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The Villain Wants to Live Quietly chapter 53

Chapter 6. Reunion (10)

Ludwig’s consciousness, which had fallen into the abyss at the faintly audible voice, gradually began to rise to the surface.

I don’t know whose voice it is. It was the first woman’s voice I’d ever heard, but it was a very comfortable yet foreign voice. I felt as if I was being pulled somewhere beyond the other side. Wouldn’t this be the voice of the Siren, a species he had only seen in books before?

When he became conscious, Ludwig hurriedly stood up with his eyes wide open. The surrounding sights were clearly midnight, but for some reason the surroundings were quite bright. My body was quite warm in this midwinter.

tadak. tadak. When I turned my head to the sound of something burning, I finally found that a small bonfire had been lit.

‘Here… Isn’t that the same place as before?’

Compared to the place where he fought Polumus to the death, the distance between the trees was far away and the forest was not dense. Besides, it seemed like I could hear the sound of the river flowing right next to me.

that buck shred. It was while he was looking around. Suddenly, I felt the presence of something approaching. The loud sound heard in the middle must be the sound of a tree branch being stepped on and breaking. Are you a long beast? As Ludwig was about to reach for the sword lying next to him, he heard a familiar voice.

“I thought it would happen already. Is it because you are young?”

The person who emerged from the darkness was none other than the Sword Saint.

Waving the oil lamp in his hand like a toy, and chewing on something like a stick of grass in his mouth, it seemed that he had lived here for at least several years.

“Ah, Lord Steinbaum.”

“How are you feeling?”

“This is fine. You have caused me concern.”

He smiled and scratched his head. I never thought it would cause more trouble to the people dragged by my own herd. Only then did he have no face.

On the other hand, Rebecca doesn’t think it’s a big deal and gives her a canteen. The surface of the canteen was very cold, perhaps because the water had just been taken out. I don’t know if it’s just because it’s cold.

“When you’re young, you’re bound to cause trouble to those around you. Never mind.”

“The coming-of-age ceremony has already been held, but… … .”

Since only his mother still treated him as a child, Ludwig unconsciously replied with a sad face.

A hearty laugh flowed from the mouth of the swordsman with a lively feeling that was different from any expression he had ever shown.

‘I thought it was an adult, but it’s not like that.’

After all, everyone has behavior appropriate to their age. The boy she had seen so far, named Ludwig, was too young to say that he had just come of age.

I don’t mean to say it badly, but there were times when I felt a strange sense of déjà vu when I acted as if a soul other than the surface was dwelling. However, when I saw him like this, I thought he was still a child, so I felt cute.

“Adults and adults are different.”

“That’s a wonderful maxim.”

“Aphorisms freeze to death. I’m not good at speaking, so I’ve never raised anything like that.”

Dismissing Ludwig’s words at once, she gathered her own silver hair and tied it with a small hair tie in her hand. I felt a bit relieved now.

“but… Don’t try to get out of your parents’ arms just because you’ve become an adult. Don’t wrap your head around running too much. Even if you are still a child, no one will say anything to you.”

“Did it look like that?”

“Because I’ve seen it a lot. There is a type of person who thinks that something inside of me will change drastically on the day I go through the coming-of-age ceremony and become a full-fledged adult.”

Until she became an adult, she did not even know how to write and read properly. He had never tried to master the art of speech, so it was not in his temper to give someone plausible advice. It was quite cheesy, so I avoided it myself.

However, as he had handed it to Emilia, it was possible to simply tell the story of several cases he had seen in his own way. There were no comments or exaggerations. Because it was a far cry from her.

“It is not a difficult word. It just means don’t try to figure everything out on your own.”

“I will engrave it deep in my heart.”

“Stop that cringy talk. Anyway, it looks like you’ve come to your senses, so let’s go back soon.”

Are you thinking of going back by walking down this dark road at night? If it was the usual Ludwig, he might have tried to stop it once.

However, apart from the idea that it was a reckless act, it was considered trustworthy because it had the title of Sword Saint in front of it. After all, if a person has a position to put forward, do they look so different even if they take the same action?

After pouring water to quench the still-burning bonfire, the two of them quietly began to descend.

On the way, when Ludwig used magic to light the way ahead, the world’s Sword Saint opened his rabbit’s eyes and stared blankly at him, which must have been a very rare scene.

* * * * * * *

By the time the two reached the mule, the sun was already peeking out from over the ridge. I didn’t want to worry Emilia, so I accelerated as much as I could and came without rest, so I couldn’t make sense of it.

On the other hand, as if the two people’s concerns were just right, Emilia, who was sitting alone in the dorm, leaning on the bed, felt like her stomach was burning.

‘It’s already morning, when will the two of us… … .’

His teacher, who took Ludwig with him and left without telling him why or where to go, leaving behind a blank expression. After that, I couldn’t get in touch properly, so I ended up staying up all night with my eyes open.

Sure enough, under both eyes there were dark shadows, as if representing her feelings.

How much more time has passed like that? I heard the footsteps of someone coming up to the floor that was used only by three people, including myself. Turbuck. Turbuck. Upon closer inspection, it appeared to be two people. For an instant, something quickly passed through Emilia’s mind.

“… … !”

Her body, which had been sitting in a clumsy state with all the strength in her body, jumped out in front of the door.

jump! When the doorknob is about to break open, you see a couple of men and women in front of you. Those were the faces of the two people he had been waiting for all night long.


However, among the dogs, there is a face that I have been looking for more desperately. As if the teacher standing by her side was nowhere to be seen, Emilia immediately called out his name and rushed over to take him into his arms.

No matter how cold it was in the middle of the winter, I came without a break on my horse, so my body would smell like sweat. Ludwig, who was displeased with her, carefully tried to push her away, but for some reason, she did not budge.

Indeed, a material that will be called the swordsman in the future. Could it be that she couldn’t be moved with this level of strength?

“Were you worried? sorry. Emilia.”

“It was bad, really… … !”

“hahahaha… There’s no excuse for anything. It’s all my fault.”

Of course, if Rebecca had told her that she might be late to come back or not to worry too much, there was a high possibility that such a division would not have happened.

It is clear that trying to convey the words as short and concise as possible is an advantage, but sometimes a word like this is not enough to cause great anger. The question is, does Ludwig have to endure that anger intact?

‘Think of it as karma… … .’

If he hadn’t asked the Sword Saint to teach him, this wouldn’t have happened. It was all a butterfly effect, so I had to accept it humbly.

Even though she had the intent to kill someone who had left her only precious student in the arms of an outsider and went into her room while waving her hand viciously… can it be a star Originally, the actions of the powerful are the law.

“I… Emilia? Once you enter the room… … .”

“Huh. yes… Hmm.”

She had even shed tears before she knew it, and Ludwig’s chest, where she had buried her face, was wet.

‘Ha, I want to die.’

As he watched her enter the room first with tears in his eyes, a feeling of guilt that slowly rose up pricked his chest.

But even in this situation, is the instinct faithful?

It was supposed to be an ordinary room in the same dorm. Even so, for some reason, this room seems to have a strange scent that is different from the room he used to use. Ludwig, who inadvertently had such a thought, violently hit his head inwardly.

‘Crazy guy.’

It is clear that he has let go of his mind because his body is tired. Otherwise, I would not be able to have thoughts like that in this thin ice sheet.

“Ludwig, why are you sitting there?”

Emilia, who seemed a bit like sitting on the cold bare floor in midwinter, pointed out to him.

“Ah, I’m comfortable here… … .”

“Don’t do that, sit here. Enough for two people to sit.”

Emilia, ignoring him who tried to make unreasonable excuses, patted the seat next to her as she climbed onto the bed.

It was a good news for him, but on the contrary, Ludwig hardened his face and shook his head. Then he got up, took a chair in the corner, and sat down on it.

“I’m sure the chair is full… … .”

“It would be better than nothing. More than that, I’m sorry for worrying you. Emilia.”

I apologized a little while ago, but it didn’t seem like it would convey my apology. Ludwig bowed his head deeply and once again formally apologized.

On the other hand, embarrassed by his unexpected behavior, she hurriedly waved her hands and made him raise his head. Of course, even if it wasn’t that I wasn’t upset, I didn’t have the slightest intention of making the man I cared about bow his head.

“It’s not like I’m going to apologize that much. I was worried, but I am satisfied that I came back safely.”

“Even if Emilia forgives me, I won’t be satisfied with it. At least, if there is anything you want, please tell me.”

“but… … .”

There was nothing to apologize for in the first place. I just wanted to know how it was late and what business it was for. The reason why I shed tears and was angry for a while was because I was just overwhelmed by the situation, I had no intention of scolding the two of them.

Even if he said it was okay, Ludwig couldn’t possibly raise his lowered head again. While pondering whether this could be a good idea, Emilia came up with an idea.

“like. If Ludwig’s intention is true, then it can’t be helped. Could you please stand up for a moment?”

“I see.”

When he stood up without saying a word, his height, which was about a head taller than Emilia’s, caught his eye.

‘Something… He has become dignified.’

I remember that when I was staying in Ipretz Street, there wasn’t such a difference. I had heard that a man who went through a coming-of-age ceremony would grow up a lot, but seeing it in person was just amazing.

“Ugh. Are you sure Ludwig said that? You’re going to get paid like a man, right?”

“of course.”

“Well, then… … .”

Cautiously rising from the bed, she began to circle around Ludwig with light steps, hands behind her back.

‘… Did you dig my grave?’

What kind of price did he spend so much time on to make him pay? Although there was no rudeness in what he said, he felt uneasiness again. At least, even if she sincerely slaps her on the cheek, it would be quite a blow. I just hoped that my life was not affected.

“Then it’s a punishment.”

prison. As he lost consciousness and lost consciousness, something warm was held in his arms.

When his head couldn’t keep up with the situation that unfolded in an instant, Ludwig blinked his eyes with a blank face.


Could this scent that tickled her nostrils be her scent? I have grown many flowers and smelled all kinds of flowers, but this is the first time I have ever smelled such an enchanting and elegant fragrance. If I had to compare it to a flower, it felt close to freesia, but it was a little more stimulating and thought to be harmful to the mind.

“Ludwig hates me doing this, doesn’t he? So it seems like a perfect punishment.”

“Wait, I never hate or dislike… … .”

“Does that mean I like being hugged?”

“… … .”

There is no hole through which to escape. The situation she was in was something that Ludwig would have welcomed with open arms, but the question that followed was really painful.

When he nodded, he had no idea what to think of him, and when he denied that, it was just as embarrassing.

‘It would have been better if I’d been honest with you at a time like this.’

For Emilia, he kept his mouth shut, which was vulgar but also fun. Because it was an action to punish him and give himself a reward.

I don’t think he would really hate it. But asking such a nasty question would be a chore. Even if she didn’t notice his heart, she did notice that much.

Isn’t this really killing two birds with one stone? Looking at his troubled face, I put my confused mind to rest, and felt the warmth while being held in his arms like this. Ah, considering that he did what he demanded to be punished, it might be killing three birds with one stone.

How are you? It was just nice that nothing happened to you. It would be nice to fall into the sound sleep that I couldn’t achieve last night, but that would be impossible. thud. thud. Because of the beating heart, even if you try to fall asleep, you often come back to consciousness.

For now, let’s focus on the happiness in front of us. Because you can refill the sleep you haven’t achieved at any time.


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