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The Villain Wants to Live Quietly chapter 6

Chapter 1. The final boss has arrived (6)

After lunch, Emilia left a message saying that she would return to her parents’ house immediately.

To me, it was literally a rope, so I wanted to shout hurray, but I managed to hold it in.

It’s a bit disappointing though. It’s contradictory, but the thought that she’d be gone and let go of it coexisted with the regret that I couldn’t see her anymore.

Even if I don’t know what will happen in the dead ending, she’s my favorite heroine. Just the fact that we were face to face was a little fun.

“What is Ludwig’s hobby?”

“It’s a hobby… There is nothing. I guess I’ll just read.”

It’s a question that seems to come up at any face-to-face meeting. I almost spit out the tea I was drinking, but I managed to swallow it and replied.

Even if it was reading, it was not a noble hobby, such as reading books written by noble philosophers or reading classic novels.

However, since there is such a thing as literature in this world, is it to the extent of reading something that piques my interest from time to time?

“Don’t you like swordsmanship?”

“Unfortunately, my body didn’t keep up. I don’t hate it, but I’m not the type to do it well.”

My swordsmanship skills are average at best.

Of course, I can’t accurately guess the average of this world, so I’m only guessing, but I didn’t think it was probably better than that.

In fact, the teacher who taught me gave up teaching and went back after a while.

Even my father used to stop me from learning more, saying, “Isn’t that enough?”

Maybe he didn’t want to see his only eldest son struggling against a wall already.

“How about learning from me? I’m not proud of it, but I think I’m pretty good at it compared to my peers.”

“It’s an honor indeed, but I don’t want to trouble Emilia.”

She is a swordsman genius who will one day be called the Swordsman.

If I teach ordinary people like me, I’ll get a fever and the good feelings I’ve built up won’t disappear.

I didn’t want to do anything that accelerated the dead ending myself.

On the other hand, Emilia must have been dissatisfied with my words, and for the first time since coming here, she bluntly showed signs of dissatisfaction.

Did I miss anything? I don’t think I said anything misleading.

“Doesn’t Ludwig hate learning swordsmanship from me?”

“Could that be? It’s just that I don’t want to take up Emilia’s time… … .”

“I’m OK. Teaching a friend swordsmanship is rather fun.”

Outlaws. There is no way out of this.

Refusing a favor here would be practically the same as chewing up and spitting out all of Emilia’s words.

But even if you teach me, how? Aren’t you the one who should go back today?

She had been complaining until just now that she would be quite busy when she returned to her parents’ house because her schedule was so overdue.

“Shouldn’t you go back to your hometown today? I can’t catch my busy footsteps.”

“Yes. But I heard Ludwig’s coming-of-age ceremony is in three weeks?”


Why did my coming-of-age ceremony suddenly come out there?

Of course, I said that with my mouth, but I couldn’t figure out what the connection between swordsmanship training and the coming-of-age ceremony was.

“Because I will finish my schedule before then and come to attend the coming-of-age ceremony.”

“I just want to thank you for coming to my coming-of-age ceremony. But what does that have to do with training… … ?”

“After that, I also have a little time left. I can afford to stay here and teach Ludwig swordsmanship.”

I am so grateful for that news that makes me want to shed tears right now. But can you please bear with that, Emilia-sama?

Swordsmanship training doesn’t last for a day or two, at least for a few weeks or months.

In the meantime, my stomach was twisted and I was expected to vomit gastric juices several times a day.

“Yes, thank you, but staying in a foreign country for too long must be difficult for Emilia.”

“it’s okay. Even though it was only two days, I learned that there are many good people here. If it doesn’t work out, I’m thinking of telling the head of the household myself.”

Her figure, which seemed to pierce my mind just a moment ago, was nowhere to be found.

Emilia is relaxed but firmly sticks to her attitude.

You should go to the main character, so why spend time on a supporting villain who might die at your hands… … !

Alas, father. If you can hear the telepathy of the Bullcho Soja, please answer me right away… !

It is a wish that comes only once in a lifetime. Please, if Emilia makes a request for a separate seat in the future, please refuse with a single knife on the spot.

A strict father wouldn’t carelessly let outsiders into the main family’s dining room, even if the other person was the eldest daughter of the Bayemurn family, which is said to be one of the three most famous families.

I have never been taught that way by my father.

“Ah, it’s already time… I will have to go back soon.”

“okay. I heard that the carriage arrived a long time ago, so we must hurry up a bit.”

Fortunately, I think this topic can be finished with this.

Emilia stood up from her seat after checking the grandfather clock placed at the end of the dining room.

I was told that the carriage sent from Rue Baiemurn had already arrived by the time we had breakfast. That’s pretty fast.

After guiding her out of the main building, I stopped the servants around me from trying to send me off.

Since the eldest daughter of the Bayemurn family came as a guest, originally, the father, the head of the household, would have to come in person.

However, since my father and mother were absent at the moment, I had no choice but to see her off alone.

Even if I tried to fill the position with a servant, I didn’t think she would like it. At least I should send it with a present.

“Emilia, is there any present you would like to have?”

“If it’s a gift… … .”

“Even if we say we will see each other again in three weeks, it’s sad to think we’ll be separated for a while. Please feel free to tell me.”

Anyway, I didn’t think that she was a character that could increase my liking with just one gift.

Because Emilia in the original work had almost no material desires. Having lived as the eldest daughter of the Bayemurn family in the first place, there must be fewer things she didn’t have.

I just wanted to show some respect for meeting her, even if it was a bit cheesy.

Even if my relationship with her is twisted one day, even if the day comes when I will die by her due to the original story.

Couldn’t you give her a gift while remembering the day she became friends with her favorite heroine?

“then… Can I get a single flower?’

“Are you talking about flowers?”

Of course, flowers from expensive seeds boast a considerable price, but there were many shortages to hand to her as a gift. Not even asking for a bunch, but at most one song.

However, it was difficult for her to offer something other than flowers because she was overwhelmed by Emilia’s eyes.

Eyes that seemed to want nothing more than that.

If so, should I give you the most meaningful flower I can hand over?

After leaving a message to wait a moment, I ran straight to the garden.

A horse tied to the wagon neighed as if it had to wait longer, but I ignored it.

No matter how regularly you tend your garden, there will always be thorns among the bushes and grass.

Especially if it’s near a flower bed with lots of beautiful flowers.

Although they are flowers that have been cultivated at best, there was no hesitation in picking them up today.

I managed to find a slightly different looking rose amongst the reddish roses.

“Here it is… … .”

white rose.

It was common in the world I was in, but the white roses here are called woluhwa and belong to a unique species that does not even exist.

Yes. The white rose that appeared in the title of the original work, ‘I swear under the moon,’ refers to the white rose.

According to the setting, roses soaked in moonlight for a long time sometimes change, but I discovered that it bloomed quite a long time ago and I secretly hid it in the flower bed.

The guy who has already been living upright for nearly two years. But unfortunately, as of today, we will have to say goodbye.

Carefully digging it up and pulling it out, I immediately returned to Emilia with the white rose. There was dirt on his hands, but he had no time to care.

“hahahaha… sorry. It took a while.”

“No. I’m sorry for asking you too much, Ludwig.”

Shaking off my soiled hands and even the soil on the stem of the rose, I carefully held it out.

Then, Emilia’s eyes widened when she recognized that it was the moon flower.

“This… Perhaps?”

“Yes. I wanted to give you something nice as a souvenir… Fortunately, I remembered this child.”

“It is such a precious gift. May I take it?”

“It was a commemoration of our friendship, so I didn’t want to give anything insignificant. Please accept it, Emilia.”

The flower language is not much different here, but the white rose corresponding to the Wolruhwa contains the flower language of respect.

Of course, there might be a few more because each flower doesn’t have only one flower language, but that was all I remembered.

And as a friend, I wanted to present this flower with the meaning of respect and admiration.

“It’s a flower, so it will wither someday… Please save it until then.”

“… … .”

Without answering my words, Emilia stared at the flower in her hand.

Then, he looked alternately at my hand and my face, which were still covered with dirt, and took off the ring as if he had made up his mind.

That’s clear… … .

“These are the Shingu (神具) given to me by my father. If you get something you don’t want to give to anyone and want to keep forever, he said to use it.”

I know. That was definitely the item Emilia used for her beloved sword, Deinhardt, in the original work.

A ring imbued with magic that grants eternity to the object. Could it be that you’re only going to use it for that one rose?

“Now, wait a minute, Emilia. Such a precious thing is only a single flower… No matter how much I call it, there is not only one flower in this world. Use it with a bit more care… … .”

Even though the woluhwa is precious, this is not all. If it was her family, maybe one or two woluhwa could be saved.

I am grateful for the thought of caring for her, but I tried to stop her because I thought it was too hasty.

But she shook her head softly and looked at me with calm eyes. As if no more words were needed.

“Somewhere in this country, there may be more woluhwa blooming. However, this is the only thing Ludwig gave me with all his heart.”

“Yeah, but… … .”

Despite my restraint, Emilia uses the magic in the ring by invoking the demons.

The blue light shone on the moon, and as soon as it faded, the jewel in the ring lost its light.

Seeing that, Emilia smiled contentedly and touched the petals of the moonflower.

Then, the guy lightly lowered his head without any distraction. It seems that the magic has been successfully implanted.

“I’m leaving, Ludwig. See you at the coming-of-age ceremony.”

“All right. Then at the coming-of-age ceremony… … .”

Holding the ends of her dress, Emilia greeted them in a noble manner, and then got on the carriage while touching the flowers in her hands.

Soon, the horse neighed and the carriage started, leaving only dust in the place where it had passed.

Guess who isn’t the main heroine? I’m not the man you should flirt with. damn.


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