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The Villain Wants to Live Quietly chapter 37

Chapter 5. Tanya Ansberg (3)

Around the time Emilia received a letter from her childhood friend, a letter also arrived from the Ipretz family.

The source is the count of Ansberg, who rules the territory in the northeastern region.

The only connection between the two families was that they had met face-to-face once before at a ball, so it was quite unexpected for the Ipretz family.

“Yes? A visit from the Ansberg family?”

Carol, who was spending time with her wife in the drawing room, received the letter and hurriedly called Ludwig, and when he arrived, he opened the contents and explained.

“yes. It looks like that.”

“It is too sudden.”

At the point of sending the letter in advance, the word “sudden” might be a joke, but it wasn’t particularly wrong because there was no relationship between the families.

When the same impression as her own came out of her son’s mouth, Carol quietly raised one corner of her mouth.

‘It’s the Ansberg family… The reason must be because of that character.’

The Ansberg family was a family Ludwig knew well. Clearly, it was highly likely that he had sent this letter because of her breath, which he assumed.

‘Tanya Ansberg.’

The second daughter of the Ansberg family, and the one and only childhood friend of Emilia, the main heroine of the original work.

In the original work, she was a person who cared for and followed Emilia terribly, to the extent that the sentence ‘Tanya regards Emilia as a friend, sister, and older sister’ appeared.

I could guess the reason for visiting the Ipretz family this time.

Even when Christian, the main character in the original story, was connected with Emilia, he purposely provoked and upset the plant in the presence of Emilia and the three of them in the name of digging into his true nature.

Rather than having a bad personality, it was because he had a strong bond with Emilia.

“ha… … .”

“Are you worried? You have a bad complexion.”

If you’re not even a Christian, why should you go through such an ordeal?

A deep sigh escaped unconsciously from Ludwig’s mouth, and Diana stared at him with a worried face.

“Oh, no. mother.”

“If visiting from the Ansberg family is inconvenient, you can refuse. It’s not even a family with a big relationship.”

Her opinion wasn’t too wrong, but it wasn’t the best.

Ludwig was also aware of that, so he didn’t say anything.

“You cannot confiscate and reject letters sent from the same county. Fine.”

It was Ludwig who thought it was a fever he would have to go through at least once and decided to get over it.

Besides, Tanya just wants to confirm her own personality, and she doesn’t intend to come to play. Because she also has the status of being the daughter of a count, she won’t go out as quickly as that.

Then, just like when Emilia came to visit, he would have to deal with her as she is, as usual, without any ostentation or ostentation.

I’ve decided to graduate now from wrapping my head around being tied to the original work like before.

Carol’s eyes briefly lit up at the sight of her son calmly expressing his opinion.

He’s just hiding his brilliance from before. I thought he was a child with his own thoughts and values, but lately it seemed to be evident.

Should I say that I have no hesitation in speaking my thoughts and acting? There must have been some trigger, but as his masculine side increased, the firearms also became thicker.

“Heh heh, that’s okay. You can leave the head of the house right now.”

“If you are planning to leave the family headship and go on a trip alone with your mother, that is not the case. father.”

“Yonseok… ! What do you see your father as?”

“You seem like a father who would give up his position at any time and run away at night… … .”

I wonder if you’ve become so bold before you know it.

Actually, it wasn’t a mistake, so it was Carol who had no intention of denying it.

The more prestigious and powerful the family is, the more bloody winds are often blown due to the selection of a successor or the useless stubbornness of the current head of the family, but the Aifretz family could be said to be an extreme exception to such cases.

In the case of the current family head, he has no desire for power and just wants to spend his old age with his beloved wife.

There was only one successor, and there was nothing lacking in handing over the position, and even that successor had little desire for honor or power.

It could be seen that it boasted a fairly peaceful atmosphere for a prestigious count family that proudly occupied a place in the southern region.

“Honey, it’s too early to pass down the family… … .”

Unlike the two of them, who knew that there was something in common between the father and son and that it was a joke, Diana, who was watching this scene, seemed to feel uneasiness in her heart.

In contrast to her husband, who was sometimes strict with her son, she was the one who raised Ludwig gently and without pressure. It must still be regarded as a child brought to the water’s edge.

“You know. Even though I want to step away from the front line and spend a leisurely time with you… It might be a little too early to hand it over.”

“of course. Rude, did you hear me? Don’t be impatient and wait.”

Diana speaks to her son in a soft tone, like soothing a newborn baby.

Normally, there were times when my mother’s behavior, which treated me like a grown-up child, was a bit uncomfortable, but today it was something to welcome with open arms.

For Ludwig, the head of the Ipretz family was not a golden crown that he wanted to inherit, at least for now.

“Do not worry. mother. It’s because I want to inherit it as late as possible.”

“Kuhm… … .”

Carol, who cleared her throat and avoided her gaze, picked up the teacup that was on the table and poured the remaining contents into her mouth.

The ladies-in-waiting sisters, who were watching the series of actions from the corner, burst into small laughter at the same time.

In public, he always proudly boasted of being the representative of the Ipretz family, but at home, he was nothing more than a sloppy husband and father who was beaten from both sides.

Even so, isn’t the fact that they are not looked down on that shows the closeness of these families?

* * * * * * *

The wagon carrying Tanya passed through two villages on the way, and it seemed that only today it would be able to reach Featherbarn.

Maybe it’s because my body is tired because I started early in the morning. Tanya’s mouth opened and a yawn leaked out.

If he behaved like this in front of his mother, he would have been beaten straight up for not being careful. Her family was more strict on her mother’s side.

“It is later than expected. Was Featherbarn originally this far away?”

The words she muttered to herself indifferently drifted through the air and reached the ears of the handmaid, Rell.

Restless and paying attention to the owner, she eventually decided to tell the truth about the small happenings on this journey.

“I, lady… I’m sorry, but I have one thing to tell you.”

“yes? What?”

Tanya tilted her head at the sight of the lady-in-waiting, who usually had a stiff personality, but today, especially in a low profile.

“Actually, it seems that there was a little mistake in figuring out the way to Featherbarn.”

“What mistake?”

It took a little while, but that didn’t mean I had come down a road that people couldn’t travel.

When she asked again with a question mark, Rell rolled his eyes and pursed his dry lips.

“Originally, they said they were supposed to come to Featherbarn through the central area, not in this direction. If you go this way, a rough road will appear soon… … .”

Among the territories ruled by the Aifretz family, Featherbarn, the direct domain, is surrounded by mountains to the east and rivers to the west.

It is also known as an active trading place because it can reach the central region by going straight north through the river channel that flows from west to northeast, and the land route.

However, the mountains to the east are quite rugged, so the destination from the east to Featherbarn is usually to return via the central region.

There is no big problem for passers-by who are familiar with Featherbarn, but accidents sometimes happen because of this, and this was exactly the case.

“Is the road that rough?”

“The road is also long, but it seems that monsters and beasts often appear along the way.”

Rell only mentions the facts to the owner who asks insignificantly. Only then did Tanya realize that it was no trivial thing to laugh at.

As the second daughter of the Ansberg family was worried about the journey alone, the number of escorts accompanying them was quite large.

Therefore, wild beasts would not pose a great threat, but the problem was the existence of monsters.

“The lady didn’t seem to want it to take more time, so I didn’t change the route… … .”

“That’s right. Even if I told you, I wouldn’t have listened to you because of my personality.”

It’s true that monsters are worrying, but before that, Tanya’s original personality belonged to the impatient side.

Even if I had heard this before leaving town today, I wouldn’t have changed the route. He must have overlooked it and continued, saying that it would not happen to him.

Lel was also regretting it from the bottom of her heart. After all, wouldn’t it have been better to secretly change the route by mentioning it secretly to the coachman and the escort without telling the owner.

At least, it might have been the right choice if he had sincerely tried to be for her.

“Lel, don’t worry and look out the window. The scenery is nice too.”

“but… … .”

“You always worry too much about things that don’t even happen. So there are many times when I am grateful… You can’t undo what has already happened, can you?”

In the midst of the conversation, the carriage was about to enter a dangerous area, a mountain road.

There is no solution for worrying now, and the enlisted soldiers must have heard this in advance and prepared for any contingency anyway.

All she had to do now was to remain in this position without embarrassment as the second daughter of the Ansberg family.

It was also out of her temper to worry about something that hadn’t happened yet.

– Kurung.

“… … !”

Did you even listen to her? As they always say, a crisis comes suddenly, the carriage began to jolt.

Rell hurriedly moved his gaze out the window with a puzzled expression.

I could only see the thick vegetation, but for some reason I felt uneasiness.

That moment,

– Quarreuk!

There was a loud noise again, and the carriage rattled even louder.

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Judging by the increased neighing of the horses, something must have happened.

“Bah, what did you mean by that?”

“Ah, lady! Dangerous!”

Rell wrapped herself around Tanya, stopping her from checking the situation through the window at the back of the carriage.

At the same time, the soldiers following from the back row collapsed, and a black figure passed in front of the two of them.

At that moment, the carriage in which the two were riding slowed down significantly, and their bodies swung sharply to the right.

There must have been an accident at the forefront of the ranks.

“My lady, we have to escape from here first.”

“Yes… … !”

Because of the deceleration, almost like a sudden stop, fortunately, the two were able to get out safely.

As Rell, who had left the carriage with the owner as much protection as possible, looked around, the dark figures he had seen earlier were clearly expressing their presence through the trees.

‘Squale Wolf… … !’

Rell, who immediately realized their identity, grinded her teeth to make a loud noise.

I expected that it wouldn’t be a wild beast, but I ran into a very troublesome type of monsters.

The accompanying soldiers were fiercely resisting, but the number of monsters was quite large, so it seemed that they would not be able to escape the struggle.

‘I have to get out of here… In the gap where the eyes are focused… … .’

Squale Wolf is a monster with the unique ability to read the psychological state of its prey.

If it thinks that the opponent is afraid of itself, it rushes at it without delay, biting and tearing it apart. That was their way of survival.

Even if it wasn’t the first time seeing a monster, it would be impossible for his owner to overcome the fear when he was exposed to such a threat.

The rest of the guys who hadn’t rushed yet, being wary of their surroundings, might run straight if they found Tanya in a panic.

Since the horse is unable to perform its duties anyway, it is best to get out of here quickly as long as the enlisted soldiers are pulling the time.

“My lady, please run as fast as you can on that road for now.”

“What!? what are you doing… … !?”

“If the two of them run, they have a big presence, so they might catch you. I’ll head towards the enlisted men, so hurry up in the gap… … ”

“Such nonsense… … !”

I only said it loosely, but in reality it was no different from saying that I would become a bait.

Lel is just an ordinary woman who has not learned any martial arts like herself. It is obvious what will happen the moment Squale Wolf is noticed.

Tanya clenched her fists in protest, but before she could, Rell shut her mouth.

“miss! This is no time to be fooled! If something happens to the young lady here, what face will I have to meet the master and the madam!”

“Ha, but… … .”

Tanya was aware of it too. When it was time to throw up at her words, the fact that running away would ease my mind.

Nonetheless, he overcomes his fear and endures with only the mind that he cannot forsake the many people who followed him.

– Cre… !

“… … !”

While the two were arguing, a Squale Wolf, who had been watching the surroundings from the pack, spotted them and let out a low howl.

And the guy who shortened the distance in an instant by going back and forth through the trees arrived in front of the two of them.

– Crore!

“Ah, lady!”

Perhaps it was because Tanya’s inner fear was greater than Lel’s.

The Squale Wolf immediately pointed out Tanya as its prey, and in an instant closed the distance and lunged at her.

The Squale Wolf rushes towards Tanya with the momentum to cut Tanya in half, baring his sharp teeth before Lell can even use his hands.

‘Ah, like this I… … .’

It must be over. Tanya couldn’t finish the words, but closed her eyes in preparation for the shock to come.

– Wow!

What attacked her after that was neither the scream nor the sharp teeth of the Squall Wolf.

An ugly sound as if skin were being cut with a sharp piercing sound.

– Flutter.

Soon, I thought that a shadow would be cast over my closed eyes, but I felt the sign of something falling down along with the sound of a dog screaming in agony.

‘yes… ? not… Are you sick?’

What? Surprisingly, is death so peaceful?

When she carefully opened her closed eyes, leaving her mind full of doubts behind, she saw the night sky splashing like seawater in front of her eyes.

It didn’t take long to recognize that it was the man’s hair.

When the man put the sword in the scabbard and turned around, cold eyes first caught his eye.

Eyes of the same unusual color as the hair. It was neither black nor blue, but had a strange color as if it had moved the night sky.

“you are… … ?”

Tanya, who had been frozen in fear, carefully opened her mouth and succeeded in asking the other person’s identity.

A small smile appeared on the cold man’s face and he revealed his name.

“My name is Ludwig Eifretz. I’m sorry to meet you like this. Princess Ansberg.”

A man who somehow knows his identity. Tanya muttered the name to herself again, in case she forgot it.

‘This man… Ludwig Eifretz… … .’

This is the man that his precious friend has come to love.

Contrary to the flimsy appearance that I expected, it is quite a manly impression.

It was Tanya who suddenly had such an idea.


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