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The Villain Wants to Live Quietly chapter 51

Chapter 6. Reunion (8)

After eating and spending time together, Geomseong, who was lying in the dorm, was visited by an unexpected guest.

“I guess it was hard to be patient for a long time when you were young? I don’t intend to be attacked easily.”

“…please stop joking. Lord Stenbaum.”

When a middle-aged man threw obscenity in his face without hesitation, Ludwig replied with a small frown. Even in the morning, I wonder if I like this kind of story.

“Looks like you’re not immune to this.”

“It’s not a matter of having immunity or not.”

“That too.”

I don’t know if the other person is a friend of the opposite sex that I’ve known for a long time. He was a person he was not familiar with, and the prestige hanging around his neck was considerable. Rather, wouldn’t it be more abnormal to respond calmly to her lewd talk?

“So, what business is it?”

If the man who had been attached to his student all day came to his room, there must be a reason.

However, for some reason, a faint smile formed on her lips. As if he had guessed the reason why he came to visit him.

“I want to become stronger.”


A low exclamation flowed from the mouth of the swordsman in his determined eyes.

It’s a markedly different look from yesterday. It must have been something. And the opportunity was very likely to be his one and only disciple.

Whether in a bad or a good way, these two seemed to be in a relationship where each other was easily influenced.

‘I want to be strong… … .’

I’d seen countless fools who only wanted power without any particular purpose, but it was the first time I’d met these eyes. Even his own disciple was bound to see a gloomy void beyond those firm eyes. It must be said that there is a clear goal and meaning.

“Do you mean to accept me as a disciple?”

“It can’t be. I have no thoughts of stealing my best friend’s place.”

It was Rebecca who endured the fact that she almost burst into laughter at the sight of him resolutely shaking her head.

I never thought I would say that I was a close friend to a subject that created such a heartfelt atmosphere. I wondered how they would react if I told them this.

He must have sighed in regret, but nodded reluctantly. Because it’s not actually wrong.

‘It’s frustrating, but it’s the first time in my life that I feel it’s fun.’

A sweet yet heartbreaking love story didn’t suit her taste. By the time girls her age were getting drunk on romance novels, she had already made up her mind to dedicate her life to the sword. When I read it, it didn’t really suit her taste.

But now, I think I could understand why they were laughing out loud while enjoying the romance novel, and how they felt.

“Unless there are other options, it will be difficult for me to reach the level of a swordsman.”

“It’s impossible right now unless you get involved in black magic or gold magic.”

Assuming that he will die in at least the next 10 years, no, 5 years or so, even a young boy will be able to develop skills similar to his own. But it’s a forbidden road. Maybe he doesn’t want to do it this way either.

“When you say “right now,” it sounds like it will be possible in the future.”

“I don’t like making assertions. But do you think there is a possibility?”

“… … .”

I never thought I would have that much talent.

When he looked at him silently with his eyes wide open, the swordsman felt refreshed as he seemed to have shown a face suitable for his age for the first time since meeting him face-to-face.

It wasn’t that he was saying empty words just because he was a friend of his disciple. I didn’t even become that kind of a withdrawn personality in the first place. She was cold-hearted when it came to swords, to the point of telling people without talent to give up early.

“Ten years.”


“If you follow the right path for the next 10 years or so, you will be able to reach a level similar to mine.”

Those who don’t know about her sometimes call her a person with a thousand talents, but that’s a misnomer. Perhaps, in terms of talent, her pupil or the man in front of her might have even more talent.

Nevertheless, the reason why he had the title of Sword Saint was that he had reached this stage due to his obsession with the sword that was close to madness, and his self-loathing of his appearance when he had no power.

With the talents of these two, they would surely be able to surpass even the one who has been given an undeserved title. I was so sure.

“Anyway, it’s surprising. I didn’t expect you to be that obsessed with power.”

Coming up to this position, she has seen countless people.

The eyes of those who wanted something they could wield, whether it was power, power, or money, were almost the same. Whether it was an ugly desire, a clear pride, or a resolute will, they all had a big flame inside, even though there were differences in color.

However, this guy wasn’t like that. To put it in a good way, he seemed to have detached himself from the world. just being clear. That was it.

“If you can change that much in one day… Was there a trigger for something?”

I expected it to some extent, but I wanted to hear the detailed reason. Even if a huge incident happens, people are the ones who don’t change easily. Even if one’s parents were killed by bandits right in front of their eyes, human beings would stop there if they had no will.

Nonetheless he has changed. Aside from his own will, what kind of trigger could have brought about such a great change? That was the biggest question given to the Sword Saint.

“Emilia said. I want it to be me when I have someone who can protect me.”

“I am surprised. Did he even say that?”


I thought you were just going to be quiet and tremble. It seems that there is a need to change the perception of disciples a little. But there was something more troubling,

‘At that point, isn’t it already a confession?’

Of course, there will be differences depending on the position of acceptance, and since he was not directly in that situation, he could not know the full details. However, even if you look at the situation from the front and the back, I thought that the line was actually a confession.

It’s not like meddling in other people’s love affairs, so I don’t have much to say. In addition, it was very fun to see them running on parallel lines from a third person’s point of view.

“I don’t think he would have wanted you to be strong, given his personality.”

Although she hadn’t had a teacher-teacher relationship for a very long time, she had understood to some extent about the girl named Emilia. If it were that child, he would not have said words that seemed to force the man he had in mind. I had that certainty.

“you’re right. Rather, Emilia asked me to stay the same.”

The corner of Ludwig’s mouth, which he regarded as her own kindness, drew an arc.

However, after hearing his answer, Rebecca could realize that it was childishness rather than kindness.

For a person, the harder thing than moving forward is always standing there. Without stepping back or moving forward. It’s harder to stay at the top than to reach the top.

Maintaining has a different meaning than weeding out. What Emilia wanted from him must be of the same type.

I hope you stand there and lend me your arms so that I can come back and hug you anytime. It was a grievance that a disciple he knew would never do.

It’s harder to show your weak side than showing only your strong side to someone you care about. In that sense, it is a passage that shows how much Emilia trusts him.

“Why do you still want to be strong? If you truly care about that child, I think you should do as you wish.”

It was an implicit question, but it wasn’t really a question I asked out of curiosity. Is it some kind of test? He was just curious about the boy’s true heart toward his beloved student.

When the strange eyes that were neither black nor blue stared at her, a very strange sensation embraced her.

indeed. For some reason, he seemed to be able to understand the reason why his pupil fell in love with him and why he felt a sense of security by his side.

“I don’t want to stand still using that as an excuse.”

“excuse? It’s just what the kid wanted. I see no reason to think deeply.”

“My father said so. There comes a time in a man’s life when he has to be stubborn. I don’t think now is the time.”

Whoops. An unbearable laugh escaped from her lips.

Since he had a very serious expression, he thought he would give a logical opinion, but it was like he was saying something immature men would say. It didn’t suit the boy’s appearance I’d seen the past few days.

But if you ask me if it’s funny, it probably isn’t. Rather, it was pleasant. All men have to be stubborn to the point of being useless. Especially if it’s for the woman you like.

Aside from Ilshin’s inaction, he wished he had the level of manliness to support his precious disciple in case of an emergency, but it seems that he had been underestimated.

“yes. I will help you a little.”

“Are you sure?”

“I don’t say two words with one mouth. Even if I can’t tell you my essence, I’ll teach you a trick.”

He has no intention of taking in two disciples, and it must be difficult to teach many things in a short period of time. However, if the short-term properties were good, there was a good way.

“Shall we go away for a while? I will keep it a secret from my disciple.”

“Is it necessary to hide it?”

Although he himself spoke secretly, he had no particular intention of hiding it from Emilia. Even if she knew, I thought I could convince her.

“How are you? Or would it be okay to have a tryst just the two of you while hiding it from the woman you have a crush on?”

Ludwig trembles and distances herself from her when she asks in a coy tone as she draws closer.

Then, as she stared at him without saying a word, a hearty laugh burst from her lips.

“Ahahahaha, I’m sorry. As I get older, I don’t feel anything other than jokes like this.”

“I’m begging you, please don’t do that in front of Emilia… … .”

“Do not be lenient.”

The reaction was different from the men outside, so there was a taste of teasing. However, if he did it one more time, he seemed to be self-respecting because he was ready to leave the room right away.

After leaving the room like that, the two of them moved on somewhere, leaving the word to Emilia in the next room that there was a place for the two of them to visit for a while.

Only the Sword Saint would know the destination for the man to take another step forward.

* * * * * * *

As soon as they reached the depths of the mountain, the moist air enveloped the two of them.

It’s a mountain not too far from Mule, but it’s also a place that people don’t visit very often.

“It is very far.”

“Did you tell me? It’s a trick to improve your skills in a short period of time. There can be no easy way.”

It is a theory. Since ancient times, shortcuts are often not smooth. Anyway, what he wanted from the Sword Saint was just this kind of means. I didn’t ask for a standard teaching.

Perhaps he understood his innermost intentions and handed over the most suitable method. Thinking that there are many similarities between teachers and students, Ludwig accelerated with a smile.

‘It’s a strange feeling.’

Every time I went deeper and deeper, it felt like something was pressing down on my whole body. Breathing began to slow down little by little. When Ludwig looked at the sword castle feeling strange, she smiled without saying anything and only increased the speed of her steps.

‘As expected, it seems difficult.’

His face, chasing his speed with his mouth closed, was not good at all.

Well, it wouldn’t be too much. It was for that reason that I chose this place. It’s a place that’s no different from a limb for a dog that can’t handle mana perfectly yet.

“Aren’t you overpowered already? It’s good to go back early.”

His steps seemed to stop abruptly at the provocative words, but Ludwig, who had been out of breath, raised the corners of his mouth and grinned. Two eyes full of longing. It was the most manly look he had ever shown.

“If a man showed his guts once, shouldn’t he cut something?”

“It’s good that you speak well.”

I don’t know how long it will go, but I liked it because it seemed to have a minimum will. If I had already left and fell, I was going to give him a shout.

There was still a long way to go, so it wouldn’t hurt to pass on some lessons along the way. Some of the tricks she wants to tell you about today also apply to this.

“How much do you know about mana?”

“It’s a level where you only understand the basics.”

“It looks like it, so I asked. As expected.”

If you reach her level, you will be able to distinguish the mana emitted by people to some extent. And judging from these eyes, even though the man named Ludwig had excellent innate mana, he still lacked the ability to handle it.

The unrefined mana shimmered and wandered around the body. Even if you haven’t been lazy in training, you’re sure to have little practical experience. Still, considering his age, it was quite a level.

“If I could teach you a little… yes?”

The moment I tried to open my mouth, the ground started to vibrate with a thump.

When Ludwig took out his sword in amazement, the swordsman restrained him with his hand and made a gesture as if telling him to be quiet as he put his mouth to his finger.

Soon, the roaring ground seemed to have calmed down, and a tree fell down with a crackling sound.

With a thought, she turned her head. and there,

“… You showed up quickly too. I haven’t been able to speak yet.”

A monster in the shape of a huge tree was standing there.


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