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The Villain Wants to Live Quietly chapter 24

Chapter 3. Different Dreams (8)

After dinner, an unexpected meeting took place on the balcony.

Emilia, who had approached Sofia, who was sitting alone in a chair without even an attendant, spoke to her willingly first.

It must have been some sort of guilt that Sophia didn’t leave even though it was uncomfortable to see her face.

“Were you looking at the moon? Princess Este.”

“Yeah. And when you call me, please call me by my first name. I don’t even need a title of honor.”

“Then can you call me Emilia as well?”

Despite the absence of a medium called Ludwig, the two opened their names to each other and brought their names closer.

Ironically, it could have been the result of the fact that he did not exist.

Until then, even if you pretended not to, there was a subtle war of nerves going on between the two.

In Sophia’s eyes looking up at the darkened sky, the energy she had seen during the day had disappeared.

Emilia could vaguely guess what had happened.

There must have been many stories going back and forth between her and Ludwig in a car where she was not confident.

Even though I couldn’t know the details, I didn’t think that something good would happen to Sophia.

“The atmosphere is very different from daytime.”

“Are you talking about the garden?”

“… I do not know.”

Unless Sophia was a stupid woman, she would have known what Emilia was referring to.

Nevertheless, what he did not reveal with his mouth could be seen as a kind of repulsion.

As a woman who had the same person in her heart, and as a love interest, she acted out of the last bit of pride.

Emilia was also able to gauge that feeling, so without saying anything else, she approached the railing and leaned against it.

Even when Ludwig and I walked through the night garden a few days ago, the night air must have been quite cold.

Today, for some reason, the wind blowing felt quite warm.

However, one would have to ask whether it was a story limited to himself or a story that also applies to Sofia.

“Have you heard anything from your older brother?”

“Even if there was, it wouldn’t be appropriate for me to take it out.”

“Well, I see.”

Sophia had heard from Ludwig early on.

That he had given some word to Emilia about this matter in advance and received advice.

That meant that she noticed most of what she had said about her father and her feelings for Ludwig.

Even so, she didn’t even say a word to herself, and she didn’t even try to reveal the story.

The reason was unknown.

It wasn’t the Ludwig he’d been seeing for a long time, and she didn’t have the eyes or ability to read the heart of Emilia, the first person she saw.

“You are a strange person.”

“You mean that?”

“Yeah. It’s the first time I’ve heard of this since my older brother.”

For Sofia, Ludwig was a lamp that had lighted the way so far, and was like a compass that showed the way to go.

That’s why when I saw Emilia, I felt truly mysterious.

The tone and behavior are completely different, but it feels as if you are looking at him.

I also had a plausible idea that the reason why Ludwig and Emilia were attracted to each other might be because of the similar atmosphere.

Eventually, Sofia decided to be more honest with her heart.

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Just like when he confided in Ludwig, he wanted to tell her what was inside him.

This woman who resembles the person she loves will surely understand and embrace the story of such a foolish and ugly girl.

Because I heard that somewhere.

“To be honest… i hated you Emilia.”

“Huh, you’re suddenly being honest.”

“It has no choice but to be. Because now I am a lost flower. I think I have to complain like this to clear my intuition.”

Sophia took off the mask of an adult she had been wearing for a while in front of the two of them.

Now, the only thing left for her was the original image of begging Ludwig to marry him and whining in his arms.

There must have been an opportunity that moved his heart from within. Emilia was so sure.

Of course, the girl named Sophia had never uttered a single lie in front of him.

Even when he heard the news that he had received the moonlight, even though the fact that he was standing by Ludwig’s side must have caught his eye.

She always spoke the truth and never lied to herself and Ludwig.

However, that did not mean that he took out his true feelings buried deep in his heart and treated him openly.

Then she spoke to herself. ‘I hated you.’

Despite the sudden criticism, Emilia smiled on the contrary. Only now can I hear your true intentions.

“I haven’t given up on my older brother yet. Of course, I was rejected once… Isn’t that the end?”

“Are you thinking of trying more?”

“How long do you think this love affair has been? Although there may be obstacles, it is still too early to give up.”

Originally, when it comes to the feeling of love, people become infinitely filthy.

It didn’t change just because it was Sophia.

Otherwise, she would not have pushed through the engagement, even though she had noticed her father’s feelings.

The sins committed against him existed. But that’s just something you’ll have to work through on your own.

Because the feelings she kept were not small enough to immediately give up and turn around at the obstacle that suddenly appeared.

It was just that I had to go back a little further. Sophia thought so.

“so… Until then, please take care of my older brother.”

“… This is a difficult request.”

It is like entrusting fish to a cat. In the first place, Sofia must have known that the feelings Emilia had for him were of the same kind as hers.

Why do you still ask for this? It was a matter that was difficult for Emilia to understand.

“It is not difficult. It’s not that I’m not telling you not to have a relationship with your brother, or that you shouldn’t love your brother.”

“Are you saying you want to take it?”

“As much as you like. It’s been something I’ve been thinking about ever since I met you.”

It was a really bold statement.

It’s hard to even imagine what will come out of the mouth of a girl who hasn’t even had a coming-of-age ceremony yet.

Even so, Emilia liked her aspirations.

Although liking it and following its will were two different things.

“Don’t worry, Sophia. I’ll make you fall for me so much that you can’t even get enough of it.”

It was an aspiration that I would have had even if I hadn’t had a partner like you.

But the thoughtfulness was appreciated. It made my heart for him stronger.

I may not be able to repay him, but I hope he is vicariously satisfied by seeing him smiling by his side.

She wasn’t quite a grown-up person enough to show her composure and consideration to her first love nemesis.

* * * * * * *

If you add up your life in the other world and this world, it was a lifetime of well over 30 years.

Even so, Ludwig did it for the first time today to reject his sincere heart toward him.

The feeling of gratitude and sorry coexisting was a strange and unpleasant sensation that I experienced for the first time in my life.

It’s hard. When he realized that rejecting others is harder than accepting them, his expression crumpled in an instant.

“What kind of cigarette are you thinking about?”

During the 12 years I spent in this world, it was a favorite food that I had never eaten.

Nevertheless, the fact that it came to mind all of a sudden means that the shock that the event he experienced today had brought him was significant.

The matter about Adolf was not something that would disturb his mind right away.

Because he had no way of knowing whether he really wanted to get engaged to Sophia out of bad intentions or simply as a father. It’s just his speculation anyway.

If there is something more worth digging into in the future, it won’t be too late to deal with it then.

It was because of such uncertainty that he did not inform Carol of this fact.

It’s just that the little sister she cherished shed tears.

And it was because it was unfortunate that there was no way to comfort the sadness contained in those tears.


“… Ah, Emilia. What are you doing at such a late hour?”

Calling out his name, lost in thought, Emilia cautiously appeared from beyond the grass.

Ludwig laughed at the thought of the first time they met inadvertently at the sight of her back to the moon.

It was because even in the midst of confusion, it was really funny to know that she was beautiful.

“I was out on the balcony for a while, and I saw Ludwig.”

“Your eyes are bright. I didn’t expect you to find me in such a dark place.”

“I see. I probably wouldn’t have noticed if someone else was standing there.”

Emilia approached him with a bright smile.

On the other hand, Ludwig laughed again at her behavior, as if he were shining.

It must be because the moon is quite bright. Still, I never thought that he would see me and come out to the garden himself.

Sensing that he often walks in the garden at night when he is with her, Ludwig takes off the top coat he was wearing over his coat and puts it over her shoulder.

“Now that the days are quite warm, it’s okay.”

“Because the clothes are heavy. I know it’s rude, but I’ll leave it to you for a while.”

“Puhuh… yes. Then I’ll take care of it.”

It was an excuse that wasn’t even funny, but at least it was a word that resonated with Emilia.

Because he was always considerate to make sure he didn’t care.

It didn’t matter whether the words had any validity or not. I am just grateful for that heart.

“It looks like you talked to Miss Sophia.”

“… Yes.”

“What did you say?”

“… He confessed that he loved me.”

Emilia felt that his reaction was quite unexpected.

I thought I would just cover up the matter about Sophia with a lie and move on. Because that’s never wrong.

Rather, it might be more irrational to reveal the fact that someone else confided in him.

Even so, he told himself honestly about the story he had with Sophia.

He also spoke without hesitation about his feelings for her, such as sorry, gratitude, and compassion.

Throughout the story, Emilia didn’t say anything else.

I just stayed silent and stood next to him, looking up at the same night sky.

Because it wasn’t anyone’s fault.

To Sophia who loved him and to Ludwig who rejected her. That’s why love was such a painful feeling.

Because I can’t blame anyone and point my finger at anyone. Because no one is wrong.

“Is it very difficult?”

“I tried to pretend to be strong in front of my friends, but… It’s not easy.”

“Rather, I think it’s something I can do because it’s in front of a friend.”

Emilia was not attracted to his strong appearance.

Either way, he was more suited to being soft and vulnerable rather than tough. It might have been a little far from being manly.

But I came to love him with all of that.

If he had been a man who rejected Sophia’s heart and didn’t even think about it, he wouldn’t have moved her heart.


“… Emilia?”

“I heard from Lady Diana. It’s a nickname that calls you… … .”

When he called Emilia by her nickname, did she feel the same way?

Unlike when his mother called him by his nickname, Ludwig made a mysterious expression at the feeling of tickling in his chest.

But there was no time to hold on to that feeling.

Because she suddenly wrapped her arms around her and buried her face in her chest, and her reason was blown away.

“Emile, Leah… … ?”

Ludwig called her name softly. In his arms, Emilia looked up at him with only her head sticking out.

As the blue pastel-toned eyes shone shimmering, he unconsciously averted his gaze as he felt like he was about to be sucked into them.

“Do you remember the night I first met you?”

“I remember.”

how can i forget The most dreamlike night of my life.

“That day, I thought that I would definitely want to repay you someday… I never thought that opportunity would come so quickly.”

Consolation, what do you mean?

There was nothing he did that night.

Such questions filled Ludwig’s head, but not for long.

Because I thought it was good. However, the reality that I could be comforted by her now was very attractive.

“What is reflected in your eyes right now?”

“that’s… … .”

It was a difficult word to put into words.

The panoramic view of his eyes now was vast, but even so, she was the only one that was reflected in his consciousness.

He mumbled and couldn’t answer, but that resistance didn’t last all the time.

When Emilia tilted her head and whined as if urging an answer, even the last line of defense that remained was captured.

“Emilia… I can only see you.”

“is that so? I’m glad that’s the case.”

Satisfied with his answer, Emilia let go of the body she was holding and took two steps back.

The wind blew her moonlit hair, creating a spectacle as if jewels were scattered through the air.

“Remember me, Ludwig. That I’m always here So close that I can comfort you and hold you.”

It wasn’t just to comfort him.

Her appeal is like a kind of confession.

She couldn’t afford to take advantage of this situation where he could only see himself.

Seeing Ludwig silently staring at her, Emilia smiled with satisfaction.

First time. The reason why your eyes are filled only with me.

The moon you always looked at with a smile, and even the stars that embroidered the night sky, you won’t be able to see with those eyes now.

May this moment last forever.

The day that forever takes you away from that high rising moon.

Because I will be able to enjoy the joy of having everything in the world.


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