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The Villain Wants to Live Quietly chapter 68

Chapter 8. Disruption in Social Circles (3)

A social event hosted by the Bayern family.

As the news spread, even the aristocrats, who said their butts were a bit heavy, began to listen.

It’s not to the extent of being closed, but obviously, the Bayern family was reluctant to contact with the outside world compared to its reputation.

It was at the level of participating in the social circle season or ceremonially.

It was even said that the royal palace or the duke’s family did not directly host it, so they did not show their faces.

If you want to get them off the ground, that’s what you’ll have to do.

“It’s a social scene that has been open for the first time in a while. I am already looking forward to it.”

These were the words that came out of Yulia’s mouth while they were having a good time together.

A figure leaning his head on Stefan’s shoulder and turning his head slightly. A faint smile formed on his lips as he recalled the fresh dating days.

“You like to participate, but you hate to be open.”

“I see. I don’t know if this is something that couples resemble each other.”

Married couples are bound to resemble each other someday.

Whether it’s something so minute that you can’t even be aware of it, or something that is clearly visible on the outside.

The same was true of the Bayern couple.

The two of them learned things that they didn’t have and gradually became colored by each other.

Stefan, who was upright and firm, accepted Yulia’s gentleness and tolerance for people.

Yulia, who was quiet and kind, learned cool-headedness and knife-like judgment to cut something off from Stefan.

Because that’s what couples are all about.

“I think you are going through a lot because of me. Even though I said I didn’t care and could call another wife or artist.”

The reason why members of other families did not often visit the Bayemurn mansion was simple.

Because Stefan, the current head of the house, didn’t really like it when others came in and out of his house.

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Julia also often wants to invite others to talk, but she didn’t show it because she was well aware of her husband’s tendency.

“How is it? It’s not even a house I’m alone in.”

“It’s not even a house I’m alone in.”

“That’s right. But don’t mind me, it’s really fine.”

Not too long after they got married, Yulia was also a young and green woman.

There was a time when he was struggling with not being able to freely chat with his close friends, bearing the surname of another family during the peak of his life.

However, as time passed and she learned to enjoy a quiet moment, she realized that the occasional time alone with her husband was precious, and the loneliness disappeared.

Old friends, now hostesses of other families, contacted her, and she often visited them and had enough people to chat with.

“I am very grateful that you are my wife.”

“Oh my, what is it? A nobleman who rarely received compliments like that.”

Stefan was a typical blunt husband.

It’s clear that he is a pathetic woman, but it’s just that he can’t express it outwardly. In the midst of newlyweds, Yulia had a feeling that it was regrettable.

But today, my husband who brings out words that he hadn’t even said before in his face, wondering what the wind was blowing.

When I conveyed his admiration and gratitude in a playful voice, he blushed and shyly averted his gaze.

Even though she was already in middle age, in Yulia’s eyes, it felt just as cute.

After all, it is not for nothing that they say that men are the same no matter how old they are.

“Keuheum, sometimes there are days like this. I’m sorry if I’ve been too negligent.”

I thought I was conveying my affection, but it didn’t seem like it was going the way I intended.

He had never intended to treat his wife disrespectfully, so when he handed over a heartfelt apology, she quietly covered Stefan’s left hand with both hands.

“How are you? I also fell in love with you like that. But if you feel sorry, would you please stay with me today like this?”

“Yeah, you have to do that. The rest of the political affairs can be left to Marcus… … .”

It’s a story that would make his right arm vent his anger if he heard it, but unfortunately he wasn’t here.

In the end, Stefan, who unintentionally took a day off, had a long-awaited conversation with Yulia.

Somehow, the future of a young man and woman seemed to be reflected here.

* * * * * * *

At the same time, Ludwig was out in downtown Lutentia with two female members.

At first, I thought it was going out with Emilia alone.

Afterwards, it was a little regretful to know that she also recommended it to Tanya, but after they came out together, I thought that this was better.

“It’s not that I wanted to come out just because it was me.”

“I didn’t say anything.”

Even though the person concerned thought nothing of it, Tanya would always glance at Ludwig when standing next to him.

It was because of the guilt, as if he had interfered with Emilia for some reason because he knew his feelings for Emilia.

“Emilia recommended it, so I thought we were going out together… If I had known you would come out, I would have turned it down. You intervened without noticing.”

“Don’t worry about anything. It’s comfortable to think of playing with three friends.”

Unlike Ludwig, who spoke indifferently, Tanya couldn’t help but feel uncomfortable.

Because she was the only one who could understand the feelings of the two here. It felt like he was interfering with not only Ludwig alone, but Emilia’s love history as well.

“That dress looks pretty too. How is it in your eyes?”

“Uh, huh? What kind of clothes are you talking about?”


Tanya, who had been reciting the confession in front of Ludwig, hurriedly turned her head at Emilia’s sudden call.

The creaking neck and expression were ridiculous, so Ludwig turned his head and burst into a small laugh.

Still, for a while, Tanya crept up to Emilia’s side to look at the clothes reflected through the window.

Ludwig just stood by and watched the scene in silence.

‘There are many things that are good even for off-the-shelf items.’

The ostensible purpose was that Emilia had come out today to get clothes and accessories to wear in the social world.

Thanks to that, he was walking around the streets looking through the windows at the clothing stores and jewelry stores he liked, but in Ludwig’s eyes, it was nothing more than obvious smoke.

‘I owe you.’

There would be no reason for a young lady as precious as Emilia to go out to such an outrage.

Even if she was sitting quietly in the mansion, it was certain that a first-class tailor and craftsman would come and make something suitable for her.

Running out of time? That was no reason. It would be a great honor for them just to make custom suits for high-ranking nobles. It must have been made in one way or another.

Even so, it was clear that he had come all the way to this place in order to use an excuse to drag himself and Tanya out of the mansion.

If he had just offered it, he probably had in mind the possibility that he would have refused because he thought he would cause trouble.

“How does Ludwig look? I mean that dress.”

“It has a very nostalgic feel. Does Emilia like a dress like that?”

The dress she pointed out was embroidered quite ornately, even with decorations.

Of course, in his eyes, Emilia would look beautiful no matter what she was wearing, but at least she thought it wasn’t a look that matched her.

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Judging that he had read her thoughts, Emilia’s lips drew an arc.

It was merely an implicit question to find out Ludwig’s taste in clothes. Because such a dull-looking outfit didn’t suit her personality.

“Unfortunately, no. I was just wondering what Ludwig would think.”

“I thought so. My thoughts are the same as Emilia’s.”

The clothes themselves felt pretty good.

just how should i express it? It was a design that a middle-aged lady a little older would wear, so it just didn’t go well with her.

Emilia, too, looked away without much regret and moved along with Tanya.

Tanya, who was standing next to her, cautiously turned her head and, without Emilia’s knowledge, gave him a thumbs up. It seems that she wasn’t even young.

“Anyway, Lutentia is very bustling. It seems to be on a different level from the sight seen over the wagon.”

“Certainly, it might feel a little different from Featherbarn. If it has a warm and friendly feeling, then Lutentia is also a bustling but cold city.”

Ludwig nodded, thinking that there was a point.

Featherbarn is also a fairly developed city, but Lutentia was a prosperous place comparable to the central area centered on the royal palace.

Maybe that’s why, unlike Featherbarn, who seemed friendly with little distance between people, Lutentia had an overall desolate atmosphere. It’s not that there’s no liveliness, but I’d say it’s a lack of emotion.

“I also wanted to see Featherbarn properly.”

“Well? Oh, that’s right.”

Tanya, who had been silently listening to the conversation between the two, muttered in a curt tone.

At that time, due to a small incident, Featherbarn went straight to the Ipretz family’s mansion without being able to look around properly, and he had no memory of touring the city separately after that.

As a woman who enjoys exploring new areas, it must be regrettable.

“Then next time you get a chance, how about going to Featherbarn with me? Tanya.”

“yes? Is that okay?”

Tanya’s eyes widened at the most welcome news she had heard today.

Emilia, who felt as cute as a rabbit, nodded her head with a chuckle. Featherbarn walking with Tanya. I think it will be a good memory.

“Of course, permission should be left to Ludwig, not me.”


Tanya’s movements stopped abruptly, like a puppet whose strings had snapped.

Come to think of it, the owners of Featherbarn were the Eifretz family, not the Bayemurn family.

She, who had forgotten that fact, cautiously turned her head and stared at Ludwig.

Although he remained silent, Ludwig was able to notice that the question ‘Can I go?’ was mixed in his eyes.

Soon after, he smiled a little and nodded, and Tanya started jumping from her seat in joy.

His eyes opened like a rabbit, and he pulled the rabbit very tightly to the point where he jumped up and down.

Emilia, who was watching the scene, unknowingly poked Tanya’s cheek with her finger. It was her own expression of affection.

“You really like to walk around.”

“That’s right. If only my body wasn’t in this state, I would have wandered around like Sir Stetenbaum.”

“hahahaha, that suits me somehow.”

It was Ludwig who imagined the sight of Tanya, who was shorter than Emilia, wandering around mountains and snowfields.

Even though it was subtly different, it seemed like it would fit quite well with Tanya. Could it be because of her usual appearance that she is strong and confident?

As the atmosphere between the two flowed in such a friendly way, Emilia smiled happily and started to walk first in the lead.

‘I’m glad.’

He thought he would be awkward because of what happened a while ago, but it seems that he was overjoyed.

The reason I brought the two of them together today was to restore a relationship that might have gone wrong, but I guess it was unnecessary consideration.

For the rest of the time, the three of us can spend the time wandering around Lutentia. In particular, Lutentia had many things she wanted to show to Ludwig, a first-time visitor.


“what’s the matter?”

Humming a song, Emilia walked ahead.

Tanya, who kept a certain distance behind him, spoke in a low voice to Ludwig, who was standing next to him.

His eyes and expression were nowhere to be found, as he had been active just a little while ago. To the extent that it evokes the illusion that people have been switched.

“Have you heard of any other family members visiting this social event?”


“Then the story will be quick. Do you know the Rahethofen family?”

Rahethofen. The moment he heard that last name, Ludwig’s heart skipped a beat.

Could it be that you don’t know It was the family of Georg Rahethofen, the object he should be most concerned about now.

“I have never heard of it. why?”

“The family will also visit this social event. And there must be a second son named Georg, who has been flirting with Emilia continuously through letters for about three years.”


Three years ago, Ludwig frowned at the unknown news.

Georg’s encounter with Emilia in the original work was later than now. How could he have sent a letter to Emilia from three years ago?

“On what occasion?”

“I heard that we met by chance while following Sir Stefan. Emilia consistently refused… He didn’t think of giving up easily. Although they don’t seem to be writing to each other lately.”

‘It’s a headache.’

Things turned out to be more twisted than expected.

One of Ludwig’s plans included meeting Georg later and stabbing him in the back by pretending to be under his command.

If this happened, Georg might have concocted a plan to extend his witchcraft power to Emilia from an earlier point.

“It doesn’t look good to you either.”

“It’s not that bad. I’ve seen it once before… It was the worst. Rumors have been circulating that he recently got a fever and changed people, but it’s probably bullshit.”


He had heard of the fever. The reason why Georg was not there even though the Rahethofen family visited him at his coming-of-age ceremony was because of a fever.

It would be nice if a person could change just because of a fever, but the reality wouldn’t be so easy. His twisted tenacity was evident from the point where he flirted with Emilia for about three years.

To others, it might feel like supreme affection, but to Ludwig, who knew what Georg had done in the original work, it was considered nothing but an ugly feeling.

“Don’t worry, Tanya. I’ll do anything. Thank you for always caring.”

“Si, who cares, who cares!? Just because you’re better than that ugly guy… This is all for Emilia!”

“I know, thank you.”

Seeing him with a smile on his face, Tanya frowned, asking if he really knew, but unfortunately, he didn’t listen to him any more.

The most important fact is that I can finally meet Georg.

If he wanted to covet Emilia, he would have to nip it in the bud. Especially if it is stained with malice.


To do so, he cultivated his strength. There will be no more retreats.

Whether the opponent was the main character’s biggest enemy, it is said that it is an existence that cannot be conquered by one’s own strength.

I’m not trying to fight because I think I can protect it. I just fight because I want to protect it.

Ludwig carefully took his hand and clenched his fist as if the sword hilt had been stuck in his waist.

It seemed that a bigger wind was blowing in the social world, which was expected to be uneven.


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