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The Villain Wants to Live Quietly chapter 45

Chapter 6. Reunion (2)

The grass, called melitus, is unique in that it ripples through its stems and exudes a rich sweetness.

It was also a grass that Rebecca, who had a dry mouth because she hadn’t been able to drink alcohol in the past month, often bites.

But why? Today, I didn’t even bite the Melitus in my mouth, but it felt like I had put a handful of sugar in my mouth.

“It seems Ludwig hasn’t been neglecting his training either.”

“Even though it may not be as good as Emilia’s, it was quite upbeat. Does it feel good to know?”

“Whoops, you wouldn’t know.”

To think that the swordsman of the world had to sit silently among these newbies without even saying a word.

If it was her usual, she would lead the flow of the conversation by herself, but today it was very difficult to do so.

‘Wandering… Shall I look after you today?’

At least, Ludwig continued the conversation calmly, but the problem was with his student.

Seeing him talking about various things with a big smile on his face, he felt sorry for disturbing them.

Of course, it wouldn’t be a big deal to intervene in the story for a while, but I wanted to see the disciple’s girlish side, which is rare now.

“Anyway, that’s amazing. To block Master’s blow… I thought he was talented, but I didn’t expect him to develop that much.”

Listening to her admiration, Rebecca nodded beside her.

It was a pretty amazing experience for her that the blow was blocked. Even if the weapon in his hand wasn’t his favorite sword, considering that the blow was sincere, it was quite skillful.

“Don’t push yourself too hard. If the sword in Sir Stenbaum’s hand had been a real sword, we wouldn’t have met again like this.”

On the other hand, Ludwig didn’t know what to do with his friend’s praise.

Even a tree branch that had lost its strength due to moisture was enough of a blow.

Moreover, since he did not know his true identity, it was not an attack with intention to kill. He must have had some degree of hand-holding.

Even so, the hand that blocked it was numb for a while, and it was difficult to lift it again.

If they collided with the real sword, there would have been a possibility that their wrists would have been broken, or that they could not have overcome the weight of the sword even though they blocked it.

“Still, it’s a great enough achievement.”

“Your friend is right. If it had been a stupid skill, it would have been split in two with the sword. Be proud.”

Rebecca is convinced that Ludwig’s sword would have split in two even though she herself swung a branch.

If it were someone else’s words, it would have been arrogant, but when she said it, it couldn’t be more credible.

‘I almost died.’

It is clear that his eyes went back with the expectation that he would be able to see with his own eyes the swordsman’s skills that he had only seen in books.

Only then did Ludwig, realizing how stupid his actions had been, trembled slightly.

On the other hand, I was also happy that I could be recognized by two people who thought I was on a far higher level than myself.

The training in the past has not been in vain. Just realizing that fact made my heart jump a little.

“The amount of mana he is wearing is considerable… I’ve never heard of a wizard in the Ipretz family.”

A cold sweat ran down his back as he saw Rebecca staring at him with sharp eyes.

The swordsman’s eyes and senses were as expected. I never thought I would notice so quickly my body that used a small trick.

Well, since she copied the training method she used in the original work almost exactly as it was, there’s no way it won’t work.

Although the training location is not the same, there may be some deviations in mana accumulation, but it must be a much faster way than ordinary training methods.

‘Somehow I feel guilty.’

It feels like submitting an answer sheet copied from the correct answer sheet, getting a perfect score, and receiving praise from the teacher. I didn’t know if it was more because the opponent was a person who had dedicated his life to the sword.

“I have to work even harder to not lose. I will catch up soon.”

That’s what he said, but on the other hand, he also wanted to see Ludwig overtake him. Why? The sudden thought struck me as a surprise to myself.

Emilia prided herself on being second to none in her passion for the sword. I want to be the best when it comes to swords. If there was someone ahead of him, it was a girl named Emilia who would work harder and exert more effort.

‘Nevertheless… Why?’

This time, even though he thought that he might be overtaken by someone with swordsmanship, he could see himself accepting it with pleasure.

It was a really strange feeling. However, I didn’t like it.

Emotions were still unknown to her. It is ironic that he has eyes that can see into the hearts of others, but is ignorant of his own feelings.

However, even Emilia knew that she had to cherish this something rising in her heart.

When I was next to him, there were times when thoughts, emotions, and actions that I hadn’t had before inadvertently flashed.

It must be one of the stars he pulled out from beyond the dark clouds that hung over his heart.

“Emilia, did you get anything on my face?”

“No. I just have a few thoughts.”

Did I stare at you too blindly? He blinked and touched my face.

Covering her mouth, she sighed and let the conversation flow in moderation, and Emilia lost herself in her thoughts again.

Said to like both the moon and flowers, he gave the moon and flowers together as a gift through the moon flower he treasured.

He said he likes stars, and he brought back the stars in the night sky and the stars in his heart that he had been unable to find before he knew it.

‘but… It’s not enough.’

Even so, the night sky named Ludwig Eifretz was still not handed over. The only thing she regretted was that.

It is said that people’s greed is endless, and when they received your gift, they were happy, but before they knew it, they wanted more.

But what can I do? As I said before, you were caught by such a woman out of luck.

Oh, didn’t I tell you directly? Anything is good. There is no thief in the world who can confidently say that while stealing valuables.

In order to become a master swordsman capable of stealing the night sky, he had to hide everything that could be hidden as much as possible, and somehow not reveal his true feelings.

What kind of expression would you make when you found out that I was such a greedy and greedy woman?

I know it’s a bit of a mischievous idea, but it was a curiosity that suddenly came to mind.

* * * * * * *

Due to the visit of an unscheduled guest, the return to the village, which was scheduled for tomorrow, was moved forward by a day. Just change the location.

That’s also true, because the place where Emilia and Rebecca stayed was close to a shabby village with a small number of residents. It was enough to stay for a while, but it was difficult to go with guests.

Ludwig, who felt sorry for changing the destination because of himself, waved his hand saying it was okay, but the two were quite stubborn.

If it was a particularly surprising part, would it be that Rebecca was stronger than Emilia? It was quite embarrassing to him because he hadn’t thought that the swordsman would care about him.

“Did you say Ludwig?”

“Yes, Lord Steinbaum.”

If others witnessed this scene, they would regard Bonama and Rebecca as nobles and Ludwig as commoners. However, the fact that the status was reversed was a really interesting factor.

This was because her behavior was so natural and innocent.

In addition to that, he naturally gave a title of honor to a commoner without any title, and he did a good job. It also meant that the weight of the title of swordsman was that heavy.

When he turned his head and met his eyes, there stood the swordsman with a benevolent smile.

“Although I have never had a disciple, I know that a disciple is like a child. Therefore, you are also my daughter’s friend.”

“ah… … .”

“In the Ipretz family, when a close friend of the only child visits, do they offer a shabby room and stoned bread as a treat?”

“Could it be?”

Ludwig then realized his mistake.

It’s not just politeness not to cause trouble to the other person. Sometimes, there are times when it is a more appropriate example to appreciate the consideration of the other person.

“You look pretty smart, so I don’t need to say anything more. It would only make me feel bad to hear such a story from a commoner.”

“You feel bad. Rather, I was impressed.”

“Congratulations? If the eldest son of the count family admires this kind of treatment, it will be bitter.”

She laughed at the thought that it was an absurd remark, but after hearing Ludwig’s words, she felt indescribable.

“It’s not about that, it’s about treating Emilia like a child.”

“… … .”

It wasn’t just Rebecca who was speechless. The same was true of Emilia, who had been silently listening to the conversation between the two beside her.

“When I heard that she was leaving for another country, I was worried. To be honest, I was anxious even though I knew the reputation of the Sword Saint.”

“Oh, what do you mean?”

It sounded like he doubted his ability.

But since he didn’t think he was going to put himself down, I guessed that there must be something behind him.

“It is not that I doubted Sir Stenbaum’s ability. Just because you’re good at swordsmanship doesn’t mean you’re a good teacher.”

“It means you doubted my humanity.”

“To put it bluntly, yes.”

In the original work, the story of the two only appeared in the relationship between master and disciple and a brief training process.

There is no description of how she treated Emilia or how much of a bond she came to have.

Rebecca herself, unlike the heavy title of swordsman, had no detailed characteristics in the original work other than the expression ‘eccentric and free-spirited’.

That’s what I felt like doing. It seems that it was just a simple rain.

“You’re crazy. Why did you bother to bring that up? What would you do if I were offended?”

It didn’t have to be mentioned. Rather, if he did not know Rebecca very well, he might have been better off keeping his mouth shut. Because you don’t know what outcome awaits you.

Nevertheless, the reason why he revealed this and stabbed her was because Ludwig wanted to clearly point out the character Rebecca.

“If that were the case, my friend would realize that he would not be worthy of being served by his teacher, so it wouldn’t have been so bad.”

“I like one pulpit.”

In a way, it was like being insulted in the face. Even so, the face of the swordsman was unusually bright.

Does it mean that you value your disciple that much?

A pleasant laugh flowed out when he realized that the reason he did not shrink from the reputation of the Sword Saint was not because he had high self-pride, but because he had an upright heart for his friends.

“You have good friends. disciple.”

“Go, thank you. Master.”

What’s regrettable is that, unlike the disciple’s face, which had already turned red like an apple, the man’s face maintained a calm expression.

I would have thought that his disciple, who was nowhere to be found, had a one-sided love for him. There are so many strange things in the world.

The eyes of Emilia, who was flapping her fan, met his.

After looking at each other for a few seconds, the gaze of the two hurriedly fell.

At this point, Rebecca felt a strange sense of deja vu. Aside from his pupil, why is that boy?

‘Perhaps… … ?’

Soon, a mischievous smile formed on her lips, and she gently pushed her student to the side of the boy who boasted of being his self-proclaimed friend.

– Flutter.


Emilia, who was unable to keep her balance due to the sudden push on her back, ended up being held captive in his arms.

When she calls out to Rebecca in a voice that clearly shows her embarrassment, she avoids her gaze very unnaturally and remains ignorant.

“Master, don’t get out of here. It’s been a long time, so come and play with your friends.”

One day, the day will come when you will admire this master’s broad generosity, disciple.

Swallowing those words into his heart, the Sword Master immediately turned around and moved on.

As I was watching from the side, I could smell the sweetness from my mouth.

Of course, I wasn’t doing this because I was sad that I hadn’t been in a relationship before this age. It’s just the teacher’s broad affection and concern for his disciple.

Anyway, it was. Anyone who refutes this statement will be cut down immediately.

It was the swordsman who made such a promise.


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