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The Villain Wants to Live Quietly chapter 46

Chapter 6. Reunion (3)

Although not as bustling as Featherbarn, Mule was a fairly lively town for its size.

It had its own assortment, so it would not be a big problem to stay here for one day.

By the time Ludwig, satisfied with that, was looking around, Emilia was glancing at his profile as if she were measuring her liver.

“Oh, the weather is nice today.”

Soon, the words that came out of her mouth in a lump after cutting both front and back.

Of course, there was nothing terribly wrong. As she said, the weather wasn’t nice, so it was even cozy considering it was early winter.

It was as if they were welcoming the two of them.

But why? Ludwig’s expression changed very mysteriously. Like looking at a friend giving an injection after drinking a lot.

“I… Emilia? That’s already the third word, but… … .”

“Yeah, that’s a good story. Uhm.”

Ludwig’s mood subsided as she stammered along and awkwardly averted her gaze.

It was regret rather than sadness. Since she is not good at speaking and is not able to lead a conversation well, she may have felt awkward and brought up any topic.

Although he had contacted Tanya midway, it had been the first time in nearly half a year that he had met face-to-face like this. It wouldn’t be strange if there was awkwardness.

However, it was true that he regretted it. It sounded like there was still a strange sense of distance between her and himself.

‘What can I do? What should I say… … .’

On the other hand, just as the other side had many worries, this side was also struggling in its own way.

First of all, I want to get rid of the rhyme of the conversation, but the biggest problem was that I couldn’t come up with a story that he would like.

How did you talk before? I remember it being a little more natural and friendly. I remember the atmosphere, but I couldn’t recall the flow of the conversation.

‘Master, I’m sorry… … .’

Despite the consideration of the teacher who noticeably avoided the seat due to the atmosphere, the situation actually got worse.

Rather, it was better when she was there. There was no unnaturalness between the two of them until they talked about it in the mountains.

As if the conversation was natural when we didn’t know each other’s bare faces at a masquerade ball, when the screen over Rebecca disappeared and we met face to face, my thoughts turned white.

What should I do? After questioning herself dozens of times, she turned her head in surprise at the touch on her shoulder. Ludwig was standing there with a shy smile.

“I am at a loss as to where to begin. It seems that there are too many stories to tell Emilia.”

It is clear that you are saying this out of consideration for yourself. Emilia nodded her head in confidence.

“Me too. There are many things I want to say, but when I try to tell them, my hair goes white… … .”

“Then, where is the right place to talk? It would be better if it was served with Emilia’s favorite black tea.”

Facing the fresh smile engraved on his lips, I felt like I wanted to hide in a mouse hole anywhere.

Isn’t this the level of being unilaterally cared for from one to ten? He was the one who had been leading the conversation all along today, and he was the one who readily brought up the words to lighten the awkward atmosphere of a moment ago.

If a doll imitated her image had been standing there, she would have punched and kicked her right away.

It wasn’t what she wanted to just stand there and rely on his one-sided favor.

“Where would you like… Emilia, have you ever been to this place?”

“no. Unfortunately… … .”

He chased after his master and made stops here and there, but he never visited Mule.

For the past month, I’ve been confined to the mountains, so I haven’t had much to go out.

It pained her very much to know that she wanted to be of some help, but could do nothing but shake her head. At least it would be nice to have something to say… … .


While thinking over and over again, she let out a low exclamation at the thought that suddenly came to her mind.

However, Ludwig, who hadn’t heard her voice, was still looking for a suitable shop while looking around. Her determined head nodded slightly.

Even if he said something plausible, saying that anywhere is good, it would only add to his worries.

I remembered hearing somewhere that men were confused by such ambiguous words and actions of women.

Then what should I do? The answer is simple.

All you have to do is face it with your true heart, so that you don’t even think of pretending. Of course, in order to do that, you have to endure some shame.


“Yeah? ”

“there… … .”

“Is there any place you want to go?”

When she hesitates to speak out, Ludwig quickly ignores it.

I wasn’t so nervous when I first crossed swords with the swordsman of the world. But I had to. Because this was an ordeal to get closer to him.

“Anywhere… like.”

“… Yes?”

With her head down, she muttered in an ant crawling voice.

Ludwig was dazed for a moment, but he understood that the words were meant to ease his burden and waved his hand saying it was okay.

“It’s okay if you don’t have to worry. Emilia. As far as I like… Work… … ?”

His explanation, which continued with a friendly smile, suddenly stopped. It was because I was distracted for a moment by the soft feel of his hand.

“It’s not like that… Lou, it means anywhere is good with Ludwig… … .”

“… … .”

Hearing the words she spat out with even his ears reddened, Ludwig was able to discern the meaning of the word cognitive dissonance only today.

‘A new type of assassination law?’

Although there is no weapon or intent to kill, there is no assassination method that guarantees a more certain result than this.

If it had been a little too late for him to come to his senses, the reason that had flown over the other side would not have returned. People call that kind of vegetative people.

‘It was really dangerous just now.’

She was so cute that I almost hugged her.

No matter how merciful Emilia was, she wouldn’t have anything to say if she did something like this in the middle of the town in broad daylight even if her throat was blown off.

Anyway, the important thing now was her caring mind.

It must have been that he deliberately put such lines in his mouth out of consideration for himself, who was having trouble finding the place.

Then, he was determined what he had to do. I would appreciate her consideration and go to a suitable teahouse without having to worry deeply.

“Then shall we go in there? The atmosphere looks good too.”


What use would the atmosphere of a teahouse be to her now? At the moment, I thought of nothing but to cool my face, which had been reddened with embarrassment.

‘Huh… It must have been a good thing, right?’

I threw a little irrational because I didn’t think he would consider it as his true intention with halfway lines. Fortunately, it seems to have worked out well.

When you arrive at the tea house, let’s relax and enjoy a cup of black tea to calm your mind. Resolving that, Emilia slowly followed him.

“There are few people. Are you okay? Emilia.”

The question, “Would it be okay?” contained worry about not knowing what the quality of the restaurant’s taste would be like. The fact that there were few customers was an element that was directly related to the taste in a teahouse like this.

“Yeah. I’m fine.”

However, Emilia nodded lightly and smiled.

After all, the more important thing was the conversation with him than the taste of the tea. Besides, although I liked black tea, I wasn’t the type to drink it thoroughly.

“welcome. How old are you?”

“Two people. The order… … .”

The shop owner responded as if he were treating an ordinary customer, probably because both of them were wearing clothes common to commoners, rather than the cumbersome decorations of aristocratic families.

After he finished ordering and paying the bill, he escorted Emilia to a seat by the window. The quietness of the store seemed appropriate for a quiet conversation.

‘I don’t know what to say even when I come to the tea house… … .’

It was nice to find a tea house to have a conversation in a quiet place. The problem is that I didn’t think about what happened next.

Still, she had no topic of conversation. To be precise, because there were so many, it was ambiguous to pick one thing and push it forward.

‘Ha, I didn’t do this before.’

The other day, I unconsciously clung to him and tried to flirt with him, but it seems that all the memories of that time have disappeared, perhaps because it’s been a long time since I met him.

Maybe it was a normal thing, I didn’t know. Because in the first place, she was a girl who didn’t even know how to date. At least, it means that the love novels that were plugged into the library at home and the flowers in the greenhouse were all I imagined while reading from time to time.

How did you do it then? Why are you so shy today? Wouldn’t he notice the blushing face?

I tried rolling my feet inside myself, but no thoughts came to my mind.

It was around the time when the clerk approached the table where the two were sitting with refreshments when Ludwig woke her from deep thought.

“Does the tea smell good? I don’t know how Emilia sees it.”

“I think it’s good. Actually, I’m not the type to know cars well… … .”

When I heard of young ladies of the same age, they said that they could distinguish the country of origin of tea leaves and were proficient in tea ceremony etiquette, but she herself was far from that.

I felt a bit uneasy, wondering if he thought of herself as a woman without common sense, but Ludwig strongly sympathized with me, as if saying that was a reason.

“I help. I think tea should be enjoyed simply.”

“Huh, I agree.”

It seems that the atmosphere has calmed down a bit now. Even the tone of voice and gestures of the two people were more natural than before.

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Just as she contemplated the topic of conversation, Ludwig did the same, and after careful consideration, they found one thing that could be called a common topic. This alone would be sufficient for today’s conversation.

“There was also a story Tanya asked me to tell, but I was so distracted that I forgot.”

“You mean Tanya?”

Emilia’s eyebrows twitched faintly as she carefully sipped her tea at the friendly name that came out of his mouth.

“I told you that I was going to see Emilia, but how much did you annoy me… It seems that there are many stories to tell.”

“Is it… … ?”

What is this feeling? Despite hearing the current situation of his one and only childhood friend, his heart sank with a thump and seemed to go down to his lower stomach.

Whether or not he knew how she felt, Ludwig immediately started talking about Tanya. He would think it would be a good topic to talk about. Emilia, who did not want to ruin the atmosphere for nothing, agreed moderately.

How much more time has passed like that? The fragrant aroma of tea in the teacup disappeared, and the squirming cookies began to feel like dusty sand.

Seeing him continue his story with a smile on her face, she was starting to feel pain.

“And then Tanya was so surprised… Emilia should have seen that too.”

“Huh… … .”

Now, even in the way she speaks, Emilia is blatantly uncomfortable.

Hurb. After taking another sip of tea, she pouted her lips, and Ludwig was able to notice the atmosphere that had settled down only then.

‘Why? Wasn’t it fun?’

The woman’s heart is a reed, but I didn’t think that she would show any signs of discomfort just because of the fun of the conversation.

Is there some other reason? His body, which had stopped talking and rolled his eyes for a moment, was greatly shaken for an instant. I felt as if something was grabbing my hand that was on the table.

“Eh, Emilia?”

I thought a snake had appeared, but the identity was none other than the girl on the other side.

The appearance of holding her hand tightly with her right hand, without showing any sign of hiding her still protruding lips.

When I suddenly called her name, wondering what the reason was, a word came out like a mumble.

“okay. It’s not Tanya, it’s Emilia.”


“Mu, of course, talking about Tanya is good too… Because I’m with you now… that… … .”

Emilia continued talking while averting his eyes, wiggling his hands as if they were made of clay.

On the other hand, Ludwig just faced her with a blank expression as if he still couldn’t figure out the situation.

“So… … !”

“No, tell me!”

An extremity that came out of my mouth without even realizing it. It was because of the harshness she exuded.

When Emilia barely turned her head to meet his eyes, more girlish lines than any words she had ever uttered flowed out.

“Now just think of me… … .”

Her full true heart, without the slightest pretense, was conveyed through sad eyes.

Facing it directly, Ludwig had to face the second assassination attempt today.


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