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The Villain Wants to Live Quietly chapter 4

Chapter 1. The final boss has arrived (4)

Was it a full moon today? The garden illuminated by the round rising moon definitely had a different charm from the morning.

It’s hard to express it poetically because I’m clumsy with words, but it was a scene that I really liked.

“If it’s cold, wear this. It will get better.”

“ah… thank you.”

Even though he smiled as if it wasn’t a big deal, he inadvertently lost his gaze with her eyes.

It seems to shine even more than it does during the day. Even her beauty, which had not yet bloomed, shone more than during the day.

Among the old sayings I saw when I was in the other world, there was a saying called Pyewolsuhwa (蔽月羞花). It means a woman with outstanding beauty to the extent that she is ashamed of the moon and flowers and hides her face.

If Emilia walks to the center of the garden like this and makes the moon and flowers hide, then that can be proven.

Of course, that doesn’t sound like it.

“That’s why you brought it.”

“Even though it’s spring, it’s still chilly. Even if flower viewing is good, what use is it if you hurt your body?”

“Whoops… I see. Prince Aifrets seems to be very thoughtful.”

That’s too much of a compliment to receive for just bringing a blanket.

It wasn’t a bad feeling though. No matter what, it’s a compliment I get from my favorite character. On the contrary, I think I will have to restrain myself a little because my shoulders are shrugged.

A brown blanket over her everyday clothes.

Even though the material, color, and design of the blanket were nothing special, when she wore it, it felt noble like a formal dress.

It can be used as a coat hanger, so you can wear anything you wear. I didn’t know that the range would go beyond clothes and embrace even blankets.

“Is the garden at night a bit different?”

“Yeah. If it was gorgeous during the day… It’s nice to have a taste at night.”

“I also like the night garden. It’s great to take a walk, especially when you’re thinking a lot.”

For the past year or so, I’ve been walking around the garden a lot at night. According to the story in the story, it is my fate that I may meet Georg soon.

Besides, even if I didn’t walk the path of a villain, not everything would be resolved.

Before I knew it, the day might come when I would be influenced by Georg and face off with Emilia and meet her end.

There was such a case among the materials of romance fantasy novels that I used to read from time to time.

No matter how hard you try, you will eventually follow your fate and meet a miserable ending.

“…ruler? Prince Aifretz?”


this. It seems that I was immersed in contemplation too much without realizing it.

Emilia, who stretched out her hand in front of my eyes and swung it around, stared at me with a worried face.

When I averted my gaze from the blue eyes that seemed to pierce my heart, she carefully pulled the sleeve of my arm.

As I felt a faint trembling sensation running through my fingertips, I involuntarily stiffened my body.

What kind of value is this? It seems that he got drunk on the atmosphere in a way that was too pure.

“Your complexion is not good. Is there something wrong?”

“It’s not a big deal. I must have thought too seriously about what tomorrow morning would be like.”

“Because breakfast is important. I can understand that feeling.”

Emilia smiled subtly and agreed with my words. She must have noticed that it was no big deal because she was clever.

I just want to thank you for not taking one more step there.

Perhaps because she is a truly wise woman, she has realized that there is a line that must not be crossed.

Even though I realized that we were quite compatible, we had only seen each other for one day at most.

“Aren’t you cold? Because the blanket covers me alone… … .”

“Because he is a man after all, he is quite strong against the cold. So don’t worry.”

“That’s too bad. We could have covered it together.”

As if passing by, the words she uttered lingered in my ears in the early morning wind.

Thank you very much, but I can’t. To be honest, it is still difficult to maintain reason.

Fortunately, this is possible because she is a young girl who has not fully blossomed yet.

Perhaps, if I had taken this action as a full-fledged adult, I might have rushed at her without looking back, whether or not I was decapitated.

Of course, even if I look like now, if it was me in the past, I might have flirted right away.

“The color of Prince Aifretz’s hair is like the night sky.”

“Yes. I often hear that it is a plain color that is not even black.”

“Who are you talking about? It’s such pretty hair.”

is my father

If I say that, the atmosphere will suddenly get cold.

When I evaded that I used to hear such words from people around me, Emilia expressed her emotions the most intensely since they met today.

“These are stupid people. Rather, it is nobler and nicer than common black hair.”

Father of this world, I’m sorry. I ended up swearing at my father because I was talking nonsense.

If I don’t walk on the road to the underworld at the age of twenty-one, I’ll live my life taking care of it. Sorry again father.

Even though he wasn’t at the mansion, he repeated an apology in his mind that his father, who should be sleeping in the bed by now, would not hear.

Although Emilia was still angry with her spirits, as if she was still not feeling well.

Still, am I even going to tell you that I treated you well throughout the day? It’s a little heartbreaking.

To be honest, I am so moved that I desperately resist the urge to hug and pet her.

“Thank you for saying that, Princess Baiemurn. This is the first time anyone has complimented my hair since my mother.”

“Is that so? After all, Mrs. Eifretts is a very good esthetic.”

Your mother has a great sense of aesthetics. It’s the first time I’ve heard of it.

To put it bluntly, she was the kind of person who could go out wearing clothes only after receiving an inspection from a servant before going out to social circles.

I was really astonished when I saw the formal dress that my mother was wearing with sincerity.

“May I go to the center of the garden?”

“As much as you like.”

I didn’t do it during the day, but now I have to go down the stairs in the dark, so I reached out for an escort.

Of course, I can’t say I’m not selfish.

I went downstairs first and reached out my hand to her, and Emilia’s figure, with her back to the moonlight, looked very radiant.

So much so that you don’t even need a light. It makes the viewer go crazy thinking who is not the main heroine of a romance fantasy novel.

“Even though it’s the same place, the atmosphere is different from daytime.”

“I’m glad you look happy.”

“Isn’t Prince Aifrets happy?”

“It can’t be. How could there ever be a moment when a man is not happy in front of a beautiful woman?”

I didn’t say it because I thought she might not like this kind of lip service, but I thought it would be okay now.

There was no basis for anything, but it was simply an act based on intuition.

But she was staring at me with her lips slightly pursed as if she was dissatisfied.

Oh, did I make a mistake? I can’t even trust my senses. Should I hit my head right now and apologize?

While I was running various simulations in my head, she strode in front of me and opened her mouth with a stern expression.

“I don’t want to hear such obvious lines.”

“Well… … .”

what is it Are you asking me to use a more sophisticated vocabulary to resonate with you?

That’s a tough spell, then. At the very least, even if it was a sword dance, he would do it anyway, but he had no confidence in his speech skills.

In the end, I decided to win by speaking with the utmost sincerity.

If it was Emilia, wouldn’t it be possible to answer my sincerity even if it wasn’t a phrase using plausible vocabulary?

“It’s fun. I guess it’s all the more because we’re friends.”

“is that so?”

It seems to have been a satisfactory answer to her. While letting out a soft laugh, Emilia turned around and walked forward.

Her hair protruding from the blanket shimmered beautifully as if sprinkled with jewel powder in the moonlight.

What a strange sight. It was only today that I learned for the first time that human hair can shine.

“It’s a bit cold even with a blanket on.”

“Even if it’s my outerwear… … .”

“No. Now we have to go in slowly. It can’t cause any more trouble.”

You don’t even have to think of it as lungs. Still, as it was her opinion, I decided to follow it without saying anything.

Because it was actually quite late. It should be the right time to go to bed soon.

“Shall we go? Ludwig.”

Emilia passed by me and held out her hand. She smelled the scent for the first time.

It may have been the fragrance of flowers from staying in the garden for a long time, or it may have been the natural scent of the body, but I thought it was very fragrant.

name. Does that mean that he treats me comfortably to some extent?

It is true that I still have difficulties dealing with her. Even if you try not to think about it right away, it will only be engraved in your head.

Then at least act like you’re friends while meeting her. That would be comfortable for both of us.

“I see. Emilia.”

Why did she come to see me today? Why did he suggest that we go to see the garden on this moonlit night? Why did you call my name first?

The complex thoughts in my head were quickly washed clean as she held out her hand to me. I feel like I’m under magic.

Until I go to bed, I’ll have to think about breakfast tomorrow. As usual, as if nothing had happened.


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