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The Villain Wants to Live Quietly chapter 7

Chapter 1. Emilia’s story (1)

The Bayemurn family, that is the name of the family where I was born and raised, and my proud surname.

As the eldest daughter of a famous family and an only child, I lacked nothing.

Precious food and items were sent to me without even lifting a hand, and people older than me were all busy bowing.

And the first time I saw the hidden side of it was when I was ten years old.

I believed that the children from other houses who bowed in front of me and the servants who always showed a smile were friendly to me.

I think it might have been a natural perception for a young child who is now 10 years old.

One day, while sharpening my swordsmanship as usual, I began to see a strange color in my eyes.

It was a phenomenon that appeared not only to people, but also to cats raised in the family, and to wild boars that they happened to see.

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Just as I was contemplating what that color would be, a guest came to my family.

He was the head of a family of viscounts who had taken care of our family for generations.

Since he was a man who always brought me strange specialties and food from each region, I innocently asked him that day too.

What gift are you going to give today? It could have been seen as the beating of a young child, but now that I think about it, I wonder if it was a kind of stupidity.

“I’m sorry about this, what should I do? I don’t have anything to present to the princess today.”

“Ugh, no.”

I could see a moment of bewilderment, but I shook my head with a disappointed look at him who quickly smiled and handed me an apology.

He only said that he was okay with his mouth, but he couldn’t do it inside.

A multi-colored aura that began to appear to me. Among them, above the man’s head, a black-and-white lump was visible.

Does each person have their own personality? At the time, I didn’t know why.

And after a while, my father secretly called me.

Although he is a family member who serves us, he said that he shouldn’t treat us like that. He asked us not to take for granted what we receive from others and always have a grateful heart.

It was only then that I realized that I was wrong and went looking for the man.

Because among the advice my father gave me, there was a proverb that it was my duty to apologize if I had done something foolish, or to express gratitude if I had been favored.

– …because it’s gone. …Called.

‘Here he is.’

When I asked the servant where the man was, he replied that he would be in the parlor.

Thinking that I could apologize, I ran for a month without even accompanying the lady-in-waiting. As I stood in front of the door, I heard a faint voice from inside.

At the time, I don’t know why.

I started playing around, and I opened the large door as carefully as I could, hoping to eavesdrop on the story, and started listening to the voice through the gap.

I don’t even know if it’s something I’ll regret.

“Bad bitch… You’re the eldest daughter of the Bayemurn family, and I asked you whether or not you’re coming, so you’re embarrassing me in front of Lord Brantley?”

“Even if you give too much support, there will be problems.”

The man was talking to someone, and he didn’t want to hear more about it.

The eldest daughter of the Weimurn family. It was clear enough that even I, a ten-year-old, could tell who it was pointing to.

When I put my face through the gap in the door and checked the man’s back, an aura that was even more hideous than before enveloped my entire body.

It shook wildly, as if reflecting the man’s emotions.

Only on that day did I realize I have cursed eyes.

The way people show me is not true.

Most of them lied to me, had the wrong mind, and did not come to me sincerely.

In my young mind, I would immediately ask the servants in my family and the people I met afterwards what they thought of me.

And their answers were mostly the same. ‘The eldest daughter of the great House of Bayemurn’, ‘The person whom I want to serve for the rest of my life’, ‘The impeccable priestess’.

Behind those who spit out those words, there was usually a black mass staring at me. Yes, just like that man.

“thanks. I will always believe in you.”

And even behind me, who answered them with a smile, I couldn’t see it, but it must have been covered with black lumps.

Since then, to me, people have been left with nothing but fear.

But I couldn’t tell anyone about this. even to my parents.

How can I be proud to say that I do not believe in you even though I was born as your daughter.

This is the karma I have to take in my life. I just thought so.

yes. Until I heard the oracle given to me.

* * * * * * *

It was the day after my birthday and coming of age.

Those who have inherited the blood of the Bayemurn family will listen to the oracle when they come of age. This was also the grace bestowed by the Goddess Hypresia, which the Bayern family had kept for generations.

When he entered the temple after soaking himself in holy water to listen to the oracle, the torch placed in the place where the statue of Goddess Hypresia was erected spewed out flames.

It was a kind of signal welcoming the blood of the Bayemurn family.

【Descendant of Bayemurn, find the child bound by the thread of dawn. That person will change your destiny, so whether you cut him or not depends on your choice.]

From generation to generation, the oracle forces the believer to make a choice.

However, the oracle given to me sounded strangely to mean that I should choose my own destiny with my own hands.

The oracle given to oneself is a word that must not be disclosed to anyone and must be dragged to the grave.

I heard the oracle from Goddess Hypresia and set out to find the person concerned.

A child bound by the thread of dawn. It sounded like a floating cloud, but it was impossible to argue with the oracle that had been handed down.

Why did the goddess tell me this?

As I was thinking about it, I happened to meet a boy at a manor I stopped by.

I only saw his back from a distance without seeing him face to face, but it was no different that my eyes were drawn to him.

‘Only that man… It looks different.’

An unusual color that is neither black nor blue. Should I describe it as night color? The thread of that color was tangled and wrapped around the man.

And above all, behind the man’s back, something golden was shining little by little, not the dark aura that was just hideous.

When I saw it, I thought it was like a star embroidered in the night sky.

As I heard later, the man is said to be the head of the Ipretz family. Rumor has it that he likes flowers and has a good personality.

‘I need to meet you.’

The opportunity came quickly and easily. While visiting the area, I wanted to stop by the Ipretz family’s home.

I knew it was rude to the people of the Ipretz family to stop by without a message, but I didn’t have time to bother with that.

Because it was important to me to confirm him.

“Brother Ludwig will be back soon. We ask for your understanding.”

“I’m the one who came to you all of a sudden, so don’t worry about it.”

A servant of the Ipretz family handing me an apology while sitting on the sofa in the drawing room.

Despite the news of the sudden visit, he seems to have readily agreed to come here.

It’s not something I’m proud of, but as I became an adult and went out to social circles, I was much teased by my aristocratic children of my age.

Perhaps the Sogaju of the Ipretz family also wanted to meet me simply out of infatuation.

no no, Emilia. Now the uninvited guests are me and they are in a position to accept me. You shouldn’t have such rude thoughts.

Deep thinking is good, but if you go deep into the abyss, you end up like the authors I’ve seen.

– Kik.

“nice to see you. The lady of the Bayemurn family came to see me.”

The thought was short-lived and was erased by his appearance.

As I’ve seen before, it’s unusual hair that looks like it’s drawn on the night sky.

Behind his back, as seen then, golden shards were spread out.

“Excuse me, Prince Aifretz. I just want to thank you for agreeing to this sudden meeting.”

As I spoke while remaining as calm as possible, he approached the table and waved his hand. He bowed his head in line with the greeting while holding the sides of the dress again.

It was only a brief encounter, but I thought it was amazing. No other guy my age could hide his lust in front of me.

Behind them, a dark red mass always passed by, even for an instant.

But not this guy.

He wondered if he just didn’t think I was beautiful, but it didn’t seem like he was staring at my face for a moment.

It’s just that it’s not an ugly sound. He looked at me as if I were a precious being that should not be broken.

Whenever I feel that gaze that seems to care for me and care for me, something warm starts to rise in my heart.

“flower… Are you talking?”


When I recited the reason why I didn’t do anything to him, who asked about his business, he looked embarrassed for a moment and asked me back with a clear expression.

Even if it wasn’t for these eyes, I could easily recognize it, so I inadvertently thought that it was cute, and I swallowed in vain without realizing it.

Do you think I have thoughts like this for a man? It was such a shocking thing that I was surprised to myself.

Looking closely at his face, I realized that he was a handsome man, although he had a slightly cold appearance.

And in contrast to him, his smiling face was very kind and warm. When his sharp eyes curved like the crescent moon, he could find himself laughing along inadvertently.

‘Calm down, Emilia. What a stupid thing to do.’

The reason I came to him was to check on the oracle.

Since he said he was the man who would change my destiny, I had to know whether it was in a positive or negative direction.

If he was a man who didn’t like me, I had to slash him later.

But if he’s a man who catches my eye and a great man who can free me from this curse… … .

“I… Did you put anything on my face?”

“Oh, no. I made a mistake.”

However, before discussing the oracle, the gaze is automatically drawn to his face. He tried to keep his composure while trying to keep his face from blurring.

To think that the loneliness of the last 7 years was about to be erased just by looking at him. I was confident that I didn’t think it was bad even though I felt unsightly.

I was such an easy woman. What would the men who flirted with me think if they heard it?

I approached him who got up to lead me to the garden and put my hand on his chest.

I did it, but it was so bold that I was startled, but I managed to endure it because I was curious about his reaction.

“That… Aren’t you uncomfortable?”

“I’m fine. If Confucius is uncomfortable, can we fall a little?”

“Oh, no. To this extent… … .”

His face turned red and he turned his head away, unable to push me away or say anything, and smiled at him.

Even in the midst of this, dark red thoughts did not appear above his head. That fact surprised me more than anything else.

Yeah, it’s not because I’m thinking nonsense. It’s just a test to bring out the hidden intrigue in him and recognize his true nature. It’s not a light action done out of mischief by any means.

Let’s do a little more first. Then you will be able to find out the identity of this something that is buzzing in your heart.

The moment he thought about it, his new body flinched again.

After all, it might be a little cute. Today, I have a reason to stay here. I’ll just have to find an excuse.

which one would you like Since he seems to like flowers, would you say he wants to see the garden at night?

Even though I don’t know flowers very well, it might be a little helpful if we create a consensus.


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