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The Villain Wants to Live Quietly chapter 22

Chapter 3. Different Dreams (6)

After hearing the message from Emilia, I thought a lot, so I walked around the mansion with Paula, who had been summoned to the yard.

It reminded me of a phrase I read in a book that says that clouds look different depending on people’s emotions.

Sure enough, until just a moment ago, the clouds that had been floating in their respective shapes did not show any individuality or distinctiveness.

It’s so strange.

“The reason why you were dark… … .”


He told her all about himself. I was sorry that I was burdening you with a heavy burden, but I couldn’t help it.

It had become a habit to rely on her first whenever I had a problem that I couldn’t even tell my father about.

I wonder if I felt that my expression was unusual from the time I was called to the yard.

Paula shook her head and curtailed her words, but she did not take her eyes off her, as if observing my facial expression with sunken eyes.

Since she knows better than anyone that the ties between the two families are quite deep, she seems to have decided that she couldn’t say anything hastily.

“What do you think, Bocchan?”

“Even before I heard from Emilia, I thought it was strange.”

I also felt a sense of incongruity with Sir Adolf’s behavior today.

It seemed like he was trying to connect with me by mentioning Sofia too much, and then even went so far as to say that Sofia was better than her, even talking about Emilia.

There must have been a great gap between me and Sophia, considering the former Sir Adolph who regarded them as innocent brother and sister.

However, it was difficult to guess for what reason, so I just didn’t think further.

“Paula, what do you think?”

“… It’s not something I dare to tell you about, I think.”

I just asked because I was curious about your opinion, but Paula immediately stiffened her face and answered sternly.

Anyway, it’s hard. Of course, I thought it was her.

“It’s complicated.”

“It seems that the young master also points out some of the words of the princess of Bayemurn.”


To be honest, there was a part that was quite a bit far-fetched.

I haven’t seen the original work to the end, and the ending of the Ipretz family is not expressed in detail, but there is a sentence that was given in the middle.

The rough story is that the whole family will walk on the words that fit him by a traitor named Ludwig.

However, in the original work, the Ipretz family does not suffer a huge blow to the family after only the protruding stone named Ludwig is killed.

Because Christian and Emilia, the two protagonists, revealed that Ludwig had acted arbitrarily and suggested that no punishment be given to the Ipretz family.

Even so, the fact that the sentence appeared afterwards might mean that the Ipretz family would also be betrayed by someone or face a dark end.

‘Maybe it was a foreshadowing.’

I remember that there was no expression that Ludwig had a fiancé in the original work.

It’s just that the Este baron exists under his command, and he has a certain relationship with them. Even Sophia is a character that was not even mentioned originally.

But what if, without my knowledge, the characters Ludwig and Sofia got married in the original work, and there was an opportunity for the Este family to reach out to the Aifretz family?

There are plenty of possibilities. Even the detailed stories that were not expressed in the original work were clearly unfolding in this world.

“You seem to have a lot of confidence in the words of Princess Baiemurn.”

“You think so?”

No, this was a question so stupid that I would regret even asking it.

It must have been a natural line of sight for Paula, the third person.

It’s like I’m prioritizing the words of a woman I’ve known for less than a month than the head of a family I’ve been in a relationship with since before I was born.

If you ask why, I don’t know either.

Because she is the main heroine of the original? Well. That may be the basis, but it didn’t make the most of it.

It’s just speculation, but in that situation, I think I would have given the same answer even if I hadn’t known what kind of existence Emilia was. That will be too

‘I was shaking.’

Her eyes giving me advice, her legs, her clenched fists.

Because I was trembling so much that I couldn’t feel anything.

It must have been a reaction that came because he knew the weight of the words he had uttered and expected my reaction to some extent.

Emilia, who had always looked confident and strong in my eyes, must have conveyed that desperation when she saw her for the first time.

The courage to tell me that even at the risk of being criticized by me.

He couldn’t even believe that, so he didn’t have the face to see Emilia again.

“The reason why Sir Adolf is outright… It must be obvious.”

“… Yes. Because he is also just a person.”

That is what human desire is.

Even relationships bound by blood tend to weaken in the face of money and power.

Otherwise, in the history of the world, nothing but rebellion against tyrants would have occurred.

Numerous characters who had ambitions for greater power and wealth.

Sir Adolf is just one of many.

However, it would be something to think about whether it is within an acceptable range.

‘There are many issues that need to be addressed… … .’

How Emilia noticed Sir Adolf’s dissimilarity was a matter that should be postponed until later.

In the original work, it was described that she had a unique intuition even before she gained the mind’s eye, so it wasn’t impossible.

The first thing you need to do now is to meet someone and prepare for any unforeseen circumstances.

I immediately handed Paula a favor and headed to my room.

It was me who had always been confined to the mansion and never tried to change anything with my own hands.

If I pretended not to know the heart of a friend who gave me courage and suggested it to me, then I would not even be a person, let alone a nerd in the corner of the room.

This is to take that first step.

* * * * * * *

Sophia was sure that today was the right time. A genius opportunity that may never come again.

Lying on the bed in her assigned room, rolling over, she tried to calm her beating heart.

I could still feel his body heat in the hand that had been held by Ludwig in the garden.

‘Brother… … .’

My feelings for him started from the seed of admiration.

For Sophia, who has loved flowers and stars since childhood, Ludwig was a book that told her everything about the world and was the only person she could open up to.

Although there were several older brothers with a large age difference, there was a sense of intimacy between them that I hadn’t felt between them.

However, the trigger for that feeling to develop from admiration to crush as a member of the opposite sex and to love was simple.

A topic that suddenly came up after recognizing that each other’s hair, which they had seen many times, was unique.

Sophia liked the color of his hair that looked like the night sky, but unexpectedly he didn’t like his hair very much.

And vice versa. She didn’t like her hair, which Ludwig had praised for being like violets.

It was because she used to think that her own hair was strangely dull when she saw the other girls’ blond or silver hair that was shining beautifully.

“It’s pretty… You did.”

It must have been after that.

Ludwig always gave her a gift of violets and complimented her hair. Coincidentally, his favorite flower was also a violet.

Around the time when the number of violets I received increased by one or two, and the number increased considerably.

Sophia got into the habit of sticking the violets he had given her into the chinks in her hair that she hated so much.

Perhaps it was the expression of the feelings of a girl who did not have the courage to openly express the fresh mind he had at a young age, but wanted to be regarded as his favorite flower.

“Even though I didn’t receive the monthly payment… … .”

When I heard that he gave the first lady of the Bayemurn family a month-luggage as a gift, it felt like a thunderbolt from the sky.

If the violet was the flower he always kept by his side, the woluhwa was the flower he cherished the most and was wary of even showing it to others.

Originally, a person longs for a being that he has not become.

For Sofia, Wolluhwa could be said to be such an existence.

It was because I wanted to be a walloo flower that would receive his gaze and favor rather than a violet that would not notice that it was blooming for me even though it was always by my side.

“Emilia Bayemurn… envious person… … .”

A woman who had everything she didn’t have.

Pale blonde hair that shimmered beautifully.

A curvy body that catches men’s attention and outstanding beauty that can be said to be a flower itself.

From what I’ve heard, it is said that swordsmanship skills are unmatched by those of the same age who have just undergone a coming-of-age ceremony.

yes. It was good up to there.

Whatever she had, what she really wanted was somewhere else.

But in the end, when she found out that it was she who had been handed the Walloo Flower, Sophia’s heart was filled with a sad feeling for the first time in her life.

Perhaps it is the emotion that others call ‘jealousy’.

“It was the first time… … .”

For Sophia, the desire to compete was a desire that could exist in another world.

Since she was young, she had a weak body and low self-esteem, and she always took it for granted that she was left behind by others.

So it was really strange.

Normally, she would have thought of her as a person from another world, and would have regarded Emilia as an untouchable being.

But for the first time in her life, she had the idea of wanting to win against someone. Against the flower that blooms on the cliff that would be unreasonable even to regard it as an adversary.

“There is always a chance.”

As if to hold one’s heart together, as if to push oneself.

Sophia, who muttered to herself, let out a sigh of relief as her heart felt lighter.

You have a strong supporter for yourself. As long as I could convey this feeling to him and reach him, everything else was fine.

– smart.

Sophia was repeating to herself countless times that she could do it, when a woman’s voice knocked on the door.

【Lady, Prince Aifretz is looking for you urgently.】


The sound of my heart sinking echoed distinctly.


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