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The Villain Wants to Live Quietly chapter 47

Chapter 6. Reunion (4)

After Emilia’s small complaint, the topic of Tanya never came up.

By the time the third cup of tea had been emptied, the conversation continued as naturally as before, and a bright smile formed on the corners of their lips before they knew it.

“Above all, I am fortunate to have met a wonderful teacher. Emilia.”

“Yeah. Although you are a teacher who is too good for me.”

Having a great teacher was something that as a disciple couldn’t help but laugh at. In order not to become a nuisance to her reputation, he had to work even harder.

Even the Sword Saint, like no one else.

He was from an aristocratic family, and with the power of his family on his back, he was saying that he was in a different class from the revelers.

The culmination of all inspections. The sense of intimidation that the name evoked was simply enormous.

She laughed with worried eyes. Heard of his reputation as a swordsman and came to learn about it, but he found himself weighed down by that reputation. Even thinking about it, it was really shabby.

Of course, to Ludwig, who was silently listening to her story, it was just an absurd statement.

“Could that be? You were able to become a disciple because you were worthy of Lord Stenbaum’s eyes. Don’t underestimate yourself.”

“Pufu, didn’t you expect to hear such words from Ludwig, not from anyone else?”

Second in terms of humility, what the sad man is saying. The words that were too absurd for him to spit out, I couldn’t stop laughing.

I don’t know why I set such a loose standard for others when I’m so strict with myself.

I can understand if that’s your innate kindness, but… Well. It is true that it is not pleasant from the point of view of a woman who has a one-sided love affair. I want that kindness to exist only for me.

“uh… Did I say anything strange?”

“No. It’s just that I think it’s your own words.”

“Sometimes it’s hard to understand what Emilia says. Maybe it’s because of my lack of hair… … .”

“No way.”

Of course, I never thought he was stupid, but there were many times when I thought he was rather insensitive. I just dismissed it as one of the charms of this man and moved on.

However, as a woman who hid her sorrowful heart, there were many times when I really hated her insensitivity… What can I do? The one who fell in love first lost. If he doesn’t suddenly take her hand and confess to her, she’s in a position to remain defeated forever.

– Tick. Tick.

“… Emilia?”

Feeling pained for no reason, I snapped my fingers and hit the back of his hand that had come up on the table.

Ludwig calls her softly while being beaten without knowing why. But her hand showed no signs of stopping.

‘What the hell… … ?’

After two assassination attempts, I would never have thought that he would now try to injure himself.

Although the reason is unknown, he must have touched her heart. Crying out for trivial reasons didn’t suit her.

It was her duty to silently accept the prank for now.

“I’ve felt it before, but it really looks like a girl’s hand. Thin, fine, pretty… It’s like a carved hand.”

“Well… It’s not wrong, but it’s not very pleasant.”

Ludwig didn’t like his white hands very much. Is it a feeling of boasting that you have lived a good life? I know it’s not a bad thing, but it’s just how it feels.

If he himself had set his mind on something since he was young and had a goal, it wouldn’t have turned out like this. Rather, in his eyes, her hands, which were a bit rough but showed traces of effort, felt more noble.

“How are you? I like Ludwig’s hand?”

“I’m glad that’s the case.”

“Whoa, I just want you to keep your beautiful hands like this.”

After putting away her thumping and snapping fingers, Emilia stretched out with her right hand in both hands before she knew it.

Her hands were very soft, despite the presence of calluses that could be felt here and there. Thanks to that, Ludwig had to fight hard to get rid of the rising feelings of unapprehension.

“I… Emilia? This type of behavior can easily lead to misunderstandings, so refrain from… … .”

“What misunderstanding are you talking about?”

“Yeah… … .”

Ludwig opened his mouth at the woman’s natural questioning behavior, but he was startled. It was because I thought that the lines I swallowed down my throat wouldn’t be good for this situation.

Saying that men are conscious of this kind of behavior, that if it were another man, they might have misunderstood, saying such nonsense would only bring back the awkwardness that had long since disappeared.

Besides, what’s the use of saying such clichés on a subject that even he himself misunderstands?

‘Ah, wouldn’t this be enough?’

While I was thinking about how to get over this railing, an idea suddenly came to my mind.

Since ancient times, you have to be a human being to notice your mistakes. If so, what you can do is return it.

Emilia still had a strange smile on her hands as if they were lumps of clay. For some reason, I thought it was disgusting, so I turned my palms upside down so that they were facing the ceiling.

“yes… … ?”

Then, naturally, the sight of each other’s palms touching was created.

In an unexpected situation, Emilia stared blankly at his folded hands and at his face. Believing that speaking out here would be counterproductive, he remained silent and met her eyes.

I don’t know how much time passed without saying anything to each other, but at least it was clear that things were going in a completely different direction than Ludwig expected.

‘Why don’t you take your hand off?’

I thought that Emilia would soon let go of her hand, but she only looked at the two hands that were touching and took no action.

According to the original plan, when she shyly backed away, I was going to pounce and peck at her. The development collapsed from the beginning.

I didn’t even think that she would be conscious of herself as a member of the opposite sex, but to think she would be so calm. It was as if the pride of a man sleeping in his heart was torn apart and cracked.

“Ludwig too, what is this?”


It was Emilia’s disgruntled voice that awakened his thoughts, which had gradually sunk to the bottom of the sea of consciousness. Ludwig’s head went cold at her act of pointing out the folded hands.

Did I feel bad because I suddenly held your hand?

Why did he do such a thing all of a sudden? It must have been crazy. Because Emilia treated herself too casually, at some point, she couldn’t keep the proper line.

“Mi, I’m sorry. Emilia. I don’t know… I won’t do it again, so please be kind… … .”

“Yeah? What do you mean?”


I was startled and handed him an apology, but what came back was her voice full of doubt.

What? Weren’t you angry? When Ludwig, unable to comprehend the situation, opened his eyes wide, she giggled and looked at him strangely.

“What I wanted to say was this. See you, Ludwig.”

Emilia pointed to the pair of palms that were still placed on the table, overlapping each other.

Are you planning to use magic? Wondering what kind of strange change would happen, he began to observe closely with the momentum to pierce a hole in his hand.

And change came suddenly.

“Shouldn’t we catch this much?”

Emilia spread her palm wide and held it between his fingers, then lifted her hand and tucked it deep into it.

In other words, it’s like wearing a pod.

“how about it? Has the thought of admonishing gone?”

“… You knew.”

“Huh, about half. I thought he would say something, saying that this kind of behavior is obviously not good because of Ludwig’s personality.”

Pastel-toned walls that seem to see right into one’s inner self. Chicken meat sprouted on both of Ludwig’s forearms.

I hope you’ve seen it all the way there. There were no ghosts at all.

Besides, the solution was infuriating. Ludwig’s plan was to get her to feel the position of the opposite, but if they came out like this, wouldn’t it be like they became accomplices? In this situation, there was no possibility of admonishment.

“I lost. As expected, Emilia seems to be on top of my head.”

“of course. Because I don’t want to be overtaken just yet.”

the day to overtake her I don’t know if it will come. Whether it’s swordsmanship or narration.

Emilia took her own hand and raised it, shaking it as if it were a sign of victory. A bright smile bloomed on her face, comparable to that of the moonlight flower.

But in the end, the hand was removed from her side first. It was partly because he was afraid that he would hate him because of the sweat on his hands, and partly because he was embarrassed again.

Pouting at him who seemed to be calm unlike herself, she snapped her fingers and punished him like before, but it didn’t seem to have any effect.

In the end, Ludwig had to be exposed to two assassination attempts and two one-sided violence in one day.

* * * * * * *

When Rebecca rejoined, it was just after dusk had fallen and the number of people walking on the streets had noticeably decreased.

She, who was expected to be extremely drunk because she was going for a drink, was unexpectedly fine.

However, judging from the faint smell of alcohol that emanated from their bodies, they could tell that they had been drinking. It’s just that it’s not noticeable because of the strong alcohol consumption.

“You seem to have a fair amount of alcohol.”

“Of course. We’ve been best friends for years.”

She laughed cheerfully and agreed to Ludwig’s low admiration, but the joys and sorrows of life were faintly buried in her voice.

His family left long ago, and he lived a life dedicated to the sword without even a lover.

If I hadn’t met the half of my life called alcohol, I might have been exhausted. As much as that, the existence of alcohol is not a simple part of entertainment for her.

“It was because of me that I couldn’t even drink for a month.”

“You can’t teach a disciple you’ve made a long time for while drinking alcohol. don’t mind.”

Rebecca looks at the disciple with a bitter smile as she feels that she has caused trouble for no reason.

It’s good that the disciple is serious and upright in everything, but I was worried because he seemed to be deep in unnecessary thoughts. Sometimes you have to cultivate an optimistic mindset.

I wanted to say something right away, but the priority was to find a place to stay.

According to the original schedule, I will go back to the mountain tomorrow with simple things, so I can set up an appropriate accommodation, but since Ludwig is here, the length of my stay will increase. That’s why I had to grab it as useful as possible.

“What is the schedule for going back to the home?”

Thinking that it would be more convenient to arrange accommodation according to his schedule, Rebecca immediately asked Ludwig briefly about the return schedule.

“The schedule was set for three days, but since I came to see Emilia, it’s okay to leave early. Please don’t mind me.”

“Um… … .”

A low moan escaped from her mouth. I didn’t ask in that particular sense, but it seemed that he had misinterpreted his words, so it was not comfortable to plant.

She didn’t have the slightest desire to separate the two people she had just met.

At first glance, they are not just friends, but a heartfelt and fresh relationship that clearly shows that they care for each other. What kind of evil did he have to do such a thing?

‘It’s rather the opposite.’

As the student stared at the man she liked and didn’t want to leave the smile on her face, Rebecca, who had been watching him silently, made a small decision in her heart.

‘I was going to tell you the day after tomorrow.’

It seemed better to say it now. I’m sure it will take some time to make the student who won’t understand understand, so I’ll have to stay at the inn for a while and explain the detailed reason.

“My disciple.”

“Yes, Master.”

She meets her gaze with bright eyes at her calling. There was not the slightest doubt or distraction in it.

After a brief pause, Rebecca cleared her throat and finally managed to say the words she had been thinking about all day.

“Looks like it’s time to go back to where you were.”

“… Yeah?”

For Emilia, it was a notification of excommunication like a thunderbolt from the sky.


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