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The Villain Wants to Live Quietly chapter 39

Chapter 5. Tanya Ansberg (5)

The next day came pretty quickly to the two people who quickly became friends thanks to the commonality of Emilia.

If it hadn’t been for yesterday’s incident, Tanya would have been devising various means to understand Ludwig’s mind by now, but how many things in the world can go as planned.

Watching him watering the flowers in the garden, she opened her mouth in a brusque tone.

“Is it fun to grow flowers?”

“Each person is different. It just suits my taste.”

“yes? that’s interesting.”

Unlike Emilia, who had devoted her entire life to the sword, Tanya did not dislike seeing flowers either.

However, it did not mean that he liked to cultivate and grow with his own hands like that.

To put it bluntly, she hated having to get her hands wet with water and dirt.

In fact, if you look only at the appearance of the two people, Tanya is the one who is tending the flowers right now. It would be correct to assume that the one sitting and watching was Ludwig.

Aside from her personality, she is a daughter of an aristocratic family who exudes the air of a delicate, flower-like lady in her appearance.

Aside from his personality, he is a scion of an aristocratic family with a sharp overall facial line and a cold atmosphere.

But in reality, the reverse was a lot of fun.

“When does it end?”

Like a little girl complaining to her father, who was doing his official business, to play with her, Ludwig’s mouth burst into laughter at her sudden words.

It is very different from the Tanya Ansberg I had imagined. I thought of an image that was a little more karangkarang and distanced.

Although the impression of being an immature young lady still lingered, it was not a point deducted too much for Ludwig.

Tanya shakes her legs and blatantly shows boredom.

So why did he follow after hearing that he was going to water the flowers? Wouldn’t it have been more fun to look around the mansion or the annex?

“Well… soon? If you’re bored, I’ll tell Paula, so would you like to take a look at the mansion?”

“no. I must have seen enough yesterday.”

Yesterday, while the enlisted men were being treated, she had only been treated for minor scratches and toured the mansion for a while following Carol’s guidance.

I couldn’t stop by the annex or other places in the site, but that was enough, so I wasn’t interested anymore.

At this moment, Tanya’s only concern was when Ludwig would finish this tedious watering and deal with her.

“But Ludwig.”


Tanya, who was still staring at him with her chin resting on her chin, cautiously called his name.

Maybe it’s because the tone of her voice has gone down about an octave. For a moment, Ludwig couldn’t tell if it was Tanya’s voice.

“Aren’t you angry?”

“… What’s wrong with you all of a sudden?”

Ludwig, who stopped watering the unexpected question and turned around, blinked his eyes.

Did something just happen? Suddenly, he couldn’t figure out why he should be angry.

“It’s not something I’m going to say… I think you’re being too annoying.”

As if to put the question to rest, Tanya muttered, twisting the ends of her pink hair with her index finger.

It was only then that Ludwig, who understood her words, stared blankly at her and burst into a small laugh unconsciously.

what to say It was because it was amazing because the lines fit so well with the image of ‘Tanya’ that he had imagined.

“Put. It’s not something you say with your own mouth.”

“Chi, don’t laugh!”

Tanya vehemently protests with her face dyed red like the rose blooming right next to her.

He immediately apologized and said he was sorry, but couldn’t erase the traces of laughter left on his lips and turned his head away.

It’s so strange. How is it possible to feel such a deep friendship in not just a day, but in fact half a day?

There were parts that were expected. It must be because Ludwig, who had read the original, did not feel that she was the first person he met yesterday.

Besides, if the heroine he liked the most was Emilia, then the character he liked the most from a human perspective was Tanya.

In the original work, Tanya Ansberg was a character who was more three-dimensional than anyone else and showed the most striking charm.

“Shall we finish this?”

Ludwig deliberately exaggeratedly pretended to shake his hand and put down the watering can.

At that, Tanya looked around the rest of the flower beds around her and tilted her head when she realized that there were some areas that hadn’t been soaked with water yet.

“already? I haven’t given it over there yet… Is it because of me?”

And anxiety rising at the same time.

Is he trying to stop because he’s getting nervous because he’s always standing by his side and whining?

If that was true, I wouldn’t have seen him. It’s true that I was a little upset, but I had no intention of going this far.

As the hair-like pink eyes swayed, Ludwig, who witnessed the scene, once again smiled at the corner of his mouth.

If you’re going to notice this soon, I wonder why you grumbled so much until a little while ago.

I had a desire to tease her a little, but I decided to refrain from doing so, fearing that she would burst into tears.

“The gardener will do the rest. Even if you look at it like this, it’s sogaju, but I can’t do this much alone?”

Watering and tending flowers are his hobbies, not his main job.

The reason why he dares to find work that can be entrusted to a gardener is because taking care of flowers in a leisurely manner suits his inclination.

It’s not like he’s kind or kind enough to help the gardener.

When he informed me of a fact that was not new to me, Tanya opened her eyes wide and clapped her hands loudly.

“… uh? That’s right. I also forgot that you were the head of the Ipretz family.”

“Isn’t that a bit harsh?”

“But, the atmosphere is very different from the first time I saw it yesterday.”

The preconceived notions she had of a man named Ludwig Eifretz changed twice: yesterday and today.

Until I met him, I thought he would be a sloppy, sinister, dark-hearted man.

After being saved by him, I thought that he was surprisingly manly and had a reliable edge.

After talking with him, I realized that he was an upright and kind-hearted man, but he also had a bit of a fierce side.

How can people’s impressions change so drastically in just one day?

It was the first strange thing she had ever experienced, but I thought it wasn’t such a bad feeling.

“Um, is that a compliment?”

“maybe… Degree?”

Tanya tilted her head to the right a couple of times, pouting like a broken wooden doll.

There was a bit of an awkward side to him, but he didn’t think she would swear openly, so Ludwig nodded without saying anything.

“Oh, right. Ludwig, did you get a letter from Emilia too?”

“letter? Well, I got it.”

After arranging the watering can, Ludwig slowly approaches himself. Tanya abruptly changed the topic toward him.

I didn’t feel it when he was concentrating on the flower bed, but it was difficult to choose a topic of conversation because the distance created a strange awkwardness.

The most comfortable topic for conversation between the two people who met for the first time yesterday was none other than Emilia.

It was a question that popped up unconsciously, but Tanya was proud of the thought that it was a very good choice to think for herself.

“Well, there’s no way I wouldn’t send it to you.”

Since Tanya firmly believed that the two were lovers, she realized that it was a very natural question and agreed to it alone.

‘You say it like it’s natural… Does that mean that Emilia and I are best friends?’

And because of misunderstanding upon misunderstanding, Ludwig, the person in charge, also misunderstood and listened to her words, and nodded to her words, so it was a moment when it became a fait accompli.

“Come to think of it, when did you learn swordsmanship? Yesterday I was surprised and had no reason to ask, but I have always been curious.”

“I haven’t been learning for a long time. I benefited a lot from teaching Emilia until she left.”

“What about Emilia? Miraculous.”

As a childhood friend, she knew better than anyone how passionate a girl named Emilia was when it came to swordsmanship.

So it was surprising. Emilia, who was in a hurry to advance her own path, was spending her time teaching others.

Do people change that much when they meet someone they love?

For Tanya, who has never experienced even a fresh first love, the unknown existence farther than the stars in the night sky is the feeling of love.

“How did you feel when you saw Emilia?”

“Ugh… Well. It’s hard to put into words, but should I say it’s like a sword? A sword so beautiful and sharp that it is hard to touch? It felt like that.”

It was very similar to Ludwig’s impression when he first met Emilia.

Perhaps the atmosphere Tanya felt was referring to the old Emilia.

Both of them must have changed a lot in their view of Emilia now.

“You and I have something in common.”

“What do you have in common?”

Tanya, who was staring blankly at herself, opened her mouth with a mischievous smile, and a question mark floated above her head.

“It’s amazing how close you are with Emilia.”

“hahahaha, that’s right too.”

Only then did Ludwig, who was able to understand the meaning behind her words, nodded in deep sympathy.

I don’t mean it in a bad way, it’s not like Ludwig or Tanya, it’s not a personality that makes friends easily with a girl named Emilia.

Basically, all three of them were less sociable, but Ludwig and Tanya’s natural personalities were cheerful at best and light-hearted at worst.

On the other hand, Emilia was quiet and had a calm and serious personality. There was no such thing as a common topic of conversation.

Nonetheless, both of them were able to become friends with Emilia, and they continued to talk like this about the common theme of her.

Upon realizing that fact, one of the two burst out laughing without saying anything first.

Oh, it’s such a strange thing to do in the world.

“Actually, I’m not the type to get close to people quickly. But strangely, you feel very comfortable.”

“Is that an honor?”

“Sir, if someone is speaking from the heart, listen!”

I thought he gave a cheesy line that didn’t suit others, but it’s like he handled it slickly.

When Tanya stomped in exasperation, he calmed her down with a mischievous smile.

After all, Tanya was Tanya. It seemed to have subsided for a while, but where did the arrogant young lady’s appearance go?

At least, even if it was Emilia, she wouldn’t have expressed her feelings so openly.

Before he felt comfortable with himself, it was an action that could come out because his emotional expression was colorful and honest.

“So, what do you want to say?”

“Dah, nothing in particular!? It’s just that it is!”

If that’s the case, why did you dare to say it while enduring shame?

Maybe it was because she was intoxicated with the atmosphere in her own way. Thinking so, Ludwig stopped questioning further.

– Hurb.

As I took a sip of the tea that had already cooled down and looked at the woman sitting across from me, Emilia’s face strangely overlapped.

Ludwig smiled bitterly, thinking that he might have become seriously ill.

Didn’t Tanya feel a big sense of deja vu when he saw him like that?

The two of them had a girl pictured in their heads at the same time, but there was a subtle temperature difference between them as time passed between them.

An ordinary daytime was passing like that.


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