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The Villain Wants to Live Quietly chapter 66

Chapter 8. Disruption in Social Circles (1)

The advantage of time is that someday it will surely pass.

The downside of time is that one day it will definitely come.

Ludwig lightly brushed his hair, recalling a phrase he had glimpsed before.

It was so literal. It seems like just yesterday that the incident with Tanya happened, but it was already close to three weeks.

He was still staying here in the Bayemurn. Originally, it would have been okay to go back a long time ago, but due to an unexpected event, I still owe it to you. that the thing is,

“Bocchan, did you cough?”


It was because the members of the Eifretz family visited the Bayemurn family here.

It is said that Stefan sent a letter in advance inviting them, including Paula, who came with him.

With her light blue hair dancing, she opened the door and stepped inside.

Originally, it would be absurd for a servant to go in and out of the master’s room without even asking permission. However, Ludwig replied with an insignificant face. Because it was what he allowed.

“How is this place, isn’t it uncomfortable?”

“Yes. Of course, it’s worse than where I’ve been living my entire life, but thanks to the consideration of others, I’m living comfortably.”

“I’m glad you did.”

If he hadn’t properly cared for Paula’s future, he was going to put his face on it and demand improvement in his treatment.

According to her father, Carol, it was originally planned for her to stay in the Ipretz family and take a break. But for him, he purposely came this far.

As the owner of such a unique seed, shouldn’t it be profitable to show that level of ability? That was Ludwig’s theory.

“Is there any inconvenience in living here, Bocchan?”

“Nothing. Not only Sir Stefan, but also Lady Julia took good care of it. However, it might be worth considering that it is too comfortable.”

“I see.”

Even when I was in Ipretz Street, I didn’t do anything as I should, but coming here made it even worse. To the point where I needed to seriously consider my life recently.

In the past, at least I tended to flowers and gardens, but if I came to someone else’s house and did that, it would only cause trouble. Sir Stefan might readily accept it, but it was clear that the servants below him would be uncomfortable. So I didn’t bother to bring it out.

Thanks to that, except for occasional going out with Emilia alone, or even the three of Tanya, she did almost nothing. To the extent of being a conversation partner for Yulia’s wife? It wasn’t bad, but I couldn’t get rid of the feeling that people were getting lazy.

“Soon, Sir Stefan said he would open a social event. Until then, you might want to take a break.”

“What? It’s the first I’ve heard of it.”

Ludwig widened his eyes when Paula, who was changing his clothes, heard the sudden news. How could Paula hear this important news first?

“I’m just on my way to hear it. The head of the household asked me to deliver it.”

“Father? Ha, you were excited about making fun of your only son.”

Such an important matter was something that could have been conveyed over a meal or a cup of tea together. Because he didn’t even know who would come to the social scene this time, he had to prepare in advance.

Even so, it was obvious even without looking at the reason why he reluctantly grabbed Paula as he headed to his room early in the morning and spoke to him. It must have been that he wanted to hear the embarrassed expression of his son through Paula later. Anyway, he was a very playful guy.

“So, when is it open?”

“I heard that invitation letters have already reached most families. They said the schedule is in a week.”

“I’m going crazy.”

Why would a social event be held in this cold weather, which is not even the season for social gatherings? Generally, the social season is supposed to end between the spring when the flowers are just budding and the autumn when they slowly begin to wither.

There’s no law against holding a social event just because it’s not social season, but the majority of the nobility were implicitly following the tradition. But what about the social world at this time? It was something he couldn’t understand.

‘What does that mean?’

How can a sparrow understand the meaning of a phoenix? Ludwig gave up thinking, believing that if the head of the House of Bayemurn had done something, there must have been a reason. There’s no point in thinking about it anyway. What do you want for something that has already happened?

Now, all I wanted was for the soon-to-be-held social event to go well and pass quietly.

“Shall I put my hair back today?”

“Why is my head suddenly shaking?”

“Because that side looks more manly. Sometimes I think you need to be dignified.”

It was Ludwig who blinked at Paula’s sudden suggestion.

What kind of dignity is there when you just raise your head? At least it’s a chicken in a chicken coop. Even if only one crest stood upright, those guys would get scared and run away. However, he was not a chicken, but a full-fledged human being.

“done. Just do it as usual.”

“Sorry. If Lady Emilia had seen it, she would surely have liked it.”

“… … .”

Paula speaks in an overbearing tone. Accordingly, Ludwig’s expression changed several times in an instant. It was very blatant. But at the same time, it was also very harsh.

Wouldn’t it be weird if a man in his prime doesn’t listen to the words that he can buy a crush on the woman he has in his heart? Ludwig finished his self-rationalization inside and opened his mouth while maintaining as calm a look as possible.

“Then what… Do you?”

“You’re a man too.”

Ludwig’s cheeks turned slightly red as her low laugh filled the room.

Anyway, this ungrateful lady-in-waiting had been impatient with her master since morning. Even though he was not able to deal with it properly, he did everything.

“you talk a lot.”

“All right. Then, I’ll decorate your hair without further words, so could you look over here for a moment?”

He sighed and turned his head to meet Paula’s eyes. She could barely touch Ludwig’s face if she lifted her tiptoe a little, so Ludwig didn’t have to bend down.


Ludwig’s pupils widened as the shallow darkness passed by Paula’s eyes as she carefully tidied up her hair.

However, looking at her again, her expression was not much different from usual.

“Hey, Paula.”

“Why is that?”

“… no, nothing.”

The tone of his voice seemed low as usual, but he had a piece of cheerfulness.

Is it because of the mood too? Ludwig shook off that sense of deja vu, considering it only his own ignorance.

It was a morning that made me want to see Emilia more and more.

* * * * * * *

Waiting for Emilia in the Morning Garden became part of his daily routine.

It all started with a very trivial occasion. While strolling through the garden one day, Emilia suddenly found out that most of the flowers in the garden did not know the names.

When Ludwig suggested that he would tell them about the flowers that bloomed here every day, if it was okay with him, she readily agreed, and from then on, they spent time together until just before lunch.

It was this private room he entered that made this possible even in the cold weather. According to Yulia, she made it because she often visited the garden even in cold weather. Perhaps thanks to that, this private room had a magic that kept the temperature constant.

‘It’s a luxury.’

Even when I was in Ipretz Street, there was no space like this. I wondered if it would be worth seriously considering installing it in the garden as well.

Looking around, he touched the hair that was bothering him again. Even though Paula had warned her not to break her hair, it didn’t go as she wanted.

‘I don’t know if my hair is weird.’

I don’t worry about it as much as Paula’s skill, but there is still one thing in the world. She boasted and embellished it, but whether or not Emilia liked it was another matter.

In the first place, I was worried that this kind of hairstyle was basically only for men whose looks supported it.

Ludwig, who could not hide his nervousness as he touched the rim of the still empty teacup. Soon after, the voice he had been waiting for pierced his ears.

“Ludwig, you were here first. I’m sorry to have kept you waiting for so long.”

“Ah, Emilia. Fine… … .”

Ludwig, who hurriedly got up from his seat to greet her, froze as it was. Because her attire and hairstyle were clearly different from usual.

She always preferred dresses with less exposure and a calm impression. Her hair was braided in handfuls and hung down on either side to add to her neatness.

But today was different. She wore a light blue dress with a slit above her shoulders, and her hair was left loose. Are you more open than usual? No, provocative might be the right word. At least that’s how he felt.

“Your hair is nice. Did Paula do it for you?”

“No, that’s right. Emilia also looks very good. This is the first dress I’ve ever seen… … .”

He couldn’t remember all the clothes Emilia wore, but at least it was certain that it was a dress that he didn’t remember.

Emilia approached the chair and sat down with a bright smile at the fact that he acknowledged it. Grita, who was quietly standing behind him, bowed his head to Ludwig and greeted him.

“Excuse me, you two.”

Paula, who had finished eye contact with the servants, cautiously stepped forward and refilled the two’s cups.

Emilia let out a low exclamation at her dignified appearance. His maid, Grita, is also competent, but Paula has a different atmosphere for some reason. Should I say noble? There was something that radiated innately.

“Every time I see Paula pouring tea, I can picture it.”

“Thank you for the undeserved compliment. Then feel free to talk.”

Previously, Paula had been at a loss for words from Emilia’s outburst of praise, but now she was fairly immune. As if proving that fact, Paula calmly gave thanks and quietly disappeared. From now on, she too was going to talk with Grita and the servants. Fortunately, the space in the private room was large, so we didn’t interfere with each other.

“Emilia also changed her hairstyle. I think it’s good because it feels cool.”

“That’s fortunate. I thought it might not be suitable for winter, but I wanted to change it a little.”

change It was similar to what Paula said. A man, she said, needs a change from time to time, and a woman is enchanted by the new look.

Of course, I don’t think Emilia did it for the same reasons as he did, but it was a good thing for him anyway. Being able to see different aspects of the person you like. What kind of luck is this?

“Isn’t it cold? I guess the shoulder… … .”

“Because I came here wearing this. And thanks to the experience of training with Master, I don’t mind this much cold now.”

“I’m glad that’s the case.”

Pointing at the shawl slung over her dress, Emilia spoke triumphantly.

Ludwig shook his head at the thought that it was his own ignorance, although he was worried that he might have been forced to wear it because it was cold.

“Have you heard of Emilia? The social event will be held in a few days… … .”

“Yes, my father told me yesterday.”

“I see. I’m just on my way to hear from Paula… I was a little embarrassed.”

It was the first social world he experienced after going through a coming-of-age ceremony. What I couldn’t help but be nervous about.

Unlike him, it is said that Emilia attended social events a couple of times even after the coming-of-age ceremony. One of them was Ludwig’s coming-of-age ceremony. Although the conclusion is slightly different.

Emilia laughed softly and took a sip of the tea. I already had news to tell him, but since he was already so embarrassed, I wondered if I should deliver it or not. On the other hand, I wanted to see him more embarrassed.

“You don’t have to think hard about it. It may feel difficult when you first enter the social world, but this time I am with you, right?”

“okay. Please, only believe in Emilia.”

Seeing him lowering his head and making an exaggerated request, Emilia let out a small laugh.

He is a very honest person. It would be okay to pretend to be a bit strong, but rather, leaning on yourself was both funny and cute. Here, as a socialite senior, you should let yourself lead a little. You could use this as an excuse to lead him around.

So, let’s start talking about it slowly. Looking forward to what kind of expression you will make.

“Ludwig, have you heard any more stories from your father?”

“If you mean Sir Stefan… There is no right. Is something going on?”

I haven’t had a conversation with him for about two days, except for dinner. It was a problem before hearing the story. If it was an important matter, I would have heard it through Paula. How important is it that he wants to convey it through his daughter, who is treated like a golden jade?

With half anticipation and half fear at the thought of what might be good news, I waited for Emilia to open her mouth. Then, her words were enough to send my mind far away.

“He told us to get engaged.”

“… Yes?”

us, who? the two of us The words that followed were obviously… unless you heard it wrong. … .


It was. engagement.

A short word of no more than two syllables hit him hard in the back of his head.


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