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The Villain Wants to Live Quietly chapter 29

Chapter 4. Small changes (4)

At the same time, Ludwig, who was about to head to his room, was called by his father, Carol, and moved to the study.

Rather than a space to take personal time and catch your breath, a space that literally exists only to read books and accumulate knowledge.

When I looked at the densely lined up books, I thought it was disgusting even considering that he was his father.

Of course, not all of the books were his collection, but most of them had to be seen as correct.

Every time I enter this place, there is a strange smell that tickles my nostrils.

A strange smell mixed with the exhaled breath from the old paper and wooden furniture sucking in the surrounding moisture.

It wasn’t a very pleasant smell, but Ludwig felt strangely calm when he smelled it.

“Dad, do you have something to say?”

“yes. It’s not grandiose, it’s been a while, so I thought I’d talk to my son.”

Carol laughed softly as she stroked her rough beard.

Seeing that, Ludwig was relieved and took a seat on the right side of the sofa he was sitting on.

“Aren’t you uncomfortable being called out so suddenly?”

“You seem to be saying all sorts of things. I can’t find anyone as comfortable as my father.”

“Thank you for your words.”

There was a bit of an exaggeration. Anyway, if Ludwig was the person with whom he could open up the most, he would have to look at Paula, the lady-in-waiting.

But it was an undeniable truth that he did not find his father difficult.

‘No one cares about me as well as my father.’

His father was more of a herding type. From the standards of being the head of a count family, he was a man with a rare educational policy.

From an early age, he did not give his son any compulsory education, except for basic etiquette and common sense education.

Martial arts were only taught by a teacher because Ludwig, who had been capricious for a while, wanted it.

However, that did not mean that he was indifferent. To put it bluntly, he cared very much for his one and only son.

Compared to children from other prestigious aristocratic families who were swayed by their parents’ educational policies from an early age, Ludwig would go fishing with his father in the river to nurture memories.

Even though he is not the real ‘Ludwig’, he was able to build a bond with his father through this.

That’s why he never found Carol difficult or uncomfortable.

Rather, it was because she was more comfortable with her father, Carol, compared to Diana, who was so out of shape that she still only saw herself as a child.

“I heard the story. I hear there was a small accident with Emilia today?”

A question that stabs you with a dagger. It was quite sharp from the first part to simply ask about the current situation.

Besides, Ludwig could only wonder where the source of the information was.

There was no way Paula would have revealed this. Although she was a maid who liked to tease herself, she knew how to cover the time and place.

If so, the number of suspected suspects is considerably reduced. If any of them are particularly suspicious,

“… This is Nilia.”

“hehehe, is there a politician who can reveal Sejak’s identity? Just know that it is.”

After that incident, on the way back to the main building of the mansion, the memory of encountering Nilia, his exclusive lady-in-waiting, remained in Ludwig’s mind.

Ludwig muttered after he had finished his reasoning sharply, but is it really that he rolled as he wished?

Carol burst out laughing without raising an eyebrow. Seeing as he didn’t deny it, he didn’t seem to have any intention of hiding it.

“Anyway, it’s covered with bean pods, but be a little self-respecting in front of others.”

“Your father knows and does it on purpose.”

“Hmmm. What do you mean?”

He, who was good at managing his expression until just now, started coughing and avoiding his gaze.

Phew. A short sigh escaped Ludwig’s mouth.

He must have known better than anyone else that he had no intention of developing his relationship with Emilia in any other direction.

Even so, to say such a thing seemed to be intended only to make fun of it.

Or was it just pure speculation? Either way, it wasn’t a very pleasant story for him.

“Have you lost your mind after rejecting a child?”

Although he did not reveal the details of the inside story, Ludwig had already said that Sophia had conveyed his feelings to him.

Adolf had made such a noise because he had in mind the possibility that later his father would seriously ask him about his engagement to Sophia.

“I don’t know either.”

“Hoo. The guy who would normally deny that it wasn’t like that… It’s a big deal.”

Her son, whom Carol had been watching all this time, was a child who seemed detached in many ways.

A child who doesn’t think much about relationships with women, raising his prestige, grandiose ambitions, or anything else, but he’s not stupid. That was Ludwig.

Such a son has recently started to change little by little.

Although there was not a dramatic change enough to recognize at a glance, it was a change that felt quite distinct to the father who had seen it for a long time.

Even without asking, it was obvious what triggered it.

‘It’s still a fresh time… … .’

At first glance, the eldest daughter of the Bayemurn family seemed to be actively appealing in her own way, but she was clumsy.

maybe it’s just a matter of course According to her parents, she almost lived her whole life focusing only on swordsmanship… … .

In a way, they were a really good pair.

Although there were times when it felt as if the positions of men and women were slightly reversed.

However, if you think that it is possible because it is a genuine match made in nature, it can be said that it is a fateful meeting.

“How come looking at you reminds me of my father’s childhood.”

“I’ve already heard enough of that story. father.”

“Keuheum, I’ll just listen to that. The guy called the son is losing his pulse… … .”

Carol drools in embarrassment as she retrieves the bundle of stories she was trying to tell.

If it was anything else, Ludwig was in no position to back down, as he was not willing to listen to this one more.

He would, too, because it was possible to fully predict what would come out of his mouth without having to listen.

He doesn’t show it in public, but his father was quite pathetic.

This time, too, he must be planning to write an epic story that continues from his first meeting with his wife, Diana.

The first time Ludwig heard it, he thought it was a rather interesting and heartbreaking story, but it was the third time, and now it is to the extent that a ticket sits in his ears.

It was to the point of memorizing the contents that followed right after.

“Father, what were you trying to say in the end?”

Could it be that you called me to talk about such nonsensical things?

It is said that the father and son can only have a chat, but it was so trivial that it was a little dumbfounded.

“Did you tell me? I was just trying to see your face. It was very boring to see my son, who has one, walking around with bean pods covered.”

“I’m begging you, please don’t do that in front of Emilia. My face is about to burn.”

I don’t think that his father would even say such a thing in front of the eldest daughter of someone else’s house, but there are things in this world if.

Carol bit a bitter taste at her son’s behavior of handing out a warning with a serious expression on his face and a furrowed brow.

That’s why they said it’s no use raising a son. That phrase was quite right.

Of course, he also fell under the category of ‘son’.

‘I’ll have to stop playing around.’

There was a desire to try it, but half of it was a big deal to play a prank on the son who had been talking alone for a long time.

There was something else to say, so I threw a joke to lighten the mood.

Although I wasn’t sure if it worked out.

Carol took out a letter from inside her bosom and held it out as if tossing it onto the table.

Stamped on the outside of the envelope containing the letter is a red seal with crossed swords and roses.

It was none other than the pattern representing the Bayemurn family, Emilia’s main family, currently living in the Ipretz family.

“This is a letter from the Bayemurn family. It seems that each came to you and Emilia.”

“to me… You mean?”

“Open it. It’s okay if you don’t tell me the details.”

Ludwig’s eyebrows twitched for a moment.

What was the reason why he would suddenly send a letter to himself from the Bayern family?

There was nothing to point out, so in the end I had no choice but to check the contents of the letter.

Ludwig pushed the fallen envelope aside with a fluttering sound and carefully unfolded the letter inside.

Soon, his eyes widened and he slowly lowered his gaze to read the contents, then carefully put the letter paper down on the table and met his father’s gaze.

“Your expression doesn’t look good for some reason.”

“… … .”

I know it’s rude, but Ludwig kept silent instead of answering.

Sometimes words reveal emotions more clearly than any words. Ludwig now was just such a case.

Carol carefully stood up without saying a word.

Anyway, that letter was to his son, not to himself. There was no reason to ask further because he was free except to tell the contents.

No matter what the content is, I hope it doesn’t shake too much. That was all I could wish for as a father.

The warm air from just before had disappeared somewhere, and only cold silence lingered inside the study.

Even the smells of paper and wooden furniture gave off nothing to Ludwig now, other than discomfort.


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