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The Villain Wants to Live Quietly chapter 21

Chapter 3. Different Dreams (5)

Baron Este greeted me politely with his khaki hair bowed.

Despite the series of actions that were neither exaggerated nor out of manners, I had to put up with a possible frown.

In contrast to his happy smile, a white core that meant lies came to mind.

‘Without changing one’s expression… … .’

Having these eyes and observing the lies of many people, I have developed an insight that allows me to discriminate between truth and lies even a little bit without looking at their psychology.

There were actions that humans unconsciously take when spouting lies, such as glances, gazes, and hand gestures, and it became possible to recognize them to some extent.

Still, the man was nowhere to be seen.

If it weren’t for these eyes, I would have been tricked into thinking that he was just a guy with a good impression.

The mass that floated above his head was painted black before he knew it, and was flapping around like an angry beast, unable to hide his huge body.

‘dirty… … .’

A black lump that appears when negative emotions accumulate.

Beyond that, everything was intertwined: infatuation with me, anger.

It is like a skein of human desire. It was hard work for me to watch.

It’s been a long time since I’ve seen such an ugly lump.

What should I do? In my heart, I wanted to get out of this place right away.

However, given the fact that I was the head of a family that had been interacting with the Aifretz family for a long time, I was the one who begged Ludwig instead, thinking that it would be okay to look at his face.

What would he think of me if I left without hesitation? In the end, I had no choice but to endure it until the conversation was over.

“I… Emilia?”


Ludwig suddenly spoke to me as I was patiently clenching the fist of my right hand hidden behind my back.

I lowered my voice so as not to disturb the two heads of families who were having a conversation. Either way, the two men were still talking.

“What’s wrong? I don’t have a good complexion… … .”

“Oh, no. He must have been nervous seeing someone he had never met before.”

“… … .”

I thought he was good at hiding his expression, but in his eyes, it was obvious.

Ludwig hurriedly waved his hand and denied the question as it penetrated like a dagger, but on the contrary, Ludwig stared at me with even sharper eyes.

It’s a strange thing. He probably doesn’t have cursed eyes like me, but he always acts as if he can see right through my heart.

… Although there are times when it feels dull in other ways.

Even though he stared at me suspiciously, he backed off meekly because he had no physical evidence.

As the discomfort that had risen in my heart due to Ludwig’s concern began to subside a little, I gradually began to regain my composure.

yes. Let’s think it’s better If I’m the only one in this mansion who can recognize this man’s true nature, then I should turn that into an opportunity.

Observe him as much as you can while Baron Este is having a conversation with the Ipretzes. And to inform Ludwig of the facts derived from it.

Because this was the only thing I could do for him who gave me salvation.

“Princess Baiemurn is as beautiful as I’ve heard. He seems to be the right person to sit next to you.”

“…Thank you.”

sounds funny. Why don’t you erase that white mass that popped up on your head and say it.

I swallowed the words that almost jumped out of me without realizing it and expressed my gratitude out of courtesy.

The content itself was a line that I was satisfied with, but it was just unpleasant because there was no sincerity in the words.

“Bocchan, how is your daughter? Didn’t you grow up pretty?”

“Since childhood, Sofia thought she would grow up to be beautiful. You have become a lady before you know it.”

“Isn’t it? Of course, I can’t compare it to the eldest daughter of the noble Bayemurn family… It’s time for that child to be quite handsome.”

He rubbed his hands together and praised his daughter, Princess Este.

At first glance, he was no different from a man who cared for his daughter, who had been raised like a golden jade leaf, but in my eyes, he was nothing but a pot-bellied merchant who was flattering himself to sell his goods somehow.

dirty man.

Listening to the conversation in general, I expected enough without even asking what his gaze was like when he was looking at his daughter who had grown up so beautiful and beautiful.

“You are making a lot of noise, too. Were you really curious about my son’s marriage?”

“hahahaha, I am an old lady for the revival of the Ipretz family, so please be kind to me. Sir Carr.”

“That’s true… … .”

It was Sir Carol who openly showed displeasure and licked his lips, but it would be ambiguous to criticize him when his subordinates spoke openly.

On the other hand, to say that he had spit it out with the mindset of a faithful squire, the white lump that was constantly decorating the top of Baron Este’s head was annoying.

I thought so. He was a man who hadn’t spoken a single word of truth from the first meeting until now.

I didn’t even think about the reversal of sincerity as much as loyalty.

Rather, I think it’s a good thing. Even though I am neither the hostess nor the family man of the Ipretz family, I no longer have to worry about the safety of the likes of you who are not loyal to this family.

“Father, I’m sorry, but can I take Emilia to the room for a while?”

At some point this conversation would end, but while watching anxiously, Ludwig suddenly raised one hand carefully and opened his mouth.

What do you mean? suddenly me? why?

In the midst of such questions passing by dozens or hundreds of times in an instant, he spat out an excuse.

My complexion doesn’t look good. He used to say that he was not feeling well from the time he walked around the garden. He asked for permission while making up stories that hadn’t been said.

Then, Sir Carol handed me an apology, saying he was sorry for dragging me too far.

I was able to escape right away with Ludwig’s help.

Kik- Tung. With the sound of the large door in the parlor closing, I exchanged glances with him without speaking.

I had to speak from now on. Even if he treats me like a crazy woman, by all means.

* * * * * * *

Following his suggestion that we walk and talk for a while, we left the building.

After all the ladies-in-waiting were bitten, the two of them began walking slowly around the mansion.

Until I took my luck first, he didn’t say a word, avoiding his gaze and making sure I didn’t feel uncomfortable.

“why… Did you bring me out?”

“Because I didn’t look good. Did you know that Emilia has a habit of breaking her right index finger whenever she has something unpleasant to do?”


At the words that came out of his mouth, my questioning voice rose by about a note without even realizing it.

It’s a habit that even I didn’t know about in my life. You break your index finger when you’re in a bad mood… Even Gritta wouldn’t know.

Ludwig, who was wearing a calm smile as if he thought my reaction was funny, showed his palm and demonstrated it.

“It’s not too bad, but… Like this.”

“ah… … .”

It seemed more accurate to say that it was retracting rather than breaking. If you don’t observe carefully, the movements are so minute that it’s hard to notice what’s different from your usual behavior.

Even so, he noticed my habit, noticed that my psychological state was unstable, and pulled me out.

“Then may I ask why? Why was Emilia in such a bad mood?”

“I… The fact is… … .”

People can’t take action when they are covered with a mat. It seems that this was not only true for others, but also for me.

There was only one thing I was worried about. The fear of what he might look at me when I reveal this.

I couldn’t reveal the facts about this eye. If I did, he might even leave me.

If so, how could I tell her not to trust Baron Este without saying anything about it?

From the time Ludwig was born, the two families had already had a close relationship. Even if it is a kind of master-servant relationship.

The trust built over time is strong. But what about me? It’s just a shallow relationship that I haven’t built up time with him for a month at the most.

It would be self-evident who he would be more trustworthy if he wasn’t crazy. nevertheless,

“Ludwig, don’t trust Baron Este.”

I had to say Even if he looks at me with a look of contempt here and issues a congratulatory order.

As soon as I spoke, I felt the heat in my whole body draining away and my blood cooling down.

scary. His eyes staring at me.

His gaze, which would normally have met with a smile.

Everything felt foreign.

How will he answer?

What kind of nonsense are you going to ask? Shall I calmly ask the reason while maintaining my usual appearance? I hope you won’t be slapped on the cheek right away.

How much time had passed while being engulfed in anxiety?

He could sense his approach through his tightly closed eyes. Then something warm was put on my shoulders.

Before he could guess what the texture was, his soft voice resonated from a much closer place.

“Emilia, could you open your eyes?”

“… Yeah.”

A rhyme that resonates calmly in my ears and heart without fail.

The anxiety that had risen from the warm yet cozy voice gradually subsided, and soon I opened my eyes carefully.

“I believe Emilia’s words. So I will keep an eye on Sir Adolf’s words and actions from now on.”

The words that came out of his mouth as he met my eyes were completely different from what I expected.

why? What on earth can you trust and answer so calmly?

Although it was not something I would say after giving advice, it was the moral and common sense to ask why at least.

I didn’t understand. However, in contrast to the confusion in my head, something warm and warm started to slowly rise in the corner of my heart.

“uh… Why?”

“I don’t think it’s too much to ask why after asking for trust.”

“Ha, but… what do you believe in me? Baron Este has been with you for over ten years… … .”

I definitely heard that. It was an exaggerated remark as the three of them looked around the garden with his daughter, Sophia, but he remembered it clearly.

But despite my question, he still kept his smile on and put a little more pressure on his hands on my shoulders.

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Jigsaw. but don’t get sick.

As if he was going to tell me how much he trusted me through his two hands.

As he met Ludwig’s gaze in that state, the anxiety and confusion that had risen miraculously disappeared completely.

“How is it? Have you calmed down?”

“… … .”

Seeing me nodding my head without saying a word, he raised the corner of his mouth and smiled.

“Of course I want to know why. But there must be circumstances why I can’t tell you the reason, right?”

nod again He must have been offended by my behavior of just shaking my head without answering, but he calmly continued his conversation.

“Then I have to believe it. Not only Sir Adolf, but also you, I am no less… No, maybe he’s more of a believer than that.”

I wanted to ask. why? What is the reason you believe in me so much?

Compared to what you showed me, I wouldn’t have done or shown you anything.

I’m a coward who can’t even properly reveal my circumstances yet to send such a thick trust.

“Are you friends? Don’t you think that’s enough reason?”

“ah… … .”


It was. Because he was bound by the bond of friendship with me.

It hurts. His flawless trust healed me, but at the same time it became a rope tying me and tightened my heart.

still friends. To you, I’m just a friend, not a woman.

But that would be unavoidable. Compared to the moon that shines brightly like you, I’m just a person who can’t stand by your side yet.


“thanks. Ludwig. And… sorry.”

“What is there to apologize for? It happened because I was lacking.”

no. i have to apologize to you

That would be the case, because I have to change the way you look at me, who thinks of me as such a precious friend.

It’s just a one-sided thing that a woman like a madman does without your permission or consent.

But it is unavoidable. You have noticed such a woman, and she is very bad-tempered and will never lose sight of her prey.

I’m not gentle enough to wait until I can stand by your side.

In that case, I will change you, not me.

As a foolish man with a disease that would die if he couldn’t take me off his eyes and always looked at me. The journey will be quite difficult, but it will surely be enjoyable.

I will make you, who used to like violets, fall in love with Yueluhwa.

Because I’m a bad-quality woman who only needs to pay back what I put in there.


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