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The Villain Wants to Live Quietly chapter 2

Chapter 1. The final boss has arrived (2)

Emilia Bayemurn. The main heroine of the story and the eldest daughter of the renowned Weimurn family.

The count’s daughter-in-law visited the Ipretz family’s mansion without even a message.

The fire must have fallen on the feet of the servants. The biggest problem is that it is not only the swings that have fallen on fire.

Guided by Hans, the path through a long carpeted hallway leads to the drawing room.

On the outside, he pretended to be calm, but on the inside, he was entangled with arrogant thoughts, creating chaos itself.

‘no. No matter how much I am Emilia, I still haven’t reached the level of a sword master. There is no need to be scared in advance.’

It is a story when at least four years have passed since she reached the level of a sword master.

Besides, since there is no point of contact with me, there is no reason to send hostility.

All you have to do is ask why you’re here, and pretend to be as calm as you can when dealing with other guests.

Be flat so as not to create any grounds for her liking or resentment.

In the first place, it would be impossible to get a crush on her, who was called Bingcheonhwa (氷天花) and showed the extreme of coldness in the work with my speaking skills.

“I’ll be back, inspiration.”

“Heh heh, it sounds like he’s going to the battlefield.”

You won’t know the inspiration. That I’m really going to open this door with the feeling of going to the battlefield.

It’s something I can’t even say out loud… Inspiration, I’ll say hello in advance in case you don’t know. Bye.

– Kik.

“nice to see you. The lady of the Bayemurn family came to see me.”

In line with the etiquette I had learned from listening to since I was young, I greeted them without overdoing it, but excluding frivolousness.

The girl turned her head only then, perhaps not hearing the sound of the door opening.

The first thing that caught my eye was the light-toned wall-eye, as if it had been splashed with milk.

Her platinum blonde hair reached her waist, and the braided hair pulled back like a headband added a new look.

Even though she is wearing a dress, it is surprising that I inadvertently thought it was her because it was neat and tidy rather than flashy.

To the point where I would have thought so even if there was a sword tied to my waist right now. It was a dress fit for a female prosecutor.

This woman is the main heroine who appeared in ‘I swear on the moon’, and ‘Emilia Bayemurn’, a person who may one day take my life.

Although she had a youthful feeling because she hadn’t reached her age yet, her appearance, which was called ‘Bingcheonhwa’, did not go anywhere.

It should be said that it is still before the flower buds burst.

Even so, it was ironic that she was overwhelmingly beautiful among all the women I saw as I came over to this world.

“I’m sorry for coming without a message, Prince Aifretz. I just want to thank you for agreeing to this sudden meeting.”

Sixteen, no, now that my birthday has passed, it’s seventeen.

Anyway, it is hard to believe that he is young, and he has a lofty attitude and gestures. Even though he spoke in a friendly tone, he felt cold.

Indeed, does it live up to the name called Ice Chunhwa? Just looking at her eyes makes her body freeze.

After greeting her, as she approached the table, Emilia greeted again while holding the ends of her dress. I remained silent and bowed my head accordingly.

“You don’t have to worry about it. Rather, why did the princess want to see me… … ?”

I have never been known for my studies or martial arts. According to the teachings of the family, he learned basic knowledge, but progress was not great.

On the other hand, when Emilia was ten years old, she already showed her talent for swordsmanship.

Furthermore, at the age of 17, an adult, he has a level of skill that is unrivaled in the same age group.

There is nothing in common between her and me other than that we are from the same age and from the same county family.

So, I guess, it was highly likely that he came instead for a family matter or had a separate request. Of course, there is nothing to point out.

“It’s not different… … .”


What the hell are you trying to say? Anxiety turned into a cold sweat that ran coldly down my back.

Anyway, it looks like a flower sitting there.

When I was in the other world, my family had a flower shop, so I was interested in flowers, so it might seem more like that.

On the other hand, whether or not she knew my nervous heart, her cherry-like lips opened and the words that came out were completely different from what I thought.

“There are rumors that Prince Aifrets knows a lot about flowers. Since I am also interested in flowers, I came here to talk.”

“flower… Are you talking?”


Suddenly, what kind of flower? Of course, I know flowers well, but I didn’t know if it was to the extent that it spread as a rumor.

Besides, did the setting exist that Emilia had a lot of interest in flowers?

Rather, I don’t know flowers well, so I remember that there was only a scene where I was learning about flowers and arranging flowers for a bridal class and mental training.

Well, if that’s the case, even the story that Emilia met Ludwig at a young age didn’t even exist in the original story.

It was an invitation to meet Ludwig through Georg when he turned 20 years old.

“I have some knowledge about flowers… I didn’t know if it would spread as a rumor.”

“Is that so? I heard it by accident, so I don’t know the details.”

Well, rumors aren’t just rumors that spread all over the world.

There is a possibility that the story about me spread to the Bayemurn family through some accidental opportunity.

It seems I was overreacting.

be a flower It doesn’t matter if they have a conversation, but it’s questionable whether the conversation will continue smoothly because the anxiety still hasn’t gone away.

However, if the story spreads that he issued a congratulatory order to the lady of the Bayemurn family who had come to visit, what kind of rumors will circulate in the social world three weeks from now… … .

There really is no such thing as a slope. Of course, there is only one option.

“All right. If you like flowers from our family garden, we will show them to you.”

“Thank you, Prince Aifretz. I caught a glimpse of it on the way home, but I’m really looking forward to it.”

By the way, was Emilia’s personality originally like this? In the original work, even the main character must have had such a cold personality that he couldn’t even speak properly when he first met him.

If so, was my personality different when I was younger?

“Hans, are you out there?”

When I called for Hans, who was waiting in front of the door, the door opened right away and he entered the drawing room.

“The princess wants to see the garden. I’ll guide you directly, so the servants should be bitten. Just prepare refreshments for the table in the garden.”

“I understand, young man.”

It’s not something I can say with my own mouth, but even so, the garden of the Aifretz family is tended under my leadership.

Because I was the one who overcame the existing drab look and changed it to fit the flowers of each season while being as neat as possible.

Other than that, there is nothing to be called public, but half a penny is given by a cow… What can I do? My goal is just to live peacefully and avoid dead endings as much as possible.

“Let’s go. Princess Baiemurn.”

“thank you.”

I personally escorted her out of the living room and escorted her from the side.

According to the original etiquette, it would be appropriate to extend a hand to her and guide her when Emilia grabs it.

However, it was an old-fashioned manner for me, who hadn’t even had a coming-of-age ceremony yet, so I didn’t think she would feel burdened.

Of course, there are things like that simply because I’m scared.

It was the moment when I deliberately tried to distance myself a little because her eyes staring at me without saying a word were burdensome.

– Mungle.

Emilia suddenly embraced my left arm. What does growth mean at this age?

I stiffened my body and turned my head cautiously, and she smiled without saying anything.

“That… Aren’t you uncomfortable?”

“I’m fine. If Confucius is uncomfortable, can we fall a little?”

“Oh, no. To this extent… … .”

why is he like this

I thought it would go as far as being nice, but this really wasn’t something Emilia would do. It’s as if someone else has entered.

However, contrary to his kind attitude, his eyes staring at me were oddly cold.

Two eyes as if they were trying to peel off my skin. It’s like being a frog in front of a snake.

She arrived at the garden with cold sweat dripping down her back. The flowers that bloomed according to the spring weather welcomed us.

Emilia seemed to feel better as the colorful flowers, each with a different shape, greeted her in full bloom and smiled as she approached them.

With my arm leading, of course.

“It is very pretty. I heard that most of them were decorated by Confucius.”

“The rumors are exaggerated. I am still lacking, so I learn a lot from my exclusive gardener.”

“then… Go?”

I’m concerned about the strange space between words. It was as if he didn’t know what to say.

“Since when did Confucius become interested in flowers?”

“There was no particular reason. I’ve been interested in it for a while… It’s an odd hobby for a man.”

When I joked about wanting to learn at least this because I wasn’t born with it, Emilia calmly nodded and kept an eye on me.

With serious eyes, as if waiting for something.

Why is this princess doing this to me?


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