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The Villain Wants to Live Quietly chapter 31

Chapter 4. Small changes (6)

Emilia’s departure date was set to be four days from the day she received the letter.

When the truth was revealed at breakfast the next day, Ludwig’s parents also expressed their regret.

All that was left was to build memories for the two of them.

Even so, with only three days left, it was difficult to leave and build memories.

While enjoying tea time sitting around a table in the garden, Ludwig asked if there was any place he wanted to go.

Emilia widened her eyes at the sudden question, but soon shook her head calmly and took a sip of tea.

“It’s okay if I don’t care. Ludwig.”

“but… … .”

“It’s just a brief farewell, right? It is never too late to build memories then.”

To not treat you like someone you’ll leave forever. That was what Emilia wanted.

Whether it’s a year or two, even if it takes more than 10 years, I’ll come back to him.

The story that I couldn’t finish, the memories that I couldn’t build up, I just have to go back at any time.

Ludwig didn’t add any more gata-buta words to her words that showed her determination and seriousness.

However, it was true that there were regrets left, so I had no choice but to lick my appetite again.

“What are you planning to do with swordsmanship while I’m gone?”

“I plan to invite a teacher I met in the past again, or try to do it by myself.”

Ludwig learned a lot about swordsmanship from her.

He realized that swordsmanship is not only good for increasing one’s own strength, but also good for boosting one’s self-confidence.

In particular, swordsmanship was very suitable for cultivating an eye to grasp the limits of one’s own strength and the capabilities of the opponent.

It’s not an expression suitable for a man, but for Ludwig, who had grown like a flower in a greenhouse, the experience was quite valuable.

‘Until then, I have to work hard too.’

When she was reunited with Emilia, she would have built up her capabilities to an extent that she couldn’t even imagine now.

Even in the original work, it was a time when people were hesitant about whether she had inherited the title of swordswoman at the time.

If so, even if it wasn’t to the extent that he matched it, he had to polish his minimum ability. Otherwise, his dignity as a man would not stand.

Although he himself thought that the man’s dignity had been abandoned long ago.

“Bocchan, can you excuse me for a moment during the talk?”


When the conversation between the two people stopped for a moment, Paula cautiously spoke without missing the opportunity.

When her long, sky-blue hair swayed in the wind, Paula reached out and grabbed hold of it as if she was curiously worried about it.

Smiling contentedly, she filled an empty glass in front of them and offered an idea, saying she had a good idea.

“It’s been a long time, how about going to see a play?”

“theater… … ?”

“Yes. They said that a fairly famous theater company had come from the central area as well. This time around the country, they are said to be active like a traveling troupe.”

If its reputation is well known even in the central area, starting with the palace, most of them are reluctant to wander around the periphery.

Nonetheless, coming to such a southern region must mean that they have a strong artistic temperament that takes pride in showing their plays to others.

Thinking that it was worth seeing at that extreme, he nodded his head and glanced sideways at Emilia across from him.

“I’ve never seen a play before… If it’s what Ludwig recommends, I want to see it at least once.”

“Are you okay? Emilia.”

“of course.”

Emilia had accompanied her mother on her father Stefan’s long journey a few times, but other than that, Emilia had stubbornly refused to leave the house.

Although he had seen many rare natural landscapes in the outskirts, he was quite ignorant of other entertainment.

Taking this opportunity to raise her level of formality, she also wanted to erase the preconceived notion that she was an ignorant woman who lived only by looking at the sword.

Of course, Ludwig never had such a thought for even a second.

“Thank you, Paula. But where did you hear that news?”

“This is the news Meryl gave me after visiting the village.”

“I see… no wonder.”

It was too detailed information for Paula, who had been confined to the mansion all day due to work.

Indeed, I would have thought it was the news that Meryl, the maid, had heard after visiting the village to shop or for some reason. Thanks to you, I was able to get good information, so I was very grateful.

He took a bite of the cookie, promising to thank Meryl later if he ever had to meet him.

“I’ll go straight after lunch.”

“All right. Ah, escorts and servants… … .”

“it’s okay. Rather, it stands out more.”

Paula nodded with a small smile, probably expecting that answer.

It was decided that only the wagons that could come and go would be prepared in advance, and the other detailed schedule would be made by the two of them.

Before leaving this place, Emilia was delighted to be able to go out alone with him again.

* * * * * * *

When they set foot in the center of the town, the two inevitably stood out.

Partly because of her outstanding appearance, but also because her outfit and overall atmosphere were very different from those of passersby walking down the street.

“The gaze is a little burdensome.”

“Iknow, right. It might have been better to dress up like a commoner.”

According to what she saw at a glance in the book, there were cases in which some children of aristocratic families dressed up as commoners to inspect the territory.

But today, the two of them went out like everyone else, so there was no need to dress up like that or hide their identities.

Rather, because Ludwig had revealed his identity, he thought it was fortunate that street junkies didn’t carelessly talk to him.

It was only frowned upon for them to flirt with Emilia, but the biggest thing was that their lives could not be guaranteed if such a thing happened.

In this world, for a commoner to dishonor the honor of an aristocratic family, it was something of a level.

“Oh, it looks like the band was there too.”

“Is that an orchestra? How amazing… … .”

The band, which had squeezed through the crowd on the street, gathered in twos and threes in the center of the plaza, and in an instant they finished their preparations and started playing the song.

“I don’t think Emilia has ever seen an orchestra.”

“yes. I’ve never seen an orchestra invited to a banquet, but on a street like this… It’s embarrassing, but I spent most of my time in the mansion.”

Perhaps the band she saw was a band that was invited to the mansion of an aristocratic family because of its reputation, and served meals and drinks to entertain them.

The rhymes presented by various types of instruments, whether percussion instruments or wind instruments, had a charm quite different from the songs of the orchestras she had heard so far.

If they play calm and elegant melodies, the orchestra of musicians on the street presents melodies that are light and strangely exciting.

“How are you, Emilia? Is it okay to listen?”

“Yeah. Very good. Even though I’m not well versed… It’s music that seems to lift people’s mood.”

The two stood in their seats for a while and listened to the band’s songs, and when the performance almost reached its climax, they applauded and responded.

At the end, they even explained where they were from, and they seemed to be looking for guardians who could support them financially.

“I think it’s okay to sponsor an orchestra like that in the future.”

“Because Ludwig has an artistic side.”

“Ahahahaha… It’s not like that.”

Do you think I have an artistic temperament? It was the first time I’d heard of it.

Although I learned oil painting from my mother and drew a few paintings because there was nothing to play with after coming to this world, I had never thought of being an artist.

Mmm. I’m well aware that the Ipretz family had many heads of families who showed outstanding abilities in arts and politics, but was that bloodline passed on to me as well?

If so, it must be good news. I can’t do anything right, so I’ll have to find at least one specialty.

“I want to hear the songs Ludwig sings later.”

“My song… I can’t guarantee the safety of your ears.”

“Huh, how are you? It’s worth it just to hear your friend sing.”

sing… There’s nothing I can’t hear, but like I said before, I don’t know if Emilia’s ears can handle it.

“Are you taking money on the street like that? How amazing.”

“Because nothing is free in this world. It’s not compulsory, but it’s polite to give a small amount in return for enjoying the song.”

“Then shall we?”

Emilia, her eyes twinkling at his words, pointed to a small box designed to throw money into.

Rather than showing an example for listening to the song, maybe it was something I wanted to try because it was strange to just put money in. Guessing so, Ludwig stepped forward and took out a silver coin and threw it into it.

“Oh, you are as big as a son of an aristocratic family! Thank you!”

The slim man, who contrasted with his long stature, expressed his gratitude with delight.

The money thrown at these street musicians must be a fairy tale or two.

But aside from his behavior, this amount was not an expense for Ludwig as he was the eldest son of a prestigious count family.

In the first place, the fairy tale itself did not exist in the money bag she carried.

“I heard the song well.”

“It is an honour. By all means, I hope you and your loved ones have a good time!”

A man who greets Ludwig with a smile and responds by bending his waist.

However, one word mixed in the sentence he spat out made the two startled.

“Well, the word lover… … .”

“Ah, I apologize if you weren’t dating. Because they’re such a good pair… … .”

Do people see you as a lover?

As Emilia, who had been standing next to him for no reason, became conscious again, he let out a clearing of his throat.

Then, a soft touch suddenly wrapped around his left hand.

Ludwig, whose eyes widened slightly, moved his gaze, and Emilia narrowed the distance to him and naturally brought her arms together.

“No. I heard you very well. It was a very good melody for lovers to listen to.”

“I’m glad you did. I hope you have a good time.”

Emilia didn’t say that she was a lover, but in a roundabout way, she spoke as if she were a lover.

The man looked at the two of them alternately, then as if he understood the situation, he smiled cheerfully, greeted them again, and went back to the members.

“That… Are you okay? Emilia.”

“What is this? He also said something nice after a long time, but if I said no, the man would be in an awkward position.”

“Yeah, that’s right. I hadn’t even thought of that until now.”

Ludwig, who was trying to guide him to the next place while avoiding his gaze, was in a state where even his ears turned red like apples before he knew it.

A small smile formed on Emilia’s lips as she watched from the side.

Until the day I come back, it will be difficult for me to convey my feelings to you, so you can joke around like this.

It would have been better if you had told me that you were a lover. That could be postponed until later.


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