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The Villain Wants to Live Quietly chapter 27

Chapter 4. Small changes (2)

A tryst between the two of them without a maid or an escort.

Even though they were not walking hand in hand, nor were they specifically lovers, a strange air flowed between the two.

It’s probably not just the air created because there is a woman he has unrequited love for.

Emilia, who had put a small amount of vegetables and mutton between the naan and mumbled the rolled food, let out a low exclamation.

The chewy texture and the taste of the spices spreading inside were quite delicacies.

It was quite an unexpected experience for Emilia, who had little experience of eating street food.

I knew that walking around to eat was bad manners, but at this moment I didn’t have time to care.

It felt strangely different from the food prepared by the chef at his home.

It doesn’t boast a huge flavor, but it feels like it’s strangely pulling the taste buds. It seemed to know why people like to eat it.

“This is delicious.”

As she nodded with a hand on her cheek, Ludwig’s head turned around as he looked around at the merchants around him.

I bought it because I wanted to eat it, but I was worried about whether it would suit Emilia’s taste, but fortunately it seemed to be okay.

“That’s good.”

“Would you like to try Ludwig too? ruler.”

She munched her mouth again, but when she didn’t care about it and offered the food in her hand, Ludwig cleared his throat and waved his hand.

‘I’m sorry, but this isn’t it.’

I’m grateful for the heart that makes me feel comfortable, but there is a line that needs to be followed.

Besides, if he even kissed her indirectly in this situation, his heart might come out of his body.

“It’s delicious… After all, is what I ate dirty?”


No, I thought this woman was quiet, but why are you doing this again?

I know that the original Emilia was quite insensitive when it comes to love, so I know that the male lead, Christian, suffered quite a bit, but even taking that into account, this was too much.

Are you not aware of being a woman? Or is it because he doesn’t feel himself as a man at all?

Either way, it was downright unhealthy for him.

“Ah, maybe even Emilia would hate it if I put the food I used to eat into my mouth… … .”

“How are you? I’m fine.”

“That… … .”

Why are you putting yourself through such an ordeal? No matter what you say, the ending was a set sequence.

If you deny that it’s not dirty, then you’ll try to eat it, saying it’s okay.

If you say it’s dirty… At that time, I didn’t even want to imagine it.

How should I get through this sudden difficulty?

As if possessed by a famous detective somewhere, Ludwig worked out a solution by moving his gray brain cells.

However, after a while, a sound like the wind blowing out echoed, so when I turned my gaze, Emilia was standing there with a smile on her face.

“Puhuh. just joke.”

“… Yes?”

“I didn’t buy anything new, and there’s no way I’d give Ludwig the food I used to eat. I’m sorry to have troubled you.”

A low sigh escaped his lips when he realized that he had been tricked.

It’s only fortunate that it’s a joke, but it was the wind that I wanted you to refrain from such pranks if possible. Because it felt like my lifespan was reduced by at least 10 years.

Ludwig had goosebumps at the thought that the melancholy look was acting.

Did Emilia originally have this kind of talent? It seemed like he would show considerable skill even if he learned theater rather than swordsmanship.

“It seems like you’ve been a bit mean lately.”

“I’m angry? I’m sorry, Ludwig. There are times when I feel like making fun of you… … .”

“I was not angry. It was a problem because my heart dropped.”

Even so, it was obvious that his voice had become quite brusque.

Cook Cook. She laughed again, and this time she suddenly approached Ludwig and embraced his arm.

“Are you mad at me for saying that?”

“I really didn’t. So let’s start with this… … .”

“Don’t lie. Do you think I wouldn’t even notice that?”

Lies are not allowed in front of her eyes.

However, in this case, the catch was that Ludwig didn’t really lie.

Despite clearly confirming it with both eyes, Emilia, on the contrary, pretended to be an ignorant woman and approached him once more.

Ludwig’s body stiffened like a wooden stone when he felt a lump in his elbow.

This is the development of a 17-year-old girl. I wondered if it was too much of a weapon to aim at a petit bourgeois like myself.

“That… Emilia? eyes… … .”

“Do I not care?”

“… … .”

He almost replied, ‘I’m worried about you,’ but managed to swallow the words that came out of his throat.

Indeed, if a great man worthy of being given the title of Sword Saint at the age of twenty-one, should he have this level of confidence?

While holding his arm, Emilia dragged him along as if he were being taken over, saying let’s go that way this time.

Ludwig, who eventually gave up resistance, had to be dragged by her hands like a cow being led to a slaughterhouse.

* * * * * * *

Returning to the mansion, Ludwig tried to calm his mind and body by planting flowers in the garden for a while.

Due to the recent arrival of many guests, he had time to look at the flowers but did not have time to take care of them.

As there was nothing like this to organize his thoughts alone, it could be said that it was just the right time for him now.

As I was leisurely bathing the flowers with the watering can and whistling, I finally felt peace in my heart.

“young master.”

“yes? Paula, what is it?”

I’ll call you if anything happens, so despite telling him to take a break, Paula came out to the garden and talked to him.

Was there even a call from Carol? I couldn’t think of any other reason.

“Because as a lady-in-waiting, you can’t take a break while the young master is working. I will help.”

“What is your hobby? It’s okay, go back and wait.”

“Haona… … .”


He shook his head with a deliberately stern expression on his face, and Paula walked around, unable to do anything.

I wanted to help, but since it was the owner’s order, I couldn’t ignore it.

In my heart, I wanted to snatch the watering can from his hand, but I regret not being able to.

A savior appeared to Paula, who could not bear to return to the mansion and lingered around him.

“What are you two doing there?”

“Ah, Emilia. As you can see, I was watering the flowers.”

“I heard that it is a hobby, but it is interesting. May I help too?”

“Fine. I also stopped Paula from helping.”

Of course, I would be grateful if you could help me.

However, I didn’t want to ask the two for help just because some of my obvious hobbies were a little cumbersome.

I would have agreed if Heike, the gardener, had told me. It’s her job, and she can’t take it away.

Even though Paula’s helping me is also a job… It felt awkward to leave something like this to me.

However, Emilia, who had been watching me carefully, pouted her mouth as if she didn’t like it so much, and strode towards me.

Then, with a hand on one side of his waist, he bent down slightly and opened his mouth as if admonishing a child.

“You can’t do that, Ludwig. You also need to know how to accept when the seed wants to help you.”

“then… Are you?”

“Yeah. I’m sure Paula would be more interested in helping you than resting. Right, Paula?”

When the two heads turned toward Paula at the same time, her body, which had always maintained a calm attitude, flinched for a moment.

Ludwig urges an answer with his eyes, as if asking if it’s true.

Emilia nodded with a smile as if telling Ludwig to tell her true feelings.

Originally, as a servant, it would be better not to express your true feelings in order to take Ludwig’s side.

However, I thought it wouldn’t be a bad thing to play a fool around today, as there are reliable allies.

“The princess’s words are great. Bocchan, it’s not enough, but please let me help.”

“You too… … .”

My heart is grateful, but why am I so obsessed with helping?

Such a question arose, but soon decided to think positively and nodded, holding out the watering can to her.

Then, a bright smile bloomed on Paula’s face. It was brighter and more beautiful than any flower in the garden.

“Since Paula took permission, I’ll be fine too, right?”

“It doesn’t matter, but… I have nothing to do.”

“Isn’t that the watering can you just hid behind? Give me one too. Ludwig.”

She is a really hard woman to deal with.

I had already prepared a few more watering cans filled with water, so I didn’t expect to catch them at once.

Reluctantly, he handed out one of the watering cans to Emilia, and bent down to hold the remaining one in his hand.

“I wish I could use magic at a time like this.”

“It’s magic… okay.”

Unexpected words that came out of Emilia’s mouth as she watered each flower bed wholeheartedly.

His eyebrows twitched for a moment, but then he regained his composure and nodded calmly.

In this world, magic was so close to a miracle that it could be described as borrowing the power of a god, and it was a rare power.

There were few people who could use it, and those who could skillfully express it were even rarer.

To think that such magic could be used as a substitute for a watering can. It might be something noble wizards would be shocked to hear, but what can you do? They’re not going to overhear this conversation.

“Can I have this too?”

“Yes. Thank you, Emilia.”

To think that a woman who would later be called the swordsman was being used as a gardener. What kind of luxury is this?

Although it wasn’t what I asked for, I was still grateful for his kindness, so I thought of serving him a delicious dish for dinner tonight.

“What. If possible, please do it to Paula.”

“Oh, no. It’s my job to help the young master, so the thing to be thankful for is… … .”

“no. Emilia is right. Thanks Paula.”

When he smiled and thanked me, Paula lowered her head and hurriedly disappeared somewhere, saying she would bring more water.

“You are sincere.”

“I think she is an undeserved maid.”

“Please. This is possible because Ludwig is popular.”

She let out a small laugh and moved her steps to the next flower bed.

At that moment,


There must have been a protruding stone beak on the floor, so my foot got caught.

A new type of woman who is getting closer and closer to the ground, unable to properly stance due to such a sudden incident.

Seizing the sight, Ludwig threw down the watering can and ran straight to embrace her body.

– Flutter.

But maybe it was because it was too sudden? I succeeded in holding her body, but the center of gravity was tilted.

In the end, the two of them fell on the floor together.

“young master?”

And Paula, who returned soon after, witnessed the scene and dropped the basin she was holding on the floor.

A sound resounded, and water droplets splashed violently at the two people who were drowning.

The two overlapping models had to stay as they were for a while without falling apart.


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