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The Villain Wants to Live Quietly chapter 178

Special Chapter. Look back on the path you have walked on the path you are going to walk (4)

The road to Astepor was far if it was long and close if it was close.

Even though it would have been quite a distance, I didn’t notice the time passing as we talked about this and that while heading to the carriage.

In particular, Anise’s eyes lit up when she heard the story of her parents’ first meeting.

The most surprising thing is that the two did not initially meet for good reasons.

Since they are always busy with each other, they felt attracted to each other at a prom and used to imagine that they were connected by fate, but the story was quite far from that.

“Then Mom must have had a bad look at Dad at first, right?”

“Yes. I thought he was a strange man, but it was never a good look.”

At that time, Emilia had no leisure.

The world was all in black and white, and her life was moving forward with only one sword in her hand.

In the midst of that, she happened to see a man she hadn’t even heard of, and God declared that his treatment would change her life.

That’s why when I first headed to the Ipretz family, I had the mindset of dying.

Even if he couldn’t strike a knife on the spot, if he thought that a man named Ludwig would save him and it would be of no use, he would later kill him with his own hands. Because I promised so much.

“But how did you become obsessed with it?”

“Huh, your dad was quite different from other men. Could it be that you have a bit of a blind side?”

“Ah, I think I know what it is. Aunt Tanya also said that Daddy is stupid sometimes… … .”

I didn’t feel Anis often, but those who were close friends with Ludwig in their youth, such as Emilia and Tanya, must have experienced it quite a bit.

Now, I am in charge of the family head, and I have improved a little by becoming the head of a family, but at that time, I was not strong enough, so there was quite a bit of a wormwood side.

“That day was really sudden. I didn’t make an appointment in advance, and I even blindly visited the family of a man I wasn’t familiar with.”

“Hey, without an appointment? Even if you’re a mother, that’s a bit… … .”

“At the time, I didn’t have enough time. Now that I think about it, I think it was really bold and stupid.”

Not just now, but on the day he returned to his hometown after meeting Ludwig for the first time, he kicked the blanket and rolled over the bed.

I’ll be patient a little longer.

What if they think I’m a bad girl? while saying

Of course, if you look at it broadly, it’s because I visited him blindly at that time, so I was able to have such a meeting, and if I had met him later, it might have been after he had a partner, so I don’t regret it.

“Anyway, if you visit like that, you’re usually angry, right? Even if they welcome you on the outside, you might be annoyed on the inside.”

“Right. If it were me, I think I would have been angry.”

“Nevertheless, your father welcomed this mother. did i say that before? My mother used to be cursed with reading people’s minds.”


Anise also had a story that I couldn’t believe when I first heard it.

That’s also true, I’ve heard the rumor that high-ranking magicians can eavesdrop on other people’s minds, but I’ve never heard of anyone with such eyes.

Even that’s his own mother.

It’s a shame because Anise tends to trust what her parents say, but if it were the other children, they might not have even listened, wondering what nonsense they were talking about.

“So I looked inside your father with those eyes… There were no feelings like that at all.”

“Then did you really welcome your mother?”

“I do not know. To be honest, I still don’t know. At that time, I saw a little bit of fear inside your father.”

“… Fear?”

What are you afraid of when a man and a woman meet?

Anis tilted her head, wondering if her father suffered from gynophobia when he was young.

Such news was rare, even from Paula, who occasionally told her about old things she didn’t know.

“I asked later, but he just said he didn’t know. But to this mother, it feels like Dad is making excuses.”

“If it seems like a lie, can’t we question it?”

Anis couldn’t help but ask.

In the first place, unlike her appearance, her mother is quite curious.

It means that you can never stand being curious, and you have to find out the inside story at all costs, even if you are inquiring, and you have a cool personality.

Rather, it can be said that unlike Ludwig, who passes anything smoothly, he belongs to the side with more intense emotional ups and downs.

Even though Emilia realizes that her husband’s excuse is false, she refuses to find out?

It was a very surprising situation for Anis.

I looked away at my mother, wondering if there was another reason, and she reached out and stroked her cute daughter’s hair and gave me a life advice.

“Sometimes you have to be fooled when you know it’s a lie. My daughter will find out later too.”

It was like the truth that Emilia realized most desperately when the curse on that eye was lifted.

In this world, there is also an inside story that you don’t need to know, but rather knowing is a loss, and she was unhappy because she had eyes to pry it out.

Sometimes, even though you know it’s a lie, you have to close your eyes once in a while, pretend you don’t know it even though you know it, and pretend you know it even though you don’t know it.

Living like that made her even happier.

So life can be really strange.


Meanwhile, Anise, who was suddenly curious about her mother’s words, roughly opened the window that allowed her face to peek out from the carriage and asked Ludwig, who was driving the horse.

The content was quite a masterpiece.

“Dad! Did Dad ever find out that Mom lied?”

“Well? Well, I don’t know if your mother ever lied.”

“Ah, even if mom loves dad, she probably lied at least once. I am not that young.”

Whether intentionally or unintentionally, Anis could guarantee that at least once in a situation she had to lie.

That would be true, too, because she loves her father very much, but there have always been times when a lie came out unintentionally.

Emilia thought that since she was also a human being, there would be no big difference.

“Put, it’s not like that. Still, this dad tends to go beyond cute lies. Sometimes it’s better not to ask.”

“You say the same thing as mom.”

“Ha ha, is that so?”

It was as if he had heard the mother-daughter chatter through the window.

In fact, Ludwig couldn’t hear any conversation because the sound of driving the carriage was too loud.

It would be correct to simply assume that Emilia and her notions are similar.

“I also want to be like my husband, father, and mother someday.”

“Are you like a father and a mother?”

“Should we say that we can communicate even if we don’t speak? It’s like souls are connected.”

Anis also witnessed many good couples while watching the parents of her friends around her.

But despite this, her parents felt a very different sense of alienation that they did not.

It wasn’t an uncomfortable sense of difference, but a sense of difference that made you feel the eyes and sweet air between them just by standing in between them.

‘Will that kind of love come to me too?’

Maybe that’s why Anis suddenly became curious when he saw these two.

The love she learned was not just sublime, it was a existence that sometimes served as a foundation for people to grow while fighting and sometimes breaking up.

However, as these two drew an ideal form, as if God had sculpted the form of love, I wondered if I could really dream of a love like these, and on the other hand, I was breathless.

It’s not just that men’s eyes got higher when they saw Ludwig, it was just that the standard of love itself got higher.

I was still more anxious, but there was a strange belief in a corner of my heart.

The belief that she is just the daughter of these two.

Since she was born as the daughter of people who love each other like this, there will be a man who will love her as an irreplaceable person in the world, and a man who will love her as an irreplaceable person in the world.

The girl, now only fifteen, believed so.

“My daughter, what are you looking forward to so desperately?”

“Uh, how did you know?”

“That’s right, Dad, you know it when you see it. My eyes are always shining when I find something I want… My mom did just that.”

“Are you mom? It doesn’t suit me for some reason.”

Although there are quite a few things that can be broken in front of Anis, it is Emilia who is often said to be a mature woman who seems to have been drawn.

It was hard for Anis to believe that her eyes sparkled like a child when she saw what she wanted.

But I don’t think he would lie about this.

“What did your mother do when she saw it?”

“Well? that’s dad It’s a little less now, but it was huge in its heyday.”

“… Chit, what is that?”

Anis clicked her tongue and turned her head away at the answer that was blander than expected, while somehow thinking it was a plausible story.

The two of them are still busy whispering, hugging, and kissing each other, putting their daughter aside, but how passionate they must have been when they were younger.

Especially considering Emilia’s possessiveness right now, it might not even be an exaggeration.

“Dad, will I become like my mother when I have a lover later?”

“hahahaha, when you say that, it sounds like something is wrong with your mother.”

“Yeah… Sometimes I feel like I’m not like my mother.”

When it comes to Ludwig, Emilia sometimes rolls her eyes.

Wasn’t it like that yesterday too? I can still remember the image of him catching fish with fire in his eyes to win over his 15-year-old daughter-in-law somehow and win her husband.

Anise wondered if she would sometimes become a fool like that if she had someone she loved someday.

The ideal woman she pursues is a quiet and lofty atmosphere like Sophia, so if that happens, she will fall into a path quite different from what she wanted.

“I’m not going to be a fool who falls in love with my husband like my mother.”

“yes? Please do your best. However, from what my father experienced, it turns out that the human mind is not arbitrary.”

Ludwig did not want to splash cold water on his daughter’s aspirations, so while Ludwig cheered him on, he thought it would be difficult on the inside.

In the first place, Anis was a girl who inherited not only the blood of her husband, the fool, but also the blood of his wife, the fool.

If the love for Jung-in is deeper than the two of them, it will be deep, but it will never be lacking.

“Why, why are you smiling like that? I mean really confident!”

“then. Dad believes in our daughter.”

“If you don’t believe in anything… … !”

The sound of Anise whining was heard, but it was quickly drowned out by the sound of the horses’ hooves and the wheels of the wagon.

As Emilia joined the battle belatedly, the carriage eventually became noisy again, and the moment Emilia was about to tell her last story, she was able to reach her destination, Astepor.


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