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The Villain Wants to Live Quietly chapter 69

Chapter 8. Blues blowing in social circles (4)

The long-awaited social event The day was bright, and from an early hour, Ludwig busily began to groom himself.

Through this place today, he and Emilia will become engaged.

Even if it was a kind of contractual relationship at the moment, his goal was to win her heart one day and carry this relationship through to the end.

“You seem to be shaking a lot.”

“I know. Even if you try not to show off, it doesn’t work out.”

“I guess so. It must be the biggest feat in the journey of life that the young master has gone through.”

Paula, who was fixing his clothes, responded calmly.

The fact that the man whom I had watched since childhood was already getting engaged made me feel deeply moved and yet complicated. It was just sad that I couldn’t bring it out.

“Your clothes are very cumbersome.”

Feeling something caught around his neck, he frowned and snapped his neck from side to side.

The formal dress he wore today wasn’t the clean-looking tailcoat he usually wore, but there were a lot of things hanging on it.

It was a really dissatisfying outfit for Ludwig, who prefers clothes as simple and simple as possible.

“Please bear with me while the social world continues.”

Paula tried to soothe him as if he were a child, but it didn’t seem to have much effect.

Ludwig grumbled again in a complaining voice. A smile formed on Paula’s lips.

“To think I have to wear this until the sun goes down tomorrow… It’s terrible.”

This social event was only a process to formally announce the engagement between Ludwig and Emilia, so it wouldn’t last too long.

At most, the curtain will end tomorrow, and the day after tomorrow, everyone in attendance will return to their respective seats.

The problem is that even those two days feel like hell to him.

“There are many times when I get confused whether you are an adult or a child.”

“You say the same thing as Emilia.”

Ludwig also had a corner where he was stabbed, so he smiled bitterly.

Come to think of it, it was a story I had heard not only from Emilia but also from Tanya.

Although it was surprising that people who saw him had almost the same impression.

“The clothes seem to suffice. How about going to meet your fiancé in person? young master.”

“It is. Because I want to see Emilia in her new dress.”

“… You’ve been quite candid, too.”

Other than that, it was just a joke, but Paula was very embarrassed to bite the bait too fast.

In the past, I had a taste of tick-tick, but now I wonder if I really decided to be honest with my heart.

Ludwig, who opened his collar with both hands until it made a flapping sound, smiled.

It was as if he was saying, ‘Why did you do that to me after you asked me?’ Paula felt defeated for no reason.

Is this a remarkable growth? I realized once again that a man who has known a woman is a scary thing.

“You seem to change a lot since you get to know a woman, too.”

“… Be careful what you say. The tone is strange.”

“I didn’t mean that, but… … .”

If not, freeze to death. From Ludwig’s point of view, it must have been an overt aim.

Phew. He let out a small sigh, nodded, and stepped forward. There was no point in wrestling here, so he intended to go see Emilia.

“Lady Emilia will be in her room. Miss Gritta gave it to me.”

“You seem to have become very close.”

“Yes, quite a bit.”

Since they were maids-in-waiting, they must have talked about unfinished business in the absence of the owner. It was also a good phenomenon for Ludwig to see.

Because Paula hadn’t been able to meet people at all except for her work.

A specimen of workaholic who stays at the mansion even on vacation and takes care of small tasks in advance.

Even if it’s not enough to open up to her like that, it’s good to have someone in the same industry to talk to.

“It’s nice that I don’t have to run into other people.”

Even though it has been reduced, it is still the mansion of the Bayemurn family.

Except for the rooms, most of the halls and places where guests could be entertained were quite far from places where the family members would often come and go.

Thanks to that, Ludwig really liked that he didn’t have to pass by and exchange embarrassing greetings with the invited guests.

“But why does it feel like everyone passing by is avoiding me? Is my behavior that cheesy?”

“… … .”

I looked around the clothes here and there, but there was no corner that deserved attention.

Even if it wasn’t my taste, I thought it was a pretty good outfit.

Nevertheless, when the female servants met their eyes, they lowered their heads and hurried their steps to go somewhere. Like a small animal running away from a beast.

Paula, who watched the series of scenes from the sidelines, was at a loss for words.

If I dared to tell the truth, it seemed that my master, who had no confidence in a strange place, wouldn’t even believe it.

However, I felt guilty for letting it go like this.

“Oh, Gritta.”

Soon after arriving in front of Emilia’s room, Grita standing upright at the entrance came into the sight of the two of them.

When Ludwig first greeted her by raising her hand, she greeted her with a warm smile.

Unlike Paula, who is extremely businesslike towards others except the owner, Grita has a friendly attitude towards everyone. Even though she was the same maid, this was the point of stark contrast with Paula.

“Did you have a good night? young master.”

“Thanks to. What about Emilia?”

“You are inside. Please wait a moment.”

Grita lowered her head slightly and sent a message inside.

Soon after, Emilia’s low voice was heard from inside, and she opened the door with a smile and guided the two inside.

“Welcome, Ludwig. What have you been up to here?”

Emilia welcomed him in a new dress.

Even though it wasn’t much embellishment and it wasn’t studded with fancy jewels, the dress seemed to radiate light, perhaps thanks to the person wearing it.

Like the dress she had worn before, the area around her shoulders was slightly hollowed out, so Ludwig was only dizzy, but perhaps she didn’t know this, she just smiled softly.

“I have come to escort Emilia. Could it be rude?”

“Cook-Cook, no way. I was rather happy.”

I didn’t even have the heart to wait.

She was well aware of the reason for this engagement, but from today it becomes an open engagement.

Since it was such a meaningful day, wouldn’t he come to meet her? It was a car that was killing a little more time in the room even after finishing the grooming.

“Now, the moment I leave here, I must do my duty as a fiancée.”

“Don’t be too burdened. As long as Emilia stays as Emilia.”

“Ludwig too. Even though I got caught up in it because of my circumstances, I don’t want to burden you.”

At this point, it was actually a conversation closer to a lover than a show engagement, but the two people who were actually involved were unaware. Rather, he just continued the conversation in a calm manner.

The ladies-in-waiting who were just watching this scene from behind were blushing and dying.

It was only now that I was able to realize that even a love that is too fresh can have a huge impact on those who watch it.

“Now, shall we go? Emilia.”


When he politely extended his hand, Emilia lightly placed her hand on top of him.

The moment I left the room, I felt the air strangely different from what I had felt before.

‘It’s the beginning.’

I don’t know how this will end, but I will do my best.

Ludwig led Emilia with a determined face and finally arrived at the entrance of the hall where the social scene was taking place.

The moment you open this door and enter, you will not be carrying only the name of the Ipretz family on your back.

The mistakes he makes will soon affect the reputation of his fiancé, Emilia. Eventually, it will also deal a blow to Stefan and the entire Bayemurn family, who trusted and entrusted this position.

There shouldn’t have been anything like that.

Upon recognizing this fact, her calm heart was shaken little by little, and the hand holding Emilia began to tremble faintly.

Did you feel that slight trembling?

Carefully, Emilia folded one hand over her own and wrapped it around his.

“… Emilia?”

Ludwig called her name softly, but she smiled while looking at her silently.

Calm eyes, as if saying everything would be fine, calmed Ludwig’s rapidly beating heart.

“Thank you, Emilia. I always owe you.”

“Now that I am a fiancée. Please don’t try to take it all on your own, Ludwig.”

At her sincere request, Ludwig nodded firmly.

Anyway, he wasn’t a great person to take on everything, and he didn’t have that kind of ability.

One day, the day will surely come when I lean on her.

However, I wanted to overcome this situation with my own strength.

If you deserve to be by Emilia Bayemurn’s position as the protagonist of this world, then you should have at least an attitude comparable to that.

“Come in, you two.”


As the owner, who had clearly looked nervous, seemed to have calmed down, Paula, who was holding on to the doorknob of the hall, guided them and opened the door.

Soon, the light leaking through it became clearer and clearer, and the scene inside the hall filled their vision.

The eyes of the people who were talking in different positions with their respective outfits gathered in one place.

It was around the time when silence subsided in the tumultuous crowd and someone’s neck moved roughly.

Both men and women could not help but admire the series of scenes.

It feels like watching the moon and sun dance.

The sight of her walking through the center of the hall, with her dark-colored hair and platinum blonde hair in harmony, seemed quite foreign to her.

‘As expected, they’re a good pair.’

These were the impressions that came to the heads of the head of the two families who arrived at the venue first and had a conversation.

Diana and Julia, who had been chatting, seemed to have discovered the two only then, and they met each other’s eyes and smiled happily.

“Who is that man standing next to Princess Emilia? I’m seeing it for the first time.”

While they were talking among themselves in the corner, these words came out of a young lady’s mouth.

The daughter of the Bayemurn family was a talented woman famous for her beauty and swordsmanship, so even so, it seemed like she had never seen the clean-looking man next to her.

It is absurd that women from aristocratic families, who would be interested in dating, would forget about a man of that appearance. If so, it must have been the son of an unknown family, or the story of his first appearance in the social world.

“Did you not hear? It’s the Sogaju of the Ipretz family.”

“yes? very handsome… Even the eldest son of the Duke of Volfer was not like that.”

“Who is it? Even if you look at it, it seems that you and Princess Emilia have a close relationship… too bad.”

A man with a relationship that Emilia Bayemurn, famous for her impregnable castle, would take a seat next to as a socialite partner and even go to the president together.

In other words, it meant that they were not even allowed to look after themselves.

Women from aristocratic families who lick their lips with a clear expression of regret. It was the moment when the flower that almost bloomed in my heart faded in an instant.

“Welcome, Emilia. You too have worked hard for your daughter.”

I didn’t expect the two of them to come together, but I couldn’t believe they would give me such a fresh shock from the first appearance.

Stefan, who gave hospitality to his daughter and congratulations to Ludwig, personally guided the two of them to the center.

“Aren’t you very nervous?”

Karl, who was standing with Stefan, tapped his son on the shoulder and asked about his condition.

Ludwig told the truth as it was, without adding or subtracting. He had been very nervous until just a moment ago, but he said he had improved a lot thanks to Emilia.

“Emilia, take good care of your ugly son. Although there are many shortcomings, please be generous.”

“Don’t talk like that. Rather, it is me who owes it.”

Stefan to Ludwig, and Carol to Emilia.

The sight of each other giving good words and advice to the person who will become their child’s partner was truly profound, but it was heartwarming.

“Okay, let’s go now. Let’s proudly inform and come.”

“Yes, Father.”

It was time for the organizer of this social gathering and the person who first proposed this marriage talk to finally step forward.

He moved to the center of the venue and led the heroes of the day.

Putting her own hand on Ludwig’s as she had entered, Emilia slowly stepped forward.

The hostesses of the two families, who had been watching from a distance, left their positions and followed.

As the six people moved to the center of the hall, the eyes of the people gathered again.

Stefan looked around the crowd, cleared his throat for a while, and then clapping his hands to lighten the mood.

“Today, I would like to greet the distinguished guests who visited the House of Bayemurn. I am grateful to you for personally attending this place while the construction is not busy.”

Despite the fact that the head of a count family, not a duchy, was wearing a lower body to an unspecified number of nobles, no one pointed it out.

This can be said to be the weight that the name of a man named Stefan brings, and the result of the time accumulated by the Bayemurn family.

“I have always wanted to host VIPs, but I postponed it every time because the opportunity did not arrive, so I decided to host this event to deliver meaningful news.”

The thoughts of each family member who heard his words were in agreement. Then it is.

Somehow, since Stefan himself said that he was hosting a social event, I assumed that he had some intentions. I just wondered how big the issue was and why they were trying to open their mouths by gathering nobles together.

But now I have a vague idea of what it will be like.

A man who occupies the seat next to the woman Stefan cherished like a jade leaf. Even judging from the series of scenes shown earlier, it seemed that he had a fairly close relationship with Stefan.

Apparently, he is also the head of the prestigious Ipretz family.

Even listening to this, the situation before and after has become a rough inference.


“Yes, Emilia.”

As Stefan’s words gradually reached a climax, the eyes of the two people holding hands met behind him.

A few seconds to keep going. Stefan introduced the two and announced that they had officially become engaged, and congratulatory applause continued.

But no sound came to their ears, and no sight came to their eyes.

The gaze that met for an instant and each other’s body temperature transmitted beyond the hand. Those two things took away all the colors and sounds of the world.

Even though I was receiving the blessings of so many people, I didn’t realize it.

Maybe somewhere in my head is damaged by too much happiness.

Nonetheless, I was able to realize that this was the reality when I met the eyes of the other person from time to time with our clasped hands.

That’s right, from now on, I can get closer to this person.

I have no intention of ending it as a temporary engagement.

When their thoughts overlapped and their eyes met again, the two quickly turned their heads away, unable to look at each other as gently as before.


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