emilia cooks someday. Even simple food is fine.”

“With my skills, I might just throw away Ludwig’s tongue.”

“Food is a matter of sincerity rather than taste.”

“still… … .”

It’s not difficult to do, but I couldn’t guarantee the taste.

Besides, since she knew Ludwig’s cooking skills well, her confidence was further weakened.

If you are a person who makes that kind of food, your taste buds will be quite picky.

Wouldn’t it be unreasonable to satisfy yourself with your own lack of skills?

‘Okay, let’s do it.’

But looking at his eyes full of anticipation, I couldn’t bear to say that I couldn’t.

In the end, Emilia vowed to improve her skills as soon as possible by beating Gritta.

Nodding her head firmly, she confidently said while holding Ludwig’s hand.

“like. If that’s Ludwig’s wish, I’ll make it sooner or later.”

“I look forward to it.”

“… Don’t do too much.”

Emilia went to the end and eventually responded as if taking a step back.

Ludwig smiled at him and nodded.

I let go of the body that was holding Emilia, hoping that that day would come quickly.

“Come to think of it, Ludwig, do you remember yesterday’s bet?”

“If it’s a bet… ah.”

Ludwig, who was searching for yesterday’s memory at the sudden question, stopped sighing.

It must have been a bet on whether or not to be surprised by the fireworks.

But that… … .

“Wasn’t it over with my victory?”

I heard that the fireworks were beautiful, but I did not remember being particularly surprised.

In the first place, even when I was in that world, I saw a lot of fireworks, so it wasn’t that fresh.

What is it anyway? The triumphant smile on her lips made her feel very uneasy.

“Please. The look of Ludwig looking at me with a surprised expression yesterday remains clearly in my memory?”

“Uh, it wasn’t the fireworks, you were surprised because of Emilia’s confession.”

“Anyway, I was surprised. If I made a surprised face while watching the fireworks together, wouldn’t it be that I lost the bet?”

Do you have all these sophistry?

However, what was difficult to refute was the content of the bet, ‘whether or not you make a surprised expression while watching the fireworks together’.

In other words, even if they weren’t surprised by the fireworks, as long as the situation of watching the fireworks together was met, Emilia would win.


Ludwig finally sensed defeat and lowered his head.

It was his defeat that he set the conditions wrong in the first place.

It wouldn’t have turned out like this if the condition had been set a little more clearly, ‘in case you were surprised by the fireworks’.

“Huh, how are you? Would you like more rebuttal?”

“… lost I didn’t know that Emilia would plot such a big scheme.”

“It’s not a beast. Is your expression bad? Ludwig.”

It was just a small plan of a girl in love who wanted to catch two rabbits.

As a result, because of the legend of fireworks, he won a man to be with forever, and even got a wish to wish for him.

In such a joyous situation, I hummed a song of my own.

“If it’s a request, I’ll always listen. Have you ever wanted anything from me?”

“Yeah. Although I want you to listen to me right now.”

“Um… It’s scary, but also curious.”

Is there anything you want that much?

When Ludwig’s curiosity was piqued, Emilia, who had read his expression, slowly approached him and smiled.

“how about it? will you listen? It’s not a very difficult request.”

“Anything possible.”

It seems that the wish is not so big that it requires proper preparation.

Ludwig sighed in relief and nodded, thinking that it was fortunate, and she replied calmly.

“I want to hear it from Ludwig’s mouth. I love you.”

It was Ludwig who had become dumbfounded by a completely unexpected wish.

“Since we’re lovers, I can grant you any wish even if you don’t have to ask for it.”

“i know. But for now, this is my biggest wish.”

It would have been nice to save it and use it when I want something bigger someday.

But from now on, since I was a lover, I didn’t want to dwell on that.

If you rejected my confession last night, I don’t know what I would have written this wish for.

He might have made an outrageous wish to kiss her, to have her one last time.

It was nothing else to use this wish for something pointless that could be granted at any time.

It’s just an expression of confidence that you’re in a relationship where you can tell you anything you want, even if you’re no longer dependent on it.

“I love you. Emilia.”

As the expression of love he had heard for the first time tickled her ears, Emilia approached him as if possessed by something.

As he touched his cheek with one hand, the hot sensation traveled through his fingers to his head.

Could this be because of his flushed face? Or is it because of his own heart that started beating wildly?

The burning sensation is getting stronger.

As the remaining moisture in her mouth disappeared and her lips gradually dried up, Emilia slowly brought her face closer to him.

If I had that, I would be able to quench this thirst. I was screaming that in my head.

Around the time when the distance between the two of them got closer and they became one.

“Emilia, here you are… oh?”

“Uh, Mother!?”

The peaceful atmosphere was instantly shattered by the owner of the room who entered the studio, leaving only confusion in the minds of the two.

* * * * * * *

In conclusion, the recovery was carried out smoothly.

It was because, in the first place, Yulia, who witnessed the scene of the two hugging, was delighted and had nothing to do, and the situation went the opposite of what was expected.

She winked at Stefan, saying that she would keep it a secret for a while, then sat the two of them down and demanded a conversation.

“The situation a moment ago was as friends? Or is it what I expect?”

“Huh, the latter. mother.”

“Right. I expected it because they had been holding hands since I came back from the festival yesterday.”

Because she had heard the words from her husband, Stefan, she thought that the two would develop into a romantic relationship one day.

A man named Ludwig was also very satisfied as a son-in-law, and since they were a very well-matched pair, there was a time when I wished for a quick relationship.

However, it was surprising that the timing was considerably earlier than expected.

“Neither I nor your father guessed it from the time we decided on the two of you to be our fiancées. So don’t panic too much.”

“Yeah… … .”

In fact, Emilia’s embarrassment wasn’t because the relationship was discovered.

It was a relationship that would be discovered someday, and I was planning to reveal the truth today at the earliest, or within this week at the latest.

Besides, he was nominally his fiancée, and he knew long ago that his parents took good care of Ludwig.

Perhaps if you let him know that you have become a lover, the two of you will be happy if you are happy, but you will never be bitter.

just what

I felt awkward for some reason because I was caught in the middle of making love in the studio my mother used to use.

It wouldn’t matter if it was a relationship that I had proudly announced earlier, but I didn’t want to tell it like this.

“At your age, it’s normal. I want to be with the person I love, and I don’t want to be separated even for a second. You don’t have to be shy in front of your mother, so don’t worry about it.”

After all, is he a senior who has lived his life ahead of him?

Yulia, who was able to guess her daughter’s trivial thoughts, calmed her anxiety and encouraged her early on.

Because she was also a woman who shared a burning love in her childhood.

“Ludwig, I will take good care of your daughter. Even though he is lacking in many ways, I hope you will embrace him warmly even if you don’t like him.”

Yulia, who had been treating him comfortably lately, spoke to him in honorific terms at least for this moment.

To that extent, the heart of a mother who wants her daughter’s happiness must be extremely heavy.

Ludwig nodded his head in a solemn manner, without even the usual calm laugh.

“Rather, this is what I have to say. Mrs. Julia. Although my body is lacking, I will not disappoint you and make Emilia happy.”

“thanks. If it was a half-hearted bastard, I would have sprouted it right away, but as a mother, I feel relieved to be in the arms of a man I can trust.”

As a woman before being a mother, I had a strong desire to let my daughter know what a great happiness it is to meet a wonderful man and continue my life.

I hope he is a man who can make a smile linger on his daughter’s lips rather than his ability.

I hope he is a man who can bring a new change to his daughter’s life.

How many candidates for son-in-law have you passed by with such a hope?

At least her precious daughter would shed tears by this man’s side, but she wouldn’t regret it. It was the first thought in my life.

“Huh, now we can call them father-in-law and mother-in-law. He must like it.”

“Ahahahaha… … .”

I thought I had crossed a high mountain, but when I think about it, there are still a lot of people I have to tell this to.

Ludwig smiled awkwardly and carefully grasped the hand of Emilia, who was sitting next to him.

It was warm. above all else in the world.


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