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The Villain Wants to Live Quietly chapter 30

Chapter 4. Small changes (5)

After dinner, Ludwig went to the lake near the mansion without even accompanying his lady-in-waiting.

Maybe it’s because it rained for a while? Not only was the lake dark after dusk, but it smelled of thick grass due to the exhaled breath of coniferous trees that had absorbed moisture.

A calm atmosphere different from the mansion’s garden. On lucky days, it was also a place where you could see fireflies.

The grass that densely embroidered the floor was already soaking up a lot of water.

Because of that, it was difficult for him to sit down, so he had no choice but to wander around the lake laughing.

“It’s already time… … .”

Ludwig murmured softly after throwing a stone rolling on the floor into the lake.

What was written in the letter he received from his father was none other than Emilia.

To summarize, it was this.

A letter sent by someone Emilia has been replied to, and according to this, she has to return to her parents’ house.

It was just loosely drawn sentences without details, but Ludwig knew well what they meant.

‘It must be training.’

In the original story, Emilia judged that it would be difficult to raise the level of swordsmanship by herself, and asked one person for help.

That person’s name is Rebecca Steinbaum. A woman who wore the title of former swordsman around her neck, and a character who will serve as Emilia’s teacher in the work.

In the original work, instead of this time, he turns 18 and enters as her disciple and receives instruction.

However, because Ludwig already recognized that there were many twists and turns, he was able to infer Emilia’s future destination.

‘How long was the training period in the original work?’

I don’t remember exactly until then, but I expected it to be at least a year.

Realizing this, a short sigh escaped his lips.

‘It’s like a beggar’s timing.’

A letter with the same content must have been sent to Emilia, so she must be preparing to leave.

Even if it’s late, it will leave at least the day after tomorrow, or in three days.

It was too short a time to build memories with her.

‘If it’s short, it’s short, if it’s long, it’s beautiful.’

As the difference from the original story increased, there was a possibility that the period of her training under Rebecca would be further extended.

In addition, in the original work, there was a description that the male protagonist, Christian, had an effect on Emilia’s training period because she asked for the first and last time not to make him wait for a long time.

After all, the power of love is a great law.

He muttered with a self-deprecating smile.

He didn’t have the qualifications to hand over those words, and he wasn’t even in the position to do so.

It was because Kristian said such lines in a situation where they realized each other’s feelings and became lovers in reality.

It was too heavy to bear as a friend, and I didn’t want to put any shackles on her either.

What he wanted was Emilia’s happiness, not his own.

“It feels so strange.”

Did Christian in the original work feel this way too?

The only difference is whether they noticed each other’s feelings or not.

It was the first change that came to a man who had lived indifferently for over 30 years. It is a story that he was confused about whether this was spring or not, and was unable to make up his mind.

In the meantime, the breakup came. It wasn’t a brief breakup of three weeks like the last time, and it was unknown to him whether he could promise the next one.

“They said that when the body is far away, the mind is also far away… … .”

Will Emilia, who has returned from training, treat herself again without any awkwardness?

It’s not that it’s not, it’s because the bond the two have built can be deep, but not long.

Nothing dulls everything as much as time. Memories with lovers, promises with parents who passed away. Sometimes, even that high mountain range is transformed into a flatland, and time is the guy.

Continuing to worry, he laughed and stopped the hand that was about to throw the stone.

Even palaces are said to be art at this level. To anyone’s eyes, he thought and acted as if he had become Emilia’s lover.

In a way, it meant that it was that difficult.

The man who couldn’t even properly face his own heart slowly opened his eyes and was able to look at the opponent on the other side.

If you take one more step, wouldn’t something small change happen? It was the moment when I was trying to muster up the courage to think like that.

But that was just not possible. Because it was impossible to cause a nuisance to her until the end.

– Basrak.

“… … ?”

In the darkness, where it was now difficult to properly distinguish even the flowing waterway, he heard the rustle of the blades of grass behind him as he gazed blankly at the lake.

Perhaps it was after the shower, the wind was still quite strong, so he thought it must be the sound of the swaying branches and turned his head away.

“Here you are.”

“Eh, Emilia? How is it… … .”

However, contrary to his expectations, standing there was neither a long plant nor a thick grass, but a platinum-haired woman.

Emilia wrapped her hand in her windblown hair and slowly approached him.

‘that’s interesting.’

He couldn’t even tell the difference between the water in the lake and the grass on the floor until just a moment ago.

But what kind of harmony is this? Under this dark sky, where even the moonlight was not properly revealed due to the clouds, only her figure was shining noblely.

Maybe something must have happened to his eyes looking at her. Ludwig guessed so.

“Paula told me. Ludwig would have gone here.”

“I see.”

Well, knowing where I was, the only person Emilia could readily ask was Paula.

Besides, even a foul hit is amazing. He came out without even telling us where he was going.

“Are there any concerns?”

“… Yes.”

If it was him normally, he would have denied it.

I didn’t want to worry her, I just thought it would be uncomfortable for both of us to talk about it.

Even so, why did he purely affirm it? Even when I asked myself, I didn’t get the right answer.

She cautiously moved to Ludwig’s side and stared into his eyes.

Wouldn’t the calmly accepting the gaze that he would have avoided saying that it was burdensome was also a part of knowing his small change?

“Shall I guess?”

“What do you mean?”

“Well, of course, Ludwig’s worries are.”

When she asks a question, Emilia asks for a yes or no answer.

Would you like to do 20 questions? Ludwig willingly decided to participate in the thought that it was a fun game in a chaotic car.

It seemed that there was no right to refuse in the first place.

“Does that worry have anything to do with me?”

“… Yes.”

From the first question, it was quite sharp. That way, you might not be able to get the answer right away.

“Huh, okay. Can I tell you what the correct answer is?”

“It’s okay to give me more opportunities to ask questions.”

“Actually, I was expecting it. Because your expression is not good, I was just joking around to lighten the mood.”

It was one question, let alone twenty questions. Even Ludwig was amazed at the fact that he had been seeing through his thoughts from the beginning.

Is it because his expression was clearly revealed even in this darkness? Emilia sighed and laughed and stepped closer to him.

“Ludwig. Could you look at me for a moment?”

“It’s too close.”

“At such times, it is a virtue to watch without speaking. anyway… … .”

He murmured with a mischievous smile, and her reply was brusque.

If it was like before, I wouldn’t have been able to play. It was a conversation that proved that the distance between the two had grown closer.

“Did you hear the story? I’m leaving here for a while.”

“Unfortunately. I couldn’t even build memories like this.”

“Iknow, right. I feel like I want to ignore the correspondence and stay here longer.”

Actually, it was she, not anyone else, who sent the letter to the swordsman first.

If that comes true, Rebecca would be so dumbfounded that she couldn’t even say anything.

Whenever I send a letter asking to be accepted as a disciple, I send a reply of acceptance, but it is consistent with no news.

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Judging by her savage temperament, there was a possibility that Emilia’s family would be attacked thinking that she had insulted herself.

Drawing such an imagination, Ludwig laughed.

It was only an illusion for him, but it was self-evident that it would not have any positive impact on Emilia’s future.

“That shouldn’t be the case.”

“i know. Because you are no one else I was sure that he would care more about my future than parting with me.”

Emilia’s search for him wasn’t because she wanted him to be captured.

Rather, she had made up her mind to leave.

Because I wanted to be a woman who suits him more than anyone else.

Let’s grind and polish ourselves, promise to meet him again someday, and accept the breakup for a while. Because I promised so much.

However, the reason I found him was simple.

“Ludwig. When I finish my training, I will definitely come back here. I will find this place first, not my home, the Bayern family.”

Why? The reason was unknown. It was just her instincts calling out that.

Like the girl of the past day who couldn’t stand the brief breakup of three weeks, this time he might be smiling lonely, unable to appease the regret of the breakup.

The moment I opened the letter and heard that there was a reply from her. Rather than worrying about parting with him, he first came to mind who would be sad about parting.

His heart and voice that always comforted him.

As much as today, I will be crying alone. I thought so.

“I’m sorry, Emilia. I wanted to hide… It’s not as easy as you think.”

“Why is it a sin to grieve the loss of a friend? Rather, I am grateful.”

“… … .”

I wanted to say that I was not the only one who was sorry, but the voice that barely passed my throat lingered in my heart.

Nothing has changed. It was to the point where I wanted to spit curse words at myself who was so pitiful.


“Yes, Emilia.”

“Will you reassure me this time? I look forward to seeing you again, but I will never be sad and wait.”

“… I swear.”

There was nothing I could do for now other than this.

Except for reassuring her as he gave her a firm promise like a lofty knight devoting his allegiance to his lord.

The smell of blood wafted from his mouth as the blood leaked out, perhaps because he had bitten his lip deeply.

In the darkness without even moonlight, I felt grateful. Otherwise, there’s no way Emilia wouldn’t have noticed this fact.

“I promise.”

Engaging his right hand and raising it, Emilia crosses her little fingers.

She said so with a benevolent smile, as if trying to reassure her only son on a long journey.

“I won’t make you wait long.”

She replaces the request she should have accepted with a promise and gives it to Ludwig.

The moon, which had been hidden behind the clouds, slowly appeared, and its pastel-toned blue eyes stood out.

Instead of the achromatic lake that flowed in the dark, it was a blue lake that looked like it had been copied and moved from the sea.

Without thinking, Ludwig jumped into it and started swimming.

While you enjoy playing in the water here, I hope the time goes by quickly.

The only regret is that I couldn’t show her the fireflies.

Well, it’s just a matter of showing it when we meet again. Because there is a lot of time given.


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