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The Villain Wants to Live Quietly chapter 64

Side Story 1. The story of two people (1)

This is a story from when the two of them were still in the mule.

The schedule for returning to Lutentia was roughly set. Emilia sent a letter not only to the Bayern family, but also to the Ansberg family to tell her friends the news. After successfully completing the day’s schedule, he returned to his room assigned to the lodging and leaned on his body.

Should I meditate for a while and have some alone time? It was a car to close my eyes and enjoy the silence without hearing any sound.

smart. The corners of Emilia’s mouth rose slightly at the faint sound of knocking. There are only two people who will find this room anyway. Among the two, the one who would knock on the door so cautiously was decided.

“Come on in.”

With her permission granted, Ludwig appeared with the characteristic squeaking sound of an unoiled wooden door. With one hand holding a fairly large glass bottle. The inside was filled with something light yellow.

“Looks like I got in the way. Wouldn’t it be better if you came later?”

“Please. I was just enjoying the quiet for a while.”

“Then you are right to have interfered. I didn’t mean to.”

Ludwig cautiously sat down on the chair next to the bed with a shy smile. Upon closer inspection, a small kettle was also held in his right hand.

“Ludwig, what was in his hand… … ?”

“Your schedule was tight today. I was wondering if it would be okay to warm up my body for a while.”


There were many things to do today, such as getting a wagon and horses to use in a few days, sending letters, and more. And because Emilia was stubborn, saying that she couldn’t cause trouble to him with her affairs, Ludwig ended up waiting at the inn unwillingly.

It’s not something to be sorry for, as she said, but even so, a corner of my heart throbbed. To alleviate that, I prepared a surprise gift. Actually, I’m just using the stuff I prepared two days ago.

“It was a little pickled lemon in salt and honey. There is nothing like this to recover from fatigue.”

“When did you prepare this?”

“I asked the store owner and he said that you can use the kitchen for an additional fee. So, I prepared in advance.”

Well, Ludwig was doing money management. To put it a little more bluntly, it meant that most of the traveling expenses the three of them moved came out of his pocket. It wouldn’t have been difficult to keep it a secret from them and rent the kitchen for a while.

Rather, pickling lemons in salt and honey. I don’t think there was such a usage. However, I have a question about whether it is okay to drink it as a tea. In the first place, I wondered if salt was a condiment suitable for tea.

“Are you anxious? Drink it and it will change your mind.”

“Boo, don’t worry. There’s no way Ludwig would recommend anything strange to me.”

“hahahaha, is it an honor?”

Did he know what he would have been in this car and willingly drink it like this? Thanks for trusting me, I was playful for no reason, but I decided to hold it in for her, who must have been tired today.

I took a little bit of the lemon syrup I had brought into the teacup on the table next to the bed, and poured warm water over it.

You may want to know what salt is in lemon, but even so, a condiment called salt lemon actually existed. The strangely salty taste of salt accentuates the sour taste of lemon, and when honey is added to it, there is nothing better than this to relieve the fatigue of the day with a subtle sweetness. When I was at my parents’ house, I was well received by Paula.

“Here I am. It’s not too hot, so try it.”

“Thank you, Ludwig.”

Emilia accepted the teacup while feeling a gentle emotion. As he said, the tea water was not very hot. Just the right temperature to warm a cold body. It must have been cooled down moderately in consideration for drinking right away.

‘It’s warm.’

Are the words emanating from his consideration, or the warmth transmitted through the teacup? Only Emilia herself would know that.

Hurb. I take a small sip of the freshly brewed lemon tea. The sweet and sour scent spread throughout my mouth, and I felt that my body and mind were much more comfortable.

“Whoa… It’s good. I have drank black tea with lemon or lemon juice many times, but this is the first time.”

“I’m glad you’re okay. I still have a lot of it, so I keep it next to me and drink it whenever I think of it.”

“Okay. As expected, I am always indebted to Ludwig.”

Even though it was his will to come this far, he couldn’t help feeling sorry. Unlike herself, who has become accustomed to living here, even though she may feel uncomfortable in a distant place, she does not show it and even takes care of herself. It was regrettable that simply saying thank you could not repay the favor.

“Thank you. It’s a way to take care of this much between friends. Don’t worry too much about it.”

‘friend… … .’

Taryeong, a friend who is unmistakable today. With that one word, the warmth that had been in my whole body escaped, and cold air rose from the corners of my feet.

yeah, that’s not wrong At least we’re friends right now. But why? When I hear that fact directly from this man’s mouth, it feels like something in my head is snapping.

He was the one who begged me not to bully him every time he played a prank, but if it wasn’t for this shameful side, the pranks he played on him would have been cut in half. It was Emilia who was so sure.

“Anyway, I’m glad you’re feeling better. I was worried about whether it would work.”

The effect was sufficient. It seemed like my eyes were opening a little bit, and my tired body was starting to rejuvenate. However, it wasn’t enough to leave it like this. I just wanted to tease him a little more.

Even so, she was quite brazen. It was nothing more than being indebted to a person who was indebted to him.

“Ehm… Me, Ludwig?”

“… … ?”

Why did he suddenly clear his throat and call himself? Ludwig’s ears perked up. I wonder if there is something I want to say.

“Ho, is there any other way to relieve fatigue?”

“You must have been very tired. If that’s the case, there’s a good way… Emilia might feel rejected.”


What’s the refusal to relieve fatigue? Emilia expressed her doubt at the words that did not match the sentence.


In the meantime, I had a thought. An act that relieves the fatigue of the body, but you may feel repulsive.

‘massage… … ?’

She had never tried it, but she had heard that from time to time, young ladies from aristocratic families received massages using scented oil. It is said to be good for beauty and perfect for fatigue. But the problem is… … .

‘In that case, I’d have to expose my bare skin.’

In fact, since it is a job that requires oiling the entire body, you will inevitably have to take off your clothes. Besides, thinking that Ludwig was touching that bare skin made me feel a strange feeling.

A small sense of anticipation that sprouts in fear. When Emilia’s thoughts reached that point, she shook her head from side to side to get rid of her thoughts.

What impure thoughts are these? A young woman who has never been married has high expectations of being touched by an outsider. Of course, it was possible because he was the man the other person had a crush on, but there was such a thing as a degree.

“I… Then may I ask you a favor?”

It is by no means obscene. in order to free the body. This was an offer from Ludwig, and he only accepted it.

Emilia brainwashes herself by repeating it over and over again. In contrast to that appearance, he stood up from his seat with a smile on his face.

“Then I’ll get ready, so please take off your socks.”

“Yeah… Mmm!”

As I hurriedly answered, my voice broke. Unlike usual, Ludwig casts his gaze at the strangely excited woman and leaves the room with a soft smile.

Left behind, she glanced alternately at the direction he had disappeared and at her own legs, then nodded firmly and stretched out her hand. To the white stockings that hide your feet.

‘Are the clothes okay?’

I didn’t ask to take off anything other than socks, so I took off my socks obediently, but a small curiosity remained. He’ll take care of it anyway, so I didn’t have to worry too much.

Soon after, Ludwig returned. With a basin on his right waist and a larger kettle in his left hand.

“You waited long?”

“Oh, no.”

She hurriedly waved her hand toward him as he entered with a smile, and her eyes turned to Ludwig’s hands.

She also heard it through ears, so she is unfamiliar with massage. However, even considering that fact, the objects in his hands felt a little out of the blue. Is there a way different from what she knows?

“Come on, Emilia. Could you please step out this way?”

“Yeah? Now, wait a minute. Ludwig, what the hell is this… … ?”

Emilia’s eyes widened at the sudden action of him kneeling down in front of her. To think that the head of the count family, not anyone else, would kneel in front of the woman. Even though she was the eldest daughter of the Bayemurn family, she felt that she was acting too far.

Embarrassed, Ludwig restrains her from stepping back and beckons her to come this way. Only then did Emilia calm down her frightened heart and slowly approach him.

“When you are tired, a foot bath is perfect. Don’t be burdened and surrender yourself. Emilia.”

“… Ha ha, that was it.”


I hope it was a foot bath. Although the thumping heart had subsided, for some reason, there was no lack of steam. I even prepared my mind at best, but it’s a foot bath… Of course, this would be obscene if it were obscene in that his hand touched her bare skin, but what she thought was a little more… … .

‘Calm down, Emilia Bayemurn. You’re crazy now.’

It was Emilia who was scolding herself inwardly for not being able to slap me on the cheek in front of him.

It was an act that the man she had in mind wanted to be considerate of, adding to the effort. Do you feel any regret about it? Only then can she be called the eldest daughter of the prestigious Bayemurn family.

“Then I’m embarrassed, but… Please, Ludwig.”

“Don’t worry. I won’t do anything harsh.”

His smile, which would normally have looked fresh, felt disgusting today. It’s okay to do a bad thing or two… Of course, if he wanted to cross the road, he would block it, but I didn’t think he would step out that much.

Ludwig rolls up his sleeves and starts pouring warm water into the basin he brought. As steam rises, the air in the room begins to warm.

“Would you like to carefully dip your heels first? Because it could be hot… … .”


As he said, Emilia carefully starts dipping her heels. It wasn’t hot, but rather just right. It’s amazing how they got the temperature right.

Without delay, she tucked the top of her ankle into the basin. As the warm warmth came from his feet, his drowsiness increased. I wish I could sleep like this.

“How about the water temperature? are you okay?”

“Yes, very nice.”

“I’m glad. I’ll sleep like this for a while, so if you feel sick, please tell me.”


Ludwig reached into the basin and began to stroke her toes. Relaxing the muscles is the top priority, but it was also important to control the force well because the pain will follow if you do the wrong acupressure.

“I’m so sorry.”

As his hands touched the soles of her feet and moved to the heel area, Emilia let out a short moan. I covered my mouth at the sound that came out without knowing it and met Ludwig’s gaze. Fortunately, he didn’t seem to notice anything strange.

“Oh, did it hurt a lot?”

“Okay, it’s okay. It’s just a little ticklish… … .”

“Then you have to be careful. It would hurt a lot if Emilia kicked me.”

You don’t know how you feel and you’re just kidding. I hated the way he smiled without reason, but now this strange feeling on his feet was more of a problem. It felt completely different from when I massaged my hands, legs, or feet alone after training. Rather than feeling like relaxing a muscle… … .

‘No, let’s not think about it.’

It felt like if my thoughts went any further, something would get out of hand. Having decided to stop thinking about it, Emilia thought of this situation as a simple break and decided to enjoy it. There was just one thing to point out,

“Hey, Ludwig.”

“Yes, Emilia. Did you call?”

“That… I don’t know what to say about the requested subject, but isn’t it dirty? My feet aren’t even pretty… … .”

That he might have felt strange looking at his feet. Just because you practice swordsmanship doesn’t mean your feet stay still. It wasn’t bumpy, but her feet were damaged here and there as much as she had followed the next Sword Master’s whipping.

He had told me that his hands were pretty like this before, but he said it out of an old-fashioned mind, wondering if he would think differently about his hands and feet. The answer that came back to him was firm but warm.

“That’s just an appearance, isn’t it?”

“Puhuh. That sounds like the foot has a heart.”

There were often times when I felt like my perspective on the world changed when I talked to him. It was just like that now. He used to liken any object to a person, whether it be a plant or an object.

When we were together in the forest not too long ago, I saw the leaves shaking and said ‘the forest is singing’. I thought he was an emotional guy, but sometimes I thought he was unusual. Wouldn’t it normally be expressed as ‘the tree is dancing’?

No, a normal person wouldn’t even express it like that. Seeing things like this, he might have been stained a lot while staying with Ludwig.

Leaving behind Emilia’s thoughts, Ludwig quietly continued his speech. With the hope that his sincerity was conveyed to her.

“It is a little different. Although others may think that she is not pretty because she has many scars, I am aware of the time and effort Emilia put into her. If you think that these two hands and two feet supported it, it looks rather admirable.”


say that again I was somehow holding on to the opposite sex so I wouldn’t think of anything else, but why did you seduce yourself with such sweet words? Devil? Maybe this man is the devil. Otherwise, there would be no way they would throw away the ripe fruit at such an exquisite moment.

Emilia let out a short moan and blushed. When Ludwig tilted his head to ask if he was okay, he hugged the pillow and buried his face. It felt like heat was rising not only in my face, but all over my body. It’s probably not just because of the warmth that comes from your feet.


“Hey, don’t look this way. I’m feeling a bit weird right now.”

Emilia buried her face even deeper, avoiding his suspicious gaze. His true desire to receive more foot baths and the thought that his face might explode if this situation continued were mixed in an antinomic way.

Fan your hands and try to calm your face. It didn’t seem to have any effect. It was clear that somewhere in the body was broken. The cause must be this man. Anyway, it’s difficult if you don’t have it, but it’s a difficult person to have. in a double sense.


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