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The Villain Wants to Live Quietly chapter 74

Chapter 8. Blues blowing in social circles (9)

Even if it was a sincere apology, Emilia couldn’t readily accept it and continue a normal relationship with him right away.

However, I realized that there was no lie in his actions, so I erased the thought of pushing this further out of my head.

Because today is a happy day, the fact that I had more room in my heart also played a part.

“Because you’re such an idiot…” ! Did I tell you to come to your senses, to do something unreasonable and make it to this point!”

“Sorry, Father.”

On the other hand, after the incident, Georg had to be beaten by his father, Haschel Lünker.

Are you sane enough to do such a thing? He asked how much he had to burn his insides before he could come to his senses.

Georg managed to get a voice out of his throat that he didn’t think would come out of his throat, and then listened in silence to the accusations pouring out.

Now that he realized how irresponsible and foolish he had done, he had nothing to say even with ten mouths.

Haschel Lünker, barely calming his burning stomach, walked straight ahead of Ludwig.

Then, without saying a word, he bowed deeply.

It was too sudden and bold to be the action of a man in charge of a pillar of a count family.

“I’m sorry. As a parent, it is my fault for not teaching my children properly.”

“… … .”

Ludwig had a slight surprise on his face.

That Haschel Lünker, who was famous for his heavy hips in the original work, appeared in such a low profile.

It was also a part of his educational policy.

“Please do not mind, Lord Rahethofen. Although I can’t say his actions were right, in the end he admitted his wrongdoing and I’m not taking it to heart either.”

It was only part of the plan that Georg dared to put himself down on the spot.

Ludwig didn’t care at all because the words he had spoken at that time only sounded like empty echoes.

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Just as an insincere compliment cannot touch someone’s heart, the opposite is true.

Although Emilia had yelled at him saying that he needed an apology, why not catch the pod for not being angry?

Moreover, he thought that further criticism was meaningless in a situation where Haschel-Lünker had even bent his pride and apologized.

“It’s ridiculous to say this now, but it’s a manly distribution that took down the princess of Bayemurn, who was called impregnable.”

Even Haschel-Lünker noticed that he didn’t want to make the atmosphere heavier.

Maybe that’s why, when the air seemed a bit warmer after the apology, he threw a short joke.

Ludwig wanted to join in, too, and nodded his head with a hearty laugh that was not suitable for him.

“hahahaha, I’ll take that as a compliment.”

How nice it would be if the day really came to break her down.

Ludwig firmly clenched his fists inwardly, promising only that day.

Stefan, who was watching this scene from a distance with a smile, approached Ludwig and patted him on the shoulder.

Encouragement and pride were contained in his thick hands.

“Ludwig, you can spend a little more time with my daughter here, then come back. I can’t be away forever, so I’ll go first.”

“But, Sir Stefan… … .”

It was Stefan who hosted the social event, but the main characters of today’s venue were the two who announced their engagement. By now, people will realize that they are gone and start looking for them one after another.

Ludwig also knew this, so they expressed their intention to return together.

Even so, Stefan shook his head slightly and dissuaded him.

“In a way, it’s like you’ve been harmed because of me. Pretend you’re accepting my apology and wait here. Or you can go back to your room and rest.”

Stefan was also acutely aware that his thoughts were short.

The problem was that the young man accepted it as if it were too obvious, thinking it was an act done to sort out the mistakes of the past.

When he realized that the young boy, who was not yet twenty, had more thoughts than he did, he wanted to hide in a rat hole.

‘Once I return to the venue, others will find these children.’

Organizing it would be part of the aftercare that you have to handle.

If he had corrected Georg’s behavior like Ludwig had done earlier, he wouldn’t have been twisted this far.

“Since ancient times, the winner of a duel needs sweet rice wine. It’s been a long time, so spend time with your daughter and enjoy this time.”

“Bae, thank you for your consideration.”

Ludwig cleared his throat and averted his gaze, having had a stern imagination for no reason.

At that, Emilia also turned her head in the opposite direction of Ludwig, with her cheeks flushed.

For some reason, as of today, it became an openly betrothed relationship, and the compatibility seemed to match more and more.

‘They seem to be a pair that suits them well.’

I wonder if his father felt this way as he watched the wedding ceremony between himself and Julia.

Little by little, a strange feeling filled up, and Stefan turned around with a faint smile.

On the other hand, Scarlett, who was about to follow Stefan as he left the gymnasium, stopped abruptly.

Turning her head, her gaze was directed towards Ludwig.

“Let me excuse you first, Prince Eifretz. If you have time later, can we talk separately?”

At the same time as her words, Emilia and Georg’s heads bowed violently.

I’m sure you didn’t hear it wrong.

It was very impressive to see Georg, who had been managing his expression well until just now, with his eyes wide open.

Unlike the two who seemed to have been struck in the back of the head suddenly, Ludwig was extremely calm.

On the contrary, as he smiled and nodded happily, the face of Emilia standing next to him suddenly changed like that of a yaksha.

“As much as you like. However, I’m afraid that Prince Rahethofen will get angry.”

“Yeah? ah… Put, that’s right.”

When he pointed at Georg standing behind him with his chin, Scarlett’s expression went blank for a moment, but then burst into laughter as if she understood.

It was. Although she was not yet in a position to hear a confession or a marriage proposal from him, she was already aware of the fact that he was now conscious of herself as a woman.

It was also said that the path of her unrequited love, which seemed to last forever, had changed rapidly.

Glance. Examining his condition with a sidelong glance, Georg averted his gaze clearing his throat as if he noticed his gaze.

“Wow, that’s a useless word. Why should I be angry… … .”

It was not a very pleasing sight to see a man with a stout build, his cheeks blushing and unable to keep his eyes on him.

However, that is only in general terms.

It was so cute in Scarlett’s eyes that she involuntarily touched him with a playful voice.

“Why are you so agitated? Is there a corner where you can get stabbed?”

“It’s okay, so let’s go, Scarlett.”

“Puhu, yes.”

Scarlett’s rear, sticking her head out in front of him and placing the stretching medicine on it, was more like a kitten than a person.

After making a promise with no promise, she waved her hand and disappeared with the group.

‘It’s finally over.’

I don’t know if this is really the end, but for a while, I can relieve my worries.

Ludwig let out a sigh of relief and leaned his body on the floor with both hands stretched behind him.

As he was the main villain of the original work, he should be conscious of future trends, but judging from the atmosphere, there was no sign of that right away.

“I’m glad it ended well. Emil… Leah?”

As he tried to share his joy with her, he shuddered at the rushing cold air.

Unsurprisingly, where his gaze was directed, Emilia with a sad expression was staring at him.

If there was even a knife stuck in his waist, he would pull it out right away.

“What is the meaning of what you just said to Miss Zellier? Ludwig.”

“Yes? mean… … .”

There was no particular deep meaning.

I just wanted to say something about Georg Gun because Scarlett asked for a conversation, so I accepted it without thinking.

Although it was a problem that the meaning seemed different to a third person.

“You don’t mean to have a tryst with another woman while keeping your fiancé open, right?”

“Yeah, can that be?”

Only then did Ludwig realize the cause of Emilia’s heart twisting, and hurriedly waved his hand and denied it.

Even though it was a contractual relationship, it was uncomfortable because the man who was nominally her fiancée was staring at another woman while he had his eyes open.

Maybe it’s a slightly different concept than jealousy. If I had to express it, would it be outrageous? Feeling betrayed? close to that feeling.

‘I’m in trouble.’

In fact, from the moment I woke up this morning, I had something in mind to tell her.

After the duel, when the atmosphere had calmed down a bit, I was going to bring it up, but due to a mistake a while ago, it was not the situation.

‘I can’t help but say that.’

It was something I had been planning ahead of time, based on advice I had received from Tanya not too long ago.

It is not easy to step back just because the air has cooled for a while.

Ludwig, who had been waiting for an opportunity, tried to catch her attention, but Emilia let out a cute little cough, saying ‘Hmm’.

“I’m sorry that you flirted with your fiancé, but… You worked hard today, so I’ll close my eyes. My father also told me to rest comfortably, but I can’t light candles.”

Uncharacteristically for her, a fairly lengthy excuse.

Ludwig quickly realized what she meant and gave a small laugh.

He obviously wants to scold him, but he doesn’t really get angry, so he’s probably trying to pretend to pass over Stefan’s words and what happened today as an excuse.

‘Because it’s cute.’

I would have thought that Emilia had a figure like this too.

If it was normal, I would have stabbed it subtly to pay off the humiliation I had always suffered and lived through.

However, it was Ludwig who decided to ignore it because he had just made a mistake, and he liked that this charming side was fresh and fresh.

There was not an uncomfortable silence between the two, but a tasteful desolation that briefly flowed.

The one who got lucky first was Emilia.

For some reason, she blushed and coughed again, bringing up the topic in an unnatural manner.

“I… Ludwig? You will be tired after the duel, so wouldn’t it be better to rest in a comfortable position?”

Even without saying that, he was already resting in a comfortable enough position.

I would have to lie on the bare floor to be more comfortable here, but I couldn’t show my ignorance in front of her.

“It’s comfortable enough. You’ll have to go back to the mansion soon anyway.”

“I don’t mean that… Aww, really!”

Seeing how frustrating Ludwig had been, listening to him constantly misinterpreting his words, Emilia let out a cute spirit and pulled his hair.

Ludwig’s head resting on her thighs as she knelt in her seat.

His consciousness flashed white at the soft touch of the side of his head, and soon after recognizing the current situation, he stammered and opened his mouth.

“Eh, Emilia… !? suddenly what… … !”

Emilia, who was trying to turn her head to look at her, pressed her face with her hand and instructed him to look that way.

Even though my hand went out first, I want you to know that I am ashamed of myself.

By now, your face should have turned red. Just like the hair of the young lady Jellier I saw earlier.

“Your father did too. They say that winners need sweet rice wine. Is this not enough?”

“It’s not enough, it’s just too much, so I don’t know what to do.”

I had received her lap pillow before, but it was a different sensation.

The last time there was more embarrassment than joy, but this time there was more embarrassment, but also more joy and fulfillment.

After all, Ludwig, who had given up on escaping, stayed with his head down for a few more minutes.

Emilia reached out and softly touched his face.

And then, as if the shame was gone, he turned his head toward the ceiling and met his gaze.

“Emilia, do you have any plans in three days?”

“Yeah, nothing really.”

If he asked, he would cancel the schedule he had and declare that he hadn’t flinched, but this time he really didn’t.

Responding in a calm tone, she reached out and straightened his tousled bangs.

“I heard that a small festival will be held here in three days. I heard that it is an event to pray for the next year to be well.”

“Yes. how to do that… … ?”

Emilia’s blue pastel eyes widened for an instant.

When he smiled mischievously, hiding the source of the information as a secret, she smiled softly as well.

“If you don’t mind, why don’t we tour the festival together that day?”

“With others… You mean?”

People worthy of accompanying the festival were widely spread throughout the mansion.

It’s the same with Tanya, who is close to the two of them right now, and in some cases, it could be the parents of both families.

So, when Emilia cautiously asked, just in case, he calmly shook his head.

“The two of you. Of course, if Emilia is uncomfortable being alone, it doesn’t matter if she accompanies others.”

Even though I wanted to make good memories with her, I had no intention of forcing them to be alone.

To the end, this is an obvious date request, but I suggested it in the hope that she would enjoy it, and I didn’t want to be a nuisance.

When Ludwig seemed to take a step back, it was Emilia who became desperate.

Did he ever say with his own mouth that we should go somewhere together?

Rather, it felt like a dream so much that I couldn’t tell the difference between reality and just stopped.

“Oh no! It was the first time Ludwig had asked us to go somewhere together, so I was just a little surprised.”

“I see. then… … .”

Ludwig carefully grasped her small hand, which was resting on his forehead.

If I let go of this hand, she wouldn’t turn into foam and disappear.

How did you get the chance I didn’t want to blow it up like this.

“Let the two of you go. to the festival.”

“… Yes, the two of you.”

Seeing her bright smile on her face made me feel relieved.

Ludwig closed his eyes.

I felt as if something was wrapped around my body, which was creaking with tension, as if I was riding in a cradle.

I managed to pull out the mind that was about to sink into sleep and maintain consciousness.

If she fell asleep like this, only Emilia would be in trouble. Only that worry held consciousness.

But that’s for a while.

Emilia loosened the strength in the hand that was holding him, and patted his cheek with her other hand while chanting lowly.

“Good night, Ludwig.”

A calm voice that penetrates the ear like a mother’s lullaby.

Ludwig gave that voice to the soma for the last time.

Even in the middle of this, Emilia looked at him with admiration as he steadfastly held her hand and did not let go.

As soon as I confirmed that his breathing had faded and he was asleep, I bent over and kissed his cheek.


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